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Phone call anxiety

2023.03.21 02:49 lucky-star07 Phone call anxiety

I know there are a lot of posts similar to this on this subreddit already, but some direct help and reassurance would help me a lot.
I recently started a new job for an insurance company. I do data entry, but I’m also cold calling doctor’s offices. I’m loving the environment, the data entry, and the hours, but calling hundreds of unsuspecting people is very nerve wracking, and all the possible outcomes of these calls is really freaking me out. I’m not the best communicator so I feel like I confuse people and stumble my words a lot, which is so frustrating. I’m in week three of this job and like I said, I’m liking it and really want to push through.
I realize the type of calls I’m making frustrate and annoy people, but it’s the nature of the field, and I know people getting cranky at me isn’t personal, but I can’t help but feel it in a semi personal way (in that it’s just upsetting and very uncomfortable for someone like me, that lacks good communication).
How do I get over this??? I make myself sick every night thinking of going in and talking on the phone to strangers all afternoon. I’d really appreciate some advice, guys. I psych myself out every day and end up doing more data entry than calls, which will hurt me in the long run. Help!
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2023.03.21 02:48 storyconsumer08 Dreadnoughts and heavy?

I have the March of Iron strike force and am thinking of picking up the Soul Forged King box and the Strike force Agastus box for more units and because I really like dreadnoughts, Terminators (specifically deathwing), and heavy’s. I know DA have the Ravenwing but I’ve never been a fan of bike models (I’ve considered kitbashing marines to look like they are riding big cats, like a counter to the space wolves thunder wolf calvary, as replacements for some Ravenwing units)
I’m making my own successor chapter so I don’t have to worry about special characters (Azereal can be made into a Primaris Captain); but I was wondering if two redemptors and a brutalis is too many dreadnoughts for a dark angels army. Also would like to know if the new desolators will have use.
I’m not to worried about the meta as I can’t play competitive atm, I just want to field an army of deathwing and dreadnoughts and be viable. Otherwise I have to stick with Iron Hands and basic termies, but I’m not a fan of a bunch of tanks :/
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2023.03.21 02:48 tudesgracia I ruined my health by being vegetarian for almost 7 years

Does anyone else feels frustrated about the time and effort (and money) you put in your vegan/vegetarian diet only for it to ruin your health?
I started eating meat again 6 months ago, slowly recovering from health and mental issues that I still struggle with. Personally, I still have anemia (probably will have it for the rest of my life), but on the bright side my hormones are way better now, and the thing I'm most proud of is that now I eat enough protein, and I actually have muscle in my body, not much, but it's there. Before that, my body was mostly fat, and finally noticing the change in my body makes me regret all those years not eating meat. Apparently I have a condition that makes it hard for me to gain muscle and my joints are more sensitve than the average, and I only made it worse by not eating enough protein without knowing anything about it.
I really wish I've never spent all those years being vegetarian. Does anyone else feels regret about your former lifestyle?
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2023.03.21 02:47 Confident-Bank-1064 Texas Oil Jobs

Currently working in the oil industry in northern Alberta Canada and my wife and I are thinking about moving to Texas.
Are decent oil field jobs hard to find and what’s the best place to look for work?
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2023.03.21 02:47 Commander_Kane Contest Submission: A Boy and His Chicken

Chapter One

*Note: I will later publish this on RR under the account of the same name...when I get around to it >.>
It is a calm day in the village of Wolfwater. The sky is blue and cloudless. A cool breeze carries the sweet scent of nature through the air.
And hidden among the glistening golden fields of a small farm on the outskirts of the village is one strapping young lad named Ben and a peculiar young chick called Bucky.
“The coast clear?” Ben murmured, crouched low to the ground. He shifts his feet, the heavy stick in his arms and uncomfortable position straining his muscles. But he holds steady. He can’t afford to be caught before the day’s even begun.
His pet pokes her head out of the wheat field, her beady black eyes scanning the clearing. She squawked quietly in answer and hopped out, followed soon by her eager human.
“We did it, Bucky!” he cheers. “We got out with nobody seein’ us! Byron ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”
The chick chirped at him, staring pointedly at his cargo.
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”
The boy lumbered over to a conveniently placed log in the middle of the clearing and plopped himself down. He slung his bright red pack down by the log, a familiar perch to his avian pet. After setting the long branch between his legs, he pulled a small carving knife from his boot and set to shaving down one end of the wood.
“This was a good find,” Ben muttered absently. “Not too heavy, not too thick. Good size for a sword…”
Bucky chirped in agreement, watching with fascination as his knife sliced away slivers of wood. The boy grinned at her over his work. Of course he was pleased with his own meager skill. Having never seen a master carpenter at work, it’s easy to become overconfident.
A good half hour later—and plenty of splinters and cuts hastily bandaged with pieces of cloth from the pack—he had himself a wooden training sword.
“That oughta do it,” Ben declared. He ran his hands down the length of the weapon before testing the point. It just barely scraped his finger. “It won’t stab too good,” he admitted with a slight frown, “but it’ll get the job done.”
He hopped to his feet. “Alright!” he growled. “Let’s do it!” Setting his boots in the dirt, he held up the wooden stake with both hands in a rough guard position. In his mind’s eye, he faced a devilish green goblin, holding a wicked-looking dagger in its skinny hands. It was hunched and scrawny, standing at about eye-level—he cursed his short stature, but goblins were generally child-sized and he was, well, a child.
At Bucky’s trilling cry, he lunged forward, thrusting the pointy end at the goblin’s chest. It dodged to the side before quickly retaliating with a quick swipe toward his arm. Ben parried, knocking the goblin’s dagger away. His sword struck its arm with a sickening crack.
The monster dropped its weapon and stumbled back, clutching its broken limb to its chest. Seizing the opportunity, Ben raised his sword and charged forward with a bellow. Though the goblin tried to retreat, it tripped on an unseen rock and fell back.
Ben brought his sword down. It landed with a thought, shearing clean through the dirty gob’s head.
“Hooowee,” he sighed, stepping back. “That’s another gobbo down…”
The boy flopped down into the dirt, panting. Bucky chose this time to chicken-dive into his chest, driving out what little air remained in his lungs.
The boy merely laughed at her antics. He reached up to pat her wings but winced at the contact. Though her soft downy feathers were normally pleasant to touch, the wooden sword had rubbed his hands raw. He held them up to the sky in contemplation.
“Gonna have to put some leather on the hilt,” he said. Bucky dipped her head, pecking at the collar of his shirt. Her razor sharp beak got dangerously close to his throat, but the boy laid unbothered. “O’her that… I think we got ourselves a fine and dandy weapon.” He touched the sides of the chick’s head with his less damaged fingertips, squishing her cheeks.
“Whaddya say, Buck?” he asked. “You think we’re ready to go gobbo-huntin’?”
“I think for sure not!” an imperious voice growled from behind them.
Ben immediately sat up, knocking a distressed Bucky off of his chest. “Wha-Byron?!” he asked, turning around.
The older boy stood fuming, his thick bronze arms crossed over his muscled chest. He glared down at Ben from under his wide-brimmed hat. “What on Vacuous are you doin’ out here, boy? Ain’t I told you to help Layla wit’ the coop?”
“But I did! I got the chickens out,” he said, gesturing toward Bucky. She bobbed her head and clucked. “Then I did a bit o’ sweepin’ and whatnot…”
“So why she’s still scrubbing?”
“Well, if she weren’t too busy poutin’ and-”
“Ain’t none o’ that,” Byron interrupted, stomping forward.
Ben tried to scramble away from him, but Byron moved faster than his size suggested. He snatched Ben’s collar, yanking him to his feet.
“Heya!” Ben protested. “Lemme go, you brute! Bucky!”
The chick swiftly answered her human’s call. She jumped and aimed her beak for the hand holding Ben. He grabbed her by the neck just as swiftly. The chicken squealed indignantly, trying to peck at his fingers.
Byron growled and shook her a bit. “Stop that!”
You stop it!” Ben retorted, kicking him in the back of his knee. The big man hardly flinched. “Aw, you big boulder piece a-”
“Shut it!” came the bellowing command. Both boy and chicken went silent, withering under Byron’s dark eyes.
He shoved Bucky into Ben’s arms, getting a grunt out of the boy. Chicken safely secured, Byron held onto him tightly as he started marching back to the house, lecturing all the while. “I expected better outta you, boy. You know how much the farm needs you.”
The lad hung limply in his brother’s grip, letting his feet drag behind him. “I was just takin’ a break,” he whined before yelping when Byron suddenly dropped him.
Ben,” Byron said, his voice deeper and more gravelly than usual. He got down on his haunches, looking the younger boy right in the eye. “Harvest is just ‘round the corner. We can’t have you slackin’ off like this. We got work to do, boy.”
Ben averted his eyes. “You got Cedric, though…”
Byron snorted. “The sorry lout who’s out and drunk half the day? Hell, Ol’ Bess was more useful, and she stopped giving milk way back when. Drain on every one o’ my coins. Now come on, up now.” He grabbed Ben by the arm and stood, pulling the other boy up with him. Pushing Ben by the shoulder, he continued their hard march back to the house.
“I need you,” he continued, “to be better. We ain’t got time for you to play around like this. You gotta step up. We’re the only men in this house, you know that?”
Ben mumbled his affirmative, which satisfied his taskmaster until they got back to the house. Of course, seeing the chickens pecking at the dirt in front of the porch made him none too pleased. Ben winced as the grip on his shoulder tightened.
“Momma!” Byron called. His deep baritone sent the chickens scattering.
“More work for later,” Ben muttered into Bucky’s crown. She clucked sadly.
“I’m in the sittin’ room, come on up!”
Ben was pushed forward. He glumly led the way into the house, where the boys found their mother where she said she was, sitting on their only nice cushion in their abode, an offending-to-the-eyes yellow color with ruffles on the arms and a high back. To Ben, it seemed like it’d make a good evil wizard-king throne if it wasn’t so…yellow.
Momma was in the middle of repairing one of Byron’s old shirts. From the way she tried to hide it in the pile of laundry next to her seat, Ben guessed it’d be one of the few gifts on his birthday in a few weeks. He didn’t like hand-me-downs, but well, money was tight around here.
Byron stepped around him, planting a kiss on the aging woman’s spotty forehead. She patted his check with a thin hand once he’d pulled away. Bucky hopped out of Ben’s arms to run to her, immediately getting picked up and settled into her lap.
“What’re you two boys doin’ in so early?” she asked, leaning back with a smile. One hand shakily ran through Bucky’s feathers, smoothing them out. “Dinner ain’t for a few more hours, yunno.”
“What do you think?” her eldest son asked, jerking his head towards the younger. “Caught him playin’ with the darn chicken out by the fields instead o’ cleaning the coop like I told ‘im.”
Ben scowled. “I did my part! Not my fault Layla’s so slow!”
Byron rounded on him, using all of his bulk to loom over the boy. “And you know you stay till the job’s done, boy,” he growled, emphasizing his last words by poking his chest with one meaty finger. “You don’t go lazing about playing with fake swords! We ain’t adventurers or nothing!”
“Says you!” Ben shot back, standing firm against his towering figure. “And who are you, telling me what I can and can’t be and what I gotta do around here? You ain’t my-”
The palm of Byron’s hand cracked him against his jaw. He stumbled back and fell on his bottom, clutching his face.
Silence pervaded the room. Ben stared up at his brother in shock, the older boy’s face a mirror of his own. For a single second, the family was still.
Then the first tear rolled down his round cheeks and shattered the silence. Bucky squealed with fury and leaped out of Momma’s lap to run to him. Byron apologized profusely, trying to hug him. Ben jerked away from him. His legs propelled him across the floor until his back slammed into the wall, where he hugged himself into a ball with Bucky in the center. He rocked back and forth, clutching her tightly.
The young man flinched at his mother’s voice. Her tone made him young again, not much younger than Ben was. He shrunk under her angry eyes. Then he steeled himself, opening his mouth to defend himself, to cement his position as the head of the house.
His eyes glanced at his quivering brother, and the fight left him. “Sorry,” he muttered, stuffing his hands into his overalls. He went stomping out of the house, muttering about the cows.
Momma’s gentle hands and soft voice eventually coaxed Ben out of his ball. Bucky slipped out of his grasp. She’d served her part for now. At Momma’s nod, she waddled out of the house, occasionally stopping to glance back at Ben.
Ben huddled into his mother. She pet his hair and brushed away his tears. When he had finally stopped sniffling, she brought him to the kitchen. After dipping a rag in their make-shift sink bucket, she dabbed his face with it.
“You know he means well,” she whispered. “That doesn’t mean he was right, but he means well. So he’s gonna come back here and make things right later. You don’t gotta accept it. You don’t even gotta listen. But he’s gonna do it, just cause it wasn’t right.”
“I won’t. He’s always actin’ like he’s better’n me and I-I hate it. I don’t wanna be a [Farmer], Ma, I hate it. I hate him! He’s not-he’s not-”
“You listen to me,” she interrupted, cupping his chin and making him look up at her. “We don’t hate family in this house, you understand? We’re all we got.”
“But he-”
“We’re all we got!” she yelled. At his wide-eyed stare, she looked away, taking the time to calm her breathing. After a moment, she turned back to him, her voice steadier now. “I’m sorry. We’re all we got, Benny. So we ain’t gonna hate. We ain’t gonna hit either. That boy…” She trailed off with a sigh, setting the rag down on the edge of the bucket. “He’s tryna be something he’s not yet, I know. But you bein’ a little troublemaker ain’t helping either, Benny.”
She gave her youngest a stern stare. His big brown eyes stared back and broke her instantly. With another sigh, she wrapped him up in a tight hug that he immediately reciprocated.
“You’re so much like him,” she murmured into his hair.
Ben went stiff at that. “Him…?”
“You’ve got his spirit,” she continued as if she hadn’t heard him. He looked up at his mother and saw her staring out into space. “His determination, too, haha… Stubborn as a bear, that one… Know where that led ‘im, though…” Her voice tightened in the last sentence. Her eyes glimmered as she remembered past things.
“Momma, I’m sorry…”
The older woman blinked, coming back to herself. She quickly wiped away the tears before they could fall. “Nothing to be sorry about, Benny,” she said, forcing a smile. “You are who you are. I wouldn’t change a darn thing about you, baby.”
He groaned as she pinched his cheeks, much to her great pleasure.
“But I do need you to take your chores a bit more seriously now, you understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
She patted his good cheek and pecked his forehead. It hurt her heart just a tiny bit to see him grimace. “I ain’t gonna let you slackin’ on helping Layla with the coop get away either,” she said, pulling away. “I’m thinkin’ the attic needs a little dustin’...”
Ben slumped against the bucket. “Aww!”
He didn’t see the glint in her eye, nor the small smirk on her lips as she pushed him towards the stairs.
“Go on now,” she said. “You can help Layla out once you’ve finished. And you know, if you wanna be finished by dinner… I’ll let you have Bucky up there.”
“Really?” he said, perking up. “Can I?”
She’d barely nodded before he was running out the door, calling for his beloved pet. She smiled at his fading back.
“So much like you, Bernie,” she said softly, settling back into her chair. “I wish you could see him now…”
Lydia looked to the ceiling, where the secrets of the past lay hidden… And as she heard the pounding footsteps of her youngest son and excited clucking, she thought they might not stay hidden for much longer.
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2023.03.21 02:47 subversive07 Viability of HPA GPMG/LMGs

I've been wanting to convert my MK48 replica to HPA. How viable are they at a milsim west event? Mainly worried about weight and how many shots I could get per tank. I like the idea of hpa for the reliability, especially with MSW's rules when it comes to leaving the field even if you experience a break down. I trust my hpa m4 without question. But my mk48 is a different story. It works great and I've built it well. I just have trouble trusting an aeg after using an hpa for so long, especially one that would be subjected to the demands of extended fire. More so when I'm going to a MSW event.
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2023.03.21 02:46 nolimithollis PRK question

So let me make this simple, I put in for a PRK packet b/c I’ve had glasses since Elementary School. I can’t see shit in the field without my glasses and they break every time I go out. My commander denied this b/c of “NTC is near” yet it is claimed on packet 3 months to heal and NTC is 6 months away. Should I go to IG to complain? Or any suggestions because he is a piece of dogshit.
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2023.03.21 02:46 Absolventen Critique my Chicago Plan 24-27 Mar

Hello all,
Coming solo for a blitz weekend of eating and culture. Below is my rough itinerary, please advise on what can be deprioritised and what else I can eat or see. For context I am usually based in Germany and interested in the typical Chicago Eats and American based cuisine.
Friday: arrive at 8am, get to freehand hostel Morning: Giodarnos and lou for breakfast(11am ish) Afternoon: contemporary art museum + navy pier Evening: dinner at redhot ranch(walk and eat) and Gretel (maybe sit down)
Saturday Morning: Au chavel (10am) Afternoon: cultural Centre and Field museum Evening: Loyalist(5pm), sneak a portillos cake and dog
Sunday(will rent a car) Morning: cinnamon Rolls from Ann sathers, bonci Pizza from doms market Afternoon: Milwaukee (road trip which could be a mistake but Fomo) Evening: Calumet fisheries and Stoney sub
Monday: Morning: museum of science and industry Afternoon: Lems bbq and brown sugar bakery, Evening: fly back to Boston
Missing: 1. Boat tour: not sure when to do this 2. Harolds lemon pepper chicken 3. Rubis tacos 4. Frontier chicken sandwich 5. Transportation plan: pivot between public, blue bike or uber, not sure what I will take when
Any help or advice you can offer is highly appreciated ☺️👍
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2023.03.21 02:46 Jb2head I’ve gone from NEVER seeing a mouse in my apartment to seeing one three times in a two day period. HELP ME.

Hello I live in an apartment complex in a relatively rural town, I grew up running around orchards and you see field mice all the time.
I’m not so much afraid as I am disgusted and honestly confused. I‘ve NEVER seen a mouse in this apartment before NOW IVE SPOTTED ONE ON THREE OCCASIONS.
My hunch and desperate hope is that it’s likely the same mouse. It makes sense. I haven’t seen one before in 8 months of living here. I may have even let him in by mistake when I was smoking.
Am i deranged or is that possible? We don’t keep food out like at all, everything is in a sealed container or cabinet. The only thing the mouse can get in to is a pantry cabinet with a huge gap on the bottom. But we’ve since removed all the food it could possibly get into.
Also, like I saw it in the MORNING or Afternoon time, so why the f**k is a mouse out and about?? Don’t they go scavenging at night?!
I have not found ANY droppings or other evidence to suggest an infestation and if I did i’m sure other tenants would have said something about in the discord we share as a complex.
Please any and all advice on how to end this sumn bitch quickly and efficiently would be appreciated.
I have had a few issues with bugs but I regularly use diatomaceous earth which has seemed to rid them entirely ofc that won’t really do anything for mice so any product recommendations would be extremely appreciated
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2023.03.21 02:45 GeofferyAitko2 Super Duper Douchebag- Update.

I'll flesh this out eventually. I think there is enough now. I'm not sure if I will put in personal stuff or just sort of leading comments I would respond to in group. I think the latter.
Bipolar type 1 with psychotic symptoms. Covid is not a virus. 47 years till the oil crisis. Pad Fees. Does nullifying our biological gender cheapen the experience for our true gender? Interpolate extrapolate Critical Point. Percolation. Turn them into an 11 year old. 50. Losers who hate losers. Cancel Culture is entertainment. It's all in the follow through.
Kinky Boots. God was getting ready for a Halloween costume party. God had the costume picked out right down to the boots. God just couldn't decide. God knew the type of boots, but with an infinite closet to choose from, it was hard. So God said to her girlfriend, 'Be a doll, and choose a pair of kinky boots for me from the closet? It will be more fun if it is a surprise.' And we have Quantum Mechanics.
Metal vs Metallica. Secular Humanism vs At what point are we human? Elliptic Curves and Fermat's last theorem. At what point are we human? and Characterizing Human (adj). It's about getting people addicted to the pursuit of what it is to be human.
Targeting. The question is more about why they started targeting you in the first place. After they have, it is anything they can get away with against you. What lie they can get past who they are talking to anything. I have been called fat to my face by a fat person twice. I have a dad-bod. Why target me (you)? Insecurity. Hate. Status. Sex. Money. More…
Do not hate them, try wishing them to be human instead. In that alone there is enough torture in their redemption to match your desire for vengeance. Manic decisions. Permanence: We exist eternal. We are God. We are the reason this place exists. Let's give us the best experience we can have here. I think it is murder, but unless you have a bucket of cash to bring to the table and a solution, it's not your place to say. Our purpose is to be human (adj.) To humans (n.). (God) is a means to this end. Proxy for insecurities. Getting even with God. Homeless Humanists. Green Days. Manic period when you start something, new like religion, sexual preference… Humanness level. Just saying it out loud. You're doing it for all the people who got lost along the way. IDL. Insecure Deluded Loser. Anti-Geek Policy. Victim blaming Shaming. Kintsugi. Social Pressures. Geller field. Possession. The Devil is threatened by me. Two nations. We (have) benefit(ed) from a supremacist regime. Super Duper Douchebag. Hipster Playgirl. Imaginary friends made real. Just pick someone and identify them. Obsessed. No choice. Get out of my head. Break the delusions. Some people use people like cheap drugs. Insecurities. Scapegoats. Proxies. They salve the pain of their existence with your blood. There are some people who feel this world would be a better place without religion. Evolve. The world is a better place with you in it. One month out of hospital. Behavioral addictions (hate). Targeting first, then anything you can say. I have been called fat twice by fat people. Mocking guy. We are not that species. There is no string of words you could write down that would save us. You would literally have to change the Laws of Physics- cause a miracle- to do that. Crush. Hate. Pride and prejudice. Tenacious promoter. Queen bee and king dong contest. Sabotage. Two drink a day drunk. Divorce. Devil wore my skin. It Chapter 2 kid. Pictures friend anecdote. Best way to win an argument. Makebelieve status contest with imaginary friend made real by picking you to abuse. Suppose this person were to have a delusional crush (platonic maybe) on this person. How do you think that would go. Predictable. Why does it happen? The Devil is wearing them. Losers. What can you add to the lives of these people, or what have they had taken away, so that they are not so obsessed with Super Duper Douchebag? The Desire to cause emotional distress. IT. We are not that species.
A salve for the pain of existence. Super Duper Douchebag: The person God let into heaven over you. Their essence brings butterflies born of insecurity; A vote for or against would make the feeling real. One to leverage a foot in the door, The other in getting one up on God.
Lies. All Lies. Promoting an Agenda. A well trained dog is a happy dog. Struggle to be human; even as the path seems priggish, the one of complacency gives up more freedom.
Episodes. Hippster Playgirl Divorce. Get up every morning feeling like shit go to bed high. Red John. Big black bob. Bag packed. Mixed up people Ready to climb down balcony. Very angry over near miss. Nearly lost my job because of anger. Lieing to myself. Laughing on the toilet. Episode butterflies Voices in the vents. Off the walls. Neighbour told me to go to hospital. Don't lock your keys in the cahouse. Have an out if you do. Especially when you are on your own.
It's still prejudice, just a different name. No Hate. Pride parade.
Alpha legion. I am alpharius. Heads of the hydra Lodge coins. Group is the solution. 7Aa for being human. Perpetual grade 13
There are people who believe this world would be a better place without religion. I hate us. I love humans being human. Status. Cognitive dissonance dissociation. Delusional disorder. No choice.
I don't teach first because of my handwriting second because I can't find joy in dealing with jerks, third is the blame.
It seems real. You remember it as real. Broken true false detector. Yggdrasil. Silent Agents. Description not a status. Homophobic Homosexual. It's all in the follow through. Bill and Ted. Devil is the good feelings you get when weakening humanity. A tiger is a cat with black and orange stripes. Talking shop. You re not very good at that thing are you? Everyone puts two conversation starters in a hat. I was raised a bigot (by society). There is no perfect way to live life, only struggling to live perfectly. The Agent chose me not c=.... We are real.
Scapegoat for insecurity. Salve the pain of existence. People using people like cheap drugs. Addicted to hate Promoting an Agenda Pride and prejudice. I needed to read the instructions first. Where's the manual? Harrowing Backhand Born human. Freewill. Spirit. Trained dog. Amount of humanness. Blame. Blue shirt. Prejudice is like Prejudice. Hate. Status. Insecurity. Flea Circus. Words will be the death of me. Primacy. Arrogance. Pretentiousness. Egotism. Sardonic. Statua grab. Cancel culture is entertainment. What could you be canceled for? Evil Ex I've never met. You can affect someone by only having existed. More human (adj.) than human (n.). Status: I am get into heaven first because of who I am. Butterflies. Two nations one land. I am Alpharius. Lodge Coins.
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2023.03.21 02:44 TheBitwolf Why can't level 10 weapons just get all normal perks?

At level 10, weapons ca get a +10 Frame/archetype, all barrels, all scopes, all batteries, all ammo and mag types. I'd take at level 10 not having a single enhanced perk but having all perks, and with the new economy I need 23 cores to add a masterwork frame + 2 regular perks (17 for the frame, 3 for the first column normal perk and 3 for the second column normal perk), which is pretty pricey.
Now you may say, it's only level 13 for the normal perk on most weapons, at which point I'm 3 away from 16 and unlocking the last enhanced perks so I just keep going at Shuro Chi, now if it was 1 to 10 for normal perks, 11 to 20 for enhanced, at least once it's level 10 I can get the weapon out in the field instead of needing to continue at Shuro Chi.
This post comes on the back of me deciding to finally start leveling my crafted weapons and I ready ate up two seasons of Criminal Minds and level like 7 of them, to level 20 (at level 16 I just keep going for good measure and to get the boost to stats since it's so close), I'm going primaries, then specials, then heavies. And yes my hunter is optimized for this farm.
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2023.03.21 02:44 Slightlyloos3 DJI Signal Strength

I'm curious as i have spent past two days searching the web and cant find anything useful. ive been looking for ways to boost the signal of my T30's RX/TX. when i get into larger fields and have to fly them to the ends it will drop out at times. it will keep going on its own, but the collision detection of these guys isnt nearly as good as they hype them. and really needs a person at controls ready to take over if need be.

im just trying to figure out the best way to boosts the signals when im spraying out in the fields.
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2023.03.21 02:44 NJ_Mets_Fan With massive popularity of the WBC going on, do you think there would be any interest in an American Football World Cup?

Love global sports/tourneys and the pride players have for their country
obviously american football is a very USA played sport but with the growing popularity of the sport globally, id imagine countries could field a team.
idk, would be cool, what do you guys think?
apologies if this has been posted already
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2023.03.21 02:44 vsan06 Stage IV de novo metastatic HR+ her 2 negatives breast cancer to bone. 34 years old

First time posting. Sorry to be with you in this shitty club but happy to have found this community. I found out I had cancer around my birthday back in November everything happened quickly after that. I was originally diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, planned to have a mastectomy and chemo and radiation after. I switched insurances (found out my diagnosis during open enrollment) and got a second opinion through UCSF. From there they advised a whole new treatment plan and I was even accepted into a clinical trial. Going through some tests before the start of the trial, I had a pet scan which showed the cancer had metastasized in my pelvis - so no longer qualify for the trial. These last few months have been a roller coaster and rocked me to my core. I’m thankful to say that I have more good days than bad.
I started oral chemo treatment daily back in January and I have a check up coming up this week to see how I’m responding. Overall I have my moments but I’m trying my best to stay positive. I’ve grieved the chance of possible biological children. I thankfully have a great support system but my emotions are still all over the place. (Could be the lupron shots I get to suppress my hormones along with chemo and xgeva for my bones.)
My partner is wonderfully supportive and we are raising a two year old he has from a previous relationship. (He calls me Mommy 🥺❤️) aside from them, I am grateful to have a strong support system from friends and family.
One area I am truly struggling in is with my anxiety. My doctors have prescribed me lexapro which, it’s only been a few weeks, I don’t feel much of a difference yet. And also 1 mg of Ativan. My anxiety is through the GD roof and I don’t know how to convey to my doctors that this medication doesn’t do anything for me. Sometimes my anxiety it’s absolutely crippling. Their concern is addiction which I understand. But under the circumstances I’m incredible frustrated and I don’t know what to do.
I’m mostly posting just to vent and/or for any advice if you have any to offer. Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this, I do appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 02:44 Wendywen312 LED Photoelectric Curtain Wall, LED Wall Light

Recently, it was reported that starting from May, the four-column “Carpoly Lacquer” high-speed rail was officially launched and will run for a full year. On every “Carpoly Lacquer” high-speed train, small table boards behind the seats, door glass stickers, and framed posters, you can see Carpoly brand advertisements everywhere.
In addition, after the train departure and arrival reminders, Carpoly’s voice broadcast will introduce the scenery along the way. Along with the fixed broadcast content such as arrival reminders and no-smoking reminders ahead, you can experience the warmth of high-speed rail services at any time. The LED screen above the automatic door in the carriage will also scroll and play the words “Welcome to the Carpoly Lacquer Train”.
High-speed rail advertisement
In January of this year, Carpoly took advantage of the opportunity of the Spring Festival travel season to launch the high-speed rail marketing strategy of “fast, precise and accurate”. Covering high-speed rail passengers across the country; since April, Carpoly has deployed nationwide and selected six high-speed rail lines with high passenger traffic to place a large number of advertisements.
The speed of domestic high-speed rail is soaring, and it has gradually become the first choice of transportation for Chinese people. As a high-speed railway station advertisement with high traffic flow and audience consumption ability, it has become the “new darling” of brand marketing in the paint industry for a while. Its unique core resources and the advantages of high-quality people have attracted many paint brands to compete.
As early as 2015, Kao Water Paint joined hands with Yongda Media to build the “Kao Water Paint”, which effectively combined the concept of “speeding up low-carbon life” with high-speed rail trains, creating a precedent for a paint company to name a high-speed rail.
This time, “Kao Water Paint” is married to “China High Speed Rail”. High-speed rail, low-carbon, and cutting-edge technology coincide with each other. With the high-quality platform of the high-speed rail media, it not only demonstrates Kao Water Paint’s sense of social responsibility to practice environmental protection with practical actions, but also demonstrates the ambition of Bardez Group to make “Kao Water Paint” a leading brand in China’s water paint industry.
High-speed rail advertisement
In 2018, sites such as Chengdu, Ziyang, Mianyang, Chongqing, and Neijiang all placed light box advertisements of Kao Water Paint, entering the public’s field of vision in a new way. In a society where products are exploding and advertising is exploding, brands must not only have high-level product value innovation and precise brand positioning, but also have strong multi-dimensional advertising to help brand marketing. A series of brand marketing has allowed Kao water paint to quickly establish the image of “high-end home decoration water paint brand” in the market.
It is understood that during the Spring Festival travel season, China’s high-speed rail passenger flow exceeded 300 million. At the beginning of 2018, Meitushi once again launched high-speed rail brand advertisements, spanning tens of thousands of kilometers across China, connecting hundreds of cities, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and spanning Shanghai, Han, Chengdu and Chongqing.
High-speed rail advertisement
In order to cooperate with the high-speed rail car headrest advertisements to continue to expose the brand image more extensively, in 2016, Meitushi invested in LED screens in high-speed rail stations and platform dynamic carriage advertisements, which echoed with the carriage advertisements, continuously strengthened the brand image of Meitushi’s health, and showed a strong Brand strength and professional product strength; in 2017, Meitushi made another effort to put in large LED screens and platform dynamic compartment advertisements in 19 high-speed rail stations in major cities across the country. Strong brand strength and excellent product innovation capabilities.
Key words such as “home”, “fast forward” and “technical strength” are the best interpretation of the brand of Meitushi, which is also one of the reasons why Meitushi is obsessed with high-speed rail advertising.
In recent years, as the passenger flow of high-speed rail continues to increase, making it an advertising market full of great potential, paint companies such as Carpoly, Bardez, Meitushi, Chenyang, and Zhanchen have increased investment
If you have requirements please contact :[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.21 02:43 pampam3456 [DOWNLOAD] Richard Bandler – Persuasion Engineering 8 DVD Set

LINK DOWNLOAD: Richard Bandler – Persuasion Engineering 8 DVD Set
Description of Persuasion Engineering 8 DVD Set
For many years now, the single most important professionals in the world have been ignored by our educational institutions: Sales.
For many years now, the single most important professionals in the world have been ignored by our educational institutions: Sales. Combining NLP & Design Human Engineering™, Richard Bandler’s lastest discoveries in the field of human development, the success patterns that he has been teaching for years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ plus John La Valle’s innovative applications in the business arena, Persuasion Engineering™ provides new insights into the selling process.
Richard’s genius and indepth understanding of how the brain works and how we use our communicating processes to generate behaviors unconsciously stand out on their own and speak for themselves. John’s success in business is solidly based on his unique ability to present seemingly complex issues simply.
Having studied some of the most successful business people and applying these discoveries, this material is presented for even the novice to understand.
It covers everything from the beginning of the sales process through the close. Using everyday human communication factors that are present in every situation imaginable, you can learn to take these factors to engineer your sales approach on-the-fly, as each situation deserves. With so many available sales ideas out there, none of them address the simple, basic and powerful techniques you can learn from this program.
For the experienced in NLP™, how does one connect representational systems, meta-programs, Meta Model™ and the structure of language, both verbal and nonverbal, into success?
For the novice, how can you learn to use the communication opportunities that are right there in front of you all the time?
Take the information in this nlp program, use it and you can dramatically increase your income. It is simple, understandable and unrivaled in the field of business and sales.
About the Author:
Richard Wayne Bandler (born February 24, 1950) is an American author and trainer in the field of self-help. He is best known as the co-creator (with John Grinder) of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a methodology to understand and change human behavior-patterns. He also developed other systems named Design Human Engineering (DHE) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).
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2023.03.21 02:43 DatBot20 Are there GED grade ceilings?

I am 17 and going for a GED in the next month or so because of an issue with my local high school that I don't exactly care to explain but it won't affect my enlistment. One of my peers who has a parent in the armed services is telling me to just suck it up and go get a diploma because he thinks it's very likely that I'll be locked at E-3 and will not be able to promote further. Is there any merit to this? Should I be worried and wait for a highschool diploma instead?
I'm going into the Cyber field and I did very well on my ASVABs and ACTs (if the ACT even matters)
Any advice is appreciated, thank you all.
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2023.03.21 02:41 chino_rivera A "homework" kind of film?

What is a film that you always associate with technical greatness but nonetheless you can't enjoy on a personal level?
Some commentator on another site compared watching Roma (which I love) to doing homework: recognizing the need to watch it as a cinephile for the Oscar season and for its acclaim while acknowledging the difficulty in sitting through a "chore" of a movie.
I have three recent examples of a "homework" film:
Lincoln (2012): an erudite script, but I couldn't connect to the movie emotionally at all.
Dune (2021): a visual effect/set design marvel, but I couldn't wait for the movie to end (for another sci-fi-ish movie, I was able to sit through 3 hours + of Avatar: Way of Water completely engaged).
Tár (2022): while I appreciate Todd Field's complete success in transporting me to a world I'm not familiar with, the cold intellectualism didn't make me care one way or another how her fate ultimately unfolded.
What's your example of a "homework" movie?
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2023.03.21 02:41 KitchenTie5185 Looking for an Entry to Mid-level role as a Marketing Assistant/Junior Media buyer (Remote)

hope this post finds all of you here well. I am writing to express my interest in an entry-to-mid-level role in the marketing/media buying field within your organization. I have 7 months of experience working in a DTC agency where I had the opportunity to manage multiple ad accounts. Although I was not the sole creator of the strategies, I did all the groundwork, including drafting campaigns, running split tests, making optimizations, and tracking performance. My primary focus was on paid social media campaigns, and I am proud of the results I achieved through my work.
I took ownership of creating the idea briefs, ad copy, and captions for the campaigns, which contributed significantly to their success. In addition, I maintained a content calendar and created content for owned media channels, including social media accounts, for multiple brands in the apparel, cosmetics, and luggage industries.
A little bit about myself, I am a 21-year-old business administration graduate who is currently in his struggling phase. Despite this, I am an ambivert with a strong work ethic and a keen desire to learn and grow. I am loyal to you if you can provide me with the opportunity to do so, that being said I am looking for a preferably long-term opportunity to work with someone who can help me become a top-notch media buyer.
If you have a position for me, you can drop down your email and I can send you my resume.
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2023.03.21 02:41 MidSerpent Exploring Visual Prompts: An Experiment between Midgard, ChatGPT 4.0, and Midjourney 5 Alpha

Title: Exploring Visual Prompts: An Experiment between Midgard, ChatGPT 4.0, and Midjourney 5 Alpha
As creative AI models continue to evolve, finding the most effective way to generate visual prompts becomes an exciting challenge. In a collaborative experiment between user Midgard, ChatGPT 4.0, and Midjourney 5 Alpha, we explored two approaches to structuring prompts for ChatGPT 4.0: the layered approach, which utilizes the "::X" separator, and the comma-separated approach. Our goal was to compare the results and identify which method produces the most visually compelling and dynamic prompts.
We developed a set of guidelines for each approach to ensure consistency and clarity in the prompts generated by ChatGPT 4.0. Here are the guidelines for each method:
Layer guidelines:
  1. Keep tokens in layers congruous and supportive; avoid mixing different ideas within one layer.
  2. Be descriptive, focusing on nouns and visually descriptive phrases.
  3. Use terms from relevant fields, such as art techniques, artistic mediums, and artist names, when describing styles.
  4. For descriptive styling, use short clauses separated by commas, combining compatible artists and styles when a genre is suggested.
Comma-separated guidelines:
  1. Describe the most important elements in order, while minimizing verbosity except for specific nouns or adjectives.
  2. Be descriptive, focusing on nouns and visually descriptive phrases.
  3. Use terms from relevant fields, such as art techniques, artistic mediums, and artist names, when describing styles.
  4. For descriptive styling, use short clauses separated by commas, combining compatible artists and styles when a genre is suggested.
We generated several prompts for each approach, exploring a variety of subjects and styles. The following are some new prompts to showcase the potential of both methods when used as instructions for ChatGPT 4.0:
Layer prompts:
Prompt 1:
A post-apocalyptic garden party ::3, overgrown ruins, mutated plants, elegant attire ::2. Frida Kahlo, Art Nouveau, dystopian concept art ::1, blending surrealism, decorative style, and futuristic elements.
Prompt 2:
A space-faring Viking expedition ::3, interstellar longships, cosmic runes, celestial battles ::2. Norse mythology, Jack Kirby, Alphonse Mucha ::1, fusing mythological themes, cosmic comic art, and intricate linework.
Comma-separated prompts:
Prompt 1:
Post-apocalyptic garden party, overgrown ruins, mutated plants, elegant attire. Frida Kahlo, Art Nouveau, dystopian concept art, blending surrealism, decorative style, and futuristic elements.
Prompt 2:
Space-faring Viking expedition, interstellar longships, cosmic runes, celestial battles. Norse mythology, Jack Kirby, Alphonse Mucha, fusing mythological themes, cosmic comic art, and intricate linework.
While both approaches yield interesting and visually striking prompts, the comma-separated method appears to produce more concise and focused results for ChatGPT 4.0. By eliminating the "::X" separator and minimizing verbosity, the prompts are easier to understand and generate a more significant visual impact. However, individual preferences may vary, and users are encouraged to explore both approaches to find the one that works best for them when instructing ChatGPT 4.0.
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2023.03.21 02:41 Crafty-Roof-6630 PSA: This is why you go into surgical subspecialties

With the invention of Chat GPT-4 and it's capabilities, this is why you go into procedural fields. So many people are flocking to fields like radiology that are going to be obsolete in a few short years. Being a good radiologist today will be the equivalent skill set of counting a thousand popsicle sticks for a living.

Tread carefully.
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2023.03.21 02:41 cotocxs How did you get your 1# commission?

Hi, y'all, I have studied art all my life, went to college for 4 years to learn different fields, and turns out I am a painter.
Later in college I got into blender, and today I love it. I did the CG cookie courses, and I'm an Ok modeler, and sculptor I guess.. However I struggle with the same I have been having difficulty after college, which is: I know how to do stuff, but I have no clue on how to start selling them, or how to get my first job, and that gives me a lot of anxiety..
I'm asking this here, because this is an awesome community and I feel that there's a good mix of incredibly experienced and talented people, enthusiasts, alongside beginners that feel the same way that I do.
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