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2023.06.02 20:51 LadyOfMelancholy I fucking hate humanity.

I can’t fucking stand it anymore. We’re never going to be accepted by the world. I hate humanity so goddamned much. The vast majority of humans are either vile and hateful transphobes or apathetic because they don’t give a shit what happens to us. If most cis people dropped dead right now I wouldnt even shed a tear.
I used to be so emphatic and wanted humanity to prosper and be happy. Now I’m a jaded, bitter misanthrope. This world has pretty much destroyed my soul. I’m pretty much a recluse and never go outside unless necessary. I can’t stand seeing and interacting with other humans because in my mind I know they would despise me if they knew I was trans.
I missed who I used to be. I missed the me that actually cared about people and could see the good in them. But that part of me seems like it has died and now I can’t help but despise and hate the human race. If hell existed than the vast majority of the world deserves to burn there for eternity. This world has corrupted me and now I am just as hate filled and evil as the bigoted scum that ruLe this world.
I don’t understand how y’all can be so kind and hopeful in the face of the world. I truly envy all of y’all who can remain good hearted and kind in the face of this godforsaken excuse of a sapient species. I’m not as strong as y’all. I’m too weak for that. I hate and fear what I have become. I’m too much of a coward to kill myself so I just wait for the day I can finally close my eyes for the last time. I can’t recover from this. I hate the world and I hate the cis.
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2023.06.02 20:51 gorgonzola2104 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Trilogy Insanity Run: After Action Report

I am collecting my thoughts after completing all three Insanity trophies for Legendary Edition. These were the last trophies between me and completing all available trophies for ME: LE. And I have to admit I have been avoiding them since May 2021. These games' draw was always the characters and storytelling, not the combat difficulty. The frustration of more punishing combat never seemed worth the effort, but my desire to see 100% trophy completion across the board for Legendary Edition finally outweighed my hesitation.
Reddit posts from the last decade gave me the strategies and advice I needed to make it through, so I wanted to give back and add to that collective wisdom for anyone else sizing up this challenge. Read on for strategies, build advice, and squadmate advice.

Overall Notes
Each of the installments of Mass Effect presents its own unique hurdles on Insanity difficulty, but there are general pieces of advice that I found useful across all three games.
  1. Bonus powers matter. I recommend doing your Insanity runs after having unlocked any bonus powers you want in your build. So your Insanity run will likely not be your first outing with the Mass Effect trilogy.
  2. ABS - Always Be Saving. Having to re-do hard encounters because the game glitched out and your last save was a half-hour ago wears on the psyche. Having recent saves to back out to if your squad isn’t up to a particular challenge is also helpful.
  3. Treat combat like it’s turn-based. Your ability to bring up the power wheel to stop time, aim, and plan power usage will be key to completing combat encounters. Remember the acronym C.A.S.H: Cover, Abilities, Shooting, Heal. This loop will keep you alive and moving.
  4. Command your squad. Your companions are amazing characters. Their combat AI, on the other hand, ranges from dense to outright suicidal. Use the option in settings to make sure your companions only use abilities on your orders. If you aren’t commanding your squad, your enemies will chew you up, spit you out, and sell you to Batarian slavers before the Critical Mission Failure screen can load.

Check out these links for deep dives into each game.
Mass Effect 1: A New Spectre
Mass Effect 2: Harbinger Strikes Back
Mass Effect 3: Return of the Commander

Final Thoughts
I am super happy that I bagged the Insanity trophies for Legendary Edition. I don’t intend to repeat the feat whenever I next board the Normandy, but I feel fulfilled in having risen to the highest level of combat challenge Mass Effect had to offer. If you want to complete your own Insanity run; go for it, you have an internet full of N7 veterans ready to cheer you on to victory!
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2023.06.02 20:50 ExitAcceptable Haven’t eaten yet today. Don’t know how to manage 1300 with my lifestyle

I’m struggling with depression around my weight gain. I’ve slowly put on about 20-25lb in the last 5 years. I’ve been in a cycle of telling myself I’ll “start Monday” but because of how my life is structured I just find myself sliding back into old habits all the time.
I live in a busy food/beverage mecca, I have friends and family visiting the city near constantly. I am partnered with someone who works a very high stress job with long hours, who loves to unwind with a burger and beer out and about. It feels like every single weekend and most weeknights I’m either obligated to, or am tempted to, go out for dinner and drinks. I can usually order a salad and stick to one or two drinks but let’s be honest… that alone is probably 1300 calories
My calorie deficit based on my stats is 1300 cals a day, aiming to lose a pound a week. I haven’t been able to lose weight in years. I’ve basically been halfway in this entire 5 year period. I’ve never had to lose 10lb let alone 20lb and I just feel overwhelmed.
I have a friend coming to visit for a long weekend. A college friend who is honestly a heavy drinker and wants to experience the town. I felt like I couldn’t say no because she initiated the visit, wanted to make the trip and I haven’t seen her in probably a year.
I feel hopeless to make any changes. It’s 3pm where I am and she’s arriving soon and I’ve basically decided not to eat at all so I can try to limit the number of calories I’m bound to consume this weekend. Everything feels hard… changing my lifestyle feels hard, sticking to a measly 1300 calories feels hard. I hate how much mental energy this is consuming. It’s stealing my happiness
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2023.06.02 20:50 youdontknowme-2000 I’m tired of this thoughts just going trough my head

I hate myself I hate how I look I hate how I am I hate how I sound. I hate that I’m not able to be happy I hate that I have to force myself to do things I hate that I have to force a smile on my face I hate how I feel and I definitely hate my self I hate that the only way I can feel something is when I’m horny I hate that day by day I feel worse I hate how I don’t find pleasure in stuff anymore and I hate how my head make me feel
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2023.06.02 20:50 OkSoup16 Wife finally came out as bi

M (29) So i’ve been with my wife (F29) since we were 13, married since we were 23. She finally came out to me about 1.5 month ago, even though i’ve known since she was 18 that she found women attractive. I’m really proud of her for finally acknowledging it & our relationship has blossomed because of it & our ability to have much deeper and open conversations about ourselves.
Its only been about a 1.5 months, but i’ve already known i was fine with her exploring herself outside of our marriage. Like i said, i’ve known she was bisexual for a decade, and I already knew i’d be okay with her exploring her sexuality. She lived in a bigoted household & our friends weren’t accepting of that lifestyle, and at first she had said that “if i died she would then explore her sexuality” but i don’t want to feel like i’m holding her back from experiencing life for potentially her entire life, if she were to pass before me. And i genuinely want her happy, it makes me so happy when she’s happy. 😊
This month we’ll be going to our first pride event together, and i’m so happy to support her.
Questions: - What should i wear as a CIS straight ally? I don’t wanna send wrong message or offend anyone at the pride event by wearing something inappropriate.
Thanks, and hope this post doesn’t ruffle feathers or offend anyone.
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2023.06.02 20:50 fools_set_the_rules [L]The cat I was taking care of was taken by someone else and will never see him again.

I was taking care of this stray cat, feeding him everyday and all, he lived down the street. I couldn't take him in, I was living in a small room almost like a storage, he would have been miserable. So I worked more to afford to get a big place and take him in.
Well around January he disappeared. There was also some bad weather so I was worried something happened to him. Kept looking for him, Pawboost.com, flyers, etc. About a month ago someone messaged me on Pawboost that they had him and showed me pics. I was so happy until the person told me that he has a lot of health issues from heart issues to kidney issues and how herself has been covering all of the vet bills and all. I told her I wanted to see him and help with what I can and she ignored me!
I still cannot get over it and I am depressed. I seriously hate that person that she wouldn't even let me see the cat I was helping.
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2023.06.02 20:50 Atmosphere-Federal I live in a constant daydream.

I am always thinking, so much so that im not quite sure if or when iam present in reality. I mostly think about a book id like to write, have imaginary conversations (usually more like monologues) with coworkers, therapist, podcast host etc.
But I also noticed recently that sometimes i do this and am in a dream state. Ill find that i feel particularly happy or sad for no reason and if i can catch the thoughts quickly I understand why it was affecting my mood, if not i forget them like a dream. So far ive noticed these are convos where someone is affirming positive things about me or talking negatively behind my back.
I noticed a long time ago i was doing something like this to feel empathy (self pity maybe u could call it). But I had thought i stopped and never realized Id do it to boost my ego or express negative feelings through it. Its also hard to know how often im doing this, or if this isnt just how everyone thinks and i think too deeply about my thoughts. Anyone have anything similar?
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2023.06.02 20:50 cmabromley Parents more concerned about losing a free dog-sitter rather than supporting their daughter

Heard this story yesterday and I'm still angry.
For some context, our parents came into some money relatively recently so have taken the opportunity to explore the world (they have been away 2/3 times already this year with a couple more booked later in the year).
Since my sister (20, F) and I (23, F) don't live at home (me renting with my partner, sister at university), I understand that they are taking the chance to go away and enjoy themselves. The issue comes in the fact that they book these trips spontaneously and expect me or my sister to drop any plans we have at the last minute to look after their 2 year old puppy.
My sister has recently finished her second year of university and is working as much as she can to save up for her next term. She lives an hour away by train and with recent strikes it can be difficult to come home.
Last week, she applied for a second job to earn as much money as possible over the summer (anybody in the UK knows how hard it is at the minute!). She told me yesterday that she was successful and is due to start at the end of the month. I was very happy for her and started making plans to go up and see her (gotta abuse those discounts!).
Our parents weren't as enthusiastic.
Instead of congratulating her, the first words out of their mouths was "who is going to look after our dog when we go away?".
I got so angry. They have become so selfish since they have come into this money- they don't even cover the rail funds for my sister to come home- they think they can exploit her to dog-sit for free.
Whilst this may not be the most entitled situation compared to what I've seen on this sub, I needed to rant.
TL:DR- sister at university got a second job to save money to live on for next term. Parents annoyed that they are losing their free dog-sitter instead of congratulating or supporting her in any way
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2023.06.02 20:50 jjangnoah Store picks at secondary price?

I came across this new liquor shop near me. They had every tater bottle exactly at the secondary prices (Stagg $300, Weller FP $300 so on), which does not surprise me one bit, but they had eagle rare store pick at $80? Never seen a store pick at secondary prices. Is this normal?
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2023.06.02 20:49 BackJurden [FT] 7th Continent w/ expansions, Blume, Dinosaur Island bundle, Lawyer Up w/ expansions, Newton, and more! [W] The Cost, Heat: Pedal to the Metal, Obsession 2nd Edition, Sheriff of Nottingham Merry Men (1e) and promos, and more! [Loc] Baltimore, MD 21201

Board games for trade. Would trade locally or nationally. Located in Baltimore, MD 21201. Highly motivated to move these. Everything is in excellent condition unless said otherwise:
1861: Railways of the Russian Empire & 1867: Railways of Canada (Opened but unplayed)
1960: The Making of the President (GMT Edition)
The 7th Continent w/ Swamp of Madness, Forbidden Sanctuary, The Icy Maze, and What Goes Up, Must Come Down (unplayed)
Architects of the West Kingdom
Axis & Allies 1941
Axis & Allies Pacific 1940
Azul Summer Pavilion w/ Glazed Pavilion (all in base box)
Baseball Highlights: 2045 w/ Coaches, Cyborg Pitchers, Naturals & Magna Glove, Rally Cap, and Robot Hitters expansions (all in same box)
Campaign Manager 2008
The Captain is Dead
ClipCut Parks (unplayed)
Container: 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition!
Dinosaur Island (X-treme Edition)
Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid (w/ unbuilt Broken Token insert)
Disney Villainous w/ Evil Comes Prepared and Wicked to the Core (all in base box)
Dogs (KS edition)
Dokmus and Dokums: Return of Erefel (Both housed in base box)
Fog of Love w/ It Will Never Last, Paranormal Romance, and Trouble with the In-Laws
Go (9x9 board with white and black stones)
La Granja: No Siesta
Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky (comes with an additional pad; possible promo/expansion?)
Lawyer Up w/ Godfather and Witch Trial expansions (unplayed)
Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares
Imperial (minor wear on box)
The Manhattan Project 2: Minutes to Midnight
Marvel United w/ Dr. Strange (NIS)
Mint Delivery
Mint Works
Mission Red Planet (2nd Edition)
Monopoly: Franklin Mint Collector's Edition (Has some fading on the felt due to sun damage. Many components/cards/money still in shrink)
The Pursuit of Happiness (Box is damaged badly [ding and dent sale] but components are great. Crushed corners and caved in bottom)
Ride the Rails
Saloon Tycoon w/ Boomtown, Dead or Alive, and The Ranch expansions (All stored in base box, general wear from age)
Scotland Yard
SeaFall (Opened but never played)
Shark (Slight wear on box due to age)
Sidereal Confluence (newer edition)
So, You've Been Eaten (KS edition)
SpaceCorp: 2025-2300AD
SpaceCorp: Ventures
Stop the Train! (Unplayed)
Tail Feathers (Some figures have been painted; can provide pics if interested)
Tiny Epic Tactics
Tiny Epic Western
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31
Under Falling Skies (Opened but unplayed)
Whistle Stop
Who Goes There? (1st Edition)
The Monopoly set will more than likely have to be a local deal. I just haven't been able to find a box that would fit it.
Here is my want list. I am most interested in the following (and can even out value with $$$ if necessary):
The Cost
Crokinole board
Heat: Pedal to the Metal
Obsession 2nd Edition
Great Western Trail 2nd Edition
Tumblin' Dice 4th Edition
Monikers expansions (More Monikers & Serious Nonsense)
Western Legends: Blood Money
Sheriff of Nottingham promos and Merry Men expansion (first edition)
Kids Games
Giro Galoppo
Loopin Louie (or an offshoot)
Monza Anniversary Edition
Ticket to Ride Ghost Train
Let me know if you have any questions!
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2023.06.02 20:49 Connor1Bane1 Hermitcraft-like SMP - No world reset, tight-knit community

Hello all. I own a Java SMP, currently on 1.19.3. Message me here or on discord for invite, Connor1Bane1#2788. If you are looking for a server that will never reset the world, in which players will actually help and interact with you, this server is for you. We have a small community of players (usually about 4-8 players online) with some really good people who actually care about the game. Don’t you hate joining a server that’s bloated with plugins, an inflated economy, and 100 players online that won’t even respond to your questions? That is the opposite of this server, and we have a lot to offer, including: -a unique and well-thought out economy setup with player shops -a friendly player-base of cool people 18+ -a competent host and admins who aren’t ban-happy but run the server efficiently -a fair, unique experience where your input matters and the game is very close to vanilla survival, save for a few QOL plugins -really cool builds and redstone farms Some of the features we have on this server are a bustling town, factories that produce iron, rockets, villagers and other materials, a world tree, shopping district, and many other aesthetic and functional builds. We need players that will contribute to the world but also chart out their own path. If this server is up your alley, let me know!
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2023.06.02 20:49 letthedecodebegin Album order - any thoughts?

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2023.06.02 20:49 sippinandshoppin Midwife, OB or both?

Hi Everyone,
Long time commenter but first time poster. I am a FTM 23+3 right now and overall have been very happy with my OB. I was just talking with my insurance company though about all pregnancy services that I am covered for and one of them was a midwife (but not a doula).
I am a bit confused on benefits of one vs the other (midwife vs OB), or if using both is common? What will the midwife do that the OB won't? I also like the hospital near me (it's is pretty progressive already) so I don't think I want to switch to a birthing center (although this is also covered), so can a midwife be there with an OB or instead of?
Overall, I just want to make sure that I am making the right decision for me but also taking advantage of everything my insurance has to offer (I mean we pay for this stuff so might as well use it!).
And if you all haven't already, all I did was chat with my insurance company (Cigna) and ask them for a list of everything covered under pregnancy and they sent me it all so now I am investing each benefit and encourage you all to do the same!

Thanks for all the tips and help! This group has already helped me so much in my pregnancy journey!
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2023.06.02 20:49 iSucc_Pen15 WIBTAH for staying in the house I rent?

TLDR: My best friends boyfriend was potentially disloyal and we all live together; I don’t want to move out but I don’t want to lose my friend either.
Okay so this all happened literally like the day before yesterday. I’ll try to keep it short.
While my best friend was at work, her boyfriend brought over a drunk woman and I heard her moaning in a way that made it sound like they were doing the deed. I recorded it from my room in the basement and showed it to my best friend when she got home.
I’m fairly certain they’re going to break up and she’s going to move out. She asked me what I’m going to do and I said I have nowhere else to go, but it’s clear that she doesn’t want me to stay here. The thing is, I’m really happy here and I’ve made it a home for myself, plus I just moved in here less than 6 months ago and I really don’t want to pack up and move AGAIN. I have no idea where I’d even go if I did move, as rent prices in my city are impossible for me to pay. If she moves out I’ll struggle but I know I can afford it if I budget well enough. I just don’t want her to think I’m a bad person for staying in the house with him and get cut off for it.
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2023.06.02 20:48 jackiebx1 Advice Appreciated: Trouble Scheduling Therapy

Hi. I've been seeking in-person therapy for quite a while now (suicidal thoughts) through my company's EAP resources/insurance and I'm finding it extremely difficult to get ahold of anyone with the phone numbers on the list. I understand that a psychologist's role is to provide undivided attention and counseling to their patients so they can't be answering calls willy nilly but I'm finding it near impossible to get anything scheduled and I'm getting discouraged to the point where I just want to give up. Half of them don't even have an email listed for me to contact.
Do psychologists generally not have a receptionist like dentists do? Do you have any advice on how to get something scheduled or can you let me know what I'm doing wrong?
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2023.06.02 20:48 BrodyCaker Am I Demisexual?

Hey there, and happy Pride month everyone! In honor of Prolide I usually will educate myself of the different spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community and for some reason this year I have felt more and more closer with Demisexualality. And I have for the past couple of months thought about it and looked back into past relationships and such to figure out how those attractions happened.
Here was what had happened:
1st person: had a great connection emotional and desired sex with the person, but when the person wasn't on the same level and I still desired it then it didn't feel rhe same or great anymore.
2nd person: had a really nice emotional connection with them in the beginning but then when it came to sex it was really amazing. But then when it came to her wanting to do it more it almost made me stop desiring or wanting it because I felt she was only doing it for my desire and not because of us mutually enjoying it.
3rd persom: Was my first one night stand, but before it happened we had talked for a few months and got an emotional connection to each ither and when we had sex it was amazing but then after they didn't feel the same anymore and it left me sad and disheartened.
4th person: Same thing it was great at the beginning but I felt not as emotional attracted later on as things were not ok with us emotional further in the relationship and when we did things it was either for my pleasure or there's and just for doing the deed and not having that mutual connection.
I've also had tons of crushing on friend's and have thought about sex with them before as well but never have acted on it. The thought of one night's stands or hookup culture confuses me but I am aroused by the idea of it sometimes. But idk I'm very confused and questioning everything about Demisexualality.
Can someone please help and answer I'd I'm Demisexual or not? Or can offer more guidance on this.
I appreciate you all and have an amazing week!
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2023.06.02 20:47 liam-donoma without // with

without // with
(I sure wish I didn't hate how I look bald, especially since I haven't had the energy to maintain wearing a system right now 🥲)
Wanted to share another system from LaVivid! This is the "Simois", which is a lace base with 1in thin skin around the perimeter, and 1/2in lace in the front! The color is dark ash blonde and size is 7x9. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I wanted to switch things up!
I chose lace to have something more breathable in the summer months. It feels great and is lightweight! The hair is a bit thinner than I was expecting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. My previous system was a little too thick, tbh, anyway. I'd say that the knots look good, a definite plus of getting a blonde system. There are some that are a little more noticeable than others, but it doesn't bother me. I know it's nearly impossible to get them completely undetectable without causing damage. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It comes as a longer length, btw, but I always get my partner to cut it for me.
I've had 3 different systems from LaVivid and have been very pleased with each!
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2023.06.02 20:47 mcdeekey [Thank you] for your birthday wishes!

Thank you very much to all of you. So many wonderful birthday greetings have reached me. I was really very happy about it. I had a really great day with my family and too much cake. I wish you all a wonderful day! And thank you for thinking of me and giving me a smile!
u/ProgrammerBig6254 thank you for your lovely card and the reciep! I will definitely try them. Sounds tasty.
u/ninajyang thank you for your card and the small cute stickers! Love it!
u/non_avian thank you for your card and your street photos! It would be really interesting to know what was your thinking behind them. They are great!
u/FeistyBlizzard thank you for your card and yes I feel really supported by the RAoC Community. Happy to be here.
u/stephkempf thank you for you cute birthday card and your greetings!
u/travel4me22 thank you for your handmade card. That was really nice to receive.
u/Klutzy_Effective8600 thank you so much for your greetings. I had a wonderful day with my friends and family.
u/likablelobster vielen lieben Dank für deine Geburtstagsgrußkarte und das Washi Tape. Mega cool! da gibt es echt so geile davon. u/Lethbridge-Totty thank you for your card. I love the humble bee stickers and the humble bee washi tape! Amazing!
u/KK6321 thank you for your card and the cute stickers. Love them all.
u/chibi_haiku thank you for your really big card and the small ones. Beautiful!
u/littlemermaidxx thanky you for your beautiful flower card! I love flowers! It was like a small bouquet of flowers for me.
u/rosiealeo1 x2 thank you for your birthday whises and the vintage postcard. Love the vintage one and the stickers on the other one!
u/MaeveTheBrave thank you for your wonderful card. And yes, i had a smile during reading the card! :)
u/ezw_ thank you for your wonderful Hawaii card. Perfect for my big day!
u/BlacksmithEquivalent thank you for your greetings and the cards! Yes, I had a lo of different cakes. I love cakes! Whats your fav. one?
u/RoxanneBarton thank you for your card and the cute stickers. Love them all.
u/GreetingCardShark thank you for your wishes and the tasty recipes. Really nice idea! Love it! Maybe I will try them.
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2023.06.02 20:47 ItsEsmeJones [M4F] Must Love Dogs Pt. 2 [Bi Dangerous Himbo Speaker][Mistreated Listener][First Date][Family Drama][SPICY][Flirting][Cuddles][Kissing][Comfort][Slightly Escalating Yandere][Mild Angst][Stargazing][CW: Mentions of Drug Use/Narcissistic Family]

Part 1
Context: You are one of a set of twins, and your family has never made it hidden that they like your brother more. You've been mistreated most of your life, but you'd hoped you could have one birthday celebration on your terms. Naturally, your brother has ruined your night. It seems like someone besides you might have taken offense to that... and did something about it. You couldn't help but repay him with a date.
Setting: An overlook in the forest
Tags:[M4F][Bi Dangerous Himbo Speaker][Mistreated Listener][First Date][Family Drama][SPICY][Flirting][Cuddles][Kissing][Comfort][Slightly Escalating Yandere][Mild Angst][Stargazing][CW: Mentions of Drug Use/Narcissistic Family]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the Script Directory
[Scene opens in an overlook in the forest]
[SFX: Forest ambiance and a car shutting off/shifting with excessive weight]
[Z] “Here we go! This is the overlook where I chill when my brain gets overloaded. I figured some peace after that loud-ass action movie and dinner might be nice.”
[He relaxes in the bed of his truck]
[Z] “C’mon, hop on up in the truck bed with me! The view is great.”
[He blushes]
[Z] “... I meant the… the stars… Yes. But, um, if you’re comfortable, you can sit with me.”
[You climb up next to him and settle in. The night sky is crystal clear]
[Z] “Huh? You can see Mercury?”
[You point up, moving closer to him so he can see]
[Z] “Really? That little blue dot is Mercury?... Damn.”
[Z] “...Is that dot something?”
[Z] “Oh… OH! So that’s the Big Dipper? Man, I thought it was just a bunch of dots!”
[He pauses as you shiver]
[Z] “Cold?”
[Z] “C’mere, I’ll wrap you in my jacket. That’ll keep you nice and warm.”
[You climb into his arms and rest against him. You didn’t expect to feel this comfortable so soon, but you chalk it up to the himbo energy]
[Z] “There we go… Just straddle my lap and rest. I’ll get ya warmed up.”
[Zach settles while you rest in his lap, nonchalant]
[Z] “...Want to hear the funniest thing ever?”
[He grins]
[Z] “Your brother totally offered to sleep with me if I let him off the hook. I looked him up and down and said, ‘Mmh, nah. I don’t do uneven transactions that aren’t in my favor’.”
[You didn’t think you could laugh that hard but there it is]
[Z, with a chuckle] “Yeah, I’ve never seen the man deflate like that. Fucker usually talks a big game but the second I came after him, it was-”.
[He puts on a mocking voice]
[Z] “‘Oh no, Mister Zach! Pwease don’t hurt me! Twas only a little bit of the Devil’s cabbage! I pwomise, I’m a good boy!’. Mmhm. Asshole is used to everyone gassing him up, making him feel he’s God’s gift to mankind.”
[Zach eases, rubbing your back gently]
[Z] “...I’m sorry you don’t have a good relationship with your twin. I don’t know a lot about twin bonds, or whatever, but it seems like it’d hurt a lot if your twin treated you like garbage and had your parents in on it as well.”
[Z] “...For what it’s worth, you’re definitely the hot one.”
[He gives you that fanged smile, half-feral and half-goofy]
[Z] “What am I meant to do?! I’ve been crazy over you since you smiled at me at the shelter…”
[SFX: Heartbeats]
[Your face grows heated. It’s just hit you that you’re in this giant of a man’s lap, palms on his chest]
[Z] “What’s so special about you…? Sweets, I am a BIG guy. Six foot nine, almost four hundred plus. That tends to spook people. It doesn’t help that I’ve got a reputation for swinging at anyone that presses me. Plus, you know, drug dealer?”
[Z] “Exactly! ‘You don’t judge!’. I sauntered in there with my hair hanging damned near to my ankles, looking like I should be looking for some dragon to summon for a wish, and you just smiled at me and said, ‘How can I help you, sir?’.”
[He lets his head flop back, looking up at the stars as though they’ve mystified him]
[Z] “...How you said ‘sir’... Do you know how confusing it is to be surrounded by adorable animals while staring at the pretty girl helping me pick one like I wanted to devour her? Pretty confusing. Tony was hanging out at my place when I brought HD home, saw the look on my face, and went, ‘OH SHIT, who got you simping?!’. Asshole… He right, though.”
[SFX: Escalated heartbeats]
[Zach smiles down at you. Dangerous. Sweet]
[Z] “...And then you asked me out. We came here to look at some stars, and you’re straddling my lap, palms on my chest, totally calm. Mmgh, it’s not fair! I promise I’m doing my best to behave and be a ‘gentleman’ but my dumb caveman is like: ‘Pretty lady. Throw on bed. Continue bloodline’.”
[You can’t help it and burst out laughing. He joins in pretty fast]
[Z] “Hehe… I’m glad you appreciate openness. I guess I just know what I want… Truth be told, Tony kept pushing me to go back and ask you out, and… I was scared. I’ve had the shit kicked out of me by life, friends, and family, but I’ve endured. But you… did something to me, just by treating me like I was any other person. So…”
[He leans forward, pressing you closer to him]
[SFX: Crazy heartbeats, oh no he’s hot]
[Z] “...I’m gonna kiss you for it. K?”
[He draws you in, gentle but insistent. The harshness of the mint on his tongue combined with the warmth of his body coats your brain in a fog]
[SFX: Smooching, if Lord Algorithm allows]
[He’s dangerous. You know that… but you can’t bring yourself to pull away]
[He grins again with a big old himbo blush]
[Z] “Sooo… how charming does a guy need to be to be considered boyfriend material?”
[Pause <3]
[He laughs]
[Z] “About my level, huh? That’s certainly convenient…”
[Z] “Hehe, no, I’m not gonna push further. I don’t want you to feel pressured, but… Not gonna lie, you keep being this perfect and I’m gonna have to take that necklace your brother stole off your Mom and smelt it down into a ring~”.
[His smile fades, replaced by a subtle but smoldering anger]
[Z] “...You want to pay me back for him so your Mom can get her heirloom back?”
[He shuts his eyes and sighs]
[Z] “... No need. I’ll just give it to you to hand off.”
[Z] “Sweets, I run my own business. I have plenty of money. It was about the principle of it, and Chris has HOPEFULLY learned not to screw around with people that could body him and not think twice about it.”
[SFX: The necklace rattling as he hands it to the Listener]
[Z] “Here…”
[Pause <3]
[Z] “Hey! Don’t say I’m a good person, you’ll ruin my whole image!”
[Pause <3]
[He laughs and gives you a little smooch on the crown]
[Z] “I’m glad you’ll keep my terrible secret~.”
[He pauses, smile fading]
[Z] “...Do me a favor, Sweets. You be careful when you give that back. Your brother… I’ve seen him in a state you haven’t. It’s not… one you should be present for. OK?”
[He tenses under you]
[Z] “...What do you mean when you say you’ve seen worse from him?”
[Z] “...OK. OK, we don’t gotta talk about it. But… You got my number. If he does something… If your family does something, you call me. OK?”
[Z] “Promise?”
[Pause <3]
[Z] “Good. Love you.”
[He leans back and shuts his eyes for nearly a solid minute before they pop back open in panic]
[Z] “I-I meant in a… A friendly way! Admiration! R-Respect… fuck.”
[You pat his chest and he relaxes]
[Z] “...You don’t judge. Heh… Good. C’mon, tell me more about the stars. I could listen to you talk forever…”
[SFX: Forest ambiance as the scene fades]
[To be continued]
Note: I couldn't help it, I had to write more of him.
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2023.06.02 20:47 livepokertheory Doug Polk Bluffs Into Tom Dwan's Boat - Piosolver Analysis

Doug Polk Bluffs Into Tom Dwan's Boat - Piosolver Analysis
My post looking at the LSG Hank vs Doug Polk bluff was well received , big thanks for the many kind words. Some people asked me to look at Doug’s bluff that ran into Dwan’s boat. I was also curious about this hand, especially from Dwan’s perspective as both the turn and the river seemed tricky and on the river Dwan was accused of running a nitroll against Doug, so I was especially curious to see what the solver does when deciding between call and jam with a middle full house facing a huge river overbet.
I’m happy to read feedback and criticisms around configurations, that’s why I’m sharing it. I don’t believe there is one final truth and half the fun is seeing how different assumptions change things. I also don’t believe that just because a solver plays a certain way implies it’s the one true and correct way to play. There are so many assumptions necessary, many of them will be wrong, compounded even more in a live setting with lots of live reads and dynamics like the standup game.
There’s a saying in stats/modeling, “all models are wrong, some are useful” which I think is very applicable to solver study.
This hand in particular was very sensitive to configuration, especially from Doug’s point of view where for all three streets, his decision depends a lot on the specific ranges they’re playing and bet sizing allowed.

Hand Summary

Quick hand summary, with 1M effective, Doug raises to 3k from the CO with 54s of spades. Dwan 3bets 77 to 14k from the SB, Doug calls. Flop is Kd7d2s, Dwan flops middle set, neither player has a diamond but Doug has backdoor spade draw. Dwan bets 15k (half pot), Doug calls, turn Doug picks up an open ended straight draw with the 6 of hearts. Dwan bets half pot again of 30k, Doug makes a pot-sized raise to 120k, Dwan tank-calls. River pairs the board with the 6 of spades, Dwan checks, overbets 420k with 5 high, Dwan tanks with his boat and another 600k effective behind but just calls. You can watch it here.

Note On Live Reads

Even though I mostly focus on solver work I wanted to quickly share my opinions on live reads. I think Doug did himself a disservice talking up how he was “coming to battle”. Dwan was the big winner of the night and he made almost all of his money with check-call lines. I think Doug wanted to impress fans, Wes wanted to shake the nit reputation, and both of them had reasonable hands to bluff with but also reasonable hands to slow down with with and they both went with the more aggro line and I suspect Dwan was ready for that to happen.
In this hand Wes also saw Doug’s hand and said “I like that hand” which sounds like something someone would say for a cute suited connector, not pocket Kings. Doug wants to shake the image of a try-hard pro and be a fun business guy who's good for the game but he may have paid a price to do that in this game.
Dwan is not a solver player but he's an extremely analytical players who understands how to beat "the meta" and I think he had both individual live reads in this session but also some ideas on how to adjust to the general attitudes of the players coming into this game.

The Ranges

Dwan 3bet from the SB so we are giving him a wide range with all the good hands plus lots of suited big cards, and some suited connectors some offsuit broadways.


Doug just calls in position, he was ready to battle plus standup may be on so we give him all the pairs, most suited connectors and some suited one-gappers, lots of broadway hand and some suited gappers.

I gave Doug 10% KK but I have such a hard time imagining ever flatting KK here. Of course KK ends up being a highly relevant combo later in the hand.

The Flop

On the flop Dwan is checking about half the time and betting about half the time, the smaller sizing is preferred by the solver. His sets of sevens leans towards preferring a bet as plenty of top pair and flush draws can call it, and Dwan does bet it.
Doug’s response here I found to be highly sensitive to the specific ranges and bet sizes we allow. In almost all of them, fold, call, or raise are all reasonable options (appropriate for Doug).
In my favorite configuration, he mostly just calls. Some people are really surprised by these loose flop calls. There’s two things people are missing. First, if you give up to small flop bets too easily, you can be run over since they have way too good a price to just bluff with any two cards. This is part of the reason small bets are so effective live is many players don’t know how to adjust against different bet sizes.
The other big factor to consider is that when you’re super deep, it matters less if you have a strong hand now and more if you will have a very strong hand on the river. If Doug made a sneaky backdoor straight against Dwan’s set, he could have coolered him for a massive pot.


The Turn - Doug's Decision to Bluff Raise

On the turn, Dwan is again mixing mostly bets and checks and his sevens is a that hand can go either way. The point of checking is mostly because you have a lot of one pair of Kings weak kicker, that want to get to showdown. To protect those hands from being bluffed, you check-raise some sets. Dwan decided to lead again for half pot though. The solver does size up more often but half pot is ok and the same EV.
For Doug, once again I want to emphasize this spot is highly sensitive to configuration but in the one I thought was best, his open ended is a pure call and his combo draw is a raise.

Doug already has a lot of bluffs with diamond draws. However if you only bluff with flush draws, you have no bluffs on a flush-completing river so, I originally thought his raise makes sense. But, he also needs some bluffs on diamond river when he just calls. For raising on this turn as a bluff, most of the bluffs that piosolver likes are actually turning a mid-pair 7 into a bluff with hands like 87 and 97, which do block 77 and Dwan’s good straight draws. Pio also bluffs with pair + flush draw hands (which turns out to be relevant for Dwan's river deisions).
Doug also just calls with some diamonds draw with the good price , so 54 of spades can be a river bluff after a just-call when the diamonds arrive.
Overall, I think Doug has plenty of bluffs on this turn and this was not the ideal combo choice since there were better options and it plays fine as a just-call.
Again, a lot of subtle details can effect the mechanics of the solver’s favorite combos to bluff with. So I’m not saying was wrong to raise here. But, he has a really strong, sneaky draw and if he just calls and hits a gin straight on the river, it would be really hard for Dwan to not pay Doug off. Dwan also gave Doug good enough odds to just call. But instead of taking a good price for a river card, he bloated the pot while still a big dog. So I do think there’s better combos to bluff with and I agree with piosolver this is better as a call.
Either way, Dwan has to decide whether to slowplay and let Doug keep bluffing on river, or to raise now and price out Doug’s draws. The solver mostly just calls. My interpretation is that Dwan has a lot of bluff catchers like AA, KQ here and by calling with sets you protect your one pair hands against river bluffs. Because the solver almost never raises any hand here.

It's interesting to me that the solver never wants to protect its hands against all the draws, but I think Doug's sizing is just so big, and Dwan has so many good one pair hands and so few sets, that Dwan has a strong incentive to work the sets into the call line to protect the one pair hands from the river bluffs.

The River

Now to the fun part of the hand. Dwan has a pure check on the river with mostly bluffcatchers and some traps.
The river 6s is also a much better card for Doug’s range who is raising the 76, 77, and 66 a lot on the turn. Now given Dwan’s exact hand Doug can never have any 76s or 77 here, but I’m speaking range vs range, Dwan is pure checking. Doug has a full house on this river a whopping 21% of the time vs 10% of the time for Dwan.
Now because the solver pure calls on the turn with Doug’s 54 of spades, he doesn’t have it on the river in this configuration so we don’t know if he should bluff with it. However, having played with various configurations, every single time Doug does have this hand he pure bets river with it, mostly big sizing or all in. He has 5 high, he’s bottom of range, he matches hands like 65s, it’s close to a mandatory bluff unless you have a read on reasons not to So while I don't like the turn raise, I do think once this turn raise was put in, you have to go for it on river so credit to Doug for doing so.
Now onto the big question of Dwan’s tank. I think part of the reason people thought he might be nitrolling was Dwan’s body language became very negative, which I think was interpreted as considering a fold when really he was frustrated between deciding between a call and a raise.
I watched the hand live, and while I see the merits of a jam, it seemed like an easy just-call because Doug was so polarized with the big turn raise and big river overbet, it’s not worth jamming into quad 6s for a huge amount of money. However, in every configuration I looked at the solver pure jams so Dwan was right to think about it.

One incredibly important thing to note is that it’s extremely hard for Doug to have KK. I personally think Doug’s always 4-betting it pre. But even if you give it to him, piosolver actually never makes the turn raise with Kings in Doug's spot. Instead he slowplays it. Why? Because KK is such a strong hand and they’re so deep it’s a great hand to slowplay and try to cooler a bottom set or two pair, or try to cooler a flush with a boat. Plus you block your opponent's top pair calls.
Both the Hank vs Dwan hand and the Doug vs Dwan hand have boards where there just wasn’t that much going on, it’s difficult for players to be nutted, so you want to make sure you have the nuts in various lines, especially so you can end up on the river coolering them. That’s a key aspect of deep stack play and part of the reason some flop strategies seem loose compared to 100BB.
Now if Doug did slowplay KK pre, does he fast play it on turn trying to get money in vs draws? I suppose it’s possible, but overall, Doug does not have much KK. He also doesn’t have much 66, not only is it one combo but 66 sometimes slowplays the turn as well meaning by river its less than one combo.
But of course Doug does have 22, maybe K6s, and even some plain trips that had a pair and flush draw on the turn that became trips on the river. Trips are supposed to bet for value against Dwan's one pair hands, and then sometimes call off vs a raise, otherwise Dwan can run him over with check-raise bluffs. Now, does even durrr himself have the balls to check-raise this river with a bluff at the correct frequency? If not, can Doug fold trip 6s, maybe his underboats, in which case there's mimimal value in Dwan jamming. It’s really hard to say. That’s why it’s a genuinely extremely difficult spot for Dwan and not a nitroll. Sure , a call is “safe”, but if Doug has 22 Dwan might be leaving half a million on the table by not jamming.
Final verdict: not a nitroll. Mostly well-played by both players, though Doug probably could have simplified his life by just calling turn and hoping to get there, and Dwan probably should have jammed river but it's hard to fault him for not doing so.
Again, if you like this content check out my blog livepokertheory.com/articles , I'm focusing on mostly blogging about solvers and live poker, but I'll be headed to Vegas next week for my first ever WSOP to play 1500 6-max, 2500 freezeout, then the main event in July so I'll probably write trip reports for those tournaments.
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2023.06.02 20:46 maren_torri AITA for wanting my bf to stop making fun of my mental health

my ex bf posted this reddit ab me. it’s called “AITA: for feeling that most things my gf does are extremely cringe.” some may be true, i am a needy person. that’s b/c i was taken advantage of when i was 15 & suffer from ptsd, depression & anxiety. i wanted a bf who could comfort me when i needed it. i didn’t ask for much. i would always pay for him. pay for his lunch. drive 40 minutes to see him twice a week (he never paid for gas). i would also always listen to his lsat rants for hours b/c he wanted to be a lawyer. i was always there for him. i didn’t ask for much except for him to spend time w/ me & to comfort me if i ever needed it. i had just broken up w/ my bf of 3 years so it was a really hard time for me. this same ex bf who posted ab me also suffered w/ similar mental health issues. i thought he would be very understanding since we both have mental health issues that are pretty severe. one night i was feeling really depressed b/c i felt like my needs weren’t being met in this relationship & he only cared ab himself. i felt like he wasn’t prioritizing me at all to the point where i was the last thing on his mind. i get stressed out very easily & i was also feeling super...let’s just say bad. that night i was in danger. i didn’t know who to tell so i contacted that bf thinking since he went through the same thing he’d understand & help me w/ what to do. he told me he couldn’t come drive & visit me. it was 10pm & it was his mother’s bday. i was very upset he couldn’t come visit me to help me but i understood. i asked if he could call, as in call 911 or just call me & then he said he couldn’t even call. texting was all he could do. i got super upset b/c i felt like this situation was a big deal & in that moment he should have prioritized me. i know i probably sound selfish but yet again, i hardly asked him for anything & this was a dangerous situation & i needed help. am i the asshole for being selfish? he couldn’t take 10 minutes to call? he then ghosted me that night b/c he quote “didn’t want to deal w/ me & how he doesn’t have enough energy to talk to me” even though this was the biggest task i’ve ever asked of him. he told me we would talk ab this situation in person. a few days later we talked. i told him how upset i was ab how he handled this situation. he was telling me how this isn’t his problem & how i should have handled that whole situation by myself. i was super angry & wanted to break up w/ him right then & there but i decided to keep talking to maybe try to understand his perspective. he told me he would never call 911 for anyone who is ever in danger like that. he said it’s not his job & he doesn’t feel comfortable doing it. & he kept saying over & over “i am not your savior.” which is true but at the time is hurt me a lot. at this point i just wanted to scream. i’ve had to call 911 for my friends before. fast forward a month later. i just forget ab the situation & invite him to a $600 dinner & a private blues concert. i get super overstimulated at concerts so i was starting to distance myself & try to calm myself down during the concert. he texts me (even tho he’s sitting right next to me??) & says “you’re never fun to hang around b/c at the end of every date you end up being negative.” i texted back & said i’m not mad at you i just get overwhelmed easily. he said “i don’t believe you.” i try to play it off by holding his hand & saying i’m honestly not mad but then he removed his hand & said yeah right. then i am mad b/c of how petty he was being. i could tell neither of us were happy in this relationship. on the car ride home we are texting & he says he wants to talk ab it in person. i say ok fine but i’m not happy w/ you. he says he’s not either. he says he wants to meet friday & asks either on ft or in person. i respond w/ “it’s however u wanna be dumped” i have all the ss of the messages too if people don’t believe me lmfao. he gets all mad & tries to be clever saying “i was just ab to say that” i break up w/ him & didnt “throw a tantrum” like he said in the reddit but i texted him a long paragraph ab everything he has done to me, to my friends & how he needs to change as a person & be more caring towards others. basically me just calling him out on his bs. am i the asshole for wanting him to prioritize me & care ab my mental health? was i the asshole for how i handled these situations? i understand that me & him have different needs, but i was just really hurt. it’s also funny how he never mentioned any of these stories in his reddit but oh well.
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2023.06.02 20:46 letstrythisagain30 The longest payment process ever

So I help run the family shop. We sell truck parts, usually to other businesses and fleets but we get plenty of owner walk-ins in our store. Considering the limited space, we offer special orders for things we don't have room to carry in store or larger than normal quantities.
Enter this particular customer. Relatively new to us, but he got referred to by another customer. He's always been kind of rude. Any time this guy has called I don't think he's ended a phone call with a thank you or good-bye. Just hangs up. Tends to tell you things but not listen well. Easily annoyed at any delay or issue, but he honestly hasn't caused in major problem and he tends to make big orders. We all just get annoyed when we deal with him.
So now comes the biggest order he has done by far and most of it are things we have to special order. The guy gives us a card over the phone. Declined. Says to call their bank.
Nothing strange about that. Often big purchases, especially if they have never made a purchase anywhere close to this amount before, get flagged for fraud.
We tell him to call his bank and they should let the next try through if he tells them to approve it. Instead, he gives us another card. Insufficient funds. Tries for a lower amount, $500 goes through. Tells us he'll call us back after he calls the bank.
Hours later, another $500 and a couple of cards not going through and says he'll call tomorrow. Tomorrow rolls around, $1000 goes through. He seems happy and tells me to run the same card for $2000 this time. I knew it would flag it as fraud and warned him but he says go on and of course it says call the bank. The next card doesn't work and we go on to the next day.
He takes maybe 4 days total like this where he tries a lower amount and then a bigger one to pay it all, but its paid in full at the end. After the last charge goes through, we tell him we'll have it on Monday because its now Friday and we can't get parts on the weekend. He's annoyed about it taking so long and again hangs up without saying goodbye.
We recognize his number now and we play rock paper scissors to see who wants to deal with him.
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