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A subreddit for men (including cis male, male-identifying, trans men, etc.) to share stories, post photos of their polished nails, and discuss anything related to nail polish or its relation/correlation to gender expression. Those for whom the wearing of polish may also pose challenges (genderqueer, genderfluid, androgyne, trans, etc.) are likewise welcome.

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Beauty talk from the Philippines and for the Filipinos!

2023.06.09 01:15 Tricky_Pilot_5561 Help with my ended 3v2

Hey all. This is a recent issue. When I send my ender 3v2 to home, it gets towards the end of the y axis and then has a grinding noise, then I see a fatal error in prontorface. This has only happened recently. I read somewhere that the y switch is not engaging? But Im not sure how it would’ve changed. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.09 01:14 0Whatevenbro0 I was never told that I was born with heart disease. I was forced to work my entire life.

22F. Indian-American family.
Recently was hospitalized for a month, now disabled, and the doctors found on the echocardiogram that I have congenital heart disease. At first I didn't believe this because nothing was said to me prior, and when I brought up the results to my mom, she said, "oh yeah, when you were born, the doctor told me that you have a heart issue."
I was working to support my family since I was 14 (we were poor at the time and I basically paid all the bills since that age). I also did all of the household chores like cook, clean, do laundry, fix the car, lift heavy things, and basically did everything they didn't want to do. On top of that, I had all of my academic achievements that I worked pretty hard for because it was essentially my duty to get out of the gutter they put me and themselves in.
I also did combat sports in high school and passed out a lot. My parents brushed it off as anxiety and convinced the ER doctors that it was simply that.
20s came along, and I had every burden on my shoulders.
This hit me in the face.
All along, nobody cared. I knew this, but I lived in delusional hope that they did. I thought I was loved, but apparently not. They showed signs of this as I was growing up and I always had somewhat of a strained relationship with them...
It wasn't me they cared about.
It was my potential, the money I brought in -- my usage. They explicitly told me too that the only purpose to have kids is so they will take care of the parents when grown.
I forgive them.
But I don't know how to heal. I'm hurt in so many ways and this illness that I have revealed so many things aside from my parents' lack of care. I'm not the same person as I was last year. I'm not healthy anymore. I can't get out of bed. I can't shower normally, can't eat normally, on numerous medications... and I couldn't even move 2 months ago.
I'm in deep-rooted pain every single day.
I just want to be okay.
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2023.06.09 01:13 Majestic-Reindeer-29 Is Kurosawa mode worth playing in?

I have just started the game, and I’m wondering if Kurosawa mode is worth playing in. Does it add anything to your experience personally?
I just think the game with color is more beautiful. But playing in Kurosawa mode makes it feel like this is how the game should be played.
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2023.06.09 01:13 Shika_8 Passing the PE Civil Structural

Note: TLDR and Tips at the end.
I found out that I passed the PE Civil Structural a few weeks ago and as much as I wanted to post my results in celebration I felt compelled to provide a much more detailed response to my fellow engineers (especially those in the structural depth)! When preparing and doing research I had so much anxiety about the test. If you are like me, I tried to gauge the difficulty of the test based off of feedback and forum posts... However, you will hear everything from "Test is easier than xyz" or "It is much harder than xyz". Hopefully I can shed some light on this subject, give others a better sense of direction, and help you prepare so you crush it! (No I will not share with you anything even remotely close to what problems I saw on the test, this would break the NDA. I worked too hard to get here and so will you!)

My Background

I graduated from University of Portland, Oregon in 2015 with a BSCE and a good GPA of ~3.75. My civil friend group definitely helped me achieve that GPA by doing homework together. After graduation I did some additional studying to take the FE. I took it a few weeks after graduation at a Pearson Vue Center (turns out I would be back to the same one to take my PE) and passed it on my first try. Then I began my job search.
I applied to so many structural firms but had a hard time landing a job because they all wanted master degrees. Almost 4 months after graduation I landed my first job (remote) at a structural engineering software company that also provided consulting services. I can't help but laugh because the specialty/focus was on post-tensioned concrete (definitely did not learn any PT in school). I spent a few months learning the company's software and the basics of post-tensioned concrete. In fact a couple of the months I was in the customer support department.
Eventually I transitioned into the consulting department. We were typically subcontracted out by the EOR to do post-tensioned slab designs. I would say over 90% of my work was gravity design of two-way flat plate podiums. Oh.. and did I say I was remote? This made the job and learning curve so much more difficult. I could not simply hop over to my bosses office to ask a question and rarely did I get feedback on the work I did. I had no/little idea if I was doing things correctly. I honestly felt more like a drafter than an engineer because I would do the model creation, set up preliminary tendon layout/quantities based on 125 psi pre-compression and that was about it. Later on I got more understanding of what to look for when designing these systems (top and bottom stress limits, tendon sweep, deflection, crack mitigation, etc.) but the focus was still primarily the slab design.
About 3.25 years in (including a few months where I switched over to our licensing department to pick up slack) I was DONE with consulting. I was hating the long hours, the mediocre pay, and the lack of appreciation. One day the owner informed me that the consulting department was closing down. He gave me 3 months to look for another job. Fed up with consulting I asked if there was a different role I could take, his answer: Sales. Yuck... I just pictured a used car salesman. Talking with my colleagues and weighing the costs/benefits I decided to take the leap into a sales role. Part of this very difficult decision involved giving up on my dream of becoming a PE... I simply did not have the 4 years experience required.
Things changed about 1.5 years later and my new boss at the company approached me last year and asked if I was ever planning on getting my PE. I told him how I was short on the experience side of things and from there he put me in a position where I was using engineering (worked in the support team for another 6ish months and began the technical presentation side of my career).
In October of 2022 I signed up for the School of PE and schedule my test. I took the PE exam (CBT) May 16, 2023; 8 years after graduation and being out of consulting for almost 5 years. May 23rd I found out I passed!

Schedule and Resources

I allotted exactly 12 weeks to study with 1 day off before the test (which I did not actually do). After all was done I averaged roughly 25 hours per week; 300 hours total. Below is what my schedule looked like:
Week 1 - Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Test Day

TLDR and Tips

If someone out of school for 8 years and not in a "traditional" engineering role for 5 years can pass this test, so can you! Not only that but I only Commit, work hard, and conquer! As test day approaches focus on all that you have done and all of your successes. This will help build confidence which is key. I would have loved to solve more problems and study more topics but the thought of what I didn't know overwhelmed me and definitely did not help with my anxiety.
  1. Read the problem CAREFULLY
  2. Write down the variable AND units you are solving for
  3. Solve (read table footnotes, watch conversions, verify correct table and variables)
  4. Check math
  5. Read problem AGAIN
  6. Check units AGAIN
  7. Answer
Some other resources that I was recommended but did not get the chance to use:
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2023.06.09 01:13 Ok_Note1658 Does the time Katniss and Peeta arrive in the Capitol make sense?

I shall preface this by saying I am not American and I am also bad at maths and get confused easily by time zones so perhaps that is why this makes little sense to me and if there is something fundementally wrong in how I have interpreted this or worked it out please tell me, but how do Katniss and Peeta arrive in the Capitol during the morning or day?
Taking a city in the furthest possibly state I am aware District 12 could be in (Charleston is the city for reference) which is a little under 2200 miles awar from Salt Lake City which is the furthest theorised place I could find the Capitol being located in. The train goes 250 miles an hour which makes the trip taking around 9 hours.
Guessing the Reaping (which takes place at 2pm in 12) takes around an hour (which I feel is much too long but for the sake of it) and saying goodbyes, travelling from the town in 12 to the train station and preparing to leave takes around an hour as well they would be leaving District 12 by around 4pm. Meaning by District 12 time they would be arriving in the Capitol by around 1am and by Capitol time they would be arriving by 10pm or so a timezone calcuator tells me.
The train needs to refuel at least once, which doesn't seem to take long as it stops very early into the journey (right after Haymitch throws up) and by the time Katniss throws the cookie from Mr Mellark and thinks for a little but they take off again. This is likely negligible time, but even if it takes an hour or more it makes little difference to the train arriving in the Capitol by morning. The train is also still moving when Katniss sleeps so it presumably did not stop throughout the night to allow rest for the people on the train.
Katniss wakes up to early morning light "Gray light is leaking through the curtains when the rapping rouses me" and when they arrive at the Capitol it says "The train finally begins to slow and suddenly bright light floods the compartment" so it is certainly past early morning when they arrive.
Obviously Panem is different from current day America, but it seems unlikely to me that the change in conditions we hear which may have impacted the terrain (which is presumably well travelled or has at least been prepared for railway travel) of would have the journey take around an extra 6 hours at minimum to get the point of even sunrise in July.
It also begs the question of what happens in other Districts where the journey doesn't take as long. We know District 12 goes straight from the train to the remake center to prepare for the tribute parade, so I wonder if the districts that border the Capitol where they certainly would not need to spend the night on the train get an extra night in the tribute center.
So am I missing something or does the time Katniss and Peeta arrive in the Capitol make no real sense? Even if it makes no sense it is really a small oversight that doesn't matter, this is just a point of curiosity that I have upon rereading the first book.
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2023.06.09 01:13 Alb1noGiraffe Need help with corner bed & gallery wall

First time having my bed in the corner and have no idea how to make it look good! Also have a collection of meaningful, giraffe artwork I’ve collected from friends and family that I’d like to decorate with, but I’m feeling a lack of cohesion. Any advice is much appreciated!
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2023.06.09 01:13 TheMrFishhh Minecraft: 25-sec video how to make a Waterlogged Campfire

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2023.06.09 01:13 MC_Hell315 My boyfriend (22M) refuses to drink water unless I (24F) dye it blue and call it gamer juice.

My boyfriend (22M) refuses to drink water unless I (24F) dye it blue and call it gamer juice.
I know that this post seems completely ridiculous, and trust me when I say that I think the same. I'm at my wits end here.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year. I'm a casual gamer (I play just a few hours a week) while he's much more invested. He dropped out of college, and when he's not working at his part-time job, he's playing video games. This usually doesn't bother me, as he often invites me to play with him. He's a good boyfriend in every other way, and always manages to make time for me despite his gaming "addiction".
My boyfriend is about 50 pounds overweight, and I'm sure this can at least partially be chalked up to his lack of a healthy diet. He rarely eats anything actually healthy, and while the two of us have tried to go on a diet together, he quit after about a month in, and gained back the five pounds that he lost within two weeks. He very rarely drinks water, and usually prefers soda or Redbull. Needless to say, he's really unhealthy.
Recently, one of his online friends mentioned something called "gamer juice", and my boyfriend asked me to make it for him. All it consists of is water and food coloring, and I assumed that he was just memeing, so I figured "why not". I made him the water, and to my surprise, he actually drank it.
The next day, I tried to give him some actual water, and he completely refused to drink it. I feel like I should at least be trying to get him to drink some water, because it's incredibly unhealthy that he never drinks any, but I think it's totally ridiculous that I have to do this for him. It seems childish, and while I chalked the first few times up to a joke, it's pretty clear that he's serious about this. He doesn't want water; he wants gamer juice.
So, Reddit; what do I do here? Do I keep giving in to his gamer juice demands, or do I be honest about how insane this whole thing is? Help me!
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2023.06.09 01:12 katelynthedyke Can I change the time I take Zoloft?

I’ve been taking Zoloft for about 3 years, taking it at about 8:00 at night. There have been times when I forgot and took it in the morning and then I was fine. Taking it at night has made it so difficult when I go do things with friends at night, go out to eat, or have a vacation. It makes it easier to forget to take it and gets in the way of everything.
As I’m going to a late MLB game tomorrow, I want to start taking it in the morning starting tomorrow. As I am only 17, my mom is saying that I have to keep on my schedule and keep taking it at night or I’m going to feel bad. Will changing from night to morning really change how I’ll feel? Will it make me feel bad?
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2023.06.09 01:12 Meowtime1989 I dumped him.

We’ve had an on and off relationship since September of 2021. They moved in with me in November of 2022. They didn’t have a job but I said as long as they clean and keep my place clean they could stay. It’s off season in a tourist town so they were trying to get unemployment for weeks so I was financially supporting them.
Their alcoholic tendencies really came to head in December when they came home drunk, peed on my carpet, bed, a expensive cast I have. I was super upset and they cried and apologized.
Work season started in March and I told him I couldn’t support them any more financially and they got a job that day. They were able to pay half the rent finally and it was great. But we hardly saw each other. He confided in a friend who told me he said that he loved me but since we weren’t seeing each other as much he had fallen out of love with me. We talked it out.
But here’s the thing..I was doing so much for this guy. I cleaned up after him, picked up his clothes off the floor, did his dishes, gave him bjs without anything in return…it’s just gotten to be too much for me. I’m not happy. I’ve asked him multiple times to please clean up after himself because I cannot do it all.
One of the last straws was coming home to work with a toilet full of his shit. He “forgot” to flush. That’s never happened. It happened the same day I was late for work and he wanted to have sex and I couldn’t and he literally whined about it.
Other things were was he refused to do some fetish stuff I liked but when it came to him he would pout if I didn’t do something sexual he wanted. After we had the talk about him falling out of love with me we finally had a day off together and while I went to the grocery store he had a friend pick him up and he left. Like aren’t we supposed to be working on our relationship and he just leaves? Didn’t even tell me. I just came home to an empty house..
I broke up with him today saying I want someone who is crazy about me, loves spending time with me, remembers what I like and I don’t. He said “sorry I’m not Prince Charming” I told him we just aren’t compatible.
I cried because I do care about him. But he’s an alcoholic. Doesn’t want to change. Stays out almost every night till 2 am. He’s in party mode. Dunno if I’m the asshole, and even though I’m sad, I feel relief.
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2023.06.09 01:12 teedoop This subreddit will join the site-wide protests against the planned API-changes

Bottom-line, up front: on June 12 around 12 PM UTC, GoodLGBTNews will be set to private for 48 hours in order to protest reddit's planned changes to the site's API. For more info, read on. If you're wondering what you as a user can do, read this post on Save3rdPartyApps.

What's going on?

reddit exposes an Application-Programming Interface (API) that third parties can use to implement services, bots, tooling, and whole clients to browse the platform - this includes popular third-party clients like Reddit is Fun and Baconreader and tools aimed at users and subreddit-moderators.
The website has previously announced changes to how its API may be used. Notably, access to it will remain free for "reasonable and appropriate use cases," but "premium" access will be instated for those who require additional resources. A consequence of this is that the aforementioned Reddit is Fun will see massive hikes in operating costs that will be impossible, difficult, or unreasonable for its developers/maintainers and users to support - and they're of course not the only ones to be impacted: this concerns all other bots, tools, and services that make extensive use of reddit's API, and which many people rely on to enhance their experience with the platform. Of note is that many moderators depend on third-party tooling in their work as mods.
In light of these planned changes, a great number of subreddits - collectively with hundreds of millions of subscribers - have decided to stand in solidarity with the developers, maintainers, and users who will be impacted by going private in protest. This action will be done on June 12 and will last for 48 hours, with individual subs choosing to go private permanently until reddit concedes or compromises.

How will this impact this sub?

At the time this post is published, GoodLGBTNews has a little under 100 subscribers, and it would be minimally impacted, if at all, by the planned changes to the platform's API. Nevertheless, it's been decided that it will join in the protests: on June 12 around 12 PM UTC, the sub is planned to be set to private for the next 48 hours. It will be back on June 14.
It's thus far not relevant for the sub to be privated for longer, or to move away from reddit for that matter, but this is neither the beginning nor the end of the protests against the API-changes, which have proven to be controversial. Thus, this is also likely not the end.

I'm a user - what can I do?

If you find reddit's planned changes to its API disagreeable and want to aid in the protests against it, you may want to read this post on Save3rdPartyApps. Essentially: complain to the site's admins and spread the word in other subs that have yet to consider their stance or participation.
If you're dependent on third-party tools, clients, bots, and/or services, it may be that you'll have to consider your options - as unfortunate as that is.
Whatever you do and whatever happens next, good luck in your endeavours and thank you for reading. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment under this post or send a message through mod-mail.
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2023.06.09 01:12 Adept_Initiative_987 Trying to get a help desk job while learning front end on the side. How do I change my resume to fit help desk?

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2023.06.09 01:12 NoHotel9332 New DR adhd testing advice! 🥹

To start, I am a 32 year old woman and I had been diagnosed with adhd in 2010 when I was 19 years old and was prescribed Vyvanse 20mg x2 a day and Wellbutrin. (Can’t remember exactly what mg, but pretty sure around that) I remember it helping me a lot with being able to live a more fulfilling “normal” life. I was finally able to keep a job, take care of myself, and my apartment, etc I didn’t ask a lot of questions about my diagnosis at the time. I never fully understood add/adhd back then. I think mostly because I grew up only thinking little boys had it.
I was diagnosed when i lived in Florida. I don’t even remember my old doctors name and it was back when i was on my parents insurance. I took the medication for about two years and then eventually stopped taking any medication (not sure why, I think I thought I didn’t need anything at the time)
I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2016, and i have been going to my new psychiatrist since. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety with this doctor and have tried MANY ssri’s with no help. I recently changed over to Wellbutrin and I have felt so much better… but not fully.
I began researching more about adhd and was absolutely blown away with how much I related to. I asked my psychiatrist about being treated for it and he referred me to a specialist to do a 3-4 hour long evaluation, since I have never had add medication with my current Dr.
The wait time was MONTHS! So in the meantime, I reached out to an online clinic that specializes with add (not done or cerebral, it’s an actual clinic) and have been being treated with Vyvanse (and occasionally adderall when it’s not in stock) and it’s been SO beneficial to my everyday life and I finally feel like myself again.
I am a bit scared that my new ADHD doctor, that is doing my in person evaluation, will think it’s weird that I am being treated/already on stim medication. I figured it was fine since I already had a prior diagnosis when I was younger and had previously been on it before. I don’t want to look like I’m a drug seeker in anyway
Any advice for how to navigate this? Thanks so much to whomever read all of this!!!!
TLDR: currently on stim prescription that I have previously been on in 2010. New formal diagnoses with new doctor next week, will this be an issue?
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2023.06.09 01:12 applejacks_hat 29 [M4A] Georgia/Anywhere - Looking for an LTR, someone to share my time with :)

Hi there! I'm a 29 year old male from the south who's looking for a long term romantic relationship with someone easy to talk to. I'm pretty open to everyone, so don't worry about what you look like or identify as :). Proximity is a plus but not required as long as our time zones are (somewhat) close.
Other than working a lot, I usually spend my time gaming, watching tv or anime, or listening to/playing music. Most of what I play are MMOs like FFXIV (please play this with me <3) or OSRS, but I also play League, Minecraft, and other RPGs or strategy games. As for TV, I'm pretty open to watching anything. Most of what I watch is comedy, but I do love a good drama. For Anime I generally watch slice of life, comedy, light action and shounen, romance, or that kind of stuff. Anything light-hearted really. I also watch sports (Hawks/Falcons/Braves/United) when I can, as I don't have cable XP.
As for music, I'm kind of all over the place. I like everything from death metal to r&b to jazz to kpop. There isn't much that I don't like actually. I used to play guitar a lot when I was younger, but I recently picked up the bass to get back into playing music so learning that has been fun.
Other things of note: I will say I'm on the bigger side, but I've recently quit drinking and started eating better and taking care of myself so that should be changing soon. I lean pretty far left politically, I'm not religious, and I'd prefer someone in the 25-35 range.
If you're interested at all, shoot me a message and maybe we click! I'd prefer to talk over discord or something eventually so feel free to ask for that as well :)
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2023.06.09 01:11 MsMaison Feeling a little tender about weight loss

Fist time posting under a new account name. Long term cyster, and I guess a bit of a success story.
I've been slowly reducing mass over the last six years. About 2 years ago, I got below 200lbs (hello wonderland!) and am now approaching normal BMI for my height.
It trips me up! I never thought that I would get to be "that" person, or that I could weighess than 200lbs, or that I could ever have a BMI in the 20's.
Today I saw a new low (adult) weight on the scale. This is truly the least I've ever weighed as an adult person.
I don't know why I feel weird about that, but I do. Sort of protective? Tender? Secretly glad, but fearful that someone might notice. Or worse... SAY something about it.
That might be my thing there. As a lifelong Big Girl - I absolutely hate it when people remark on changes in my body. "Wow. You look great! How much weight have you lost?"
Sigh. I guess the prickly side of me wants to say "Not an ornament. Not here for your pleasure. Stop critiquing my body, mind your own damn business, I didn't do any of this for YOU, and stop staring at my ass/boobs/thighs/crotch!!!"
But also - yes. Secretly proud of myself and delighted to zip up pants easily and go on carnival rides.
Whew. I needed that. Thanks for letting me vent.
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2023.06.09 01:11 ThrowRA_spectre my gf (18f) wont let me (18m) talk to any other females

me and my girlfriend are in a serious relationship. The start of the relationship was like a dream. she let me have freedom to do what i wanted and didn’t complain about me talking to any other females. But after about four months of dating, she started easing her way into my social life. I gave her my phone password and she would snoop around in my phone (with my consent). About a month after this, we swapped snap passwords and every time she saw me online for a long period of time after we haven’t been talking for a while (usually about three hours or so), she would log in and see what i was up to. On snap, if someone logs into your account, it will log you out, which is how i knew she was logging in, and she would see that i did have some close female friends. All of a sudden (after about 5 1/2 month of dating) she started getting all jealous and making me feel bad on purpose for talking to them. She would say stuff like “you can have her if you think she’s so nice” whenever she caught me mid conversation with them or i said that i wanted to go do my own thing for a little while. I’ve tried to negotiate terms for talking to other females, but whenever i did she would pretend to be okay with it saying things like “you can do what you want, it’s whatever”. Whenever she’s mad at me, her texting style changes and she gets more dry and uses more abbreviations etc. i’ve given up on trying to talk to other females, and she always says “i’m all you need” “you don’t need those other bi-“. A lot of people tell me to break up with her or place a firm boundary in place, but i love her with my whole heart and i just want her to be happy. We’ve been dating for 7 months now. Do you have any advice for me reddit?
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2023.06.09 01:11 Mou-c Will they revert the changes?

The removal of the recent tab is literally so ridiculous I have no words. It’s killed pretty much all small accounts.
I’m pretty new to Instagram and the recent tab was the best source for growth I found.
How likely is it that they will add this feature back? Have they reverted changes in the past? Are we likely stuck with this forever?
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2023.06.09 01:11 Sad-Beyond-6482 AITA for Telling my Sister in Law, no, She Cannot Stage her Proposal at my Wedding Reception?

I felt like this was pretty obviously not an A-hole move at the time, but now I’m having second thoughts. I really was conflicted about posting here, as I’m scared of being bombarded with hate if I truly am in the wrong here - but at this point I just need to know.
AITA for telling my soon to be sister in law, no, she cannot stage her proposal at my wedding reception? My wedding is in 2 months, so there is still time to change my answer and compromise if I am in the wrong.
Last week my soon to be in-laws took me (22F) out to dinner with my fiance Jim(31M). We were talking about wedding plans when suddenly SIL and MIL both say they have something important to discuss with me, and sorta giggle to each other like it was going to be some exciting little gossip. I figured it had to do with the bachelorette party so I got all excited too. They told me that SIL got proposed to over the weekend. I of course got all excited for her, asked to see the ring and all - very beautiful.
They then get a little hushed and tell me her fiance's proposal plan was rather lack-luster, and they’re making him do a do-over with the family present. They then said that my wedding reception was the best place, since all our family and friends would be there.
I asked them to tell me what exactly they had in mind, I mean I want to be the center of attention on my wedding day, it's what all girls dream of, but I was willing to at least hear the idea out. SIL would have to invite 3 of her friends, her future bridesmaids apparently, to be present - She would come out also wearing a wedding dress (???) - potentially my dress to cut costs - with my flower girl holding a sign that says “bride to be” and then of course, her being proposed to and carried off by her fiance out of the party.
Of course I was floored, and said I wasn’t too sure if that’s really a good idea and I’d talk it over with Jim. They told me they already talked it out with him and he said he thought I would definitely agree. I texted him to not cause any more issues at the table and he confirmed. I said I would think about it just to get out of the awkwardness/pressure for the rest of the evening - but once I sent a text once again clarifying no, I wouldn’t be okay with that, they showed up to my house to argue that since they’re paying for half the wedding (more like 30%) they deserve to have input on my wedding, which they have, but not for something like this ! More like catering options.
My fiance has been trying to badger me into just saying yes, saying it's selfish of me to not just give 25-30 minutes to his family.
Anyways, with how my fiance has been acting, of course nobody in his family has been on my side - I’m no contact with my family so I have no idea if this just just a case of family picking sides or if I’m truly in the wrong here. Am I being self centered like they say?
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2023.06.09 01:11 trippydip75 Cousin Oliver Syndrome and Backtracking in LO

Hey yall! So I thought it would be fun to make a bit of a observation/theory about our "favorite" new addition to the story:
Baby Dionysus!
Now, Baby Dio is a bit of a contentious figure amongst LO critics and fans for a couple of reasons: 1. Perse and Hades SHOULD NOT be caring for a child at this stage of their relationship. 2. His plot-line came out of nowhere. 3. There's waayy too many things that require PxH's attention to suddenly throw a baby into the mix.
Though his introduction involved little to no build up, (it felt like it came out of left field) according to RS's old tumblr, it does seem like she had always planned Dio to be introduced at some point. But I dont think it happened the way it was originally intended.
My theory is in 2 parts: Dio was added to help with the slowly declining readership/satisfaction of the comic; and Dio's circumstances played out as a response to criticism.
Low Viewership
Now, we all know that LO is still incredibly popular, but it definitely has been dipping in and out of the number one spot despite updates, likes have started to decline, and criticism towards the story has started to become more frequent amongst readers.
That brings about my first theory. A funny thing that happens in media (typically sitcoms) is a production tactic referred to as the "Cousin Oliver Syndrome."(Look it up, its pretty interesting) This is an occurence within tv where production decides to add a new baby/young kid to the cast to try and counter declining views; named after cousin Oliver from the "Brady Bunch." A last ditch effort to draw in viewers with cutesy shenanigans. Think of any finished live action sitcom you enjoy. Remember how they added a baby towards the end of their run?
Now back to LO, RS has talked about how she watches tv pretty often while shes working, a lot of the comedy in LO is reminiscent of sitcom tropes and shenanigans. Maybe the baby being added was planned to happen like this, or maybe she got a bit of inspo from her favorite tv shows 👀 what better way to counteract the lack of interest in PxH (after rushing their marriage) than adding a baby? And not just any baby, one of the more anticipated gods that fans had been theorizing about since the beginning.
This is just conjecture tho, I have no real proof of this theory other than my gut and the formulaic way Dio was introduced... like straight out of a sitcom.
The second part of my theory is that Dio's rushed birth was not just to bring back readers, but as a response to specific criticisms: 1. "LO has an anti adoption narrative," (DEBUNKED, PxH are happy to foster baby Dio, didnt even hesitate to strongarm him from his own father) 2. "Hades is a terrible father," (DEBUNKED- He gave Thanatos a sandwhich AND didnt give a fuck that his wife decided to foster a baby without telling him) 3. "Persephone isnt mature enough to be a mother," (DEBUNKED, only a mature person would throw a tantrum until being given someone else's baby)
Jokes aside, one of the bigger conspiracy theories in this sub is that RS lurks and tends to respond to criticisms through the comic. In regards to Dio's birth, there was a lot criticism towards Persephone witholding Dio from Zeus because she seemed to not agree with letting him be raised by Nymphs (Bad optics). So next episode, it was haphazardly retconned that Zeus was lying, readily gave her the baby and just left after telling Perse a few factoids about Dio, not even holding him or saying bye. RS is known to retcon and write established characters OOC in order to counteract backlash or criticism, nothing new, but that one was so obvious. There are plenty of organic ways Zeus couldve left Dio with Persephone, but ofc RS wrote it to make Zeus seem as flippant as possible ABOUT HIS NEWBORN CHILD, in order to make Persephone seem empathetic and responsible. 🙄 Any other story I would say it was absurd to consider a baby being added as response to criticism, but for LO (and RS), it makes sense to me.
The weird pacing, circumstance, and inconsistencies of Dio's birth lead me to believe that while it was going to happen (as hinted by RS in her old tumblr), the reasoning and purpose changed. Dio's presence hasnt added anything to the story yet, even the other gods seem to not really care about his birth, which is so weird because gods being born were always a big deal in the original myths, but whatever. His arc even got undercut so that Persephone could harass Leuce. He's barely been alive and he's already being treated as a cutesy accesory to the pair so that they can seem more "domestic."
But yea. Those are my observation/theories, mostly because his birth arc seemed insincere and was introduced at a really strange point in the story. What do y'all think? :) Are you happy baby Dio is here? Do you think his addition was genuine, or was it just a way to bring in viewership? Or maybe even a response to criticism?
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2023.06.09 01:11 kittenofd00m How to create custom elements for Elementor?

How to create custom elements for Elementor?
I have a few classic car websites that we generally use premade themes for. But I want to give my clients the freedom to edit the listing boxes to be however they want them. Take this theme for example....

car blocks
Those are nice enough info blocks for the cars, but what if the client wanted different info showing that the theme does not support? What if they wanted it laid out in another style? With most themes they are stuck with whatever layouts come with the theme.
What I would like to do is to have an Elementor element (or maybe its a post type or something - I'm really new to this) where they can choose a car, and then choose each element for that car (make, model, mileage, cubic inches, body style, color, listing date, etc.) and drag and drop them in any format that they like to create a custom block to show the cars in that style.
I'd like to be able to do the same thing for images/blocks shown in a slider for featured cars.
The info that we retrieve comes from an API, so it isn't in their local WordPress database. So the blocks and selectors in the Elementor element would need to be able to be dynamically filled in from that API.
Where would I start to get them something like that? Is there an Elementor element or plugin that already can handle dynamic data from an API feed instead of from the database? Are there resources showing how to build your own elements for Elementor?
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2023.06.09 01:10 AdministrationOk4060 Finally on my CPAP/PAP trial, 2 weeks

Hello everyone,
As you all know I've been following this thread and many others related to sleep apnea. I did a sleep study back in October of 2022, which was an at home study. The results were no shock to me if I am being quite frank. In a month later I called to put my name on a waitlist at the sleep clinic where I took the at home test to do a trial run of a cpap/pap machine.
For the past more than a decade I have been quite exhausted beyond repair if you will. Everyday I would wake up groggy, than an hour or more later I would yawn and feel so tired. I tried everything from coffee to even going to bed early. Had zero luck. On top of everything pretty much most nights I couldn't fall asleep. I use to work 6+ hours at many fast paced restaurants by being on my feet. It truly took a toll on my health overall.
Alright fast forward to 8 months later, I finally got the call a week ago that I am able to begin the trial run. To preface the call was on June 1st and about 5 days later I was able to go pick up the machine and bring it home. I only had to pay $300, but the clinician said the payment was only for the mask. As in the beginning I was confused why it was going to cost $300 for the rental.
Anywho I am now on day 3 with the machine. It's the Resmed airsense 10 autoset for her. The first night was short lived. Before I slept with it, I did put on the mask on while sitting and laying down to make sure it was comfortable. At first didn't like the brand the new smell that the mask gives off. The instructions they gave me were to wear it 30 minutes before going to bed for a few nights just to get use to it, but in reality I just went for it for night one. I wore it for 3 hours. During the first night I got watery eyes as I was getting use to the pressure of the airflow into my nose, but by night two the watery eyes went away. Now on night two I had slept for 5 hours, stuffy nose and had to change the nose piece to a different size throughout the night. Also the instructions say doing 4 hours of cpap therapy is enough during the trial run.
  1. Is it okay to go back to bed after you do a certain amount of hours with the machine in the adjustment phase? I only used it for 3 hours the first night, but took it off shut the machine down and slept without it. Did the same thing with using it for 5 hours and went back to bed right after.
  2. Do you really feel like your on a cloud when you begin therapy? I feel very strange in my body that is hard to explain and my eyes feel so wide awake. It's an odd feeling. I've been so sleep deprived for ages
P.S I am 29 years old, female and living in Alberta, Canada.
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2023.06.09 01:10 hikki082 23[M4A] Does anyone still play Dota?

Anyone who wanna play dota? My dota friends arent active anymore and am just playing solo queue and want a change of phase. Chill party game. Ket anong rank oks lang im dv1 atm but i have a smurf rankless. Or if u dont know how to play i can teach you. Dm me nalang.
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