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2023.06.01 00:17 Twayneeded Nov 2021

I worked from home today because the kids' school was having a teacher work day. It was a decent day. When I am alone with the kids they don't really argue too much and even if they do I am there to help them. It seems like I have a better relationship with my kids and my children don't misbehave as badly when it is just me taking care of them. They really ratchet things up when their mother is home. Wife came home and she is nearing the end of her academic degree plan. Had to have an HVAC repairman come try and fix our heater. He shocked himself 3 times. Wife has had problems with her Dr office adding stress to her day meaning that she was in a bad mood and let me know it. She spent all afternoon in the bedroom while I dealt with the kids, cooked supper, did the dishes, washed clothes, and did the laundry. We took the kids for a short walk after supper without the dogs because it was already getting dark. I gave the kids baths and they went to bed on time. Wife stayed up late working on schoolwork and I went to sleep alone.
Woke up with ychild in bed. Wife was already up and griping about something. Getting gripped out 1st thing in the morning always starts off the day in a bad mood. Work was uneventful but productive. Got home and cleaned off the kitchen table (of course there wasn't a single square inch of available space on it for the past 1 1/2 weeks) none of the mess was mine it was all wifes/kids projects.I cleaned it so that she would have a space to make cookies with the kids like she promised. Trying to make her day a little easier knowing that had she gone in there with the table like that it would have been bad and also knowing that there were things on the table so I knew that I would get blamed for any misplaced objects. My prediction came through when she came into the kitchen and thanked me for cleaning the table but immediately started griping about missing items and how she had wished she had cleaned it to show she would know where they are. This always happens and is one of the main reasons I cannot declutter our house. It just leads to more gripping. If I clean or don't clean I'm gonna get bitched out. Wife had to head to town quickly to pick up an Rx so we went with her. I had not yet started supper so I put everything up so we could have it the next day and we all went into town together and ate supper in the van. She also got some negative comments on some of her schoolwork so she was in a bad mood x2 because of an incident with her dr's nurse. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork while I got the kids dressed in their PJ's and put them to bed about 15 min late. I walked into the bedroom and she was searching for socks for the kids in the laundry hamper. When she was done I took the hamper into the living room and matched them all then put them up. I then played on my computer. Wife went into the kitchen at about 9:45. I went in there about 10 min later and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. She said no then asked me if I saw her come into the kitcher. I said yes and she started gripping that I should have come in there sooner to help her cause she was now almost done. She started complaining that the only time she gets to relax is when she is laying down on her phone in bed (nevermind the number of times i come into the bedroom to find her watching TV or on facebook on her computer.)
I was only on my computer for about 30 min. Its not like I spend all day doing nothing but she makes me feel like I do nothing at all. A common mantra in this house is the wife saying "I never get any help" and "I cannot keep this house clean by myself" when she literally hasn't done any cleaning since her parents visited last month and I still did most of the cleaning. The only time she cleans is when someone is coming over. Needless to say I am feeling very resentful and unloved. We haven't shown any affection to each other since a month ago. Some Days when things are decent (not good just not bad) I wonder if it's a mistake to be considering divorce but days like today are more common and remind me of why I want one. I couldn't sleep due to drinking some tea at supper so I got out of bed and sat on the couch until 1am.
Woke up this morning very tired and sleepy with ychild in bed with me. Wife was already in a mood and I was gripped out for "not listening" she then proceeding to account for 3-4 times recently that I have asked her a question that she had already told me an answer in a previous conversation. So once again I get to start the day in a bad mood. I feel compelled to kiss her and tell her I love her now or she will get upset. I did that then came back inside for something and she got upset when I didn't go back and give another hug/kiss. No way am I gonna do that while being bitched out so I just walked out the door. Great start to the day. Got the kids from school and came home. Cooked supper and took out the trash. Got the kids into bed but ychild talked herself into falling asleep in our bed. Wife said she would move her but of course didn't and ychild slept in our bed all night long.
Woke up with ychild in bed with me. kissed and told her i loved her before work. Had a decent day at work and left to pick up the kids. This was my last day picking the kids up from school and we stopped for ice cream on the way home. We were supposed to walk the dogs before I started supper. I told my wife this but she was on the phone with her mother about her job offer. 25 min later and it was getting close to supper time and she was still on the phone.I decided it was too close to supper to walk and then cook. Wife came out and I told her that. she got upset and we ended up having a small walk. I got back and cooked supper and we all ate at the kitchen table. Wife disappeared back into the bedroom to work on schoolwork. I put the kids to bed on time and then got on my computer. Wife started working on the kids lunches and I asked if there was anything i could do. She said no. Then the bedtime ritual started. This all happened within 20min. I came to bed and turned the lights out. When my wife came back she bitched at me cause she had left one of the lights on on purpose. Then she zinged me for not paying attention when she told me about her medication a few days ago. Then she complained that I had missed a bag of trash in the bedroom. Then she accidentally slammed the bathroom door and got mad when I asked if she did that on purpose. Then she cussed at me when she complained about the bed hurting her back and I suggested a sleep study. Despite all of this I really felt the need to try and cuddle with her. I rolled over and she immediately asked if she needed to turn off her phone. I told her no but she could if she wanted to, then she complained that this is the only time she gets to relax and then immediately jumped up cursing because she forgot to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. I rolled over and put my mask on to fall asleep. I knew I would get hurt but I couldn't help myself. It took me a while to go to sleep because of the pain in my heart and the lack of love.
I worked from home today so i did not have to wake up as early. Wife woke up and got the kids ready. Wife had a full one sided conversation with ychild in our bed while i was trying to sleep. I feel like she was resentful for me being able to sleep in and her having to get up so she did it as a way to wake me up and keep me from being able to sleep. The kids yelled goodbye and the wife left without so much as a word or touch. I had a decent day at work. The HVAC repair man showed up early.I was going to go and pick up the kids at 11:00 but we decided to just get powerhouse(aftercare) at the school instead also for monday. I could have gone and picked up the kids but didn't because they were already scheduled and I thought we had already paid. Wife got mad at me for that. She was really late because it was her last day of DT and she had people say goodbye to her then went to pick up the kids. We decided to eat at the new seafood place then went and picked up groceries. We got home and put the groceries away and watched some shows on the couch. She got upset because I was on my phone (so was she) and said she watched more of the tv than I did. I tried to get the kids in bed but she overruled me because it was the weekend. The kids stayed up and eventually convinced her to go to bed with her. I slept alone but honestly I think I prefer that now.
Woke up alone. Had a decent day and went to Ychilds 1st birthday invite party. Wife made appointments for both kids to get the flu and covid vaccine. We had a great time at the party and socialized for the 1st time in a long time. We had to leave early to get to the pharmacy for the vaccines. When we got there the pharmacist told us we were scheduled for the flu only. It greatly upset the wife and she flew into a rage. Canceled both appointments. We got back to the car and she was yelling, screaming, and violently hitting her phone on the steering wheel. I told her to be an example to kids and she told me to "kiss her ass." She is angry the whole ride home. She started getting loud with me multiple times and I asked her not to talk to me like that. Apparently, asking her to speak to me politely instead of raising her voice at me is not giving her grace. Saying that I never give her grace when she talks nasty to me. saying that I do it all the time to her and she never says a word. I told her to speak up next time and she says she does and just gets bitched out. I am at my wits end. She is being very nasty to me and then puts the blame on me instead of realizing how she is treating me and accepting blame. A really nice day totally
ruined by her temper. We ended up having cereal for supper and going for custard afterwards. We stayed up late and the kids convinced my wife to go sleep with them.
Woke up by myself again. After wife got up we ended up going to the new donut store for breakfast and we stopped off at walmart on the way home. When we got home I noticed my radiator was leaking.I went to oriellys to buy some stop leak. We got back and I put on jumanji and then beethoven. Ochild really loved jumani. We were having a decent time. Today I did 4 loads of laundry, bathed the dog, cleaned the aquarium, cooked supper, and cleaned the guest bathroom. Of course wife got onto me when I did the kids laundry because i missed 1 shirt and 4 socks out of ychilds room. After supper we played a board game. Then the kids had a bath and I was chastised when I went in there to talk to the kids after my wife was yelling at them. I am not supposed to step in except when I am supposed to of course I have no idea when that is supposed to be. Kids went to bed a little late. I slept by myself.
Woke up by myself. Got up early even though I am working from home to help my wife with kids and take the dog to the vet. Wife started gripping about me not doing anything to help with the kids. I don't understand because she gets them ready at the last minute. That's usually when I am getting together also. She doesn't tell me or let me ask what she needs help with. Just grips after the fact. Dropped the dog off and returned to work. Picked the dog back up and returned to work again. Wife got home late due to her new job onboarding and flu vaccine. We had mcdonalds for supper and the kids went to bed really late. ychild spent the evening with wife because she wasn't feeling well. Since both the kids were up past their bedtime wife went to sleep with them.
Woke up early because I am still stuck on the old schedule. Wife came in and got herself ready for her 1st day. I got up, helped with the kids and got the dogs ready (surgery) then went to work. work was ok. Came home and cooked supper. The evening was uneventful.
Ychild got sick so I worked from home. We were both asleep when wife came into the room. She then had a loud conversation/argument with ochild in the room. waking up ychild and me. If I were to wake them up when they were sleeping in I would get bitched up one side and down the other. Seems like she does it all the time. Took Ychild to the dr and she was covid negative thankfully. Wife came home and the day went ok. She was tired so we watched netflix. I cooked supper and did the dishes. We got the kids in bed a little late. Wife went to bed a little early. I went into the bathroom to get some medicine shortly after. Wife was visibly upset when I came in. I really don't understand why and she wouldn't tell me. Eventually she said that she didn't expect me there. It made me feel really hurt. I felt like she not only didn't want me there but actually got mad that I showed my face. Maybe she thought I was going to lay down with her
but if that was so it would be no reason to get mad, I know she plays on her phone in bed and that's her relaxation time. Either way it was totally uncalled for and if that's how she is going to make me feel I don't see a point in staying together. storm came rolling in and ychild woke up so she had to go sleep with them.
Holiday today so I stayed home. I could hear the wife yelling at the kids trying to get ready. So I got up to help.
Skipped some days because nothing happened. Nothing good or bad. At bedtime my wife was getting lunch ready. She has been a little stressed lately due to her computer HD failing and EDTPA coming back for revisions. Her professor didn't come to her appointment to help. I helped make the kids lunches. The kids' clothes were still sitting in the chair (apparently it's my job.) I offered to help get the kids clothes together. She very sarcastically said she would welcome the help if I could turn on a light so she could see. I know it doesn't sound bad on paper but she was very hateful and hurtful. When I asked her not to talk to me like that she responded that she didn't need a lecture right now. I just want to be spoken to with respect and love not hate and vitriol.
Not journaling everyday because things aren't as bad everyday. Yesterday I did the laundry for the entire house. This morning I got up. my wife had already left for the grocery store to pick up groceries. I got up with Ychild. She got home and we unloaded the groceries. I relaxed in the living room. and she started cleaning the kitchen. I always hate days like this because anytime she cleans I get to hear her bitch and moan and the state of things. I am the only one to clean the house/kitchen for the last 6 months, actually even longer,for as long as she has been in college or working. It is not messy, it's just not up to her standards. Plus most of the mess is hers. She does projects and things but doesn't clean up afterward. When I get in to clean, if I move things around or put up her things I get yelled at. It feels like a handicap because the only one that can truly clean is her and when she doesn clean I feel like crap because she spends the whole time
mouthing and bitching about me because it isn't clean enough to suit her. And if I try to go in and help or clean another part of the house I get bitched at again because "i'm only cleaning because she is upset" she doesn't seem to notice the hours of cleaning I do when she is not around or is concentrating on other things.
We left on the 23rd (my birthday) to go down to Carthage for the weekend. The holiday went well with minimal fussing. Friday the 26 came and my wife surprised me with a weekend getaway sans kids. her family pissed her off right when we left. we get to our BnD and then leave to do some shopping. We went way too long, ate supper,and drove to longview. She had thought that we would just spend the weekend together. I wanted to get physical. I take her to a sex shop and she gets embarrased and refuses to look at anything or consider any toys. Our sexlife is laughable and practically non-existant. You would figure if someone was trying to save their marriage they would at least attempt to spice things up. I got upset and we went back to our cabin. I am tired and we just go to sleep. Wife makes us take a bath in the morning. We wash each other, then when we get out she changes into a negligee. She tells me I am not allowed to do any oral on her and that it will be the last time I see her in a G string. Totally sexy right? I had put some nice smelling lotion on my privates and she made a comment about how that would taste ( thinking I might get some oral) but instead she just led me to the bed and got on top. She has sex with me and I find it difficult to finish becuase she is clearly not enjoying it and refused to do any foreplay. We leave for the day and walk around Jefferson. Get back and start drinking wine and painting. She gets drunk enough to make a move and changes into another negligee. I feel like I almost forced her to let me eat her out after I gave her oral. She says I am not allowed to kiss her. we eventually start having some decent sex but she cannot stand much of the physical aspect and eventually it just shift to the standard missionary. I cannot finish and she gets up. I tell her i'll finish myself off if she will help. She starts cleaning and doesn't care when I get upset. We eventually have a small heart to heart where she tells me she is resentful
for the way my parents treated her and I was very pacifist instead of confrontational with my parents. She tells me she watches squirting videos and masturbates in the bath (lied to me when she says she doesnt masterbate.) She clearly has very strong issues with sexual intimacy and refused to do anything I wanted. She thought it was a successful weekend and I'm thinking it just shows how far apart we are and how little in common we have. multiple times just both of us on our phones because we have nothing to talk about. We go back and pick up the kids and it takes forever to get home. When we do I find the dog with something sticking out of her chest.
I am trying to work on her when my daughter comes out there and the dog jumps up and runs to her. She starts freaking out and i try and get ychild to come to me, unfortunately i did yell because i was scared of her getting stabbed by the dog. Of course she freezes up screaming as the dog is trying to get to her. I end up having to go to her and pick her up. As I am trying to take her to the garage I fall and bust my knee. This starts a big fight because I am now hurt, angry, and yelling while also trying to find out what's wrong with the dog. Eventually I discovered that the dog had forced herself inside the metal loop of a small childs butterfly net. I end up cutting it off her with some wire cutters. My knee is now busted and my wife and I have been fighting because she feels like when I am angry and hurt is the best time to keep getting in my face and talking shit about me. Just makes me want to seek a divorce all the more. She thinks this weekend was a success and all I can see is the end. I was angry when I went back out to her van and hit the open door button too hard and dented it. No real excuse but I wish she didn't pile on my problems by yelling at me in front of the kids while I'm trying to discipline them. I wasn't abusing them or being physical in any way but my wife will not allow for any dissent from the way she wants to raise the kids. I feel like I am not a father. I am allowed no say in raising them. The kids can just yell/scream/cry and my wife will come to the rescue, preventing me from actually doing any good or teaching them to understand right/wrong. It's her way or the highway.
Dec 2021
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2023.05.29 07:00 EaglesAstrosDad P0505 Code Troubleshooting

2004 V6 4x4 limjted, 240,000. Just as title says, I've got a P0505 code. Earlier today, I checked my hoses all around the throttle body/intake. I found my crankcase vent hose had a small crack in it. Replaced it for like 6 bucks from Orielly. Got it in, started the truck and I'm still idling around 500 rpms and it seems a little rough. My fuel economy isn't terrible. 17mpg average. But the idle is still lower than what I feel it should be. I disconnected the battery after the repair and the code hasn't come back yet after driving about 5 miles but the idle is still feeling odd.
Any thoughts or recommended fixes before go pulling fuel injectors?
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2023.05.28 21:05 JackPepperman Few questions about a fender project I'm getting ready to do.

I got a replacement fender for my truck from a salvage yard and the bottom exterior (small spot) has been sandblasted from dirt roads so the paint is missing. The paint is flaked off around the bend enough to where it will be visible when the fender is installed. I plan to sand off the rust and paint it. I'm not expecting it to come out perfect, just want it to not stand out at a glance, but I'll try to make it look good and hopefully learn something in the process. I was wondering:
  1. What's the best way to hide the edge of the flaked paint? Scrape to make sure nothing else is loose then add filler to feather the height difference, or sand and feather the existing paint?
  2. Any sanding tips to remove/feather paint? I did some other work recently and tried sanding down to metal with 60 grit diablo and didn't get anywhere fast with my orbital sander. Lots of clogging and worn out discs iirc.
  3. I've watched some repair videos and saw some use sealer. When is it appropriate to use sealer?
  4. I've seen that Orielly's or Advanced auto will mix paint to match. Is it any good? What about their clear? There's a Napa in my small town too I could check with. I repaired the rusted out rear wheel arches recently and sprayed them with duplicolor 'exact match' rattle cans and it wasn't even in the same ballpark. It's like dark gray instead of black. Looks like crap just because the color difference. I'll respray those too if I can get some paint that is actually close to a match. Paint code GM U8555 for reference.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.05.25 17:57 NowThisIsCrazy What rotor brands are good and what should be avoided?

Local orielly sells rotors for almost $100 each. Amazon has them as low as $34. I don’t mind spending more but think $100 is too much. For 2013 Camry.
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2023.05.24 06:05 Brianearlspilner69 How are Melling valves?

I need these valves asap and Orielly can get them for me tomorrow. I usually only go gm parts for something important like this. Thoughts? 97 Tahoe
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2023.05.22 01:22 bloodlustbison need help (IAT sensor)

I got a 99 ford econoline v6 e150 and check engine light came on, well actually the "service engine soon". Took it to a mechanic and they had the air mass flow sensor replaced, but it somehow made it worse and payed way too much. Now im starting to learn more on vehicles.. I took it to oriellys and the obd2 scan popped up:
[intake air temperature sensor 1 circuit high input]
So I went and bought the part, 30$ and i saw how simple it was to install on different vehicles and same vehicle but different year. I cannot find it anywhere on my van. I checked several videos, asked people, I inspected the entirety of the intake system and its not there. Read a few forums that for this vehicle it may be that the MAS and IAT are a 2 in one time thing. I inspected the MAS and it looked new and clean. I'm honestly stumped on this anyone know whats up?
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2023.05.21 07:21 Dazzling-Struggle671 Windshield wipers

Windshield wipers
Random question does anyone know what size or the model number are the the windshield wipers on a 2011 a6 Quattro 3.0t. I tried AutoZone and orielly but non of the brands could fit? I wanted to know if anyone could help!
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2023.05.21 04:35 FunTripsToUS Gasoline Fuel Transfer pump

I need to transfer 20 gallons of Gasoline from one car's tank to another. This product seems perfect: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09TR9LCL3 and this seems like something that's more automated: https://www.amazon.com/Orion-Motor-Tech-Transferring-Transformedp/B019ZD3R52
I was just wondering if a store like Walmart or something has a similar device in store?
The closest I could find was https://www.walmart.com/ip/Oil-Pump-Fuel-Fluid-Extractor-Electric-Transfer-Pump-Motor-for-Car-Boat-12V/721712619 but doesn't look to be in store
Otherwise if stores like ORielly or AZ rent transfer pumps for these situations, that works too!
I'm in San Diego
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2023.05.16 02:35 Hairy_Excuse8937 What is the Appeal of Tucker Carlson?

I don't like Conservative pundits but I usually have some understanding of how they appeal to people. Tim Pool and Ben Shapiro is for edgy internet kids who fancy themselves hyper logical, Alex Jones investigates the cosmos and the deep state, Steven Crowder does comedy, Sean Hannity is a Jock, Bill O'Rielly is the Irishman from a time when men where men, Rush Limbaugh was out of control, Jordan Peterson is an intellectual, Matt Walsh saves children, etc.
Tucker Carlson on the other hand, the biggest one of them all, just seems like such an obvious whiny rich weasel. One minute he's looking comically serious, the next he's making his goofy disingenuous laugh. It's just always seemed bizarre to me that of all the conservative personalities in the world he rose to the top. Is it simply that he got Bill O'Rielly's time slot and most of the others are on the internet or OAN.
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2023.05.04 16:16 ProfessorCaptain 2017 Grandsport - CEL P0011

Looking for anyone who knows what this code may be caused by and if its possible to fix it myself. I am thinking if its a sensor or position solenoid it might be doable myself and avoid a trip to the dealer. Nothing against the dealer I just like to fix my own cars whenever possible.
2017 Grandsport LT1 6.2L v8 - code text is: "Intake Camshaft Position System Performance DTC Severity 2 of 3"
Brief backstory:
car has 30k miles
oil level is good and has less than 500 miles on it
Motor and tune is 100% stock
i went to a track event a few weeks ago, everything was great and since then has been fine.
popped a CEL backing out of my driveway today, despite this car started, ran and sounded normal, went to oriellys to scan the code and found this. went home and garaged it
ive tried to read up on the code and i haven't noticed any of the other listed symptoms such as running rough, stalling, crank but no start, and others. i have no symptoms, at least not yet, except the CEL
i found this and thought that might be a good place to start - any thoughts?
bonus question: what is the best chevy dealer in southeast michigan? haha
thank you
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2023.05.04 16:04 ProfessorCaptain 2017 Corvette Grandsport - CEL P0011

Looking for anyone who knows what this code may be caused by and if its possible to fix it myself. I am thinking if its a sensor or position solenoid it might be doable myself and avoid a trip to the dealer. Nothing against the dealer I just like to fix my own cars whenever possible.
2017 Grandsport LT1 6.2L v8 - code text is: "Intake Camshaft Position System Performance DTC Severity 2 of 3"
Brief backstory:
car has 30k miles
oil level is good and has less than 500 miles on it
Motor and tune is 100% stock
i went to a track event a few weeks ago, everything was great and since then has been fine.
popped a CEL backing out of my driveway today, despite this car started, ran and sounded normal, went to oriellys to scan the code and found this. went home and garaged it
ive tried to read up on the code and i haven't noticed any of the other listed symptoms such as running rough, stalling, crank but no start, and others. i have no symptoms, at least not yet, except the CEL
i found this and thought that might be a good place to start - any thoughts?
bonus question: what is the best chevy dealer in southeast michigan? haha
thank you
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2023.04.30 05:58 Comfortable_Bend9175 Shoutout to Dubas and Keefe

Jobs not done, but Keefe didn't get outcoached, and Dubas iced the best roster we have seen in years. Every year we wonder how we can improve over the previous year with this shitty flat cap, and every year Dubas and Co bring in absolute beauties like Schenn, Gio Orielly, etc.
Keefe going to 11/7 tonight was genius, and dropping Holl must have been difficult but it made a huge impact. Great job to Keefe for adapting, changing lines when things weren't working, and being willing to adapt.
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2023.04.28 20:25 world_citizen7 Bunting and the game 6 lineup - what are your thoughts?

Bunting deserves to be in the lineup, he has been a damn good player for them for 2 years. The narrative shouldnt change over a small sample bad stretch or the recent suspension. Keep in mind he will be super motivated to prove everyone wrong and also this is his contract year. I would like to see the following:
Bunting - AM - Marner (this has worked like magic for most of their time together)
Calle - JT - Nylander (JARNKROK can bring some balance to this line)
Knies - O'rielly - Acciari (Love Knies and O'rielly together)
Kerfoot - KAMPF - Lafferty or ZAR
Also, Holl out and Lily in - please!!
What would be your ideal lineup for game 6??
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2023.04.26 19:28 GoboWarchief Help Identify 93’ Camaro Radiator Plug

Help Identify 93’ Camaro Radiator Plug
Oriellys doesn’t have the correct listing for my 1993 Camaro Z28 5.7L, I purchased their listed plug and it’s much too large and doesn’t fit the hole. This is what it looks like (kinda, I broke the shit out of it). Any help where I can find one of these would be very appreciated.
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2023.04.26 16:17 aliparpar What would you love to learn in an intermediate / advanced FastAPI book?

I'm in the process of drafting a book that I am hoping to publish with O'rielly covering mostly intermediate and advanced topics with FastAPI. I have been going through the past posts of the community to understand what kind of problems everyone is having and trying to solve with FastAPI and put together a book that actually you would love to read.
I was just wondering if this is something that interests you and what sort of concepts and topics would you love to learn more about in a structured book.
I know other books on the market have a lot of padding on teaching basics of Python and FastAPI that are mostly covered by the official docs. I would like to cover bits and bobs that are more advanced and mostly fill the book with higher level concepts such as how to architect large FastAPI projects, building and deploying microservices, handling multiple file uploads, streaming AI model outputs into web browsers etc. Basically I want to give reader epiphanies when they're working on their own prod-level projects.
The best advanced FastAPI I found is covering some of these topics but it's quite dated now in technology years - going back to 2021:
I was just interested in hearing your opinions on this. Thank you :)
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2023.04.23 04:10 ThrowRAgreeble-Rough I have a 2005 Scion xb with the check engine light on.

I went to oriellys to get it checked out and I think they said it was a problem with the catalyst converter (I couldn't hear him very well). What do I have to do to fix it and how much would it cost? Previously, I had to replace the alternator and shortly after that the spark plugs.
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2023.04.21 02:08 screw_all_the_names New starter won't engage.

So recently the starter in my 1990 NA started going out. So naturally we got a new one and installed it.
After installing it, we have no engagement at all. I took it out, went to my local advance auto parts, and tested it, alongside the old one, both of them tested good. We got 2nd new one from Oriellys, same thing.
Our battery is testing at 12 6 bolts with a multimeter, we tried jumping it off with a jump pack, as well as my buddy's 2017 jeep Cherokee.
The hot line on the starter has 12v and when we attempt to turn it over, it only drops .2 volts. The signal wire on the starter has 6.8v with the key on, it again only drops about .2v when actually attempting to start it.
I don't think it's the clutch neutral switch, when we turn the key over without the clutch pressed, we got nothing, obviously, when we press the clutch in and turn the key, the fuel pump runs.
We broke the main ignition fuse trying to check it, so we got a brand new fuse.
We attempted to jump the main starter power terminal with the signal wire connector. This got us the closest, it tried to turn the starter over for a fraction of a second, even holding the screwdriver between the 2 for several seconds.
Battery cables are tight and not corroded. Main starter wire is tight, the bolt goes through the bell housing of the trans, so there's no way it's not grounded, right?
We've talked to a bunch of mechanic minded friends, and looked through like a dozen forums. I've got a new ignition switch on the way, although I don't have any hope that that is the problem.
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, we were intending to take this car to a drift event on the 29th, we installed all new bushings on the diff and suspension, welded the diff and were really excited. Again, thank you.
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2023.04.15 06:31 Due-Huckleberry7200 Recommendation needed - disabled and in school

I need a tablet for school - specifically to read pdf ebooks.
I have technical type books - think Orielly and Tableaux Strategies. Hands on step by step instruction manuals to walk thru exercises as I practice using the software.
What’s the best size for me?
I want something I can use a usb drive to load the books to the tablet from my pc. I don’t have ability to use cloud for transferring items from my pc to the tablet.
Any recommendations would be very helpful. I’m not good with technology specs and often I buy things that don’t work for me.
Thank you for the assistance!
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2023.04.13 04:54 Relevant-Kiwi-8810 slammed on brakes now brake/abs/TC light is on

A douche in a Prius pulled in front of me, I slammed on my brakes really hard, now my abs, brake, and t/c light are on, it's a 2004 grand prix gtp, got it scanned at oriellys and they said to replace my front wheel speed sensors, does that sound right or could it be something else
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2023.04.09 16:12 AnySolution2972 SOS

Anyone know where i can order ignition coils (in a pack of 4) for a saab 9-3? tried Autozone and O'riellys but they come separately for $112 each.
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2023.04.06 16:15 DapperDolphin2 Are Import Direct (O'Rielly) coil on plug boots acceptable?

I am replacing my spark plugs on my 2016 Mazda6, and my coil on plug boots as well. I try to buy from a reputable brand whenever possible, but the lead time on the NGK boots was too long, so I bought the O'Rielly house brand boots instead. I figure that since they're just a piece of rubber and a spring, the quality difference shouldn't matter much. Would you guys agree? Am I making a mistake, and should I delay the repair to get NGK brand boots?
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2023.03.31 19:46 Povyourblack Anyone know if the import direct axles from oriellys are good on our cars. I tried duralast from autozone and they made my car vibrate bad at like 20mph

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