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2023.06.02 20:00 cookieSUSMAN strombonin no torches second try

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2023.06.02 06:28 Tall-Tomorrow-1161 Does order matter when breeding rare monsters?

My friend insists that if I use spunge with bowgart, as opposed to bowgart with spunge I won’t get Strombonin. I don’t think it matters but he thinks it does. Can anyone confirm which is true?
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2023.06.02 02:33 Business_Boot634 My first rare mythical

My first rare mythical
Rare Strombonin lol
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2023.06.01 17:10 ratliffir 1020052954MC I need rare Strombonin pleasssseeeee

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2023.05.31 12:18 rosaaaaaaaaaaa123 Strombonin

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2023.05.26 23:16 Flower_bfb My favorite monsters of each class

My favorite monsters of each class
Go ahead. Fight me
(Template made by chompadon826)
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2023.05.26 04:16 NotTheDragon Wait a minute..

Wait a minute..
Big Blue Bubble forgot Cherubble exists. Why didn't it get it's rare during this event?
Before you go down to the comments to say "well Cherubble is still a relatively new Mythical so it makes sense..-" So was Strombonin. It released in September of last year. And then got its rare (Before Yawstrich, an older Mythical) during Cold Islands seasonal event in December last year..
Just 3 months after it released, Strombonin got its rare.
Then of course Yawstrich got its rare during Air Islands seasonal event. So why don't we have Rare Cherubble for Fire Oasis' event? Did they not want to overshadow Spurrit joining a new island, and Epic Sneyser?
Or did they just forget Cherubble exists?
While the event technically isn't over, it doesn't seem like a BBB thing to do, to release a Rare Mythical with no teaser whatsoever. So dropping it out of the blue within a couple days wouldn't make sense
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2023.05.26 00:02 Unable-End3855 (Repost) strombonin without its armor

(Repost) strombonin without its armor
Don’t hate pls I’m a bad drawer in ibs paint x
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2023.05.25 22:10 Unable-End3855 Strombonin without its armor

Strombonin without its armor
Pls don’t hate I’m a bad drawer in ibis paint x
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2023.05.25 01:46 OwellMSM This is by far the best insult of all time

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2023.05.22 14:10 Dyski123 Can I breed strombonin using rares?

Rare spunge + rare bowgart
(His combination is spunge + bowgart)
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2023.05.19 08:03 EatPoisonMushrooms Won with Walrus, Pangolin, Ostrich, Angler and Hyena

Won with Walrus, Pangolin, Ostrich, Angler and Hyena
If you didnt get the theme (which probably nobody did) it is the natural mythicals from my singing monsters. So G'joob (Walrus), Strombonin (Pangolin), Yawstrich (Ostrich), Anglow (Angler) and Hyehehe (Hyena)
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2023.05.18 02:29 PaleontologistNo6435 #5 Strombonin

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2023.05.17 22:57 lunar_god_08 I got a Strombonin!

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2023.05.17 01:54 zack1010101 what are the odds of getting 2 unique monsters in a row?? (strombonin and shugabush)

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2023.05.16 16:28 SwimmingJuice3181 Remake of last post

Remake of last post
Last post I forgot about rare mythicals so here’s a new update on mythical island layout! thanks to u/DragonLlamma for the reminder
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2023.05.12 19:04 ReikoReiRei i got bored and made strombonin in paint 3d lol

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2023.05.12 18:44 jake_the_neko MSM monsters if they had Pokémon types (my opinion)

I saw this post with a list of what types monsters would be if they were pokémon, and i also had this idea like a week ago, so i decided to post my opinion on which pokémon types the monsters would have
Mamott- ice Toe-Jammer- water Potbelly- grass Noggin- rock Tweedle- normal/flying Drumpler- normal Fwog- waterock Maw- ice/water Shrubb- grass/rock Furcorn- grass/fairy Oaktopus- grass Dandidoo- grass/flying Pango- ice Quibble- wateflying Cybop- flying/steel T-Rox- rock/steel Plummel- waterock Clamble- grass/steel Bowgart- ice Spunge- grass/water Thumpies- grass/fairy Congle- grass PomPom- fairy Scups- water Reedling- grass Entbrat- grass Deedge- ice/steel Riff- flying Shellbeat- watesteel Quarrister- rock/ground
Kayna- fire/rock Stogg- fire/ground Glowl- flying/fire Flowah- grass/fighting Phangler- water Boskus- ice Barrb- grass Floogull- flying Whaddle- fairy Woolabee- normal/flying Repatillo- rock Wynq- ice Rootitoot- grass Ziggurab- rock/ground Thrumble- normal Sooza- fairy/ice Tring- fire/rock Sneyser- fire/water Yelmut- normal/steel Flum Ox- psychic/steel Krillby- bug Edamimi- grass/fire PongPing- normal Tiawa- ice/fairy Bisonorus- normal/psychic Incisaur- ice Candelavra- fire/fairy Bowhead- wateice Drummidary- rock/steel Tuskski- ice/ground Gnarls- grass/psychic
Fluoress- normal/fairy Theremind- psychic Footfly- bug/fairy Clackula- ghost Gob- normal/dark Bulbo- bug Pluckbill- psychic Bonkers- psychic/grass Poppette- psychic/water Yuggler- psychic/steel HippityHop- fairy Squot- grass Whimmzies- fairy Peckidna- ghost/flying Denchuhs- fairy/dark Hawlo- dark/grass Xyster- ghost/psychic Cahoot- dark/flying Déjà-Jin- fairy/rock Roarick- fighting/dark Osstax- rock/ghost Knucklehead- rock/grass Spytrap- bug/dark TooToo- dark/fairy Fiddlement- fairy/fire Tapricorn- normal/psychic Rooba- grass/fairy Periscorp- bug Cantorell- grass/dark Bridg-It- fairy/dark Clavi Gnat- fairy/grass Withur- ghost/fairy Uuduk- ghost Banjaw- ghost/dark G'Day- normal Larvaluss- bug Frondley- grass Mushaboom- grass/rock Blow't- rock Gloptic- psychic Pladdie- fairy Plinkajou- fire Enchantling- psychic
Common Wubbox- electric/steel Rare Wubbox- steel Plant Wubbox- grass Ice Wubbox- ice/steel Air Wubbox- flying/steel Water Wubbox- watesteel Earth Wubbox- ground/steel
Punkleton- grass/ghost Yool- ice Schmoochle- fairy/flying Hoola- fairy Blabbit- normal/water Gobbleygourd- fire/flying Clavavera- ghost Viveine- grass Jam Boree- fairy Carillong- dragon Whiz-Bang- fairy/fire Monculus- rock/ghost Ffidyll- fairy/grass Boo'qwurm- bug Spurrit- normal
Brump- grass Poewk- steel/dark Thwok- ice Zynth- bug/flying Dwumrohl- steel Zuuker- flying Screemu- normal/fairy Tympa- steel/fire Dermit- rock/grass Gheegur- normal Whajje- fairy Blipsqueak- steel/dark Creepuscule- dark Scargo- normal Astropod- electric/water Pixolotl- water Bona-Petite- ghost Maulch- ground/grass Fleechwurm- bug
G'joob- ice Strombonin- ice/water Yawstrich- flying Cherubble- fairy/water Hyehrhe- dark Anglow- watedark Cataliszt- normal Bleatnik- normal Cranchee- water Sporerow- grass/flying shLep- fairy/bug Wheezel- dark/steel Pinghound- water
Ghazt- ghost Grumpyre- dark/flying Reebro- psychic/steel Jeeode- rock Humbug- bug/poison Whisp- ghost Nebulob- ghost/steel Sox- rock Jellbilly- fairy Arackulele- bug/steel Boodoo- ghost Kazilleon- normal/poison Bellowfish- watesteel Dragong- dragon/steel Fungpray- bug/grass
Dipsters- ground All Shugafam members- grass Parlsona- fairy/flying Tawkeer- ice Maggpi- ice/water Stoowarb- ground
Attmoz- flying Glaishur- ice Hornacle- water Blasoom- grass Torrt- rock Syncopite- rock/psychic Scaratar- grass/poison Loodvigg- dark Plixie- fairy/psychic Furnoss- fire/steel Vhamp- steel Galvana- electric
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2023.05.10 12:29 rosaaaaaaaaaaa123 Strombonin because I like them

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2023.05.09 23:37 Mobile_Potato_8400 I GOT STROMBONIN

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2023.05.08 14:18 Dradekon Old vs updated msm tier list

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2023.05.07 14:15 Hryhor1y Strombonin lmao

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