Native union iphone 13 pro case

Tune 230NC TWS dropping audio

2023.06.09 00:01 SumGuyMike Tune 230NC TWS dropping audio

When connected to my IPhone 13 Pro, the buds will go out of sync or drop audio for seconds at a time if I lock the screen and place the phone in my pocket. It started happening randomly. I haven’t noticed it when connected to other devices, but plan on testing. Also, only happens with both buds connected.
Also, my Thinkpad will drop the connection my the earbuds are both the speaker and mic when in video calls. This issue is it dependent on whether I am using both or a single bud.
Bug? Defect? Bueller?
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2023.06.08 23:56 Nionus VRChat crashes every single day

Hello. Sorry for my English as it's not my native language. I'm experiencing tons of crashes in VRChat everyday and I want to ask for help. I tried to solve this problem myself for a month or so, but I couldn't. Game crashes in 1-2 minutes after logging in, while I'm in game it is constantly stuttering for 0.5-1s at regular intervals of 1s. So it looks like 1s good, 1s stutter. Then eventually after 1-2 minutes it crashes without any errors. Exploring the issue, I came to the conclusion that it is related to my internet, as it works fine with VPN. But I can't tell what is the exact reason. I have 1Gbps internet connection over Ethernet and VRChat is the only game I have problems with. Here's list of what I've tried this far:
- Change DNS - Clear DNS cache - Disable IPv6 - Updating GPU drivers - Clearing game cache by deleting cache folder - Verifying integrity of game files - Reinstalling the game completely
Sometimes the game works fine, but I can't get logged off, while actually being in game. In this case I can't send or receive invites, I can't add friends, I can't change avatars, and if I try to change the world, I get an error saying that the session is over. Any help would be appreciated, by now I'm very frustrated as the game is just unplayable and the problem freaks me out. Here's last log entries before crash for two last log files:
2023.06.09 01:14:32 Log - [Behaviour] OnPlayerJoined meowppercut20 -
2023.06.09 01:13:15 Log - [Behaviour] Joining wrld_59e75193-4507-4064-8d -
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2023.06.08 23:52 ArtyomPidrovich New acc. 𝖩𝗈𝗄𝖾𝗌 + 𝖨𝗋𝗈𝗇𝗒.

  1. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in “advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries.

  1. The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it MAY eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: There is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy.

  1. If the system breaks down the consequences will still be very painful. But the bigger the system grows the more disastrous the results of its breakdown will be, so if it is to break down it had best break down sooner rather than later.

  1. We therefore advocate a revolution against the industrial system. This revolution may or may not make use of violence; it may be sudden or it may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We can’t predict any of that. But we do outline in a very general way the measures that those who hate the industrial system should take in order to prepare the way for a revolution against that form of society. This is not to be a POLITICAL revolution. Its object will be to overthrow not governments but the economic and technological basis of the present society.

  1. In this article we give attention to only some of the negative developments that have grown out of the industrial-technological system. Other such developments we mention only briefly or ignore altogether. This does not mean that we regard these other developments as unimportant. For practical reasons we have to confine our discussion to areas that have received insufficient public attention or in which we have something new to say. For example, since there are well-developed environmental and wilderness movements, we have written very little about environmental degradation or the destruction of wild nature, even though we consider these to be highly important.


  1. Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism, so a discussion of the psychology of leftism can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general.

  1. But what is leftism? During the first half of the 20th century leftism could have been practically identified with socialism. Today the movement is fragmented and it is not clear who can properly be called a leftist. When we speak of leftists in this article we have in mind mainly socialists, collectivists, “politically correct” types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists and the like. But not everyone who is associated with one of these movements is a leftist. What we are trying to get at in discussing leftism is not so much movement or an ideology as a psychological type, or rather a collection of related types. Thus, what we mean by “leftism” will emerge more clearly in the course of our discussion of leftist psychology. (Also, see paragraphs 227-230.)

  1. Even so, our conception of leftism will remain a good deal less clear than we would wish, but there doesn’t seem to be any remedy for this. All we are trying to do here is indicate in a rough and approximate way the two psychological tendencies that we believe are the main driving force of modern leftism. We by no means claim to be telling the WHOLE truth about leftist psychology. Also, our discussion is meant to apply to modern leftism only. We leave open the question of the extent to which our discussion could be applied to the leftists of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

  1. The two psychological tendencies that underlie modern leftism we call “feelings of inferiority” and “oversocialization.” Feelings of inferiority are characteristic of modern leftism as a whole, while oversocialization is characteristic only of a certain segment of modern leftism; but this segment is highly influential.


  1. By “feelings of inferiority” we mean not only inferiority feelings in the strict sense but a whole spectrum of related traits; low self-esteem, feelings of powerlessness, depressive tendencies, defeatism, guilt, self- hatred, etc. We argue that modern leftists tend to have some such feelings (possibly more or less repressed) and that these feelings are decisive in determining the direction of modern leftism.

  1. When someone interprets as derogatory almost anything that is said about him (or about groups with whom he identifies) we conclude that he has inferiority feelings or low self-esteem. This tendency is pronounced among minority rights activists, whether or not they belong to the minority groups whose rights they defend. They are hypersensitive about the words used to designate minorities and about anything that is said concerning minorities. The terms “negro,” “oriental,” “handicapped” or “chick” for an African, an Asian, a disabled person or a woman originally had no derogatory connotation. “Broad” and “chick” were merely the feminine equivalents of “guy,” “dude” or “fellow.” The negative connotations have been attached to these terms by the activists themselves. Some animal rights activists have gone so far as to reject the word “pet” and insist on its replacement by “animal companion.” Leftish anthropologists go to great lengths to avoid saying anything about primitive peoples that could conceivably be interpreted as negative. They want to replace the world “primitive” by “nonliterate.” They seem almost paranoid about anything that might suggest that any primitive culture is inferior to our own. (We do not mean to imply that primitive cultures ARE inferior to ours. We merely point out the hypersensitivity of leftish anthropologists.)

  1. Those who are most sensitive about “politically incorrect” terminology are not the average black ghetto- dweller, Asian immigrant, abused woman or disabled person, but a minority of activists, many of whom do not even belong to any “oppressed” group but come from privileged strata of society. Political correctness has its stronghold among university professors, who have secure employment with comfortable salaries, and the majority of whom are heterosexual white males from middle- to upper-middle-class families.

  1. Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak (women), defeated (American Indians), repellent (homosexuals) or otherwise inferior. The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior. They would never admit to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems. (We do not mean to suggest that women, Indians, etc. ARE inferior; we are only making a point about leftist psychology.)

  1. Feminists are desperately anxious to prove that women are as strong and as capable as men. Clearly they are nagged by a fear that women may NOT be as strong and as capable as men.

  1. Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful. They hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives. They SAY they hate the West because it is warlike, imperialistic, sexist, ethnocentric and so forth, but where these same faults appear in socialist countries or in primitive cultures, the leftist finds excuses for them, or at best he GRUDGINGLY admits that they exist; whereas he ENTHUSIASTICALLY points out (and often greatly exaggerates) these faults where they appear in Western civilization. Thus it is clear that these faults are not the leftist’s real motive for hating America and the West. He hates America and the West because they are strong and successful.

  1. Words like “self-confidence,” “self-reliance,” “initiative,” “enterprise,” “optimism,” etc., play little role in the liberal and leftist vocabulary. The leftist is anti-individualistic, pro-collectivist. He wants society to solve everyone’s problems for them, satisfy everyone’s needs for them, take care of them. He is not the sort of person who has an inner sense of confidence in his ability to solve his own problems and satisfy his own needs. The leftist is antagonistic to the concept of competition because, deep inside, he feels like a loser.

  1. Art forms that appeal to modern leftish intellectuals tend to focus on sordidness, defeat and despair, or else they take an orgiastic tone, throwing off rational control as if there were no hope of accomplishing anything through rational calculation and all that was left was to immerse oneself in the sensations of the moment.

  1. Modern leftish philosophers tend to dismiss reason, science, objective reality and to insist that everything is culturally relative. It is true that one can ask serious questions about the foundations of scientific knowledge and about how, if at all, the concept of objective reality can be defined. But it is obvious that modern leftish philosophers are not simply cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality. They attack these concepts because of their own psychological needs. For one thing, their attack is an outlet for hostility, and, to the extent that it is successful, it satisfies the drive for power. More importantly, the leftist hates science and rationality because they classify certain beliefs as true (i.e., successful, superior) and other beliefs as false (i.e., failed, inferior). The leftist’s feelings of inferiority run so deep that he cannot tolerate any classification of some things as successful or superior and other things as failed or inferior. This also underlies the rejection by many leftists of the concept of mental illness and of the utility of IQ tests. Leftists are antagonistic to genetic explanations of human abilities or behavior because such explanations tend to make some persons appear superior or inferior to others. Leftists prefer to give society the credit or blame for an individual’s ability or lack of it. Thus if a person is “inferior” it is not his fault, but society’s, because he has not been brought up properly.

  1. The leftist is not typically the kind of person whose feelings of inferiority make him a braggart, an egotist, a bully, a self-promoter, a ruthless competitor. This kind of person has not wholly lost faith in himself. He has a deficit in his sense of power and self-worth, but he can still conceive of himself as having the capacity to be strong, and his efforts to make himself strong produce his unpleasant behavior. [1] But the leftist is too far gone for that. His feelings of inferiority are so ingrained that he cannot conceive of himself as individually strong and valuable. Hence the collectivism of the leftist. He can feel strong only as a member of a large organization or a mass movement with which he identifies himself.

  1. Notice the masochistic tendency of leftist tactics. Leftists protest by lying down in front of vehicles, they intentionally provoke police or racists to abuse them, etc. These tactics may often be effective, but many leftists use them not as a means to an end but because they PREFER masochistic tactics. Self-hatred is a leftist trait.

  1. Leftists may claim that their activism is motivated by compassion or by moral principles, and moral principle does play a role for the leftist of the oversocialized type. But compassion and moral principle cannot be the main motives for leftist activism. Hostility is too prominent a component of leftist behavior; so is the drive for power. Moreover, much leftist behavior is not rationally calculated to be of benefit to the people whom the leftists claim to be trying to help. For example, if one believes that affirmative action is good for black people, does it make sense to demand affirmative action in hostile or dogmatic terms? Obviously it would be more productive to take a diplomatic and conciliatory approach that would make at least verbal and symbolic concessions to white people who think that affirmative action discriminates against them. But leftist activists do not take such an approach because it would not satisfy their emotional needs. Helping black people is not their real goal. Instead, race problems serve as an excuse for them to express their own hostility and frustrated need for power. In doing so they actually harm black people, because the activists’ hostile attitude toward the white majority tends to intensify race hatred.

  1. If our society had no social problems at all, the leftists would have to INVENT problems in order to provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss.

  1. We emphasize that the foregoing does not pretend to be an accurate description of everyone who might be considered a leftist. It is only a rough indication of a general tendency of leftism.


  1. Psychologists use the term “socialization” to designate the process by which children are trained to think and act as society demands. A person is said to be well socialized if he believes in and obeys the moral code of his society and fits in well as a functioning part of that society. It may seem senseless to say that many leftists are oversocialized, since the leftist is perceived as a rebel. Nevertheless, the position can be defended. Many leftists are not such rebels as they seem.

  1. The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way. For example, we are not supposed to hate anyone, yet almost everyone hates somebody at some time or other, whether he admits it to himself or not. Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them. In order to avoid feelings of guilt, they continually have to deceive themselves about their own motives and find moral explanations for feelings and actions that in reality have a non-moral origin. We use the term “oversocialized” to describe such people. [2]

  1. Oversocialization can lead to low self-esteem, a sense of powerlessness, defeatism, guilt, etc. One of the most important means by which our society socializes children is by making them feel ashamed of behavior or speech that is contrary to society’s expectations. If this is overdone, or if a particular child is especially susceptible to such feelings, he ends by feeling ashamed of HIMSELF. Moreover the thought and the behavior of the oversocialized person are more restricted by society’s expectations than are those of the lightly socialized person. The majority of people engage in a significant amount of naughty behavior. They lie, they commit petty thefts, they break traffic laws, they goof off at work, they hate someone, they say spiteful things or they use some underhanded trick to get ahead of the other guy. The oversocialized person cannot do these things, or if he does do them he generates in himself a sense of shame and self-hatred. The oversocialized person cannot even experience, without guilt, thoughts or feelings that are contrary to the accepted morality; he cannot think “unclean” thoughts. And socialization is not just a matter of morality; we are socialized to conform to many norms of behavior that do not fall under the heading of morality. Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship. We suggest that oversocialization is among the more serious cruelties that human beings inflict on one another.

  1. We argue that a very important and influential segment of the modern left is oversocialized and that their oversocialization is of great importance in determining the direction of modern leftism. Leftists of the oversocialized type tend to be intellectuals or members of the upper-middle class. Notice that university intellectuals [3] constitute the most highly socialized segment of our society and also the most left-wing segment.

  1. The leftist of the oversocialized type tries to get off his psychological leash and assert his autonomy by rebelling. But usually he is not strong enough to rebel against the most basic values of society. Generally speaking, the goals of today’s leftists are NOT in conflict with the accepted morality. On the contrary, the left takes an accepted moral principle, adopts it as its own, and then accuses mainstream society of violating that principle. Examples: racial equality, equality of the sexes, helping poor people, peace as opposed to war, nonviolence generally, freedom of expression, kindness to animals. More fundamentally, the duty of the individual to serve society and the duty of society to take care of the individual. All these have been deeply rooted values of our society (or at least of its middle and upper classes [4] for a long time. These values are explicitly or implicitly expressed or presupposed in most of the material presented to us by the mainstream communications media and the educational system. Leftists, especially those of the oversocialized type, usually do not rebel against these principles but justify their hostility to society by claiming (with some degree of truth) that society is not living up to these principles.

  1. Here is an illustration of the way in which the oversocialized leftist shows his real attachment to the conventional attitudes of our society while pretending to be in rebellion against it. Many leftists push for affirmative action, for moving black people into high-prestige jobs, for improved education in black schools and more money for such schools; the way of life of the black “underclass” they regard as a social disgrace. They want to integrate the black man into the system, make him a business executive, a lawyer, a scientist just like upper-middle-class white people. The leftists will reply that the last thing they want is to make the black man into a copy of the white man; instead, they want to preserve African American culture. But in what does this preservation of African American culture consist? It can hardly consist in anything more than eating black-style food, listening to black-style music, wearing black-style clothing and going to a black- style church or mosque. In other words, it can express itself only in superficial matters. In all ESSENTIAL respects most leftists of the oversocialized type want to make the black man conform to white, middle-class ideals. They want to make him study technical subjects, become an executive or a scientist, spend his life climbing the status ladder to prove that black people are as good as white. They want to make black fathers “responsible,” they want black gangs to become nonviolent, etc. But these are exactly the values of the industrial-technological system. The system couldn’t care less what kind of music a man listens to, what kind of clothes he wears or what religion he believes in as long as he studies in school, holds a respectable job, climbs the status ladder, is a “responsible” parent, is nonviolent and so forth. In effect, however much he may deny it, the oversocialized leftist wants to integrate the black man into the system and make him adopt its values.

  1. We certainly do not claim that leftists, even of the oversocialized type, NEVER rebel against the fundamental values of our society. Clearly they sometimes do. Some oversocialized leftists have gone so far as to rebel against one of modern society’s most important principles by engaging in physical violence. By their own account, violence is for them a form of “liberation.” In other words, by committing violence they break through the psychological restraints that have been trained into them. Because they are oversocialized these restraints have been more confining for them than for others; hence their need to break free of them. But they usually justify their rebellion in terms of mainstream values. If they engage in violence they claim to be fighting against racism or the like.

  1. We realize that many objections could be raised to the foregoing thumbnail sketch of leftist psychology. The real situation is complex, and anything like a complete description of it would take several volumes even if the necessary data were available. We claim only to have indicated very roughly the two most important tendencies in the psychology of modern leftism.

  1. The problems of the leftist are indicative of the problems of our society as a whole. Low self-esteem, depressive tendencies and defeatism are not restricted to the left. Though they are especially noticeable in the left, they are widespread in our society. And today’s society tries to socialize us to a greater extent than any previous society. We are even told by experts how to eat, how to exercise, how to make love, how to raise our kids and so forth.


  1. Human beings have a need (probably based in biology) for something that we will call the “power process.” This is closely related to the need for power (which is widely recognized) but is not quite the same thing. The power process has four elements. The three most clear-cut of these we call goal, effort and attainment of goal. (Everyone needs to have goals whose attainment requires effort, and needs to succeed in attaining at least some of his goals.) The fourth element is more difficult to define and may not be necessary for everyone. We call it autonomy and will discuss it later (paragraphs 42-44).

  1. Consider the hypothetical case of a man who can have anything he wants just by wishing for it. Such a man has power, but he will develop serious psychological problems. At first he will have a lot of fun, but by and by he will become acutely bored and demoralized. Eventually he may become clinically depressed. History shows that leisured aristocracies tend to become decadent. This is not true of fighting aristocracies that have to struggle to maintain their power. But leisured, secure aristocracies that have no need to exert themselves usually become bored, hedonistic and demoralized, even though they have power. This shows that power is not enough. One must have goals toward which to exercise one’s power.

  1. Everyone has goals; if nothing else, to obtain the physical necessities of life: food, water and whatever clothing and shelter are made necessary by the climate. But the leisured aristocrat obtains these things without effort. Hence his boredom and demoralization.

  1. Nonattainment of important goals results in death if the goals are physical necessities, and in frustration if nonattainment of the goals is compatible with survival. Consistent failure to attain goals throughout life results in defeatism, low self-esteem or depression.
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2023.06.08 23:40 off-whitee Help with certain features on app

Help with certain features on app
So I highlighted the features that I am missing on my game in green. I’m not sure if I need to turn it on through the settings or if it’s something that should auto populate. Is it even an thing on iPhone or specifically only on android.
I would love to have these pop up in my game and I am paying for the premium monthly version thinking that it would fix my issue.
If someone could help fix my issue that would be greatly appreciated!
I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max CalcyIV v1.0.6
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2023.06.08 23:33 LowBarometer Magsafe Wireless Charger and Magsafe Case Combo that Works in the Car with Pixel 7 Pro

I've been trying to find a combination of charger and case with embedded magnet that will work with the Pixel 7 Pro. The chargers that failed all did the same thing. I'd put the phone on the charger and it would report it was charging, then within a couple seconds it would stop charging. The phone would charge and stop charging about every five to 10 seconds.
After several tries, I finally found a combination that works and felt I should share it with the community.
Pixel 7 Pro Case with Embedded Magsafe Magnet: oakxco Google Pixel 7 Pro Magnetic Case Clear, Compatible with Magsafe Charging, Slim Fit Protective Phone Case for Pixel 7 Pro, Shockproof Soft Silicone TPU Bumper&Hard PC, Crystal Clear Anti-Yellow : Office Products
Magsafe Charger that Works with the above case: iOttie Velox Magnetic Wireless Charging Air Vent Car Mount. Compatible with MagSafe iPhones, including iPhone 12/13, iPhone 14, iPhone 12/13/14 Pro/Pro Max, 12/13 mini/14 Plus (Power Supply Included) : Cell Phones & Accessories
The charging power, as measured by Accubattery, was between 7 and 8 watts continuous. That's quite good. Also, the charger has a metal exterior to better dissipate heat.
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2023.06.08 23:31 flipzone Belkin Wall Mount - 2 Outlet Surge Protector W/ 2 Fast Charging USB C Ports - Protection Against Surges - Safe Charge for MacBook Pro, iPhone 14,13, 12, 11, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Tablets & More (White) $59.99 (lowest)
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2023.06.08 22:57 Keta47 macOS impressions after 2 months

Hi everyone !
I was just jotting down some thoughts for myself after getting a macbook, and using it for about two months. Since I already have written it, I thought that other people might also find it useful. They are my personal observations, and some of them might not apply to you (like the availability programming software, or something else), or they might have a different importance for you.
For reference, I'm using a M1 Macbook Pro 16" with 1TB of ram and macOS Ventura 13.4.
Trying to exclude the hardware differences and things common to both laptops with Windows and macOS (such as portability of a laptop, common software, etc) - focusing on just the operating systems.
macOS advantages
Windows advantages
My personal opinion is that macOS gets many little things right and provides a more quality of life features for general use. The software is a lot more polished, with less crashes, and the whole operating system is better automatically managed.
However, although the advantages are greater in numbers, I feel like the advantages from Windows have bigger weight IF THEY APPLY TO YOU (how useful is 1 second saved from doing task X faster when the software required for work doesn’t work, or when Apple drops support for your laptop after 6-7 years no matter how many money you spent to “future proof” it?). If neither of these two are problems for you, then you only remain with advantages !
In any case, if I got anything wrong please let me know, I'm curious to learn. Or, if you have some thoughts of your own, please share!
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2023.06.08 22:27 pmzilfo Need help deciding between WUP and Waves Creative Access?

Dear Reader,
apologies, this is going to be a long one but, who knows, it might be useful for you if you're also wondering what to do. Paid updates or maybe Waves' much-hated Creative Access subscription? The text below is long-winded because I'm just thinking out loud and doing the calculations as they come to my mind. I have a TLDR Summary at the end but I'd suggest reading the next paragraph before skipping to the TLDR Summary.
So yeah.. I own the Horizon bundle, SSL and API collections, and some other of their plugins. They are all v13 and I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t work on Ventura other than just Waves intentionally wanting to force you to pay to update. On the one hand, I can kind of understand.. You sell a plugin for 29 bucks, you can't just keep updating it for free year after year as new Operating systems come out and requirements change. I just opened up my account to see how much the update would cost. If you just have a few plugins, it's something like 12-18USD per plugin depending on the plugin you're updating. But as you add more plugins to be updated, it eventually caps off at 240USD. So, after I've added the API and SSL collections, and the Horizon bundle, it just caps off at 240USD no matter what else I add so that’s not terrible for my situation but the question is how often I'd have to make this paid update. One would have to look at their version history and possibly how it coincides with MacOS updates.
I've put together a compatibility list based on info from their website and dates based on what I managed to find online. If you wanna skip to the TLDR summary just scroll all the way down:
Jul 2008 Waves v6 = Tiger 10.4.11 - 10.5.6 Leopard
Nov 2009 (about a year after v6 and 3 months after Snow Leopard is released) Waves v7 = Leopard 10.5.8 - 10.6.4 Snow Leopard
Jan 2011 (Just over a year after v7 and 6 months before Lion is released so they must have expanded compatibility to Lion without forcing users to update to a new version like a v9 for example. v9 showed up March 2012) Waves v8 = Leopard 10.5.8 - 10.7 Lion
25 Oct 2015 (almost 5 years after v8 and just over 3 yrs after v9. Sierra was released Sep 2016 so they must have also expanded v9.6 compatibilty to support Sierra. How nice..) Waves v9.6 = Mavericks 10.9.5 - 10.12.4 Sierra (10.8.5 for ProTools 10 only, via offline installation and USB licensing.)
14 Jan 2018 (just over 2 years after v9.6 and 4 months after High Sierra was released) Waves v9.92 = Yosemite 10.10.5 - 10.13.3 High Sierra
11 Jun 2018 (6 months after v9.92 and 3 months after Mojave was released) Waves v10 = El Capitan 10.11.6 - 10.14.5 Mojave
28 Oct 2019 (just over a year after v10 and less than a month after Catalina was released) Waves v11 = Sierra 10.12.6 - 10.15 Catalina
19 Oct 2020 (about a year after v11 and a month after Big Sur was released) Waves v12 = High Sierra 10.13.6, Mojave 10.14.6, Catalina 10.15.7, and Big Sur 11.5.2 (Intel only)
11 Oct 2021 (about a year after v12 and less than a month after Monterey was released) Waves v13 = Mohave 10.14.6, Catalina 10.15.7, Big Sur 11.6.5, Monterey 12.3
21 Jun 2022 (about 8 months after v13 and 4 months after Ventura was released) Waves v14 = Catalina 10.15.7, Big Sur11.6.5, Monterey 12.4, Ventura 13
26 Mar 2023 (about 9 months after v14) Waves v14.12 = Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13
Analysis: From what I can gather, all major releases v10-v14 were released within a short timeframe of a major MacOS release (1-4 months). So with MacOS Sonoma just being announced a few days ago, we could possibly expect Waves v15 to be released possibly within about a month of Sonoma's potential release in October 2023. So if I did the paid update now, it would cover me for another year. I'd be updated to 14.12 and then when v15 comes out in a few months, I'd also get the update however my update plan would then expire right before v16 is released. So maybe it makes more sense to wait for v15 to be released and then do the update so I can at least get the update to v15 this year and v16 in 2024 just before my WUP (Waves Update Plan) expires. I wonder if the price goes up if you're updating from v13 to v15. It was capped at 240USD for all my plugins going from v13 to v14.12.
Another thing to consider is that usually, professionals doing audio/video production work won't update to the latest MacOS and are more likely to be at least one MacOS behind. So Ventura has been out since October 2022 and I'm still on Monterey because I know that some of my plugins haven't or hadn't caught up to Ventura even with Sonoma being released in a few months.
So, if I update for example in December 2023 (2 months after Sonoma's release) and I get v15 which would work on MacOS Sonoma, I will actually be using v15 on Ventura until the next MacOS comes out in October 2024 which is when I'd be able to finally start using Sonoma. So I'd get 2 years out of my 240USD. But how about after that?
Oct 2022 Ventura released Currently on v13 but using it on Monterey
Oct 2023 Sonoma releases Dec 2023 Paid Update from v13 to v15 but use it on Ventura
Oct 2024 MacOS 15 releases Dec 2024 Free update to v16 but using it on Sonoma
Oct 2025 MacOS 16 releases Dec 2025 Paid Update to v17 but using it on MacOS 15
Oct 2026 MacOS 17 releases Dec 2026 Free update to v18 but using it on MacOS 16
The only danger with this plan is if it takes Waves longer to put out an update in a year when I'm expecting a free update right before my WUP expires. So for example, if I do the paid update to v15 in Dec 2023 and then I'm expecting a free update in Dec 2024 right before my WUP expires but Waves delays a couple more months and releases v16 in the beginning of 2025.
Oct 2023 Sonoma releases Dec 2023 Paid Update from v13 to v15 but use it on Ventura
Oct 2024 MacOS 15 releases Jan 2025 Waves releases v16 but I've missed the update window so I'm still using v15 however v15 still works on Sonoma so I could update from Ventura to Sonoma and continue using v15. Yes, I won't be able to take advantage of whatever improvements v16 has to offer but I can still update to Sonoma if needed without worrying that my plugins won't load.
Oct 2025 MacOS 16 releases I wait for Waves to release v17 and then do a Paid Update from v15 to v17 but using it on MacOS 15. with the expectation of continuing to use v17 on MacOS 16 if I want when MacOS 17 is released in Oct 2026.
So you're looking at roughly 240USD every 2 years provided that Waves doesn't increase their update cost every 2 years and provided that the cost is capped at 240USD even if you're skipping a version so updating from v13-v15 for example. If it really is capped at 240USD every 2 years even if you skip a version, then your cost is essentially 240 every 2 years which is the equivalent of 120USD/yr. Meanwhile Waves Creative Access Ultimate is 249USD/yr billed annually and Waves Creative Access Essential is 149USD/yr billed annually.. So for my specific situation, it's a no-brainer. I don't need Waves Ultimate. I'm happy with the plugins I have. My update cost based on the above assumptions is 120 per year so 10USD/month to keep my plugins up-to-date.

TLDR SUMMARY: Making 3 assumptions: 1) You never update to the latest MacOS and prefer to be 1 MacOS version behind since most plugins we use are always late to catch up with the latest OS. 2) Skipping a Waves version doesn't cost more than just updating to the next version. So updating from v13-v14 costs the same as v12-v14 for example. 3) You don't desperately need the benefits of the WUP during the off year that you won't have it. So no VIP tech support, no free 2nd license to use the plugins on a second device simultaneously, and some other stuff like masterclasses etc.
If you own enough waves plugins to cause the Update cost to cap off at 240USD, then it makes more sense to just do a paid update every 2 years. Try to time your paid update so it happens about 2-3 months after a new Waves version is released to increase your chances of getting a free update to the next Waves version just before your WUP expires a year later. If you don't manage to get the free update, it's not a big deal. You just continue using your version for another year and then when a new MacOS comes out the next year and Waves releases the next version, you can do another paid update.
Your cost is effectively 120USD/yr as opposed to Waves Creative Access Ultimate which is 249USD/yr. I don't need it.. My needs are pretty much covered with Horizon, SSL and APi collections plus a bunch of the other individual plugins that I bought.
IF you only own a few plugins then you'll have to see what the total cost comes to every two years and compare it to what you're getting in Waves Essential which is 149USD/year and decide if that's worth it.
I think I've made my decision. I'm gonna wait till December 2023 after v15 comes out and then I'll do a paid update. I'm on a Mac Studio so I'd love to finally be able to use my iPhone as a webcam with my Mac Studio.. That's a feature on Ventura that I've been jonesing for for a year now lol
Some questions: Does anybody know if skipping a version, so updating from v12-v14 for example would cost more than v13-v14?
Am I missing anything else? My brain is fried from thinking about this so I'm expecting that I've missed something. I haven't looked into how Waves versions coincide with Windows versions for example.
Hope this was helpful to somebody.. it helped me figure out what to do I think lol
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2023.06.08 22:15 7times7 "Google My Business" Scam Calls - What App Works Best to Block These?

I have been getting 6-10 scam calls from companies telling me my business listing needs to be updated on Google. I've heard Robokiller is a great app for that but there are a lot of reviews on the app store saying it blocks legitimate calls as well. Can anyone recommend a way to get them to stop calling? I've tried blocking numbers. Is there an app that you trust to block these spam calls? I have Verizon and an iPhone 13 Pro if that's relevant.
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2023.06.08 22:13 eatadd [Discussion] Which jailbreak tools best for iPhone 13 Pro with IOS 15.5

[Discussion] Which jailbreak tools best for iPhone 13 Pro with IOS 15.5
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2023.06.08 22:12 Wh1sk3y-Tang0 iOS 16.5 causing Intune pushed email settings to overlap on Native Email App?!

User's iPhone 13 Pro updated last night and now her school email has replaced her work email. I can't delete it, I can't change it. The school email is referenced at the top, the work email referenced at the bottom.
The easy answer is likely just retire the phone and re-enroll, but what the actual ****?!
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2023.06.08 22:11 KappaAlphaPhi Part 4 Conceptual Approach on How to End [Nuclear] War + A Matter of Pride and Integrity

Remembering integrity and pride in trade, it's time we value and respect cleverness and bravery across borders.
If you seek to disrupt a system, then why attack the freedom of those friends in mind whose interest and spirit can actually challenge a regime? Even the smallest good challenges what's fundamentally evil. The flourishing of achievement, grown self-esteem, and freedom are the most pressing threats to the power of those who attempt to justify their actions through deceit. That's why power-amassing tyrants always attempt to chain up entrepreneurs.
Yet, no matter the governance type or person visible on top, they all rely on clever entrepreneurs to keep things running. All processes in a society go through entrepreneurs at some point. Political demands cannot be met solely by the military or bureaucratic workforce, not even imprisoned workers can make a suitable substitute. This makes entrepreneurs uniquely positioned to stifle a toxic regime's processes on all levels from within. The focus should, therefore, be weakening the regime by stressing discrepancies between the regime and inner entrepreneurial interests.
Why am I constantly being plagued in my social media news feeds with groundless claims of an uprising Russian population planning assassinations?
Indeed, I wonder how it can be propagated for Russians to execute a coup against the government if their resources for such endeavors are simultaneously cut short. Such claims are either hypocritical or brain-dead.
Violent attempts by average people to overthrow a regime happen under one condition only: The broad majority of a society has absolutely nothing left to lose. People only riot if the likelihood of dying in the effort to overthrow tyranny is equal to the likelihood of being slowly but certainly tortured to death by the regime. This is not the case in Russia. The situation is getting drastically worse by the minute, but right now, many Russians still believe they can make it through this simply by keeping their heads low enough to be out of the bullet trajectory line. Therefore, expecting the Russian society to overhaul itself from bottom-up is nonsensical.
In terms of peaceful sabotage, the ones in key positions are citizens themselves who uphold their system one way or another through their labor. Denying such service is a profound peaceful resistance.
However, not supporting a regime is a decision that drastically impacts one's lifestyle. The moment a person makes their discontent clear, they and their loved ones are immediately threatened in terms of privacy, income, possessions, and safety.
If you want people to take such a fundamental risk for everything they have built in their life, they have to be at least able to trade. Access to financial means is crucial for a communication infrastructure and self-defense means, such as preparations to escape a regime.
What can people in positions for sabotage, the ones at the core of the regime, Russians themselves, not do right now? Transfer their funds and purchase what's necessary.
As long as this is the case, dignity is to stop whining in my altered social media front page feeds about sabotage headlines the responsibility whish they had not have to fake.
I am aware that the answer to the rhetorical question in point 10 is solely to fake that the economic sanctions contribute to some sort of positive process against Russia's autocrat.
Deceit became a necessity in order to keep Europeans quiet, who see their livelihoods diminished through this policy. The sanctions are an assault on sanity against both conflict parties' countries.
Who goes down first?
The process of affecting a regime through economic sanctions is lengthy. Decades and generations of autocratic rulers will pass before the breaking point is reached.
However, this breaking point is not the love of democracy, a fight for dignity, or a wish for justice. Even the aspect of vengeance comes second. The breaking point manifests itself in a violent fight for bare survival, sometimes called civil war, though it's better described as a country internal resource war. Repeatedly, what triggered such violent riots was food scarcity.
Such a severe lack is not the case in Russia, and it won't be in the foreseeable future. Just like any major market, Russians are able to adapt their economy. Whereby it is not sensible to blame people for simply wanting to live well.
Those who impose economic sanctions, claiming they want to weaken a regime, simultaneously express an intention to cripple the country's society to the brink of a resource war.
But even if someone wanted to impose unjustified terror on the Russian population for decades to come, it would not halt the Ukraine conflict tomorrow, next year, or in twenty years.
It cannot be claimed that a slow painful demise of a culture leads to betterment for certain either.
If chaos erupts it is a great opportunity for a new oppressive regime to take over. There are countless of examples like Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Cambodia, Myanmar, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela...

Do you prefer to not have your home country suffer a similar period deprived of dignity, with it´s integrity crushed, as those listed above?
Let's stay aware that almost all countries have military agreements with one of the so-called "military superpowers." They will all join in destruction and experience immeasurable loss, just like them, once they battle. Therefore, if you want to protect your country, it is necessary to contribute to peace efforts between these parties.
Ukraine should have peace.
Europeans should not suffer from preventable economic deterioration and resource restrictions.
And everyone in the world should not have to fear for their lives just because some autocrat throws a fit again.

12 P.N.
I might have not made it clear enough that, although I talk a lot about Russia, these thoughts are supposed to relieve foremost Ukraine and ultimately the European suffering as well.
I have no ties to Russia at all, no friends or family, or financial connections. I have never been there. And unfortunately, even my understanding of Russian culture is basic at best, which might be the most disadvantageous factor while considering my position. With that potential disadvantage in mind, I would be glad to change that in a setting of flourishing free cultural exchange.
My reasoning is simply that I consider treating the Russian population like any other sensical.

Humanity is already an internationally interconnected society. Borders are only in the minds of the last few less curious specimen. Their mental mishaps are no justification to punish those who have already welcomed international unity in their hearts and minds.
This practically includes all humans with access to the internet and native to the digital age's possibilities. Several times a day, we go online and unite our interests and abilities. No matter our race, religion, skin color, age, or gender: We overcome language and cultural barriers constantly, interact, and exchange our knowledge based on common mindsets to support each other in achieving common goals even if we're continents apart.
And those curious of the older generations happily explore the new possibilities likewise.
With about two-thirds of the human population enjoying internet access, it can be safely estimated that at least one-third of humanity would learn no moral from unity through separation through war. We have already left these solely mental boundaries behind years ago.
Even if one-third does not yet enjoy constant internet access, and another third would clinge to an age that has already passed: the revolution of the mind advances unstoppable for good. Older, less curious, soon-to-be-dead minds [L1] pose no threat. The conversion of pratically all of humanity towards enjoying international community is inevitable. [L2]
Empathy is the basis of a functional international society. Our empathy rises if we can experience, see, and talk about problems and goals.
Therefore, I cannot think of a reasonable justification to shut down communication. It's an essential enabler of working together to overcome challenges.
For everyone caring about human society, it is of utmost urgency to restore and enable social media access globally, as well as protecting the organic spread of topics of actual interest.
I consider international access to social media fundamental to peace.
Equally, taking away connectivity is fuel to the flames of chaos [L2].
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2023.06.08 21:52 Auser1452 iPhone 13 Pro gets too hot when Using Apple CarPlay (with cable)

When I connect my iPhone to my car using Apple car play the phone gets too hot and it starts to lag . I’m not getting any temperature warning , it’s just getting very slow and laggy .
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2023.06.08 21:31 granitibaniti [fbinjuries] Average injury time per player of each Bundesliga club 2022/23

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2023.06.08 21:09 Top_Conversation8930 Cell phones in whitewater

Do most of you protect your cell phones if you take them in a dry bag or water proof case of some kind or just zip them up in the clam shell pocket of your PFD? I know most of the newer phones supposedly offer some level of water resistance, (I have an IPhone 13 Pro). I would love to just throw mine in my PFD but haven’t manned up and done it yet.
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2023.06.08 20:40 Apartment-Unusual Koi in a pond

Koi in a pond
Iphone 13 Pro RAW - edited in Capture One
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2023.06.08 20:24 urymasa The Most Popular Cameras in Every Country (Uruguay: IPhone 13 Pro)

The Most Popular Cameras in Every Country (Uruguay: IPhone 13 Pro) submitted by urymasa to uruguay_Total [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:48 koraytoraman Psu recommendation

Is "Be quiet system power 10 650w" reliable PSU? I've read some bad and good reviews, the more I research the more I got confused.
What do you guys think about this PSU? Should I refrain it or should I buy it?
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 7600X 4.7 GHz 6-Core Processor €243.99 @ Mindfactory
CPU Cooler be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 CPU Cooler €29.39 @ Amazon Deutschland
Motherboard Gigabyte B650 GAMING X AX ATX AM5 Motherboard €208.90 @ Alza
Memory Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 CL36 Memory €99.99 @ Amazon Deutschland
Storage Western Digital Blue SN570 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive €45.89 @ Amazon Deutschland
Video Card ASRock Challenger D OC Radeon RX 6650 XT 8 GB Video Card €257.99 @ Mindfactory
Case MSI MPG Sekira 100R ATX Mid Tower Case €120.13 @ Mindfactory
Power Supply be quiet! System Power 10 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply €64.90 @ Amazon Deutschland
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Pro OEM - DVD 64-bit €139.68 @ Mindfactory
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €1210.86
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-08 19:47 CEST+0200
This is the system im going to buy
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2023.06.08 18:54 r3crac BANGGOOD Deals (8.6.2023)!

BANGGOOD Deals Compilation (8.6.2023)!
Check products in compilation image: or
-1- MUSTOOL MT008 Digital Multimeter Pen
🚨 Price: 7.99 USD / Lowest: 8.99 USD
-2- ENJOYWOOD 5PCS 19/20mm Woodworking Quick Release Bench Dogs Clamp
💥 Price: 9.99 USD / Lowest: 9.99 USD
📍 Coupon: BG2f1624
-3- Aluminum Chainsaw Sharpener with 2pcs Stone Grinders
👌 Price: 11.43 USD / Lowest: 11.56 USD
🔑 Coupon: BG23a372
-4- Drillpro Adjustable 300mm Aluminum Alloy Combination Square Scriber
💥 Price: 11.99 USD / Lowest: 12.99 USD
💵 Coupon: BG19a665
-5- Flydigi Q1 Keyboard Mouse Converter
💣 Price: 11.99 USD / Lowest: 19.99 USD
-6- Ganwei Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Clamp Presser
👌 Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: 12.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BG710259
-7- Convoy S2+ SST20 Flashlight
🚨 Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
-8- DATA FROG PS1 TV Game Console
✌️ Price: 12.99 USD / Lowest: 16.99 USD
-9- Ulanzi VL49 RGB LED Video Light 2500K-9000K [EU]
🚨 Price: 13.99 USD / Lowest: 13.99 USD
👉 Coupon: BGaf9465
-10- Convoy S2+ T6-4C 4300-4500K Flashlight Black
📉 Price: 14.69 USD / Lowest: 13.59 USD
📌 Coupon: BGBLF29
-11- Convoy S2+ T6-4C 4300-4500K Flashlight Black
🥇 Price: 14.99 USD / Lowest: 13.59 USD
-12- Stainless Steel 45 Degree Miter Angle Corner Ruler
📉 Price: 16.99 USD / Lowest: 17.99 USD
🖍 Coupon: BGd1bfb8
-13- FONSON Upgrade Extended Woodworking Thin Rip Guide
📉 Price: 18.99 USD / Lowest: 18.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG9d43c6
-14- Drillpro Upgraded Double Feather Board
🚨 Price: 18.99 USD / Lowest: 19.99 USD
🎯 Coupon: BGdde408
-15- Lenovo C8 Bluetooth V5.0 Smart Sunglasses
💰 Price: 18.99 USD / Lowest: 19.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BG32737f
-16- Flexible Desk 22cm 5X LED Magnifying Glass
⭕️ Price: 19.99 USD / Lowest: 19.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG0ba985
-17- Astrolux BC6 2000lm Bike Headlight
💣 Price: 21.99 USD / Lowest: -1 USD
📌 Coupon: BGALBC66
-18- HONGDUI 3 In 1 Measuring Drill Depth Gauge
💣 Price: 22.99 USD / Lowest: 22.99 USD
💵 Coupon: BGc3b879
-19- M2 SSD Hard Drive Enclosure Case M.2 NVMe/SATA
⭕️ Price: 22.99 USD / Lowest: 24.99 USD
-20- BlitzMax BT06 Audio Transmitter Receiver BT5.2
🥇 Price: 23.99 USD / Lowest: 25.99 USD
⏳ Coupon: BG8c0fbc
-21- Royal Kludge RK61 Bluetooth Keyboard Golden/Ice
📉 Price: 23.99 USD / Lowest: 27.99 USD
🎯 Coupon: BG030005
-22- Drillpro Red Aluminum Cabinet Hardware Jig 4mm 5mm Drill Guide
〽️ Price: 27.99 USD / Lowest: 24.99 USD
🔓 Coupon: BG463acc
-23- BlitzWolf BW-HP2 Pro Bluetooth Headphones
💣 Price: 27.99 USD / Lowest: 27.99 USD
🖍 Coupon: BG58644f
-24- BlitzWolf BW-FYE13 Bluetooth 5.2 Earphones QCC3040
💣 Price: 28.99 USD / Lowest: 28.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BGf14887
-25- Folding Bluetooth Keyboard With Folding Touchpad Leather Case
👉 Price: 32.99 USD / Lowest: 34.99 USD
-26- 18V 6.0Ah Battery For Makita
👌 Price: 36.37 USD / Lowest: 31.99 USD
✏️ Coupon: BGd6d4c6
-27- 10KHz-1.5GHz MF HF VHF UHF Digital NanoVNA-H Vector Antenna Analyzer
🔹 Price: 36.99 USD / Lowest: 39.99 USD
📌 Coupon: BG53ef2b
-28- FNIRSI-GC01 Geiger Counter
💰 Price: 40.99 USD / Lowest: 42.99 USD
🔖 Coupon: BG90f536
-29- Wireless Air Pump 15000mAh 150PSI
✌️ Price: 42.49 USD / Lowest: 42.49 USD
👉 Coupon: BGLMQ15
-30- HONGDUI SC-14 Woodworking Fixing Clamp
📉 Price: 44.99 USD / Lowest: 44.99 USD
❤️ Coupon: BG289044
-31- VIOLEWORKS 288VF 1/2inch 800Nm Impact Wrench with 2 Batteries [EU]
💰 Price: 45.25 USD / Lowest: 39.84 USD
🖍 Coupon: BG7fe2ec
-32- Woodworking Bearing Roller Feeder
👉 Price: 45.99 USD / Lowest: 45.99 USD
🔑 Coupon: BG07813e
-33- BlitzWolf BW-HP5 Bluetooth Headset ANC
🚨 Price: 47.99 USD / Lowest: 47.99 USD
💎 Coupon: BG39d279
-34- WPL E1 Crawler Transport RC Vehicle with 2 Batteries
👌 Price: 48.97 USD / Lowest: 49.99 USD
✏️ Coupon: BGb9bf49
-35- MUSTOOL MDS120M Professional Digital Oscilloscope
💲 Price: 61.99 USD / Lowest: 63.99 USD
🔓 Coupon: BGc16d3c
-36- JJRC X28 Drone RTF with 2 Batteries
⭕️ Price: 79.99 USD / Lowest: 79.99 USD
💵 Coupon: BG3621a4
-37- MJX 16207 HYPER GO 1/16 Brushless RC Car
🔹 Price: 112.65 USD / Lowest: 113.99 USD
⏳ Coupon: BGc3b067
-38- MJX 16208 16209 HYPER GO 1/16 Brushless RC Car with 2 Batteries
✌️ Price: 119.51 USD / Lowest: 115.19 USD
✂️ Coupon: BGd7ddec
-39- BlitzWolf BW-PCM9 16 Inch 1920x1200P Type-C Portable Monitor
👌 Price: 159.99 USD / Lowest: 159.79 USD
🔖 Coupon: BG649899
-40- Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 2K with Solar Panels
🚨 Price: 187.99 USD / Lowest: 199.99 USD
👉 Coupon: BG589b2e
〽️ Price: 199.99 USD / Lowest: 199.99 USD
-42- FunWater SUPFW02A 12-15PSI Inflatable Paddle Board 320x84x15cm [EU]
🔹 Price: 201.00 USD / Lowest: 215.99 USD
💎 Coupon: BGCZBP17
-43- ROYALBABY STARGIRL 16 Inch Children Bike [EU]
🔹 Price: 208.99 USD / Lowest: 208.99 USD
-44- RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike 14 Inch Children Bicycle [EU]
⭕️ Price: 209.99 USD / Lowest: 209.99 USD
-45- RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike for Children 16 Inch [EU]
🔹 Price: 217.99 USD / Lowest: 217.99 USD
-46- FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUPFW04A 320x83x15cm [EU]
💲 Price: 218.00 USD / Lowest: 241.09 USD
👌 Coupon: BGCZBP18
-47- FunWater SUPFW10A 12-15PSI Inflatable Paddle Board 330x84x15cm [EU]
✌️ Price: 219.99 USD / Lowest: 249.99 USD
👉 Coupon: BGCZBP16
-48- FunWater 320x82x15cm Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUPFR03A [EU]
💲 Price: 221.00 USD / Lowest: 242.95 USD
🖍 Coupon: BGCZBP20
-49- FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUPFR01A 350x84x15cm [EU]
〽️ Price: 223.00 USD / Lowest: 257.55 USD
💵 Coupon: BGCZBP19
-50- Anycubic Kobra FDM 3D Printer [EU]
💲 Price: 239.00 USD / Lowest: 321.08 USD
-51- Excellway 2200W Gasoline Power Station Generator [EU]
👌 Price: 375.99 USD / Lowest: 379.99 USD
🏆 Coupon: BG4869c2
-52- SCULPFUN S30 Pro 10W Laser Engraver [EU]
👌 Price: 399.00 USD / Lowest: 399 USD
✌️ Coupon: BG390273
-53- Geemax S1 Professional Folding Treadmill 1-16km/h [EU]
💣 Price: 449.99 USD / Lowest: 449.99 USD
▪️ Coupon: BGea5297
-54- SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max 20W Laser Engraver [EU]
💲 Price: 659.00 USD / Lowest: 665 USD
✂️ Coupon: BG51795a
-55- Flsun V400 400mm/s 3D Printer [EU]
📉 Price: 759.00 USD / Lowest: 769 USD
⏳ Coupon: BG5b53b4
-56- Anycubic M3 Max 7K SLA LCD UV Resin 3D Printer [EU]
💰 Price: 999.00 USD / Lowest: 1103.08 USD
-57- ADO A20 AIR 36V 10.4Ah 350W 20inch Electric Bicycle [EU]
📉 Price: 1349.95 USD / Lowest: 1353 USD
✏️ Coupon: ADOA20AIRK
Products compilation image: or
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2023.06.08 18:47 Asleep_Onion Garmin knocked the ball out of the park w/ Epix Pro 51mm

I've had a Fenix 7X Sapphire since launch day last year, and have absolutely loved it the whole time. It's a fantastic watch, and the battery life is ludicrous. I always felt a little bit of FOMO for that beautiful amoled screen, but the limitation to 47mm case size and 6 days of always-on display just didn't cut it for me.
Enter the Epix Pro 51mm. As soon as this came out, I knew I had to give it a try. Maybe not as a complete replacement for my Fenix 7XSS, but perhaps as a new daily-wear watch for everyday life and single-day activity recording.
I'm blown away by how good this watch is. First of all, it's already running firmware 13.22, so it's had 18 months of solid R&D into it, you won't be buying a watch with barebones firmware full of bugs. This firmware is solid.
So I thought I'd put together a list of pros and cons to share of the Epix 2 Pro 51mm versus the Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar, along with some of my thoughts.
  1. The flashlight is WAY brighter than the 7X non-Pro. It's at least 2x as bright. Turning them both up to full brightness and pointing them at the wall, the 7X flashlight pales in comparison, it's not even close. The new Fenix 7 Pro models do also have this brighter flashlight upgrade.
  2. The maps are GORGEOUS! With so much more detail, beautiful gradients and very clear contents. The weather overlays are nothing short of a game changer, and they look absolutely spectacular on the Epix screen. While this feature is also coming to Fenix, I can't imagine it will look good on a 64-color screen, and most likely I won't even try to use these overlays on my Fenix because it will just muck up the map and make the whole thing hard to read.
  3. The "dim" mode when the watch screen goes into standby in AOD mode while you're not looking at it, is still quite bright and much easier to read than a Fenix indoors.
  4. Garmin finally perfected "gesture" sensing. I never used gesture backlighting on my Fenix because it always did a terrible job of sensing when I was actually looking at my watch and when I wasn't, but they nailed it with Epix.
  5. I never really disliked the buttons on the Fenix 7X, but they've done something on the new Pro models to make them feel MUCH better. I'm not sure what they changed, but the buttons feel a lot more "crisp", if that makes any sense. The 7X buttons always felt a bit sloppy to me, although it never bothered me personally. The Epix Pro buttons are a lot more satisfying to press.
  6. I'm surprised by how readable it is under direct sunlight. This was my biggest worry with an Amoled screen, but they've made the screen capable of going so ridiculously bright that it can easily overcome direct sunlight. I think Fenix might (barely) have it beat, but honestly it's very close to being as good as Fenix outdoors.
  7. "Red Shift" mode eliminates most concerns about the bright amoled screen wrecking your night vision. It's very easy on the eyes, and great for checking the time in the middle of the night. You can have it automatically enter Red Shift mode during your sleep window, which is a nice feature.
  8. Epix Pro 51mm Sapphire looks and feels exactly the same as Fenix 7X Sapphire. I mean, apart from the screen itself, they are basically identical. I got both watches in Sapphire, with the same gray color, and even the same nylon straps, and they look and feel identical. This is a good thing for me, because it means that whenever I switch watches there won't be any noticeable change, nothing that feels odd or different, nothing I need to get used to.
  1. I don't like that the screen turns completely off when you're not wearing it. There doesn't seem to be any way to change that. It turns completely off, black, when you take the watch off. The reason that this sucks for me is I like to hang my watch on a hook in the shower, and be able to see the time and notifications while it's hanging there, but this isn't really possible with the Epix. I don't really cycle, but many cyclists who mount the watch on their handlebars complain about the same thing. On the plus side, I can tap the screen and it'll turn on, so it still sort of works for my shower scenario, but the Fenix wins here with its screen that is always fully on whether you're wearing it or not.
  2. Garmin doesn't fully take advantage of the higher screen resolution as much as they could. For example, its capacity to show data on activity datascreens is basically the same as the Fenix; even though they could definitely cram more data or detail into the screen by using smaller fonts, etc., they just don't. That's probably fine for people with bad eyesight who need larger data, but my eyesight is great and I would love having more detail and data on my datascreens even if it meant everything had to shrink. It would be nice if Garmin gave us the ability to choose whether we want to shrink everything and cram more detail onto the screen or not, but for now we're basically only stuck with one display style.
  3. The obvious elephant in the room is battery life. It's got very good battery life for an amoled screen, but obviously it comes nowhere near Fenix 7X. That being said, it's got excellent battery life for what it is. I charged it 24 hours ago, and have been spending quite a bit of time screwing around with the watch setting it up the way I want it, and 24 hours later it still has 94%, which is pretty darn good. But the Fenix would probably still have 98% under the same circumstances.
  4. "Red Shift" mode, for some reason, doesn't work in activities. It works everywhere else, but as soon as you start an activity it turns off red shift mode, and I don't know why. It even stays off after you leave the activity, until you turn it back on again. I assume this is something Garmin will address in the future, but for now it's a limitation that might be important to know about.
  5. Weather overlays on the map are, oddly, only available in the Weather widget. They're not available on maps within an activity yet. I suspect this will be added soon though, as I'm certainly not the first person to point it out or complain about that limitation.
  6. It still only has 32GB of storage. WTF, Garmin? It's 2023, and we've still got the same storage limit as Fenix 6 did in 2019. With modern data storage density technology, they should be able to easily cram 64GB or 128GB into these watches, so I don't understand why we still don't get enough storage space to store worldwide topoactive maps.
As I expected, it's not going to be able to fully 100% replace my 7X, for my own use case. However, it will definitely take over as my daily-wear watch, and my typical daily activities like running or dayhikes. The Fenix will continue to be my go-to watch for longer activities like backpacking and overlanding, but it will most likely live in the sock drawer when I'm not using it for that.
If I didn't already have the Fenix 7XSS, I might have strongly considered only owning the Epix Pro 51mm, and making it work for everything by just bringing a charging cable and power source with me on longer adventures. It does 95% of what the Fenix can do, and if you bring a charger and battery pack with you then it can do 105% of what a Fenix can do. But sometimes I just don't want to have to recharge, and so the Fenix will continue to be a part of my kit for that reason (and that reason, only).
If you're considering picking up a 51mm Epix Pro, do it! You definitely won't be disappointed. This is, in my opinion, the best outdoor watch anyone has ever made.

And a side note about using multiple Garmin watches at once:
This is a new concept to me, I've been using Garmin watches for about 5 years now, but I've only ever used one at a time. Whenever I got a new watch, it always immediately replaced whatever watch I had before it. So I thought I'd write a little bit about this for anyone else who might be curious how this works.
I don't think it was always this way, but as of now Garmin makes this process really seamless and easy. "Physio TrueUp" is no longer even a thing that you have to turn off or on or configure in any way, it's just always on, and there aren't even any settings for it anymore. It just works, always, by default.
When you add a second device, it asks you if you want to make it your primary device or not. In my case, I did make my new Epix Pro the primary device. What this does, is it tells Garmin to always use the data from that device whenever there is a conflict with data from another device, such as steps or HR that were recorded at the same time. But any time you're only wearing one device, regardless of which device it is, it'll use the data from whichever device you are wearing. It's quite seamless and very well done.
The Connect mobile app even communicates with both devices at the same time. Whenever a notification comes in, it pops up on both watches at the same time, and when I clear the notification from one watch it clears it on the other one at the same time. The whole experience is very well done, Garmin clearly put a lot of thought into making their ecosystem work well for people who own multiple Garmin watches.
I have heard that some things won't sync completely between devices, such as I think body battery and maybe some of the training readiness metrics. I haven't really played around with it enough yet to know for sure what the limitations are, but on the surface so far everything that's important to me seems to be pretty well synced up between the two devices.
And with that... hopefully this info helped someone! Feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them as best as I can. Cheers!
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