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2023.06.02 19:42 gowgob2 Thoughts on The Chosen, controversy?

I've watched the show from the very beginning and thought it was a very good representation of the gospel and I'm still looking forward to the next season. With that said I'm obviously aware Dallas Jenkins and his team took some liberties with content of the show. Some of the stuff is based more on cultural and historical context while other scenes are plausible but not pulled from scripture at all. Knowing that and having some concerns about it, I watched interviews with the cast and Dallas about how they film, what they film, how they aren't trying to tell the story of the gospel from one denomination's view and just stick to the actual account. Ok, concerns subsided. But then here come all the accusations like how the actor who plays Jesus is Catholic, Mormons work on the set, etc. But none of that should matter. As long as the message of the gospel is being spread, it shouldn't matter if people we disagree with on some matters are helping the show. But now to the latest controversy: the pride flag was seen on set. A small one on a camera and one member of the crew warring a vest or jacket with rainbow patches. Again, seculariats and non believers working on the show aren't big issues. They are there for the skills and talents in helping to do their part for the show. But how could anyone in charge, anyone with a conscience on the set, even the actors, allow for a blatant symbol of sin, a symbol flown in defiance of God's creations and order, be allowed to be on that set? This is pretty disheartening. What do you think?
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2023.06.02 19:39 PolymersUp Top GBL Teams for New Season

Top GBL Teams for New Season
The new season dropped and we've been combing through streams and simulations to see what might rise to the top! 📈
Here we've compiled some of the Top GO Battle League Teams and included some just for spice.
Thank you to PvPoke, Jonkus, Jason2890, DankeyChan, Reis20ccasion and GoBattleLog for inspiration!
We've included some substitutes so you can try alternatives if you don't have a Pokemon built yet.
Hope you all find this helpful and follow us on Twitter and share for more graphics like this!
Reply with any suggestions for future graphics or comments below! 💛
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2023.06.02 19:39 Aegidius25 A deeper dive into the May jobs report shows unemployment actually worse than reported

The figures released recently regarding the US employment situation were pretty rosey, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics monthly report signaling a gain of 339,000 jobs for May, but how does this compare with another less well known but perhaps more reliable government statistics that try and tell us something about the labor market.
First off, how dependable is this element of the report? Among a host of other challenges involved in understanding the household and establishment surveys that make up the BLS report (which I have discussed elsewhere) there is the fact that all data in these surveys are SEASONALLY ADJUSTED. This sounds like a means to take seasonal factors such as weather into account when calculating how many jobs were created or destroyed, but they're really a practice by which long-run averaging is used to disguise volatility in the figures.
The downside to this is that it can misrepresent the actual situation. Say the economy's been in a slump for a prolonged period and the average of jobs lost each month is -300,000. Then a number above -300,000 for a given month even if still negative at say -100,000, could still be counted as positive because it is above the average. The same goes for positive numbers; with an average of +300,000 jobs a month a number below that, say +200,000, could be ADJUSTED to show a less positive or even negative number. This is to some extent an oversimplification of the process but gets across the manner in which such figures are constructed. And the same sort of method is also applied to the unemployment rate and all other economic date from the government. So we can see how reliable much of this is.
In fact in the jobs report published for July 2021 this was stated outright when the bureau wrote “[s]taffing fluctuations in education due to the pandemic have distorted the normal seasonal buildup and layoff patterns, likely contributing to the job gains in July. Without the typical seasonal employment increases earlier, there were fewer layoffs at the end of the school year, resulting in job gains after seasonal adjustment. These variations make it more challenging to discern the current employment trends in these education industries.” (The Employment Situation July 2021 p. 3) I doubt very much their overall methodology has changed.
So think of it, some months when jobs are actually gained we see a loss and in some months when there are really losses we're told there are gains. A better if still imperfect measure of the jobs situation can be found in another measure in the BLS report called the Employment-Population Ratio. This number tries to compare the actual number of people with a job to the entire working age population of the United States. Unfortunately it fails to take into account the number of stay at home mothers, who actually are not in the labor force, but in our modern world this is such a rarity that statistically it shouldn't impact the overall data too much.
In this month's report the EMPLOYMENT-POPULATION RATIO FELL 0.1 TO A SEASONALLY ADJUSTED 60.3 That means jobs were actually lost this month not created and that 39.7% of people are without a job. If we subtract the about 11% of the population who are actually retired we get a jobless rate of at 29%, and without the seasonal adjustment used to massage these numbers they could be still worse. (The Employment Situation for May 2023 Table A)
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2023.06.02 19:36 niamsidhe Bought five packs, got the top card from the first pack, and the bottom two from the third! The Ralts is very cute but I didn't know I needed this Greavard until I saw it

Bought five packs, got the top card from the first pack, and the bottom two from the third! The Ralts is very cute but I didn't know I needed this Greavard until I saw it submitted by niamsidhe to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:36 GuineaPirate90 Finally got my first Inked split and my first Kirby crackle!!!

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2023.06.02 19:36 Lucadaw Split my previous Warrior/mage dual class card into 2 cards.

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2023.06.02 19:35 Runic_Bistro Seeking to “Permanently” Rent 6 Islands (Tier 5) to Highest Offer, West Server

I don't have time to properly farm my 6 islands, and I would like to rent them all out to someone “permanently.” That is, I’d like to make you co-owner of all 6 of them, collect a weekly payment from a refinery building on one of them, and otherwise just forget about them. If I ever quit the game, you are welcome to just keep using them for free.
My starting request is 840,000 silver per week, which works out to 20k per island per day. However, I will wait ~36 hours, and then close the deal with whoever has made the highest offer at exactly 11:00 PM Pacific Time on Saturday, June 3. If several offers come in at the last second, I’ll check my message notification time stamps. Or, if anyone would like to instantly claim all of them for 2,250,000 silver per week (53.57k per island per day), then I can confirm immediately, make the transfer, and edit this post to say the offer is now closed.
Some additional details are below:
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2023.06.02 19:34 subt1715 Today is the 21 year anniversary of the Lakers victory over the Sacramento Kangz in 2002 in the WCF

This was the conclusion of a series that was very controversial and a lot of people say the Kings were completely robbed. I will point out why that was not fully true, and that the Kings truly did have opportunities to win in spite of what the refs did and admitted.
Game 4: The Kings had a 24 point lead in LA. If they kept that lead, the series would've been 3-1 going into Game 5, and the Kings probably win in a backdoor sweep (4-1). Lose game 1, and then win the next 4. That was a chokejob which led to the Robert Horry buzzer beater and put the Lakers back into the series tied at 2 all.
Game 5: In all fairness, this is a game that the Lakers were unlucky, as that was the game where Shaq was great but only got like 1 FT attempt or something. This is an even worse feeling of how we feel about LeBron not getting enough calls, and it was a 1 possession game at the end.
Game 6 is one I will not dispute cause in theory shooting 27 FTs in 1 quarter does look pretty suspicious. Sac probably should've won that game
However, it was not like the series was over for the Kings. They had a game 7 at home, where they were 36-5 in the regular season, and had a complete chokejob comparable to teams like the 2018 rockets, the 2022 suns, and the 2016 Warriors. They shot 2-20 from 3 and 16-30 from the FT line. Meanwhile, Shaq and Kobe combined for 65 points which led to the Lakers victory.
So hearing that the Kings were robbed gets kinda annoying cause they still had chances to win. That's why you have to leave no doubt. They could've won in 5, and there's no talk of the controversial game 6.
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2023.06.02 19:32 sophrosunesearching Am I doing my job? Engagement Coordinator vs Director

I'm working for an organization that, although it is part of a much larger bureaucracy, only has 3 employees in our office.
The employees are: the community manager who is assigned to us by the provincial office, a new administrator who is starting next week, and myself who is moving into community engagement.
I was previously the administrator, but I have been elevating our relationships in the community in such a way that they have decided to move me into engagement fulltime. They've never had someone in that role before. This is exciting for me, but I know I'm being paid well below market value. Minimum wage here is nearly $17 an hour and I'm being paid $23. The going rate for program coordinators with other social service organizations in our area is closer to $29.
The job, which I have already been doing this last year informally, but for which we are now writing a description and title, includes:
In some ways, this is my dream job. I have autonomy, I can go to evening events, cross organisational board meetings, community focus groups, etc. I can, and have, presented at local business events on collaboration in our downtown. I get to foster opportunities, like now we sit on the local Chamber's nonprofit task force. I get to go to other executive directors and talk about what programs we can create together to serve the community. Last fall I championed this project of opening a seasonal warming centre in our hall. We had three different organizations collaborating with us on the ground to run it.
I'm just feeling a bit slighted, because I feel that I am being underpaid. I can't ask for more funds, as our organization ran a $90k deficit last year, so the unofficial deal with this new job is I have to cover my wage, basically. Despite being underpaid, I was hoping to get a good job title out of it for my long term resume at least.
They want to give me the title of "Community Engagement Coordinator", but I was hoping for "Director of Community Engagement." Can you help me clarify the difference? Would the latter be appropriate, and perhaps you can help me find a way to explain it/convince them of it.
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2023.06.02 19:32 RogueShiba Just finished the starting assignment

Me and a couple friends got into DRG in December and had a ton of fun. I got 7/10 of the way through the initial assignment. Then Christmas happened, New Year and for whatever reason we didn't pick it back up. Then the announcement of S4 rekindled my interest in it and we got back on last night for the first time in almost 6 months and played some more. And it was just as fun as I remembered.
I finished the 10th mission about an hour ago, which means I'm really just now starting the game haha. I'm excited to dig into it and really excited about participating heavily in the coming season. I really only have one concern:
I get lost a LOT. I mean, I know you can bring up that 3D map to help orient yourself, but even so, I'm constantly struggling to find my way to where I need to be. My question is: has anyone else that struggled with this found that they've gotten better at navigating the caves? Any tricks you used to improve or was it mostly just doing more and more missions and getting better from experience?
I love the game, but I also hate being lost, so I don't want my lack of navigation skills to ruin it for me lol
Any advice is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 19:30 goosew007 How do I do this? The answer is A.

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2023.06.02 19:30 Electrical_Safety927 Affordable & lasting summer perfumes

I'm in search of affordable(below ₹40/ml) fresh scents with good performance(atleast 5-6 hours on clothes).
Unfortunately I bought Issey Miyake original recently after watching reviews that it is solid summer performer (spl. mention - Joy Amin said it lasts for 10+ hours on skin) whereas it becomes a skin scent after 1 hour! Yes, you read that correctly & disappears completely after 2 hours!
I also own :
Shiro & blu - Good performance & price but not pleasant smelling to my nose.
Bvlgari aqva pour homme - Good overall but out of my budget
Cdnim edt - Good overall but need a second summer perfume.
P.S. I have already shortlisted Turathi blue & Hawas for my next decant order, kindly suggest a few more.
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2023.06.02 19:29 ArgonautShield [H] Games [W] games

£10 Steam Gift cards X2
Crown Trick
Epic Chef
Forgive Me Father
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Helheim Hassle
Hotshot Racing
In Sound Mind
LEGO The Hobbit -The Big Little Character Pack -The Battle Pack -Side Quest Character Pack
Maid of Sker
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY
Mind Scanners
One Finger Death Punch 2
Railroad Corporation
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam 3: BFE -Bonus Content DLC -Jewel of the Nile
Serious Sam: Classics: Revolution
Serious Sam: Double D XXL
Serious Sam: I Hate Running Backwards
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter
Serious Sam's Bogus Detour
Shapez -Puzzle DLC
The Beast Inside GOG
Wolfenstein: The New Order GOG

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Days Gone
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
Dying Light 2 Stay Human
FOR HONOR - Complete Edition
Front Mission Evolved
God of War
Grand Theft Auto V
Hardspace: Shipbreaker
Hogwarts Legacy
LEGO DC Super-Villains -- Season Pass
Lords Of The Fallen
M.A.S.S. Builder
Marvel's Avengers
Mecha Knights Nightmare
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 Road to Boruto
Need For Speed
New Gundam Breaker
NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection
Pajama Sam's Sock Works
Scarlet Nexus
Shadow Warrior 3
Sniper Elite 4 - Deluxe Edition
Sniper Elite 5 - Deluxe Edition
sniper ghost warrior contracts 2
STAR WARS™ - The Force Unleashed™ II
SPORE™ Collection
Titanfall 2
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood\_igs\_rep\_page/
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2023.06.02 19:29 Reo_ianu AI-managed Venezia just pulled off one of the craziest escapes I've ever witnessed (2035/36)

AI-managed Venezia just pulled off one of the craziest escapes I've ever witnessed (2035/36)
So Venezia had acquired a stunning amount of 6 points during the first half of the season (1 of them was a 0-0 draw against my Inter side tbf) and appeared pretty chanceless against the rest of the league after barely avoiding relegation as a promoted side last season.
table of the 1st half
The second half of the season started just as bleak for them, with them only getting a single point (1-1 Napoli, matchday 24) from their first 7 matches. But then, on matchday 27 (at that time 15 points away from 17th), they managed to get a 0-1 away win at Udine and then proceeded to go on a 5 game unbeaten streak including further wins against Cittadella and Juventus, later doing so against Cremonese, Sassuolo and Fiorentina as well. With a 0-1 away win at Brescia on the penultimate matchday they finally managed to equalize points with Udinese. While Venezia lost to already relegated Verona on the final matchday, Udinese's coinciding loss meant they would indeed avoid relegation.
final table
These lads have proven some massive mentality, gaining 9 points through some late equalisers/winners. Especially forward Sebastian Lanziner and attacking midfielder Davide Meduri were vital to their survival, both scoring 9 goals respectively.
Noticably Spezia got 76 points as a newly promoted side, although that wasn't as surprising because they steamrolled the Serie B the year before. They are responsible for 1 of Inter's 2 losses though (Cittadella are the other), and one of their players, a guy named Alessandro Lolli, scored 23 league goals. His highest season record before joining Spezia were 4 goals for Pescara in the Serie C in 2028/29.
Also, Juventus were abysmally bad, and Napoli bottled UEL qualification on the final matchday. Crazy season.
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2023.06.02 19:28 Ookami_CZ What's your go-to deck for next month?

Cheers all,
as the new season is approaching, I've been thinking what to play with next month... I'm afraid my typical go-to deck won't stand anymore due to the omnipresence of Luke Cage and Ongoing Hulks (Valkyrie won't be able to do much about those) sooo... I'm kinda in a picle of what to run now...
I know Sera Control is the best deck, but I can't pilot her for life... I was thinking about Toxic-Sentry-Sera, but she's basically under the same issue as my favourite deck... Dino-Hawk or Daredevil-X-Dino (which got me to Infinite once) have been underperforming too... and unlike others I didn't have much success with Sandman Ramps either.
Now I've had some success with Surfing Sera and Patriot (with Super Skrull and Ultron), though more with the former than the latter... Evolutionary decks work well in general, no doubt about it, but I can't stand constant mirror matches plus they're getting hard-countered by Galactus (unlike my go-to deck :D )

So, let's cut to the chase... I was thinking about opening a discussing (hopefully more people will comment than downvote :) ) about YOUR go-to decks for the next month. Let's spin some discussion and tips/ideas.

Personal request - by looking at, about 25% - 35% (varies depending on the day) Meta consists of Galacti or Evo decks -> anyone using something that doesn't care about either of those :D ?

Happy SNAPping all!
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2023.06.02 19:28 USNofSOT Lore Friday - Petty Officer I GoldenBoy of the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves

Lore Friday - Petty Officer I GoldenBoy of the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves
A westerly wind blankets the lengths of San Juan harbour on the northern side of the Puerto Rican coast. The spray of the waves beats against the branching docks and platforms. Ships list to and fro calmly on the water, peppered with the sounds of sailors and merchants going about their business. By the edge of the perimeter sits a sturdy pavilion, filled sufficiently with crates and barrels by the coming and going workmen of the port. Inside the pavilion stands an equally sturdy man, taking stock of the labours being performed about the coast. In his care is a young boy, fascinated by the vessels sprawling across the horizon. The man is the chief overseer of the movement of cargo to and from the vessels, and lives comfortably for it. His son, however, is compelled to greater ambitions.
The boy grows with a window to the life of the sailors that roam the harbour, observing their trades and practices. After a while, the boy becomes a young man, tasked with aiding his father’s business on the shore. He deals with the seamen that come to offload their goods and learns more about the sea with each passing patron of his father’s storehouse. In his leisure, he records what he has learned about the way of the mariner. Every so often he’ll catch a story from a ship’s mate, detailing the highlights of their voyage. The young man’s favourite tales he’d catch, though, were those of adventure. Adventurers and pioneers roamed the Caribbean in pursuit of discovery, fame, and fortune. To the young man who’d grown up seeing them walk the streets and hearing of their exploits across the waves, this experience was everything. He longed to cross the threshold to the sea and wander as they did, to finally taste the fruits of the thriving world. One name stood out from these voyagers, though. Every so often whispers of a man by the name of Arthur Pendragon would reach San Juan, from the trade routes and channels of the Atlantic, and these tellings seemed to captivate the young man most of all. Mysterious and noble, Pendragon’s endeavours were equally elusive and engaging to the young man on the dock, filling with every piece of information he was given. As the young man continued to grow, so did his curiosity.
The years would tarry on as the lad watched the horizon longingly, dreaming of exploration. Eventually, the day would come that fewer and fewer ships would return from their travels, lost to time and to the lands from which they had hailed. The young man had begun to stand in for his father, the man’s father having grown weary from his duties. The fellow, keen in his youth and trade, was very much aware that the books were simply running thin and with no explanation as to why. How was it that ships would disappear from their journeys, and that merchants would never return to earn their profit? The young man sat and stared at the sparse docks, until something on the waves caught his eye. Against the setting sun, sails stretched into the sky and scraped the heavens as they carried the hulking barge beneath them. Slowly, her features drifted into the young man’s view, grand and immaculate in design. This vessel was a Spanish ship of line, a kind not regularly known to grace the goings on of the port.
The young fellow’s mind began to wander, reaching for a reason as to why this vessel crept towards this particular place. San Juan was a Spanish domain to be sure, but this port specifically was a trade hub for the common worker, not to be any kind of naval yard or locker. Soon enough, the vessel listed in the harbour, the name “El Coqui” etched onto her broadsides. Night had fallen, cloaking the ship in shadow as she tossed just out of reach of the shallows. It was clear, whatever the craft had come here for would not be certain until the sun rose hours from now. It was late, with few stragglers still awake and present on the coast to see the sight of the warship, although those who did see were perhaps just as perplexed. Regardless, answers were yet to come.
The young fellow slept restlessly, plagued by the worries of his father’s business, his thoughts of the sea, and the man o’ war that waited off shore for some unknown intention. When he awoke, a gilded sun cast a truer sight over the port and showed the best features of the scenery in full. The vessel born of the Spanish armada sat off the coast still now, but notably lacking her launches that had rested upon her deck. The wind quelled the heat of the Caribbean sun, laden with droplets of water carried from the foam of the tides. In the distance, the man could hear a commanding voice, proclaiming to a crowd on a platform to the west of the harbour.
The youthful man turned to look at the display, scanning for the speaker. In the middle of the crowd was an officer of the Spanish fleet, framed by a handful of others like sailors and soldiers, fresh off the longboats docked at the end of the nearby jetty. The man wandered from his father’s establishment towards the gathering, listening as he went. “His grace, the king of Spain, has seen the failure of trade in this port” the officer announced. “Be assured; this is no specific occasion. Across the lands of the Spanish empire in the new world, ships found trading in the Caribbean have gone missing, found wrecked, or entirely unreported. It is his majesty’s greater sense that these events may be traced back to one channel, that being the space just south of Anegada.” The naval mate spoke succinctly, with clear definition and determination. It was clear the officer had been well educated, surely of some wealthy background.
The speaker continued, “By royal mandate, El Coqui and her crew have been tasked with investigation of the area. As such, the fleet has commanded that volunteers familiar with the area are to be brought aboard in the interest of reviving the trade route from whatever force has claimed it.” The young man who’d seen the ship first arrive reached the collection of onlookers just as the speaker finished his statement. As the people began to chatter anxiously, the man recounted the details of what he’d just heard, hope growing in him as he considered the situation. In a matter of minutes, the young fellow knew what he had to do.
The lad’s father had grown farther from the business of the port, but despite this was well enough aware of the situation at hand. The young man made his case thoroughly, leaving his father with no excuse nor energy to deny the opportunity. With any luck, the man who had so long pursued the sea was finally given the chance to live his fantasies whilst aiding his home at the call of the Spanish armada. The man wasted no time in collecting his belongings and saying his goodbyes before heading toward the boats waiting on shore. His heart beat with excitement as the soldiers rowed the recruits steadily back to their ship. The waves beat against the walls of the boat rhythmically, almost seeming to cheer for the young man as he finally greeted the voyage he had been waiting for. The man boarded the warship as he gazed back at his home, staring back at the sturdy pavilion from which he’d watched the world go by.
Despite all his ambitions, though, fate had other plans. The young fellow on that warship, known later only by the initials “G.B.” would never return to San Juan harbour. Had he been granted the truth of his destination, he would have known that El Coqui was bound for the pirate enclave known colloquially as the Sea of Thieves. In crossing into what appeared to be a fog bank, the ship was soon engulfed in the Shroud before being torn to pieces by its power. Carried ashore on nothing but his sack of belongings, G.B. awoke in an unfamiliar land that had claimed so many others that had wandered astray in a similar fashion. After discovering a weathered longboat, he managed to reach civilization. There he learned about the world he’d become a part of and the nature of its inhabitants. On this, a somewhat ramshackle outpost, he discovered that few knew how to enter the Shroud safely. Many inhabitants of this realm were simply lost wanderers, taking to their new lives and uncharted opportunities. G.B. knew that to find the way back home, he’d need to first find someone who had thread the needle getting in, in order to plot the course back out.
Fortunately, he’d already familiarised himself with one of the most notorious of these wayfinders, this being the infamous Sir Arthur Pendragon. Surely if G.B. had managed to survive, so could one of the best explorers that had ever navigated the Caribbean. To uncover Pendragon’s fate, though, he’d need resources. With no real ship, G.B. would need to sign on to a crew. Luckily enough, that day he stumbled upon the United States Navy of the Sea of Thieves. From this moment forward, G.B. devoted himself to bringing aid to the travellers that washed through the Shroud while seeking out his own mission, the true fate of Arthur Pendragon and the way through the Devil’s Shroud.
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2023.06.02 19:27 JoHeller Let the right one in (Series)

So like most of you I've seen the original film, and the American remake, and enjoyed both of them but the series is great. It adds some more emotional layers to the story, sets up interesting mysteries, has a really talented cast. It is absolute bullshit that it won't get a second season but it's still worth watching.
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2023.06.02 19:26 Open_Coast105 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jill Morrison Previews her character's Story on Hallmark's 'Wedding Season' - WATCH

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jill Morrison Previews her character's Story on Hallmark's 'Wedding Season' - WATCH
Stephanie Bennett (“Christmas Class Reunion,” “The Nine Kittens of Christmas”), Jill Morrison (“Motherland: Fort Salem“, “Married by Mistake“) and Casey Deidrick (“In the Dark,” “A Very Merry Bridesmaid”) star in “Wedding Season,” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, June 3 (8 p.m. ET/PT),on Hallmark. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of chatting with Jill Morrison about her experience on Wedding Season and what fans can expect. Check out the full interview below!
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2023.06.02 19:26 hutchislob Sandwich Bags are HAPPENING, folks!

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2023.06.02 19:26 mark-feuer Tailscale VPN/LAN tunnel on Batocera for multiplayer online

I've been trying to test Tailscale as a workaround for my ISP's draconian approach to port forwarding, which is to essentially block all of them and has made online multiplayer impossible on my SBCs running Batocera Linux (two 32-bit ARM7 Odroid XU4s and an ARM64 Odroid N2L). The internet provider is mandatory at my complex.
I tried ZeroTier at first and had luck punching through to play System Shock 2 multiplayer on Windows PCs, but Batocera's stripped-down Linux doesn't appear compatible with ZeroTier. (It's still possible, but would have to set up bridges on both players' networks with 2 separate SBCs, which is kind of above my knowledge.)
HOWEVER, Tailscale appears compatible even with 32-bit ARM and Batocera, and another user gave me a guide that he said worked for him on this OS. I seem to get stuck on steps 4 and 5 after plugging in my auth key when I tried this on an Odroid XU4, though.
When I ran step 4, the terminal returned [1] followed by a four-digit number. Then, when I ran step 5, it returned [1]+ followed by "Exit" and a three-digit number, as well as /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1
When I checked in the Tailscale admin page after rebooting, there were no new machines added, so it didn't seem like I was successful. I couldn't tell what the Tailscale NIC would be when I ran ip a.
Everything below is the guide I was provided:
  1. Download static tailscale builds
  2. Create /userdata/tailscale and move tailscale and tailscaled to said folder
  3. Add the following to /userdata/system/

#!/bin/bash if test "$1" != "start" then exit 0 fi /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1 & /userdata/tailscale/tailscale up --accept-dns=false --accept-routes=false --login-server= --hostname 
  1. Now we can run /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled -state /userdata/tailscale/state > /userdata/tailscale/tailscaled.log 2>&1 &
  2. Start tailscale and provide authkey /userdata/tailscale/tailscale up --accept-dns=false --accept-routes=false --login-server= --hostname --auth-key=auth.key
  3. Assuming this worked for you, you can now reboot the machine and check ip a and you should now see the tailscale NIC.
This was for tailscale, but I would hope you can do something similar for zerotier. My only complaint is this seems to be ran last which means I can't use it as a way to mount my roms remotely, but should be useful for multiplayer games.
submitted by mark-feuer to Tailscale [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:25 empty-man-47 Please help to resolve the error

So, I am creating a practice project in react.js , which uses tvmaze API to fetch the data, The homepage is working fine and fetching the data but there is a link of "Detail" under Every Movie which should open the detail of the movie when got clicked , but when i am clicking on the "Detail" link, it's getting error of " No routes matched location "/movies/34653(the id that got clicked) ". Below are the code of components.
Please ignore the UI and Styling, my concern right now is just to got the error resolved.
App.jsx 👇👇👇
import React from 'react'; import { createBrowserRouter, createRoutesFromElements, Route, RouterProvider } from 'react-router-dom'; import Home from './home'; import MovieDetails from './movieDetails';
function App() {
const router = createBrowserRouter( createRoutesFromElements(
 } > } />  ) 
); return (
); }
export default App;
home.jsx 👇👇👇
import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react'; import { Link } from 'react-router-dom'; import axios from 'axios';
function Home() { const [movies, setMovies] = useState([]);
useEffect(() => { fetchMovies(); }, []);
const fetchMovies = async () => { try { const response = await axios.get(''); setMovies(; } catch (error) { console.log('Error fetching movies:', error); } };
return (

Movie App

 {, index) => ( 


{} Details
); }
export default Home;
movieDetails.jsx 👇👇👇
import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react'; import { useParams } from 'react-router-dom'; import axios from 'axios';
function MovieDetails() { const { id } = useParams(); const [movie, setMovie] = useState(null);
useEffect(() => { fetchMovie(); }, []);
const fetchMovie = async () => { try { const response = await axios.get(${id}); setMovie(; console.log("data : ",movie); } catch (error) { console.log('Error fetching movie:', error); } };
if (!movie) { return
; }
return (



); }
export default MovieDetails;
Error :-
No routes matched location "/movies/34653" at DataRoutes ( at Router ( at RouterProvider ( at div at App
submitted by empty-man-47 to developersIndia [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:25 BlaineTog Help me out with my silly Orka deck

I've been trying to make decks with my lesser-used cards and Orka is my latest experiment. The idea of this deck is to force my opponent to fight over the middle location, then win the others with a cheeky Orka and Namor.
Here's my list so far:

(1) Nebula

(1) Nightcrawler

(2) Quake

(2) Cloak

(2) Lizard

(3) Mister Fantastic

(3) Wave

(4) Jessica Jones

(4) Namor

(5) Hobgoblin

(5) Klaw

(6) Orka


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

I try to think of card choices in terms of packages, so here they are
Main Wincon: Orka, Namor. What the deck is built around. Ideally we'd play Namor right and Orka left, then stack mid with other cards.
Backup Power: Jessica Jones. I wanted another card that goes tall on the cheap and Jessica has done a pretty good job of that. She can contest a side lane decently well, or go mid if you follow her up with Namor or Orka in a side spot. I'm fairly happy with Jessica but she's also probably the most easily replaceable.
The Lure Package: Nebula, Lizard. Play one or both mid to keep the opponent from building up the other locations too high. If they don't fight over it, we probably win mid off these alone, so that's nice.
Team Players: Mister Fantastic, Klaw. Help contest the other locations without stepping into them. These cards make a huge difference.
Flexible Plays: Nightcrawler, Hobgoblin, Cloak. These cards allows us to contest other lanes in the early and midgame even if we plan to ultimately win that lane with Orka (Jeff would almost certainly be better than Nightcrawler -- he's currently pinned). Cloak is particularly important as it ensures we don't just lose vs. Debrii or locations that place cards.
Disruption: Wave, Quake. We're only planning to play one card on T6 so we might as well limit our opponent to the same thing with Wave. We can also drop Cloak alongside Wave on T5 for surprise swings. I originally threw in Quake just to grind some boosters for her but she's proven to be an incredible surprise play. We almost certainly want to play her mid anyway to keep the side lanes open for our wincons and shuffling up the locations usually hurts our opponent more than it hurts us since we only fill one lane while most decks want as many cards in each lane as possible.
Any thoughts would be appreciated! I've had some success with the deck in Infinite but it definitely feels like it needs something else to get to the next level.
submitted by BlaineTog to MarvelSnap [link] [comments]