Department stores in houston tx


2010.09.18 08:10 verugan Texans

Home of the Houston Texans, an American Football team located in Houston, TX

2008.06.19 08:23 Houston, TX


2011.05.22 06:30 somethings for bicycling in Houston, Tx

A place for cyclist of all kind to hang out!

2023.06.02 21:50 TheBlue_Spirit Entry level swe, looking for general advice on how to improve my resume.

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2023.06.02 21:50 AutoModerator Biaheza's Dropshipping Program (Here)

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If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.02 21:49 -LatteAppDotOrg 5.53% return from GPT vs 4.18% S&P

5.53% return from GPT vs 4.18% S&P
From May 9th to June 2nd GPT has outperformed the S&P by 1.35%. Not too sexy but the sp500 has been on a massive rip upwards.
Excited to see what June has in store
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2023.06.02 21:49 No_Personality_361 The Meta Problem of Consciousness (New Argument)

I have a brand new argument for God. I think this may be one of the strongest arguments I have seen yet. It's not directly about consciousness itself but specifically about David Chalmer's "Meta problem" of consciousness. (I wrote this out for an acquaintance, thought I would adapt it for reddit and get your guys opinions, apologies if its argumentative).
I would like to start off by saying that I think it’s completely possible there is an atheist/materialist answer for consciousness. This argument does not require me to say otherwise.
Before I say my argument let’s first establish consciousness. Im using the philosophical definition of consciousness. Consciousness is your qualia/experience. It's sometimes referred to as “the hard problem of consciousness”, the problem is why do we experience qualia?
My favorite example of qualia, is that we can see and visualize the color red. But red does not exist. How do you build something that experiences and visualizes red?
I can build a machine that outputs photons of that wavelength. I can even build something that inputs and labels photons of that wavelength.
But we do not know how to build something that visualizes red. Yet I do, I can double check this by staring at red.
Regardless of what your explanation for this phenomenon is, we can agree that there is indeed a question of how do we recreate my ability to experience and visualize red. That question is the hard problem of consciousness.
A second way to explain consciousness, is Thomas Nagel’s question “What is it like to be a bat?”. The question I like to ask is “What is it like to be an iphone?” I can program (happiness == 20) into an iphone. So why to the average person, does Thomas’s question make sense but my question seems silly?Thats because people believe bats experience qualia while iphones do not. Why is it “like” something to be a bat but not an iphone? That is the hard problem of consciousness.What does an iPhone need so that it is indeed “like” something to be an iPhone.The third way to perhaps explain it is, imagine a sleepwalking human. Some people are such good sleepwalkers that you can’t even tell they’re sleep walking. You can even hold conversations with them. But they aren’t experiencing that conversation. What if I revealed to you I’ve been sleepwalking my entire life, but function the exact same an normal human being. The only difference would then be consciousness.The main question is why doesn’t everything just happen in the dark?I also don’t think it’s sufficient to just say consciousness is an illusion. An illusion requires a perception to begin with. And the fact that we have a perception at all is the hard problem here.Consciousness is the actually the only thing I can truly be sure exists————————————Now that we have established consciousness exists let's establish an important characteristic of consciousness. (The argument is after this section, this just sets it up)We can observe the brain. Everything going on within a brain follows physics.There is no unexplainable force observed in the brain. And if you look for one, you likely won’t find it.The brain doesn’t require such a thing to function.I like to use the analogy of dominos to represent your brain. Theoretically it would be possible to build a mechanical supercomputer out of dominos, then “upload” your brain to this structure. Whether its technically possible isnt important. Its just an analogy to remind everyone that brains are really just complex chain reactions that follow physics.Atheists will tell you that qualia/consciousness is an emergent property. That your qualia/experience of red emerges from the domino set and its chain reactions processes. I’m not going to disagree with thatBut it must be acknowledged, that whether or not consciousness emerges from my domino structure.Those dominos are going to fall the exact same way, because like your brain, these dominos follow our current understanding of physics.This means that consciousness has no physical impact, that it is a detached byproduct. Consciousness cannot change the physics of dominos.The domino structures that cause consciousness may be important. But if consciousness/qualia itself did not exist, everything would still function fine. All the dominos would still fall the exact same way. Everything in a brain would still follow physics.If the brain truly did have an unexplainable force affecting it, religious people would never stop bringing it up in debate: “we’ve discovered the soul”. I thinks it’s safe to say we have discovered no such thing.’————————————Now for the actual argument:Even if we say that there are atheist answers for consciousness/qualia, there’s still a massive issue.What did my domino setup/brain just do for you? My body was physically setup to rant about how it’s experiencing this consciousness/qualia phenomenon. Then it also turns out that I actually am experiencing a consciousness/qualia phenomenon.That is a coincidence that cannot be reconciled by atheists.Consciousness/qualia can’t have physical impact and can’t rewire your bodies beliefs. There are a lot of possible random beliefs I could have happen to had, but for some reason the obscure belief I come built-in with, just happens to be correct.There are three possible answers to this:
  1. it really is just a massive coincidence
  2. Consciousness only comes to those physically setup with the obscure belief that they are experiencing a consciousness phenomenon
  3. Intentional design (The one that I think is the most likely)If you really meditate on the first 2 options you figure out that they are really bad answers. They have really bad implications and mechanics.Addressing option 1: Even if we give atheists the absolute best case scenario: “Oh maybe everything in the universe is conscious” and “perhaps there is evolutionary incentive to have this random belief”. (people will somehow justify anything as evolutionarily advantageous)You still at the end of the day believe that it’s just one massive coincidence that the “evolutionarily advantageous” belief just so happens to be true.Because in an alternate universe where consciousness/qualia doesn’t exist, my dominos would fall the exact same way and would still store this specific random belief of qualia. Its crazy that there just so happens to be this “magic-like” qualia phenomenon to actually match it, and make my otherwise wrong belief, true. (And this is assuming that it indeed is evolutionarily advantageous)At some point when you see dream luck, you point out that it’s not luck.Addressing option 2: The second atheist option is just as bad. You believe that if a human doesn’t have the obscure underlying belief of qualia that they don’t actually experience things like pain or red, that they are “forever a sleepwalking robot”. In addition to this the consciousness phenomenon would somehow need a mechanism to tell whether or not a domino structure is setup with the underlying qualia belief.At some point I must acknowledge that intentional design is the most likely answer here. That God intentionally gave the belief of consciousness/qualia to match the provided consciousness/soul.Read some of the gospel. I think it’s safe to say that I’m dying a Christian. I recommend giving a church sermon a try.
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2023.06.02 21:49 DaLeAtaB Helena Financial v2 Reverse Auction Bonding Sniper Contest Auction Bonding $50000 Reward pool Daily Contest

Reverse Auctions: Nemesis Network is proud to be the first to introduce Reverse Auctions on DeFi
Hello everyone! As many of our followers know, during previous weeks we’ve released and initiated the Beta launch of Auction Bonding on Helena, which was our first step towards completing the RBS (Range-Bound System) system. The main principle of RBS is to keep the price in a specific range and consequently ensure a steadiness and stabilization while providing reflection rewards for the users. In order to realize this vision, two different mechanisms, Auction Bonding and Reverse Auctions work in harmony. And now as a second step, Nemesis Network proudly announces the BETA release of Reverse Auctions. Currently, users are able to bid BUSD on Helena in order to earn $HELENA2 rewards.
Reverse Auctions (BETA)Reverse Auctions is not only a unique feature for Nemesis Network but also for the entire DeFi. The key feature that makes Auction Bonding significant is that it is the second vital component of the RBS (Range Bound Stability) system of Nemesis Pro, first one being the Auction Bonding. Hence, it is crucial for Nemesis Network that this system works flawlessly and smoothly. Although it is ready for release, we have decided that a Beta process is necessary before a full launch to weed out any possible bugs and receive the feedback of users. During this Beta process, we plan to further develop Reverse Auctions and in the meantime, perfect it based on our own observations as well as your feedback and preferences.
The beta release will be initiated on Helena and only include one auction type, allowing users to bid with BUSD to earn HELENA2 tokens in return. Nemesis Treasury will allocate 15,000 HELENA2 for this pool, and each round 1% of the tokens stored in the pool will be auctioned. The round will start with a 120 minutes timer, users then will be allowed to bid on the round. The next bid should always be at least 1 BUSD higher than the previous bid. If there are less than 15 minutes left on the round, each new bid will reset the timer back to 15 minutes. The top-three bidders will win the auction, 1st place receives 55%, 2nd place 30%, and 3rd place 15% of the round reward. Players who dropped from the leaderboard will get 90% of their BUSD bidding back. This should be kept in mind that those who win the round only receive the rounds’ awards and will not receive their bidding back.In the end, 100% of the collected BUSD will be added to NMS LP Reward Pool.
How does the beta program work?
The Beta test for our Reverse Auctions (BETA) on Helena dApp will last through Mid June. During this period, anyone can use and test the feature. If you encounter any bugs, please inform our Discord or Telegram moderators. Your feedback and opinions are valuable to us, and they could play a significant role in improving this feature and Nemesis Network alike.
Telegram: helenafinancial
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2023.06.02 21:49 IaanPT From a 10 coin pack 😱

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2023.06.02 21:48 Jackneighbour Second last model from indomitus done! 🩸

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2023.06.02 21:48 The_AFL_Yank Webpage for AltRightTV.Com

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2023.06.02 21:48 Carlier450 Lexus LS400 Power Steering Leak

Lexus LS400 Power Steering Leak
Not sure if anyone has ever heard of the notorious power steering leaks that LS400's get, but my leak seems to be a simple fix. Typically they leak from the pump, rack, idle/up air control valve or the high pressure hose, but not mine. My car is leaking from the return line that runs in front of my radiator and AC condenser where the hard steel line connects to a typical rubber hose. The connection has leaked for so long before I bought the car that it completely covered the AC condenser, radiator, and everything under the front of the car. My question is, since the part I need is no longer available anywhere besides used ones on eBay, would it be an issue to replace the steel line with just some 3/8 O.D. copper line and replace the hoses to fit? The original size is 10mm steel line and hoses to match, but finding 10mm copper line and 10mm rubber hoses is harder than just running to the hardware store and rigging it up. I've seen posts from other LS400 owners with the same leak using copper line and thats where I got the idea from. Haven't found much about whether that's sufficient enough to handle the fluid temps and what not, but it seems like it would work fine. I've also thought about snipping off the rusted portion and getting a longer hose but any advice would be awesome. Attached is some pics to see what I'm talking about (don't mind the green fluid, manifold gauge I rented from O'Reilly's had a leaky hose and shot out PAG oil and freon while recharging)
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2023.06.02 21:47 chillman69420 Just unsubbed from r/unsubbed... too many screenshots

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2023.06.02 21:47 Same-Evening-2052 Let me choose the temperature

I work in a fairly small store and I’m usually by myself. I like the temperature to be how I like it, seeing as I’m usually there 9 hours a day. People that shop the store are not in for more than 15-20 min max. Don’t complain about the temp. I want to be comfortable. A lady moaned and groaned at me until I turned down the ac just to have her leave 5 min later…
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2023.06.02 21:47 Beneficial_Boot5844 Can I use a manufactured home for a brick and mortar store on private commercial land?

Kind of a weird situation. We live in Minnesota and we are building a new house and want to use our old manufactured home ( that is on commercial property ) to expand our business so there’s more retail shopping area. we own and operate a general store. The county has already approved us to build the new house because we have a conditional use permit that’s transferable, but they say we can’t use the manufactured home as anything other than cold storage. whether that be extra retail space, or even allowing the public to go in there because it’s a “safety concern” I can’t find anything online that says this is, or is not allowed. From what we’ve read in our contract we should be allowed to do this. Any advice?
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2023.06.02 21:47 Nuclearsmilz Issues Activating Galaxy Watch5 LTE Pro on Bell Network

Issues Activating Galaxy Watch5 LTE Pro on Bell Network
Hello all,
As the title suggests, on the activation step of the LTE for my watch, it fails.
The watch I am wearing currently is the *third* watch I will have activated. This one is a Bell specific watch, from their inventory.

Now, I have went to Samsung and Bell many times and on my last visit to Bell I was lucky enough to get a good representative on the line (as the store could not help me) who provided me with a ticket number, and they let me know that I would receive a call from one of their technology support agents. It has been over 10 days, so I decided to phone in and supply my ticket number.
I have since learned that my ticket was closed, and then merged with another Master Ticket. There is an issue with their cloud activation and communicating to towers on their network. This has affected at least 74 other customers since May 7, 2023. I am not sure if it is every model with LTE or just the Watch5 Pro. I was also told that within 8 days they expect another update or fix to the situation.

I am making this post to warn others about buying an LTE watch with intent to activate it on Bell's network, and also to update others who may have the same issue.
I live in the GTA, in Ontario, Canada, and I bought this watch after may 7, not knowing about any issues.

If I get more information, I will update this thread.
Below you will see the error message that I am receiving.
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2023.06.02 21:47 aweakdiamond finally got some dolls in the store (germany)

finally got some dolls in the store (germany)
i got these three at the store today (smyths toys)! they didn’t have frankie and lagoona though, i hope i’ll get my hands on them soon i also got lucky with the faces, they’re symmetrical :D
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2023.06.02 21:47 neilgreenland Famed NYC Bagel Maker H&H Plans to Open 10 Stores in DC and Virginia

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2023.06.02 21:46 _4C1D So they could add a whole bunch of expensive cosmetic sets, but not the EA2 again, that they promised us to be back in the middle of 2023? Thanks for nothing i guess?!

So they could add a whole bunch of expensive cosmetic sets, but not the EA2 again, that they promised us to be back in the middle of 2023? Thanks for nothing i guess?!
Like seriously, where‘s the problem of just simply adding it back to the store again?
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2023.06.02 21:46 TzavisStudio In our game, The Devil's Face, the Last Supper scene is a signature moment. This scene is highly metaphorical and deeply meaningful. The Devil's Face will be available on Steam and Epic Games store in September 2023. Now, a free-to-play demo is available on Steam, Itchio, and soon in the Epic Games

In our game, The Devil's Face, the Last Supper scene is a signature moment. This scene is highly metaphorical and deeply meaningful. The Devil's Face will be available on Steam and Epic Games store in September 2023. Now, a free-to-play demo is available on Steam, Itchio, and soon in the Epic Games submitted by TzavisStudio to indiegames [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 21:46 gravi_fan89 At-Home Printable Terrain Markers

So, I'm trying to get into Battletech. I'm 3D printing minis and printing out stat sheets galore (when my printer isn't misbehaving), but I can't afford to buy map packs (or minis, hence the 3D printing). I do, however, have a double-sided mat for table-top gaming, one side hexes, and the other squares. Naturally, I intend to use the hex side, assuming the hexes are the correct size. I want terrain for them, like forests, hills, etc., but my printer is a resin printer and can't print that sort of stuff. I only have a few tiles that came in my beginner box, so could someone provide a link or something to a place to print out markers to show which hexes have forests and such? I'd really appreciate it.
NOTE: This is just for me to learn the game. Naturally, if/when I go to an official store or something, I'll have more... real equipment.
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2023.06.02 21:46 DisastrousAspect22 Is this a good pack to buy?

Is this a good pack to buy?
I saw this in the store. I haven't done my OVR analysis yet, so I should be able to get this. However, I'm kind of confused on the wording of this in the details. Is it a player select pack, or just a glorified position selective? I only want players that would benefit my rockies build, so if it's just a glorified position selective, I'll just hold onto my stars and save them for something else.
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2023.06.02 21:46 Heliox98 2 ani de experienta. Imi doresc sa devin mai bun si mai complet ca si dezvoltator. Am nevoie de niste sfaturi de la oameni cu multe cunostinte :)

Salut, sunt backend developer de putin peste 2 ani. Lucrez in .Net si fac tot ce tine de stack-ul de backend. .net core , .net framework MVC , databse design/ creation/ whatever. integrez servicii azure etc.
liceul a fost uman si facultatea de informatica am facuto cu 0% prezenta la ore, pentru ca munceam sa ma intretin si sa o platesc, si invatam inainte de examene. la inceputul anului 3 am inceput sa lucrez ca backend .net dev la o companie care m-a angajat ieftin, sub pretextul ca aveam de invatat. Si intradevar nu stiam nimic. Practic acolo am invatat meseria timp de 10 luni, apoi am pierdut vreo 9 luni la alta companie de unde nu am invatat mai nimic pentru ca aplicatia pe care lucram era mai veche decat existenta mea. iar acum lucrez la alta companie de vreo 8 luni. sunt foarte multumit, lucrez pe un proiect in dezvoltare si ma lovesc de lucruri pe care nu le stiu destul de des.
Si fix aici intervine problema. lucrand la aceasta noua companie, lovinduma de niste probleme cu hostarea pe IIS am realizat ceva important. Eu pana acum am invatat sa fac treaba, dar am invatat mereu ce aveam de facut, iar restul lucrurilor erau facute de alti oameni.
In concluzie am realizat ca pe langa scrisul codului de backend in .net ( patterns, resource management, efficienty querying etc etc). Mai departe nu stiu nimic. nu stiu mai nimic despre hostatul pe servere, despre fronend stiu basic stuff si MVC , mobile dev nu stiu absolut nimic. Despre cybersecurity si tot ce tine de infrastructura internetului si chestii similare nici nu mai zic... habar nu am.
Adica am niste concepte super basic in cap dar nimic mai detaliat.
Si vreau sa invat lucrurile astea, dar nici nu stiu de unde sa incep, tot ce gasesc pe net sunt tutoriale de cacat despre cum sa inveti sa faci o aplicatie super basic in flutter sau react whatever. dar eu vreau sa inteleg macar la un nivel de baza tot mediul, la nivel inalt, sa nu se mai simta ca o gaura neagra tot ce se intampla dupa ce imi termin eu de scris codul.
aveti recomandari? carti, cursuri, liste de concepte despre care sa fac research pe rand. whatever.
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2023.06.02 21:46 hkarrar Advice needed: what would you do?

So I started a new store in a new market for my brand and now I have two stores for the same brand - one targeting local customers and the other targeting international customers with higher prices. I had initially wanted to manage this using Shopify Markets and not start a new store, but a lot of those features like Shopify Pay and customized checkout solutions were not available in my region which left me with no choice but to have a separate store.
Now, after completing the new store and launching I've found out that each Shopify store can only be connected to one Facebook/Instagram page, which means I cannot connect both my stores to the same FB and IG accounts that I have been running for years and where I have considerable traction. If I want to run dynamic/catalogue FB ads, I need a separate product stream which can only be generated using a separate FB/IG page. I thought of adding the Meta pixel manually but what good would that do? I still won't be able to run dynamic ads for the second store.
This is not what I had planned and it obviously increases my workload by a lot. I need to maintain and update twice the number of social accounts. I don't know if I am up for this and I feel all the hard work I have done to get a new store ready is about to go to waste.
I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and what did you decide to do? If not, what would you do in a situation like this? Looking for ideas, suggestions, advice, out of the box solutions, whatever you can throw at me.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.02 21:46 Away-Selection-9209 Very sad

Recently (last Saturday) I purchased a Bo Bigfoot from a retail store, and I had so desperately wanted him for over 7 months. I discovered on Tuesday that he had a large hole in his back, and due to the length of his fur, it was really difficult to fix. He now has a large bump on his back and the hole keeps opening back up. I am truly devastated because I really wanted one, finally got one, and now he’s “broken”. I look at him with a sort of sadness and anger now, and Im looking for advice on how to see him differently. (apologies for the jumbled words, im exhausted)
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