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2023.03.21 02:47 rejjierains Landlord charging students for damage… that he’s not going to fix?

Hi, as you can tell by the title I’m a student and halfway through a tenancy with a not so great landlord. Lots of anecdotes, such as delaying our move in but still charging rent for this time, and when i asked for the rent back he went on a massive tangent on how much he paid for renovations and how we should be grateful (we viewed the property before he bought it).
Now we had a toaster placed under a very low cabinet. It melted the underside. He sent one of his builders, who seemed more like a friend, and sent us a quote (not invoice) for £500. I pointed out he needed to send an invoice, which he then did. However, we questioned why we would have to pay for repairs when the repairs havent been done. He stated (on Whatsapp so i have it in writing:
“Ultimately the damage has been caused to a brand new kitchen by yourselves so chargeable to yourselves. When or even if I get the work done is nothing to do with anyone as long it is functioning at this moment in time which it is”.
Is he right? He has been an unreasonable landlord despite us being generally personable and paying rent up to 3 months early. We also wonder why he is not taking this from our deposit, which is £1200 between us, and if he just plans on draining that.
Appreciate any and all advice!!
TLDR: Landlord wants to charge for repairs that havent been carried out, says its none of our business if he does or doesnt. Also suspiciously not just taking from deposit?
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2023.03.21 02:47 Oddlawstudent Why is there a misconception that people who are alone, are loners/losers/sad and emotional beings? When you are alone, it does not mean you are lonely and unhappy right? This misinterpreted conception that people are making these people believe that they are lonely. How to rectify this?

I am very much introverted and someone who struggles with social anxiety. It is inevitable that I much prefer being by myself than with people who don't really get me, or it is just too much pressure on myself in trying to maintain a conversation with them when they and I are losing interest.
But why is there this conception that is placed on people like me (I hope I am not alone on this one), that we are lonely? When in reality, I did not depict myself in that way but this misjudged opinion is so strongly forced upon me that is making me think otherwise. As such, I would be making impulsive decisions to engage in matters that are just not what I am comfortable with nor what I wanna do.
Its that selfish of me? Like if I don't want to engage in this conversation is it considered disrespectful to not pro long it even further because at the end of it, I am the one feeling drained and frustrated?
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2023.03.21 02:47 Commander_Kane Contest Submission: A Boy and His Chicken

Chapter One

*Note: I will later publish this on RR under the account of the same name...when I get around to it >.>
It is a calm day in the village of Wolfwater. The sky is blue and cloudless. A cool breeze carries the sweet scent of nature through the air.
And hidden among the glistening golden fields of a small farm on the outskirts of the village is one strapping young lad named Ben and a peculiar young chick called Bucky.
“The coast clear?” Ben murmured, crouched low to the ground. He shifts his feet, the heavy stick in his arms and uncomfortable position straining his muscles. But he holds steady. He can’t afford to be caught before the day’s even begun.
His pet pokes her head out of the wheat field, her beady black eyes scanning the clearing. She squawked quietly in answer and hopped out, followed soon by her eager human.
“We did it, Bucky!” he cheers. “We got out with nobody seein’ us! Byron ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”
The chick chirped at him, staring pointedly at his cargo.
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”
The boy lumbered over to a conveniently placed log in the middle of the clearing and plopped himself down. He slung his bright red pack down by the log, a familiar perch to his avian pet. After setting the long branch between his legs, he pulled a small carving knife from his boot and set to shaving down one end of the wood.
“This was a good find,” Ben muttered absently. “Not too heavy, not too thick. Good size for a sword…”
Bucky chirped in agreement, watching with fascination as his knife sliced away slivers of wood. The boy grinned at her over his work. Of course he was pleased with his own meager skill. Having never seen a master carpenter at work, it’s easy to become overconfident.
A good half hour later—and plenty of splinters and cuts hastily bandaged with pieces of cloth from the pack—he had himself a wooden training sword.
“That oughta do it,” Ben declared. He ran his hands down the length of the weapon before testing the point. It just barely scraped his finger. “It won’t stab too good,” he admitted with a slight frown, “but it’ll get the job done.”
He hopped to his feet. “Alright!” he growled. “Let’s do it!” Setting his boots in the dirt, he held up the wooden stake with both hands in a rough guard position. In his mind’s eye, he faced a devilish green goblin, holding a wicked-looking dagger in its skinny hands. It was hunched and scrawny, standing at about eye-level—he cursed his short stature, but goblins were generally child-sized and he was, well, a child.
At Bucky’s trilling cry, he lunged forward, thrusting the pointy end at the goblin’s chest. It dodged to the side before quickly retaliating with a quick swipe toward his arm. Ben parried, knocking the goblin’s dagger away. His sword struck its arm with a sickening crack.
The monster dropped its weapon and stumbled back, clutching its broken limb to its chest. Seizing the opportunity, Ben raised his sword and charged forward with a bellow. Though the goblin tried to retreat, it tripped on an unseen rock and fell back.
Ben brought his sword down. It landed with a thought, shearing clean through the dirty gob’s head.
“Hooowee,” he sighed, stepping back. “That’s another gobbo down…”
The boy flopped down into the dirt, panting. Bucky chose this time to chicken-dive into his chest, driving out what little air remained in his lungs.
The boy merely laughed at her antics. He reached up to pat her wings but winced at the contact. Though her soft downy feathers were normally pleasant to touch, the wooden sword had rubbed his hands raw. He held them up to the sky in contemplation.
“Gonna have to put some leather on the hilt,” he said. Bucky dipped her head, pecking at the collar of his shirt. Her razor sharp beak got dangerously close to his throat, but the boy laid unbothered. “O’her that… I think we got ourselves a fine and dandy weapon.” He touched the sides of the chick’s head with his less damaged fingertips, squishing her cheeks.
“Whaddya say, Buck?” he asked. “You think we’re ready to go gobbo-huntin’?”
“I think for sure not!” an imperious voice growled from behind them.
Ben immediately sat up, knocking a distressed Bucky off of his chest. “Wha-Byron?!” he asked, turning around.
The older boy stood fuming, his thick bronze arms crossed over his muscled chest. He glared down at Ben from under his wide-brimmed hat. “What on Vacuous are you doin’ out here, boy? Ain’t I told you to help Layla wit’ the coop?”
“But I did! I got the chickens out,” he said, gesturing toward Bucky. She bobbed her head and clucked. “Then I did a bit o’ sweepin’ and whatnot…”
“So why she’s still scrubbing?”
“Well, if she weren’t too busy poutin’ and-”
“Ain’t none o’ that,” Byron interrupted, stomping forward.
Ben tried to scramble away from him, but Byron moved faster than his size suggested. He snatched Ben’s collar, yanking him to his feet.
“Heya!” Ben protested. “Lemme go, you brute! Bucky!”
The chick swiftly answered her human’s call. She jumped and aimed her beak for the hand holding Ben. He grabbed her by the neck just as swiftly. The chicken squealed indignantly, trying to peck at his fingers.
Byron growled and shook her a bit. “Stop that!”
You stop it!” Ben retorted, kicking him in the back of his knee. The big man hardly flinched. “Aw, you big boulder piece a-”
“Shut it!” came the bellowing command. Both boy and chicken went silent, withering under Byron’s dark eyes.
He shoved Bucky into Ben’s arms, getting a grunt out of the boy. Chicken safely secured, Byron held onto him tightly as he started marching back to the house, lecturing all the while. “I expected better outta you, boy. You know how much the farm needs you.”
The lad hung limply in his brother’s grip, letting his feet drag behind him. “I was just takin’ a break,” he whined before yelping when Byron suddenly dropped him.
Ben,” Byron said, his voice deeper and more gravelly than usual. He got down on his haunches, looking the younger boy right in the eye. “Harvest is just ‘round the corner. We can’t have you slackin’ off like this. We got work to do, boy.”
Ben averted his eyes. “You got Cedric, though…”
Byron snorted. “The sorry lout who’s out and drunk half the day? Hell, Ol’ Bess was more useful, and she stopped giving milk way back when. Drain on every one o’ my coins. Now come on, up now.” He grabbed Ben by the arm and stood, pulling the other boy up with him. Pushing Ben by the shoulder, he continued their hard march back to the house.
“I need you,” he continued, “to be better. We ain’t got time for you to play around like this. You gotta step up. We’re the only men in this house, you know that?”
Ben mumbled his affirmative, which satisfied his taskmaster until they got back to the house. Of course, seeing the chickens pecking at the dirt in front of the porch made him none too pleased. Ben winced as the grip on his shoulder tightened.
“Momma!” Byron called. His deep baritone sent the chickens scattering.
“More work for later,” Ben muttered into Bucky’s crown. She clucked sadly.
“I’m in the sittin’ room, come on up!”
Ben was pushed forward. He glumly led the way into the house, where the boys found their mother where she said she was, sitting on their only nice cushion in their abode, an offending-to-the-eyes yellow color with ruffles on the arms and a high back. To Ben, it seemed like it’d make a good evil wizard-king throne if it wasn’t so…yellow.
Momma was in the middle of repairing one of Byron’s old shirts. From the way she tried to hide it in the pile of laundry next to her seat, Ben guessed it’d be one of the few gifts on his birthday in a few weeks. He didn’t like hand-me-downs, but well, money was tight around here.
Byron stepped around him, planting a kiss on the aging woman’s spotty forehead. She patted his check with a thin hand once he’d pulled away. Bucky hopped out of Ben’s arms to run to her, immediately getting picked up and settled into her lap.
“What’re you two boys doin’ in so early?” she asked, leaning back with a smile. One hand shakily ran through Bucky’s feathers, smoothing them out. “Dinner ain’t for a few more hours, yunno.”
“What do you think?” her eldest son asked, jerking his head towards the younger. “Caught him playin’ with the darn chicken out by the fields instead o’ cleaning the coop like I told ‘im.”
Ben scowled. “I did my part! Not my fault Layla’s so slow!”
Byron rounded on him, using all of his bulk to loom over the boy. “And you know you stay till the job’s done, boy,” he growled, emphasizing his last words by poking his chest with one meaty finger. “You don’t go lazing about playing with fake swords! We ain’t adventurers or nothing!”
“Says you!” Ben shot back, standing firm against his towering figure. “And who are you, telling me what I can and can’t be and what I gotta do around here? You ain’t my-”
The palm of Byron’s hand cracked him against his jaw. He stumbled back and fell on his bottom, clutching his face.
Silence pervaded the room. Ben stared up at his brother in shock, the older boy’s face a mirror of his own. For a single second, the family was still.
Then the first tear rolled down his round cheeks and shattered the silence. Bucky squealed with fury and leaped out of Momma’s lap to run to him. Byron apologized profusely, trying to hug him. Ben jerked away from him. His legs propelled him across the floor until his back slammed into the wall, where he hugged himself into a ball with Bucky in the center. He rocked back and forth, clutching her tightly.
The young man flinched at his mother’s voice. Her tone made him young again, not much younger than Ben was. He shrunk under her angry eyes. Then he steeled himself, opening his mouth to defend himself, to cement his position as the head of the house.
His eyes glanced at his quivering brother, and the fight left him. “Sorry,” he muttered, stuffing his hands into his overalls. He went stomping out of the house, muttering about the cows.
Momma’s gentle hands and soft voice eventually coaxed Ben out of his ball. Bucky slipped out of his grasp. She’d served her part for now. At Momma’s nod, she waddled out of the house, occasionally stopping to glance back at Ben.
Ben huddled into his mother. She pet his hair and brushed away his tears. When he had finally stopped sniffling, she brought him to the kitchen. After dipping a rag in their make-shift sink bucket, she dabbed his face with it.
“You know he means well,” she whispered. “That doesn’t mean he was right, but he means well. So he’s gonna come back here and make things right later. You don’t gotta accept it. You don’t even gotta listen. But he’s gonna do it, just cause it wasn’t right.”
“I won’t. He’s always actin’ like he’s better’n me and I-I hate it. I don’t wanna be a [Farmer], Ma, I hate it. I hate him! He’s not-he’s not-”
“You listen to me,” she interrupted, cupping his chin and making him look up at her. “We don’t hate family in this house, you understand? We’re all we got.”
“But he-”
“We’re all we got!” she yelled. At his wide-eyed stare, she looked away, taking the time to calm her breathing. After a moment, she turned back to him, her voice steadier now. “I’m sorry. We’re all we got, Benny. So we ain’t gonna hate. We ain’t gonna hit either. That boy…” She trailed off with a sigh, setting the rag down on the edge of the bucket. “He’s tryna be something he’s not yet, I know. But you bein’ a little troublemaker ain’t helping either, Benny.”
She gave her youngest a stern stare. His big brown eyes stared back and broke her instantly. With another sigh, she wrapped him up in a tight hug that he immediately reciprocated.
“You’re so much like him,” she murmured into his hair.
Ben went stiff at that. “Him…?”
“You’ve got his spirit,” she continued as if she hadn’t heard him. He looked up at his mother and saw her staring out into space. “His determination, too, haha… Stubborn as a bear, that one… Know where that led ‘im, though…” Her voice tightened in the last sentence. Her eyes glimmered as she remembered past things.
“Momma, I’m sorry…”
The older woman blinked, coming back to herself. She quickly wiped away the tears before they could fall. “Nothing to be sorry about, Benny,” she said, forcing a smile. “You are who you are. I wouldn’t change a darn thing about you, baby.”
He groaned as she pinched his cheeks, much to her great pleasure.
“But I do need you to take your chores a bit more seriously now, you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
She patted his good cheek and pecked his forehead. It hurt her heart just a tiny bit to see him grimace. “I ain’t gonna let you slackin’ on helping Layla with the coop get away either,” she said, pulling away. “I’m thinkin’ the attic needs a little dustin’...”
Ben slumped against the bucket. “Aww!”
He didn’t see the glint in her eye, nor the small smirk on her lips as she pushed him towards the stairs.
“Go on now,” she said. “You can help Layla out once you’ve finished. And you know, if you wanna be finished by dinner… I’ll let you have Bucky up there.”
“Really?” he said, perking up. “Can I?”
She’d barely nodded before he was running out the door, calling for his beloved pet. She smiled at his fading back.
“So much like you, Bernie,” she said softly, settling back into her chair. “I wish you could see him now…”
Lydia looked to the ceiling, where the secrets of the past lay hidden… And as she heard the pounding footsteps of her youngest son and excited clucking, she thought they might not stay hidden for much longer.
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2023.03.21 02:46 Fun_Ad1294 What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten on a dare?

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought and why did you buy it?
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2023.03.21 02:46 Concentrate369 Having anxiety and PTSD over being excluded from a reunion. Toxic ex-friend who socially traumatized me was invited.

TL;DR: Having very mixed feelings over a reunion that I was not invited to but I feel I should have been, plus a former friend who socially traumatized me was invited
Backstory: I am a pro player at a certain game. I went viral on YouTube and Reddit (different profile). The game's official YouTube channel's video of my gameplay has over 5M views and is the third most-viewed video on the channel. I had worked with the game's PR on stuff in the past and was always welcome at events and such.
I befriended many other players of this game over social media. I deactivated Facebook in early 2021 because I realized my mental health issues were showing and people were leaving group chats because of me and even unfriending me. I decided to deactivate before I ruined any friendships that meant a lot to me. I still maintain strong friendships with many of my fellow players.
For many years, the makers of the game said that they would never do a tournament or any kind of "bring together the best players" event because the player base is just too large and because the game is very luck-based (but if you're like me, you can sort of manipulate your odds). This year, a new person was put in charge of the game and they have decided to finally have a special event reuniting "fan favorite" players in person, most of whom went viral in the same way I did.
15 people were invited, and I was not one of them. The day the invitations went out, I got several messages from fellow players asking me, "Did you get invited to the thing?". Many in the community were shocked I was not, and one of them said "They're missing out without you". When I found out this was happening, I started trembling with anxiety for multiple reasons. One being that I was overthinking why I wasn't invited and paranoia that I may be blacklisted (I have been very vocal about the game's flaws on social media). One thing that got me was that around the time my gameplay was posted, I was often grouped with two other great players in promotional stuff and we were kind of like the de-facto "GOAT trio"; we were the top three viewed videos on the YouTube channel at the time, though a couple have snuck between us since then. These two people were both invited to the reunion event. I am so happy for those who were invited and I'm trying to convince myself that not everyone could get this opportunity, but I can't help but feel hurt and worried.
The "reunion" happened today, and I purposefully avoided everyone's social media so I wouldn't have to see photos or anything of them hanging out at bars or restaurants and stuff afterwards. I suffer from FOMO big time. I've flown out to events that friends went to just to avoid FOMO, but I didn't have time to fly out for this reunion even to just stop by and say hi. The event is not being publicized until May, so I'm going to have to deal with this feeling again in a couple of months.
Part of the reason I am anxious about this whole thing is because one of the players who was invited to the reunion is a former close friend of mine. We bonded over the game of course, and his high score blew mine out of the water. We discovered we had a lot in common. He also suffers anxiety and he gave me advice on what meds are better than others; I still take the one he recommended me to this day. We're also both gay, and I found him very attractive (as did many others in our community). Our friendship shattered when I went to visit him in person (across the country) and he showed very manipulative behavior that I was too naive to discern at the time. He purposefully distanced himself from me whenever we were in a room together (e.g. sitting on a different couch) and excluded me from "parties" he went to while I was in town to prevent anything sexual happening between us, and lying about them. He had been sending me several pictures of him shirtless and in bed with other guys we knew, knowing it would turn me on, among many other forms of leading me on, but never had the courage to say "I don't like you like that". Instead, he let me come all this way and then gaslit me for trying to come on to him, saying it was inappropriate behavior (behavior that he exhibited with other guys right in front of me, and said "It's different with them" when I asked). We tried to move on from that experience while staying friends, but then he kept making jokes about me with the other guys and I got tired of it. We haven't spoken in months, and when we did speak, it was only because he had a question about the game.
I suffered so much social trauma from this person I trusted, and his group of friends who seemed like a Mean Girls Plastics clique that acted polite around me but I later realized they didn't care about me one way or the other. I followed all of them on Instagram and only one followed me back. These people ostracized and humiliated me on top of my friend's various forms of mental and emotional abuse. The trauma only started setting in as months passed and I started crying myself to sleep and sort of "reenacting" the day everything happened in my head wishing I was more assertive. Now I get PTSD at the mention of his name, and I deleted almost every picture I took on my trip to meet him. So since he was invited to the reunion, I might have declined if I was invited so I wouldn't have to be in the same room as him, because it would have been so triggering for me and I would not have been able to concentrate on the game. That being said, I would definitely be willing to take a day to have a serious discussion with this person over how he made me feel and maybe we could start over strictly as friends, because I do think he is a good person.
I really hope come May when the reunion is made public that I don't suffer any more PTSD. I hope I can find some healthy distractions.
Has anyone ever been in a situation like this involving being excluded from an outing involving a traumatic person from your past?
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2023.03.21 02:46 Jb2head I’ve gone from NEVER seeing a mouse in my apartment to seeing one three times in a two day period. HELP ME.

Hello I live in an apartment complex in a relatively rural town, I grew up running around orchards and you see field mice all the time.
I’m not so much afraid as I am disgusted and honestly confused. I‘ve NEVER seen a mouse in this apartment before NOW IVE SPOTTED ONE ON THREE OCCASIONS.
My hunch and desperate hope is that it’s likely the same mouse. It makes sense. I haven’t seen one before in 8 months of living here. I may have even let him in by mistake when I was smoking.
Am i deranged or is that possible? We don’t keep food out like at all, everything is in a sealed container or cabinet. The only thing the mouse can get in to is a pantry cabinet with a huge gap on the bottom. But we’ve since removed all the food it could possibly get into.
Also, like I saw it in the MORNING or Afternoon time, so why the f**k is a mouse out and about?? Don’t they go scavenging at night?!
I have not found ANY droppings or other evidence to suggest an infestation and if I did i’m sure other tenants would have said something about in the discord we share as a complex.
Please any and all advice on how to end this sumn bitch quickly and efficiently would be appreciated.
I have had a few issues with bugs but I regularly use diatomaceous earth which has seemed to rid them entirely ofc that won’t really do anything for mice so any product recommendations would be extremely appreciated
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2023.03.21 02:45 Oddlawstudent Why is there a misconception that people who are alone, are loners/losers/sad and emotional beings? When you are alone, it does not mean you are lonely and unhappy right? This misinterpreted conception that people are making these people believe that they are lonely. How to rectify this?

I am very much introverted and someone who struggles with social anxiety. It is inevitable that I much prefer being by myself than with people who don't really get me, or it is just too much pressure on myself in trying to maintain a conversation with them when they and I are losing interest.
But why is there this conception that is placed on people like me (I hope I am not alone on this one), that we are lonely? When in reality, I did not depict myself in that way but this misjudged opinion is so strongly forced upon me that is making me think otherwise. As such, I would be making impulsive decisions to engage in matters that are just not what I am comfortable with nor what I wanna do.
Its that selfish of me? Like if I don't want to engage in this conversation is it considered disrespectful to not pro long it even further because at the end of it, I am the one feeling drained and frustrated?
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2023.03.21 02:45 Oddlawstudent Why is there a misconception that people who are alone, are loners/losers/sad and emotional beings? When you are alone, it does not mean you are lonely and unhappy right? This misinterpreted conception that people are making these people believe that they are lonely. How to rectify this?

I am very much introverted and someone who struggles with social anxiety. It is inevitable that I much prefer being by myself than with people who don't really get me, or it is just too much pressure on myself in trying to maintain a conversation with them when they and I are losing interest.
But why is there this conception that is placed on people like me (I hope I am not alone on this one), that we are lonely? When in reality, I did not depict myself in that way but this misjudged opinion is so strongly forced upon me that is making me think otherwise. As such, I would be making impulsive decisions to engage in matters that are just not what I am comfortable with nor what I wanna do.
Its that selfish of me? Like if I don't want to engage in this conversation is it considered disrespectful to not pro long it even further because at the end of it, I am the one feeling drained and frustrated?
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2023.03.21 02:44 BusinessWeather3646 I messed up my social life in the past and now I’m all alone ( TW eating disorder )

( Excuse my bad English it’s not my first language) I’m 19 female i was diagnosed with depression and anorxic eating disorder when i was 13 years old it was triggered by me being bullied in school and teased by my family about how chubby I was and I will never be thin and beautiful or they will say something like “ your so pretty but too bad you don’t have the body to match it “ “ you won’t find a husband if ur fat “ and that stuck with me that no one would actually love me for me and i have to get as thin / beautiful as possible after 2 years i had a health scare and my aed turned into a binge eating disorder during that period i was really depressed and feeling down about how I looked because i was ( still ) obese , and my friends would check on me and reach out to me all the time and i was pushing them away by barely talking or being too depressed to even hold a conversation with anyone, i even tried to overdose on pills ( not illegal pills ) but I survived that day , and now finally I have gotten treatment and thank god now I’m no longer suffering from depression but I’m still suffering with my ed , last year my ed and body dismorphya was really really bad that I removed all the mirrors in my room, and my friends been asking me to go out together for a while literally every time we speak and i say no each time or find some excuse to not go it’s not like I didn’t want them it was that i was embarrassed about my body and I didn’t want to embarrass them too ( now I’m much better) and little by little they started to drift away after we went to different colleges and now are coming to study at my college and we haven’t talked in 6 weeks and last time we talked I tried to joke around and they were cold ( understandably so ) and at that time I realized that i was an ashole and should’ve showed them how much i care about them and why I actually did what i did I feel soo bad and lonely and I don’t know how to fix things I miss my friends but i feel like i fcked up big time and I don’t know what to do to fix things i miss my friends so much . my sister said i should go check and maybe they will understand and would work together to repair our friendship but I’m scared of rejection and it will be awkward to walk around in college and pretend that we didn’t knew each other, also my social skills are horrible I don’t even know how to make friends here at college i feel awkward and stiff I don’t know what to say or do i want my old friends back i want my social life back and i want to make new friends too but I don’t know where to start or what to say I don’t want my college experience to be like high school again i want a different happy , healthy life with a lot of friends I don’t want to sit alone at lunch and I don’t want to only look at my peers having the full college experience and me just looking at them i want to live my life to the fullest please if you know anything that can help my situation please don’t hesitate to write it I really do need it and I would appreciate it
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2023.03.21 02:44 ReceiverOfDeception Booking Bron Breakker on the Main Roster: All Harm, No Charm

Build to Backlash
After successfully defending his Intercontinental Championship against both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, Gunther and Imperium gloat about victory. “Management had put not one but two contenders in front of me at Wrestlemania. Two behemoths and I obliterated them like the rest of the contenders to this coveted title. Night in and night out I defended the sanctity of this mat against all those who dare oppose the reign of Imperium. There is no one, I repeat no one who is a true challenge to the iron grasp of the Ring General.” Queque theme and Bron Breakker makes his main roster debut confronting Gunther. “Now listen buddy, I may not know much about this divine sanctity you preach about, but one thing I do know is that wrestling is in my blood and bone. I’m not the guy who is going to put on some ballet and call this is some precious little art form, but I promise you I will put you down. It won’t be pretty but it doesn’t matter because I’ll do what I do best and get the job down and pin you for your Intercontinental Championship.” Imperium blindside Bron as he disposes of the goons.
The next week, Bron has a match against Dolph Ziggler, showcasing his athletic prowess. Not much of a doozy, Bronn triumphs over the Showoff in relatively simple fashion. Rinse and repeat with Butch, we see Bron putting together quite the winning streak as he looks to face the champion Gunther.
Gunther vs Bron Breaker: Intercontinental Championship
In a lumbering match between two brutes, we see quite the barn burner. In quite the show of prowess we see Bron Breaker military press Gunther as he tops it off with a huge power slam! Bron now takes a moment to lock in the Steiner Recliner! Gunther appears to be fading but Gunther tosses him over his shoulder! Bron now charges with a Spear but Gunther lights his chest up with a ginormous chop, pulls him in and plants a Powerbomb! 1..2..KICKOUT! As Bronn gets up, Gunther tries to hit him with a German suplex but Bronn incredibly lands on his feet! Gunther charges as he is now met with a wild Frankensteiner! Bron now locks in the Steiner Recliner again as Gunther fades. Bronn Breakker is now the new Intercontinental Champion!
Build to King of The Ring
After knocking off Gunther we see Bronn Breaker celebrating his title victory. “What did I tell you, I move fast. In NXT I won that title in record time and by the time I lost it I won it again on my first main on the main roster. I officially win my first main roster title in my first main roster PPV. I was breed for this business and business is going good. But I’m a proud fighting champ so whoever is next come out and get got!” Montez Ford, recently divorced from the Street Profits enters the ring to face down with Bron. “You’re a man I can respect Bron, a man who has everything chasing after him. Title wins, accolades at every twist and turn and that’s what I want to do. 2023 for me started off fantastic with a huge performance in the Elimination Chamber and shedding that dead weight known as Dawkins. So in order to become the best, I got to beat the best and who better than Bron Breakker.” The two respectfully shake hands as the match is announced for King of the Ring.
King of The Ring
Bronn Breaker vs Montez Ford: Intercontinental Championship
In a battle between two rising stars, it’s a fast paced duel. Montez is perched on top of the ring post as he connects with a frog splash! 1..2 KICKOUT! Montez irate goes for the same trick again. As he leaps, Bron knocks him out planting him with a vicious spear! 1..2 KICKOUT! Bron lines up for another spear as he is met with a discus clothesline by Montez who follows it up with a Standing shooting Star Press! Montez scales back up the turnbuckle as he measures up Bron for a blockbuster! But midway through the move Bron catches him and displays his tremendous strength with a standing suplex! Bron now locks in the Steiner Recliner as a valiant Montez Ford is forced to tap.
Build to Money In The Bank
In another successful defense, Bron Breakker addresses his win. “Montez Ford showed the world at the King of The Ring, that he’s the future of the this business, his day will come. But that day was my day and today is my day.” Vocoder LA Knight struts out to confront the champ. “Let me talk to ya! YEAH! The old saying goes is that the more things change the more they stay the same and it’s truer now than ever before YEAH! And what I told you back down in NXT is still true! You can wrestle put on your little matches but you’ll never be half of the entertainer that I am, you’ll never be the talk of the town like I am, YEAH! Because all you are is a boring meathead, all harm no charm. And that’s why at Money In The Bank I will take that title from you. YEAH!” With a huge slap Bron drives Knight out the ring.
Money In The Bank
Bron Breakker vs LA Knight: Intercontinental Champion
Bron has LA Knight in a standing suplex when Knight knees Bron’s head and flattens him with a devastating snapmere! 1…2 KICKOUT! LA Knight drags Bron up to the top turnbuckle as he goes for a superplex but Bron hits a Frankensteiner off the top turnbuckle! Bron lines up LA Knight for a spear but Knight dodges. As Bron bounces against the turnbuckle, Knight hits a jumping neck breaker. Knight jumps to hit a moonsaulr as he is met with a vicious pair of knees. Bron follows it up with a spear as he locks in a Steiner Recliner! Knight taps as Bron Breakker retains once more.
Build To Summerslam
On the Smackdown after Money In The Bank, we see King of The Ring, formerly known as Butch, Pete Dunne address his recent success. “After shedding Butch, I have reclaimed my identity, I have reclaimed my wrestling legacy and have ascended to the throne as the King of The Ring. One of the perks of being King of The Ring is that I have a guaranteed title shot at the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. And at Summerslam I will reclaim a title victory and embark on yet another reign of terror.” Bron Breakker marches to the ring ready to address Pete Dunne. “Pete I have all the respect for you in the world. I saw that potential when I faced you on my second match in my main roster career. And you have had a heel of the run, but it still doesn’t the change the fact that you lost then and you sure as hell gonna lose at Summerslam.” Dunne decks Bronn as he sends the champion packing.
Bron Breakker vs. Pete Dunne: Intercontinental Championship
In an epic duel between these two monsters, we see a barn burner. Bron Breakker is lining up with a spear but he is met with a vicious double foot stomp, sending Bron out the ring as he follows it up with a moonsault plancha! Dunne tosses Bron’s fingers on the steel tips as he goes for joint manipulation! One by one fingers are torn from the bone. As Dunne goes for one final stomp, Bron pulls his finger as he spears Bron against the steel steps. 8..9.. In the name of respect Bron rolls Dunne back to dodge the count. But Dunne picks up Bronn and drops him with a Bitter End! 1..2..3! Pete Dunne is the new Intercontinental Champ
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2023.03.21 02:44 Remorseful-Amber Is this CSA?

Gonna get super uncomfortable here, but I need to know if this counts.
So, I think I was like...8, or something. My friend's dad had groomed me for a bit. He made me feel special and loved when my home life was shit. I remember going for a sleepover. We went out to the woods (why we did that, I don't remember...?) and I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I woke up in a bed with him next to me. I didn't know then, but I assume he was naked under the covers. I didn't know better and happened to touch his dick. I didn't know what it was. I know he was looking at me in a fucking creepy way but didn't say anything.
I don't really remember what came next. I don't think he touched me. I think he got up and left some time later, but it was 10 years ago so it's hard to remember small details.
I know he ended up in jail, but I never told anyone so it couldn't have been related to this.
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2023.03.21 02:43 Fun_Ad1294 What is the funniest prank you have pulled or have had pulled on you?

What is the most unique hobby you've ever picked up and why did it bring you joy?
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2023.03.21 02:42 Madhawk0712 BUG: If you wondered why your anti-champ perks suddenly turned off...

I did a lot of testing and figured it out. Several people encountered an issue where their anti-champion perks (like anti barrier pulse rifle) stopped working and the icon disappeared from their weapons. However, they all just guessed why. I know why.
It comes from equipping more than 8 of the Font mods. You can have 8 of them, either 3-3-2 or 2-2-2-2 or 3-2-1-1-1 or 3-3-1-1 or WHATEVER. But if you put more than 8, the champion perks immediately turn off.
For those of you like me who wanted to try maxing all stats with the new mod system, be aware that you will be giving up your champion perks until this is bugged. If you've already tried, don't worry because you can get your champion perks back by simply reducing the number of your font mods to 8 or less.
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2023.03.21 02:42 UniversityThick4406 What is the most unique item you've ever donated to charity and why did you choose to give it away?

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had and can you still remember it?
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2023.03.21 02:41 KitchenTie5185 Looking for an Entry to Mid-level role as a Marketing Assistant/Junior Media buyer (Remote)

hope this post finds all of you here well. I am writing to express my interest in an entry-to-mid-level role in the marketing/media buying field within your organization. I have 7 months of experience working in a DTC agency where I had the opportunity to manage multiple ad accounts. Although I was not the sole creator of the strategies, I did all the groundwork, including drafting campaigns, running split tests, making optimizations, and tracking performance. My primary focus was on paid social media campaigns, and I am proud of the results I achieved through my work.
I took ownership of creating the idea briefs, ad copy, and captions for the campaigns, which contributed significantly to their success. In addition, I maintained a content calendar and created content for owned media channels, including social media accounts, for multiple brands in the apparel, cosmetics, and luggage industries.
A little bit about myself, I am a 21-year-old business administration graduate who is currently in his struggling phase. Despite this, I am an ambivert with a strong work ethic and a keen desire to learn and grow. I am loyal to you if you can provide me with the opportunity to do so, that being said I am looking for a preferably long-term opportunity to work with someone who can help me become a top-notch media buyer.
If you have a position for me, you can drop down your email and I can send you my resume.
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2023.03.21 02:41 Swimming-Lemon8286 AITA for telling my friend that our mutual friend was using him?

Terence (25M) is a friend of mine (27M) He’s a big guy who seems tough but is actually a nice dude. Nathaniel (27M) is my best friend since we were kids. I know Nathaniel like the back of my hand.
I introduced Terence and Nathaniel to each other as well as to our other friends. Everyone noticed that they instantly clicked. And Terence is a big guy who doesn’t have a lot of self esteem. So Terence loved when Nathaniel complimented him and they would hang out a lot. A lot a lot.
This upset Jane (30F) Nathaniel’s wife. Jane is the most upbeat, easygoing person ever. I’ve never seen her show an emotion other than happy. Nathaniel admitted no one has seen her get mad and she’s only cried a handful of times in her life. But the friendship between Nathaniel and Terence did. the trigger was when he hung out with Terence only at a house party I threw. She was crying in my bathroom so I got Nathaniel and he comforted her but I noticed his expressions weren’t really genuine. It clicked for me why.
Nathaniel distanced himself from Terence after that.
Terence came up to me today and said that since he and Nathaniel were so close he didn’t realize his own feelings. The distance made him realize. He wanted to confess to Nathaniel and me to help him. I told him the truth. That Nathaniel only used him to make his wife upset to the point of tears and he didn’t have any feelings for Terence.
Terence was furious at me and shouted at me to fuck off. He said I was lying when he was going through a vulnerable time. One of my close friends said I was being an apple while my parents who’ve known Nathaniel forever said I was right to warn Terence away. AITA?
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2023.03.21 02:41 Due-Piglet5163 Me (M48) her ( F41); what is your take on the behaviour.

I've been going out my my gf for 1 year and 2 months. She lives with me. From the beginn8ng and with her stories she used to do a lot of the relationship seeking with the exes. She told me she lost weight with one guy, she went to church for over 6 months each day to hopefully bring one back that lived 6 hours away by bus and she would visit every 2 weeks by bus. I come into the picture and she says she has never been happier. That she feels no one has ever desired her this much. We lived 600m a part and she always came late or delayed seeing me because she was sleeping.
Ok what is yoir take on her funny story?. This weekend we had a nice day of sking eating and good sex ( she went all out with all the kinks ). We had had a fight a day before because she seems to be always behind in school and she promises us time that never comes and sex is not frequent enough. So basically I have a 41 yo woman, studying full time, working part time, paying less than half my rent, and having little time for me while being messy. Saturday was a great day to reconnect which we did at a hotel, not one fight in 24 hours. Sunday she wakes up unusually early ( she always wakes up really late) and tells me she will go out from the hotel to buy cofee and pastries 100m away. She is not really a morning person.... But then asks me if I wanna go instead. She says just kidding and goes to buy the stuff at a very nearby convinience convenience store. When she came back she immediately says baby I have a funny story but it involves an ex....( we had fights about her constantly giving ex stories; specially her doing ridiculous stuff to get their attention.). I say ok go ahead..she says remember this guy I saw at university (a guy that just banged her). Well we went camping with our group of friends and that night he did not pay any attention to me whatsoever the whole night. The next day I decided to walk at least 2 km in farm area to get him coffee and breakfast. I asked ....were you obsessed with him....she said yes. I didn't take the story well because this was the first time she wakes up early to get me something....Again ( as all stories of her exes) she is telling me that in the past she did crazy things for men and now she would not run after anyone including me.... ( not true..... because she ran after this guy and lost weight for him and never did anything other than sex, movie and sex for 2 years...just 2 years ago. What is she doing? She did not get why I got angry she says those are my insecurities. Never understood my point of view or apologised.
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2023.03.21 02:40 RobertSlobert420 In honor of necro, thoughts on my lyrics? -Robert

Don’t know what I did, justify the sin by shooting everything that lives Id like to put bullets through you and your wife and your kids and your sis and your niece and your bitch Rape every female in the house and make a kid But don’t let ‘em live
Im addicted to sticking my dick in my victim Open up their stitches, rip it, fuck the wound open and give it all my liquid
I got a lot of victims in my head I like to kiss em when they’re dead after beating them into a red broken mess and eating up the pieces that I kept underneath my bed being used for sex 2 weeks later you’ll be found because of stench Brown stains where you died gave hints to the horror in the last moments your alive
Didn’t matter when you cried I just split your fuckin eyes out your head in a disguise So you never saw me I grew up on the street safari where I learned how to handle guns like the army Special forces I got a horse dick I’m shoving in your whore lips I’m like a rapist Tryna find the fake tits This is just the matrix I can do anything I want and die and I won’t have to face it Any drugs I snort are laced with Fentanyl Taking 50 Benadryl I got a lot of men to kill Rippin out your fucking grill even if you had a will there’d be nothing left cuz I’m stealing everything that you got on set after snapping your neck and slurping up the flesh
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2023.03.21 02:40 AceCoordinatorMary Thoughts on Gale in Scream 6?

So I'm a bit conflicted about Gale in Scream 6. In Scream 5, she seemed completely done with writing about the murders, instead opting to "maybe write about a good man who used to be sheriff here once." only to instead go with the mindset of "well someone was gonna write a book about the killings might as well be me."
But...Gale. Why DID it have to be you? She's written about EVERY massacre in Woodsboro and beyond. Even writing non fiction stories, and in the most recent novel, her baseless claims of calling Sam unstable is what allowed rumors to spread that she was the killer the entire time. And on top of that, why wouldn't GALE HERSELF a reporter side with Sam? Instead she has to start shit by asking "Do you think you're the reason the killings are happening again?" or something along those lines.
The very fact that she'd blame a victim of such a tragedy just....rubs me the wrong way. It's honestly why I think she should've died in this movie-have her be a victim of her own ego. I know it would be controversial, but they already had her revert to her Scream persona here. Go all the way. Make due with Tara's point that maybe Gale IS afraid that without Ghostface in her life she will fade away. Maybe have the killer continue taunting her with Dewey's death during the attack. Not to say her attack wasn't bad it was amazing. But I still think she should've died.
What do you think about Gale in this movie? It's really my only problem with it-she doesn't do much of anything other than to stir trouble, and do investigative work that Kirby easily could've done. It just makes me wonder why have her.
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2023.03.21 02:40 bigjohn14325 Sequence Marina’s Last Voyage: How WWE Should Book Bron Breakker on the Main Roster

Raw April 3rd, 2023
It’s the Raw after WrestleMania, John Cena has just defeated Austin Theory to win his record tying 6th United States Championship. John Cena comes out on Raw and he brings back his iconic US open challenge, this is when Rick Steiner comes out and introduces the product of his semen the newly renamed BRONSON STEINER!!!
Bronson Steiner vs John Cena(c) United States Championship
John Cena has defeated some of the greatest that this business has to offer, but never has John Cena been into the ring with a freak athlete who also happens to carry the Steiner name. Bronson floors Cena with a HUGE spear to start off the match. Cena is no slouch however and he begins to mount a comeback. Cena hits a shoulder block followed up by another but BRONSON CATCHES HIM WITH A FRANKENSTEINER, SHADES OF HIS UNCLE SCOTT. Bronson locks in the STEINER RECLINER and Cena is fading but staying true to his moniker “Never Give Up” and he powers out with Bronson on his shoulders and hits the ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT THE REF COUNTS…. ONE…. STEINER KICKS OUT AT ONE. Bronson pops back up and he hits A MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM, ONE… TWO… THREE!!! BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED JOHN CENA TO WIN THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! For the second year in a row, Bronson Steiner has won a championship on the Raw after WrestleMania.
Bronson Steiner defeats John Cena to win the United States Championship in 12:04
Raw April 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner is interviewed backstage about his recent US Title win and he is asked about carrying the Steiner name and what it means to him in which he responds that his father & his uncle were the greatest tag team in WCW history, they were both United States Champions, Scott was world champion, hell they’re former WWE World Tag Team Champions but the Steiner name doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Everyone talks about the Rhodes, Anoa’i, or the Orton dynasty but the Steiner family has been largely forgotten by wrestling fans and he aims to not only create a legacy for himself but to make the Steiner name mean something once again.
Raw April 17, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Chad Gable: United States Championship
Bronson decides that he wants to hold an open challenge for the United States Championship. The man to answer that challenge is Chad Gable who dropped the shoosh gimmick and is back to being a serious professional wrestler. Gable puts on a hell of a showing against Steiner but the younger & fresher talent proves to be too much for Chad Gable. Bronson Steiner retains the United States Championship in his first defense.
Bronson Steiner defeats Chad Gable to retain the United States Championship in 8:28
Raw May 8th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bronson Reed /w The Miz: King of the Ring First Round
In real life, it was just announced that King & Queen of the Ring will be taking place in May. We have 8 men from Raw & 8 men from Smackdown who will make up the King of the Ring Tournament. In the first round, we will have the battle of the Bronson’s as Bronson Steiner takes on Bronson Reed. The former NXT North American Champion proves to be one hell of a challenge for the young Steiner. While the referee is distracted, The Miz sneak attacks Steiner hitting a Skull Crushing Finale at ringside and rolls him back into the ring. Bronson follows it up with a top rope splash, he makes the cover, ONE… TWO… STEINER BARELY KICKS OUT!!! Steiner recovers and hits a huge military press powerslam on Reed. BRONSON STEINER ADVANCES IN THE KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bronson Reed in 14:08
Raw May 15th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman: King of the Ring Quarterfinal
Bronson Steiner has made it to the Quarterfinals but he has the biggest (literally & figuratively) challenge that he’s ever face so far. Braun Strowman has been on a rampage since turning heel. At the star of the match, Strowman tries to bully Bronson who shows absolutely no fear and he bitch slaps Strowman which enraged the monster and they begin to brawl but the match quickly gets out of hand. They’re trading blows in the corner, the ref is trying to break it up but Bronson accidentally floors the ref with a right. They begin fighting outside the ring and up the stage. Strowman picks up Steiner and hits A RUNNING POWERSLAM THROUGH THE LED BOARD SPARKS ARE FLYING EVERYWHERE!!! Both men have to be carried out of the arena.
Bronson Steiner vs Braun Strowman ends in a no contest in 8:04
Raw May 22nd, 2023
King & Queen of the Ring 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Braun Strowman: United States Championship
At the PPV, before the match can even start, Steiner & Strowman start brawling and they’re fighting into the crown. Bronson has never had an opponent quite as powerful as Strowman and he knows that if he wants to win that he’s going to take risks. They’re fighting near a balcony and Bronson nails Strowman with a low blow. Steiner climbs to the top of the balcony and DIVES NEARLY 20 FEET ONTO STROWMAN. They finally manage to get back into the ring to start the match and it’s them hitting power move after power move on each other. Bronson manages to lift up Strowman and land a STEINER SCREWDRIVER!!! HE MAKES THE COVER ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Braun Strowman to retain the United States Championship in 13:13
Raw May 28th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Bobby Roode: Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
After toppling the monster among men, Bronson Steiner has a new challenge and that is the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It’s a concept completely foreign to the young upstart. But in order to even qualify for the match, Bronson will have to contest with Bobby Roode who only recently returned from neck surgery. Bobby Roode is a man who can make anyone look good in a match and he has previous experience facing a Steiner but that experience DOESNT pay off as Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Roode to qualify for Money in the Bank in 12:56
Money in the Bank 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Finn Bálor vs Bobby Lashley vs Pete Dunne vs LA Knight vs Gunther vs Seth Rollins vs Solo Sikoa: Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Bronson Steiner is entering the first ladder match of his career and he’s completely out of his element here. But Steiner wants to prove that not only can he adapt, but he can win the match and guarantee himself a world title match in the near future. This match is pure anarchy, Ali is using the environment around him to take out his opponents, Pete Dunnes does ladder assisted joint manipulation, and Solo Sikoa uses his Samoan strength to batter the competition. Steiner quickly adapts to this chaotic match and starts muscling around guys such as Ali & Seth Rollins. It’s then that Steiner comes face to face with THE ALMIGHTY!!! These two big meaty men start slapping meat and BRONSON STARTS GETTING THE BETTER OF LASHLEY!!! Bronson sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring but Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin and they’re beating him down as Lashley begins to climb the ladder. Bronson just barely dispatches of Alexander & Benjamin in time to climb the ladder and meet Lashley at the top. They’re trading blows until BRONSON STEINER HIS A MASSIVE FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!!! Lashley is down and once again, Steiner slowly gets back to his feet to climb the ladder but out comes OMOS. He picks up Steiner and hits a huge choke slam on Steiner through a ladder bridged at ringside. As Omos goes to pick up Lashley and help him win the match, LA KNIGHT SNEAKS BACK INTO THE RING AND CLIMBS THE LADDER TO RETRIEVE THE BRIEFCASE!!! LA KNIGHT IS MR MONEY IN THE BANK.
LA Knight wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 26:47
Raw July 10th, 2023
Bronson Steiner vs The Hurt Business: Gauntlet Match
After being robbed of Money in the Bank, Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed off and he want to kick the piss out of Hurt Business. MVP says that he’s not going to let another Steiner humiliate Lashley, which is a reference to Scott Steiner & Bobby Lashley’s feud circa 2009 TNA. Bronson being the tough as nails fighting champion that he is, he agrees to fight all of the members of Hurt Business and if any of them can beat him, he’ll put up his United States Championship on the line at Summerslam. The match is made a gauntlet match.
Our first is Shelton Benjamin. These two have an excellent athletic contest with Shelton reminding everyone just how good he still is. Not even 10 minutes in, Steiner defeats Benjamin with a top-rope Frankensteiner. The second man to answer this gauntlet is Cedric Alexander. He starts to wear down Bronson picking up where Benjamin left off after a thrilling 12 minutes, Steiner puts away Alexander with a TOP ROPE FRANKENSTEINER. Bronson is really starting to tire out and it couldn’t come at a worse time because out next is OMOS!!! The seven foot three Nigerian giant makes his stoic walk down to the ring but he makes a quick stop under the ring and grabs a STEEL CHAIR. Omos enters the ring and BATTERS STEINER OVER AND OVER AGAIN BREAKING THE CHAIR OVER THE BACK OF BRONSON STEINER. Omos hits a thunderous choke bomb on Steiner RIGHT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! With Omos disqualified, there’s only one man left and that man is Bobby Lashley. When he gets in the ring, Steiner is still laid out at ringside. The ref begins the count and Steiner barely gets back in the ring before the count of ten but Steiner is too beaten up to stand against Lashley who hits Steiner with multiple spears. Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock and Steiner passes out. BOBBY LASHLEY WILL CHALLENGE BRONSON STEINER FOR THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP AT SUMMERSLAM!!!
The Hurt Business defeats Bronson Steiner in 32:08
Summerslam 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Bobby Lashley: United States Championship
Bronson Steiner goes into Summerslam not at 100% after weeks of beatdowns from Hurt Business and on top of that has easily the toughest challenge of his career. They have a great big man match that sees Steiner hang in there. Near the end of the match, we have a ref bump. Bronson hits a Steiner Screw Driver, BUT NO REF TO COUNT THE PIN!!! Omos comes out to help Lashley finish off Steiner. STEINER DOES THE UNTHINKABLE AND HITS THE MILITARY PRESS POWERSLAM ON OMOS THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! Steiner gets a measure of revenge for a few weeks ago on Raw. Back to the match, Lashley manages to lock in the Hurt Lock that has put so many wrestlers away for the past three years but Bronson is a special breed. BRONSON STEINER BECOMES THE FIRST PERSON TO BREAK THE HURT LOCK!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Bobby Lashley to retain the United States Championship in 15:04
Raw August 21st, 2023
After the biggest win of his career at Summerslam, Bronson Steiner is out cutting a promo about what’s next for him as United States Champion, ya know all the usual stuff. This is when the cameras cut to the backstage area and we see Rick Steiner being assaulted by none other than…. TOMMASO CIAMPA!!! Steiner makes a beeline for the backstage area but Ciampa is long gone by the time Steiner gets there and all that’s left is the brutally beaten & bloodied father of Bronson Steiner.
Raw August 28th, 2023
Throughout this particular episode of Raw, Bronson Steiner is looking for Tommaso Ciampa. Finally, we see a car pull up in the arena and it’s Tommaso Ciampa and HE MEANS BUSINESS!!! He starts making his way through the arena when Steiner goes right for Ciampa and they have an intense backstage brawl. They have to be separated by security. Bronson yells to Ciampa that “IF YOU KEEP MESSING WITH MY FAMILY ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!”
Raw September 5th, 2023
Tommaso Ciampa finally explains why he attacked Bronson Steiner and his family. Ciampa says that he helped build NXT and he was the face of that brand, that was until Steiner came in with that stupid ring name and his lineage and he took not only his spot but the only thing in this business and that’s Goldie. Ciampa says since Bronson took something he loved, now he’s going to take something from Steiner that he loves and that is the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!!
Raw September 26th, 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: United States Championship
These two have a very hard-hitting match that see them not only wanting to win the match but down right maim the other. Ciampa uses every dirty heel trick in the book but nothing is working on Steiner who has been operating on an entirely different level as of late. Bronson pays homage to his father but hitting the DIVING BULLDOG ON CIAMPA!!! ONE… TWO… THREE. BRONSON STEINER HAS RETAINED THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! But what the ref didn’t see is that Ciampa’s foot was under the bottom rope.
Bronson Steiner defeats Tommaso Ciampa to retain the United States Championship in 13:44
Raw October 3rd, 2023
Ciampa is raging because he aaa screwed out of the United States Championship. He says that this is just like what happened in NXT. Steiner gets a rocket strapped to his back because he’s a Steiner then he steals Ciampa’s spot in NXT. Ciampa should be United States Champion, not Steiner and so he challenges him to ONE MORE MATCH AT CROWN JEWEL!!! Steiner comes out and he says that he’s going to put Ciampa down for good just like he put down the old guard of NXT. Steiner of course accepts the match and just to make sure Ciampa doesn’t leave with any more excuses, Steiner suggests they make it LAST MAN STANDING!!!
Crown Jewel 2023
Bronson Steiner(c) vs Tommaso Ciampa: Last Man Standing Match for The United States Championship
We finally get to Crown Jewel. These two men have been feuding since Summerslam and things will finally come to a head. It’s Bronson Steiner, the man who ushered in the current era of NXT vs Tommaso Ciampa who was the last of the old guard from the Black & Gold Era of NXT. These two men go to war, Steiner SPEARS CIAMPA THROUGH THE BARRICADE. Ciampa hits a FAIRYTALE ENDING THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! But if there’s anything that Steiner has in common with Ciampa is that they both have that never say die attitude. Steiner beats the 10 count but before he can do anything to Ciampa, he is speared out of nowhere by….. GOLDBERG!!! What in the fuck. Ciampa capitalizes and he brings the US Title Belt into the ring and hits one last FAIRYTALE ENDING ONTO THE US TITLE BELT AS ONE FINAL FUCK YOU TO BRONSON STEINER. ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… SEVEN… EIGHT… NINE… TEN… TOMMASO CIAMPA FINALLY HAS HIS FIRST TASTE OF MAIN ROSTER GOLD!!!
Tommaso Ciampa defeats Bronson Steiner to win the United States Championship in 28:55
Raw November 6th, 2023
Goldberg explains that he attacked Bronson Steiner because of his hatred for the Steiner family. He says that they made his life hell in WCW and it kills him to see fans cheering a Steiner when those same neck beards booing Goldberg for making a career out of doing the right thing. Goldberg has returned and he has just one more match left in him and he wants his final match to be the one that sees the end of the Steiner family in the world of professional wrestling. Goldberg challenges Bronson Steiner to match at Survivor Series, the same event that Goldberg made his triumphant return seven years ago.
Survivor Series 2023
Bronson Steiner vs Goldberg
Almost 7 years to the day after Goldberg returned to WWE in explosive fashion and squashed Brock Lesnar. Da man is facing is many ways a younger version of himself, both former NFL players, both had meteoric rises to the top in their respective companies. The match begins and Goldberg immediately charges Steiner who overpowers Goldberg with a huge shoulder tackle. Goldberg is momentarily stunned but goes for a spear by Steiner leapfrogs and rebounds off the tops NAILING GOLDBERG WITH A SPEAR OF HIS OWN. GOLDBERG STUMBLES BACK TO HIS FEET ONLY TO BE HIT WITH A SECOND SPEAR FROM STEINER!!! Goldberg is in a bad way as Steiner follows it up with his patented military press powerslam but he doesn’t make the cover instead he locks in the STEINER RECLINER AND THERE IS NO WAY OUT FOR GOLDBERG. For the first time in his career, GOLDBERG TAPS OUT. BRONSON STEINER HAS OFFICIALLY RETIRED GOLDBERG!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats Goldberg in 89 seconds
Royal Rumble 2024
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
So far, 29 men have entered the Royal Rumble and Brock Lesnar has been dominating the match. Who can stop Brock Lesnar except for ENTRANT NUMBER 30, BRONSON STEINER!!! They comes face to to face in the ring for the first time ever. They go off in a test of strength with BRONSON GETTING THE BETTER OF BROCK. HE LIFTS BROCK WAY OVER HIS HEAD AND CHUCKS HIM RIGHT OUT OF THE RING. BRONSON STEINER HAS ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR IN CONVINCING FASHION!!! Bronson is slowly clearing the field, he eliminates both Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin at the same time. He body slams Braun Strowman over the top rope. Bronson Steiner seems to have the 2024 Royal Rumble on lock. Directly mirroring Royal Rumble 2004, Brock Lesnar sneak back into the ring and NAIL BRONSON WITH AN F-5!!! Bronson is stunned as he slowly uses the rope to get back to his feet. He sees Brock walking back up the ramp looking satisfied at what he has done. From behind, old rival TOMMASO CIAMPA DUMPS BRONSON STEINER OVER THE TOP ROPE ENDING THE SECOND GENERATION STEINERS HOPES OF MAIN EVENTING WRESTLEMANIA!!!
Raw January 28th, 2024
Bronson Steiner is understandably pissed the fuck off that Brock Lesnar cost him the Royal Rumble. He says that he wants Brock Lesnar right here, right now. But there’s no sign of Brock Lesnar. Bronson refuses to leave the ring until Brock Lesnar shows his face. After a minute or so, Adam Pearce comes out and says that Brock isn’t here and he has a show to run. Later in the night, the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship is announced with Gunther defending the title against Brock Lesnar and four other competitors. The other four will be determined through qualifying matches. Bronson Steiner barges in Adam Pearce’s office and is asking why the hell was Brock Lesnar just inserted into the match while everyone else has to earn their spot. Bronson says that he has unfinished business with Brock Lesnar, and Pearce says that putting Brock in the chamber wasn’t his call but what he can do is give Steiner a qualifying match next week on Raw.
In this timeline, after Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship he retires the Universal Championship reintroducing the big gold belt which is won by Seth Rollins in a tournament at Backlash but later in the year he loses the belt to Gunther who goes on a long dominant run with the belt.
Raw February 5th, 2024
Bronson Steiner vs The Miz: Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Bronson Steiner faces the WWE’s resident loudmouth and he means fucking business. Steiner immediately drops The Miz with a double leg takedown and he’s pounding that ass the way I pound Jay Castle with rights & lefts. Bronson picks up Miz and nails him with a Military Press Powerslam but doesn’t pin him. Bronson locks in the Steiner Recliner and Miz immediately taps out. BRONSON STEINER DEFEATS THE MIZ IN JUST OVER A MINUTE TO QUALIFY FOR ELIMINATION CHAMBER!!!
Bronson Steiner defeats The Miz in 1:03
Elimination Chamber 2024
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar vs Gunther(c) vs Sheamus vs Ricochet vs Seth Rollins: Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Entrant #1: Ricochet Entrant #2: Brock Lesnar
Two former rivals start off as the first two entrants in the Elimination Chamber Match. Ricochet’s career never recovered after his crushing defeat to Brock four years ago. Ricochet refuses to let Brock punk him this time around and he immediate charges the much larger opponent. Brock is caught off guard by the absolute speed & tenacity of Ricochet but it doesn’t last long and Brock is hitting German after German on Ricochet. Brock is taunting Bronson who still locked in his pod.
Entrant #3: Seth Rollins
Rollins is out next and he alongside Ricochet decide to form an unlikely alliance to take down the much bigger threat. We get a few minutes of high flying fuckery that sees Rollins & Ricochet hit Lesnar with a bunch double team moves that Lesnar sells beautifully.
Entrant #4: Sheamus
Out next is Sheamus who levels both Seth Rollins & Ricochet with a Brough Kick just in time for Lesnar to make it back to his feet. These two have an EXTREMELY hard-hitting exchange. Sheamus hits Lesnar with a Brough Kick and he does that amazing thing where he staggers back and Sheamus goes for another one but Lesnar counters into an F-5 while staring down Steiner straight in the eyes. ONE… TWO… THREE…. SHEAMUS IS THE FIRST ONE OUT!!!
Entrant #5: Bronson Steiner
We begin the countdown to the fifth entrant and it is of course, Bronson Steiner. Both Steiner & Lesnar finally are able to go at it properly and it is as JR would put it; a slobberknocker. Lesnar actually gets the better of Steiner and plants him with an F-5 but before Lesnar can pin him, Rollins floors Lesnar with a springboard knee. Rollins follows it up with a Curb Stomp attempts but similar to Randy Orton, Lesnar catches Rollins mid move and nails him with an F-5, ONE…. TWO… THREE….. SETH ROLLINS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!!!
Entrant #6: Gunther
Gunther is the final man to enter the match and it’s chops for everyone. Gunther turns Ricochet inside out with a thunderous chop. He then levels Lesnar, Gunther chops Steiner over and over again who doesn’t go down and he continues fighting back, Gunther has Steiner leaned against a pod and he goes to chop him again but Bronson moves and GUNTHER DESTROYS THE POD WITH JUST ONE CHOP!!! Gunther’s hand is cut and Bronson senses this and he takes the fight to the World Heavyweight Champion but he’s worn out and Gunther manages to drop kick him which sends him flying into the chamber wall. Gunther redirects his attention to Lesnar and they start where they left off. Lesnar hoists the big Austrian up for an F-5 but out of nowhere, STEINER SPEARS LESNAR!!! STEINER FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A MILITARY PRESS SLAM. RICOCHET HITS A 630 ONTO LESNAR FROM THE TOP OF THE POD. ONE… TWO… THREE…. RICOCHET HAS DOME THE UNTHINKABLE AND ELIMINATED BROCK LESNAR!!! Ricochet got his revenge for Crown Jewel 2020. When Brock recovers, he is PISSED!!! Before leaving the chamber, he plants both Ricochet & Steiner with and F-5 but he isn’t done with Steiner just yet. Lesnar locks in the Kimura and SNAPS THE ARM OF BRONSON STEINER!!! A few EMT’s enter the chamber to try and get Steiner out of the chamber but he refuses to quit and he puts up a valiant effort against Gunther but he’s in ungodly amounts of pain. He nearly collapses because the pain is so unbearable which makes him easy pickings for the current heavyweight champ. Gunther his The Last Symphony, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER’S DREAMS OF WINNING THE BIG GOLD BELT ARE CRUSHED. Gunther goes on to defeat Ricochet to win the match.
Gunther wins the elimination chamber to retain The World Heavyweight Championship in 27:57
Raw February 26th, 2024
We’re just over a week removed from Elimination Chamber and things have never looked worse for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar broke Steiner’s arm after being eliminated in the chamber so not only was Steiner robbed of the World Heavyweight Championship, but now he may miss out on his first WrestleMania. Steiner now sporting a sling has a sit-down interview with Michael Cole who starts off asking him about why this beef between Steiner & Lesnar got out of hand so quickly. Bronson explains that he never liked Brock, he is someone that doesn’t respect this business or the people in it. His father & his uncle dedicated their entire lives to this business and they didn’t get half the opportunities that Lesnar was given. Bronson says that the doctors won’t clear him which means he’ll have to work twice as hard to prove them wrong.
Raw March 28th, 2024
After weeks of working hard to get his arm back into shape, doctors still refuse to clear Bronson Steiner to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 40 and Adam Pearce says that Steiner is just going to have to sit this one out which doesn’t not sit well with him. Finally, he goes to the head honcho Triple H and he says that he cannot sanction a match between them and that’s when he says that they can only fight in an UNSANCTIONED MATCH!!!
WrestleMania 40
Bronson Steiner vs Brock Lesnar: Unsanctioned Match
We are here at the 40th edition of WrestleMania and this is going to be the match of a lifetime for Bronson Steiner. Brock Lesnar comes out with his bun shaved off and wearing his original 2002 gear. He comes out not even wearing his ring gear, just a pair of jeans really symbolizing just how personal this feud has become. Bronson runs straight to the ring and he’s trading blows with Brock to start the match. Steiner is really taking the fight to Lesnar and it spills outside the ring. Bro son looks to spear Lesnar through the barricade like he did a few weeks ago but Lesnar gets out of the way and BRONSON WIPES OUT THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! Brock goes after the still weakened arm of Steiner smashing it against the ring post. Brock wants to inflict as much damage as possible and he removes the protective padding at ringside and goes for a German on the concrete but Bronson gets out of it and HITS A FRANKENSTEINER ON THE EXPOSED CONCRETE!!! Brock is out of it as Bronson rolls him back in the ring. He then goes under the ring and throws a wide variety of weapons into the ring such as chairs, kendo sticks, trash cans, and a table. We see Lesnar powerbomb Steiner through a metal trash can and we Steiner spear Lesnar through the table set up in the corner. Finally, LESNAR HITS AN F-5 ON BRONSON STEINER, ONE… TWO… BRONSON KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar does something no one thought they would see again and HE HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS AND IT ACTUALLY FUCKING LANDS!!! Lesnar once again makes the cover, ONE… TWO… BRONSON SOMEHOW SOME WAY STILL KICKS OUT!!! Lesnar is completely out of options as Steiner recovers and hits his fathers patented Diving Bulldog followed by Bronson’s signature the Military Press Powerslam. The ref counts, ONE… TWO… THREE… BRONSON STEINER HAS DEFEATED BROCK LESNAR ON THE GRANDEST STAGE OF THEM ALL!!! After the match, Brock Lesnar nods at Steiner as a show of respect.
Bronson Steiner defeats Brock Lesnar in 36:07
The next night on Raw, Brock Lesnar finally retires from WWE giving Bronson Steiner the rub of having retired both Goldberg & Brock Lesnar within his first year on the main roster. At Summerslam, Bronson Steiner would challenge the ever so dominant Gunther for the World Heavyweight Championship and he would go on to win the big gold belt that his uncle once held but more importantly his father never got to hold and we have a nice moment in the ring where Bronson hands his father the big gold belt that he finally gets to hold high above his shoulders.
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2023.03.21 02:40 fergato Nvidia update drivers partially freezing PC

Hello everyone, I'm having troubles after installing the latest Nvidia drivers (currently 531.29) and this is not new, it's been happening since a couple of years now. I'm running the latest stable divers since then, 472.12.
The problem starts as soon as the new drivers finishes installing, it begins to freeze partially the PC. This means that you move the mouse and in midway it freezes completely and teleports to the endpoint. Then it runs smoothly for about 4 seconds and it does it again.
I always go back via Windows Safe Mode to the previous drivers.
I'll detail the PC specs downhere, and hope someone can give me some advice. Besides formatting, because I did that a couple of times along this two years.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600
GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 970
RAM: 2x Geil Orion 8GB

Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 02:40 FeetTickler666 I did this post back in 2021 if you’re wondering why the results are fucked but this is the fight to make if gamebred beats burns, basically the same record as Colby recently, more willing to fight contenders and there’s the whole backstory of him and Leon’s unfinished business

I did this post back in 2021 if you’re wondering why the results are fucked but this is the fight to make if gamebred beats burns, basically the same record as Colby recently, more willing to fight contenders and there’s the whole backstory of him and Leon’s unfinished business submitted by FeetTickler666 to ufc [link] [comments]