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2023.06.02 20:28 healthierhealing I (27F) was unknowingly the affair partner to a man (35M) I met overseas. When he came clean I forced him to tell his wife, and now I feel terrible.

Two weeks ago, I was in South America visiting some friends. My first night there, my friend and I are walking into the hotel to go to bed and as I pass the lobby bar I notice a this man sitting by himself at one end. We make eye contact and I tell my friend I’m going to stay up for a while and try to meet him. I go to the bar and send him a drink, he picks it up with his left hand I note that he’s not wearing a ring and text that info to my friend who is like “yes!! Go for it!!” I walk over to talk to him and was in his room within 10 minutes. He was prepared. Had wine, condoms, body hair was very manicured. After we did the deed and we’re laying there cuddling and chatting, I make a stupid joke and say “does your wife know you’re with me right now?” to which he just laughs and says there’s no wife.
I end up spending the night and when I leave the next morning, we exchange numbers. We were both traveling to Europe later that week, each for work, but me to Italy and he to Spain. He follows me on instagram, no sign of a partner, and we start chatting all day every day there and on WhatsApp. After 9 days he convinces me to come stay with him in spain after wrapping up my work. I add two nights to my trip and way too much in flights to go stay with him. So Tuesday of this week I fly to spain, we go to dinner together and he is sweet as anything. I feel so into him and on Wednesday spent nearly the whole day in bed with him with some intermittent walks where we had deep talks about our lives and emotions. I asked him if he’s ever been married, had kids, had a pet, has he ever cheated on someone. He seemed so genuine when he said no.
Wednesday evening we’re at dinner and he tells me he’s tired of life on the road. He says he wants a real relationship and feels sad that he’s met me and can’t spend more time with me and that he wants to switch his career and is having a third-life crisis. I felt so sad for him! Smh. I was holding his hand across the table and reminding him that it was because of his transient nature that we could meet and reunite so quickly in the first place, and I offer to fly out more in the future to continue visiting him. He’s also due to be in my city in the US (he’s English) in October and I offered for him to stay with me. He acted like this wasn’t enough and I felt bad for him that he seemed to have such strong feelings (lol).
Wednesday night he slept fitfully and I kept waking up to him clinging to me and it was frustrating. I woke up yesterday morning early to catch my flight home and he’s laying in bed looking sad, then he says “do you normally get into men’s heads this much?” And he keeps telling me that I’m trouble and it was making me feel strange. He says I’m better at not getting attached than he is and I said I just wasn’t sad because I knew it wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning (LOLLL). He walked me out to my cab and kissed me goodbye and kept in touch all day long.
I get home yesterday evening and he video calls me and for a moment I thought I noticed a ring on his left hand and immediately asked about it. He laughs it off and I let it go. I was showing him my apartment and he comments on how my apartment is such a metaphor for who I am because it seemed like a lonely place and then he called me broken and said I’m afraid to be emotionally available and started asking if my ex husband hurt me so badly that I couldn’t trust people anymore. I rejected this psychoanalysis and said that while yes, I am independent, I have lots of friends and a pet and I don’t feel lonely. He started talking more about how attached he felt to me and I told him that maybe he feels lonely because he’s on the road touring all the time, and I asked who his best friend is. He started to cry and hung up on me.
I felt terrible and like maybe I hurt his feelings and I apologized to him over text and asked if he’d like some space. He sent back a weird cryptic message that said
i am a douche... and i think i know that so that why its hard for me to hear. I have met you who's awesome, your zest for life and drive is inspiring and refreshing, but i also have not been truthful. My actions over the last week could/will hurt people... and i dont want that to happen... i dont want you to hurt, or feel hurt, or be depressed or hate me, but i also dont want to hurt those who i should be faithful to. My loneliness is damaging to everyone around me... i feel like i have been more authentically me whilst simultaneously lying through my teeth and that is the "problem". I feel trapped between what i know i should do and what feels right. And even whist writing this... which is so hard to do and admit Im a douche... all i want to do it turn on the camera, look at your face and could happily sit in silence looking at you in awe of your passion for your dog magnets and pens... and yet my being dishonest with you will hurt and damage you, it would certainly damage my home relationships and i don't want anyone to hurt. My inability to be fulfilled and my now newly recognised acknowledgment of being lonely then make me question everything about my life.... Im sorry... so sorry
I immediately replied “are you married?” To which he said “yes”. I was a bit crushed, disappointed, creeped out, and massively angry for his wife. I was also triggered to the emotions of relationships I’ve been in where I was cheated on. I sent him a few explosive messages and told him to grow up and stop feeling sorry for himself.
I couldn’t sleep all night after this and I ended up looking him on Facebook. Yep. Wife of ten years. Beautiful wedding photos. 5 year old son, she stays home to care for the child while deadbeat dad traverses the world fucking women who are 8 years younger than him. Finally at 5 in the morning I get out of bed and realized I had a UTI. I start thinking about the possibility of him giving his wife an STD. I’m completely seething at this point. I unblock him and tell him that either he is telling her or I am and it’s happening today. He starts pleading with me and doesn’t acknowledge her emotions once, just that he’s going through so much, he didn’t realize he was lonely until I said it, he’s going to change and be better. I was emotionally dead to all of his pleading until he finally messaged her the following:
im so sorry... I have cheated on you... I have made the biggest fuck up of my life. When I was in Brazil I met someone... I am in such a bad head space... im sorry. She then met me in Barcelona... Im having a break down here... I didn't tell her I was married... I regret my actions so much... I cant phone you yet im stuck in the office... but please I would like to talk later... I promise it has never happened before... im so sorry... Obviously I know I fucked up... obviously I didnt want to tell you as I know it will rip our world apart... but to be clear... I don't want to loose you..... ive been a cunt... a dick... an asshole... I know I have... I want to be accountable for my actions.but I don't want to loose you... I am so ashamed of what I have done.... I told the woman involved last night…... And obviously she is mad... and want to also hold me accountable.. so she says she's going to message you to make sure ive told you.... Im so so so so so so SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO sorry.....I need therapy
(For the record I will not actually message his wife for confirmation. I do believe he actually sent the text)
After that I just felt sick and sad. I felt like she HAD to know, he tells me he’s never done this before and that’s why he’s so upset now but he had his ring off at the bar and he pursued me for over a week after we’d had the one night stand. I didn’t consent to being an affair partner, I would never. I’m also sad because I really liked him and I feel used and disappointed. And that of the two of us, I’m the one who seems to have more empathy for the woman he’s supposed to love. Luckily my friends are kind and uplifting to me so I have support and I know this won’t get me too down. A couple of my guy friends said I shouldn’t have gotten involved and shouldn’t have made him tell her. My women friends are very glad that I did.
When he showed me had messaged her I said Okay. Good luck with everything. Hope you get your life sorted. It’s not the end of the world but you’ve got a turbulent road ahead and I hope you learn from that and come out stronger and happier. I really liked you and thought you were one of the good ones. Really sad to find out the truth. All the best and please if you’re really feeling like you’re having some kind of mental health thing and you’re a danger to yourself, get help. Do actually get a therapist, know the emergency numbers, and reach out to your family if you need help.
I then blocked him and I feel bad for him weirdly and even feel I may have been too harsh with him. I was really harsh when I’d first messaged him - called him a child, said his behavior was gross, and when I made him tell his wife I said I didn’t care about his feelings. I wonder why he even told me the truth. What if he kills himself. What if it ruins an otherwise healthy marriage and causes trauma to his child. I feel like shit because at first I felt bad for him thinking he was sad that we couldn’t be together yet (lol) but now I’m realizing he was just anxious and panicking that I was going to find out about his marriage and blow his cover. Im out and about today and refusing to mope around about this, but it’s just such a sad situation all around. I don’t know if I made the choice but I am thinking that whether I did or didn’t, keeping him blocked is the best option.
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2023.06.02 20:22 Sans_is_Ness1 Noob PC Gamer looking for a Future-Proof 1080p PC Gaming machine with a 1200$ USD Budget.

**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
I will mostly be playing mods on this PC with games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 and any future Fromsoftware title, I don't plan to raytrace anytime soon, or really go beyond 1080p.
I want to have a stable / rock-solid 60fps at very high or max settings while being able to have a computer compatible with controllers like the Dualshock 4.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
i have about 1200$ United States dollars max so i would like to get the best parts i can from this budget for pure gaming.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
Likely within a week or two
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
Im assuming tower means the case, so i would want the case included and a copy of windows 10, and the best cooler fans i can get as my living place tends to be like an oven, aside from that, everything else i have
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
United States, Utah, the local microcenter is 7 hours away which is a solid no
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
i have a Acer Monitor (LS24AG30x) and the rest is just logitech, i dont need a expensive keyboard or mouse as the games i am playing are not competitive and ill be using the controller anyways.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
I don't even really know what overclocking is, and i don't wanna risk anything with these parts so probably no.
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
I would like a big storage and some sort of SSD so i don't have to sit through loading screens forever. preferably 1 or 2 TB's of storage if possible
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
preferably no window and i believe any size works, im fine with RGB too as long as i can turn it off whenever i want.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
a family member has a copy of windows 10 i can use for free but im worried about the end of support, so perhaps ill need a copy of windows 11 just in case.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
Heat and Dust are a concern so i would like a good fan to counteract the heat and i guess ill have to get good habits with dusting off my new computer.
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2023.06.02 20:21 lacifer69 Nmom went behind my back to cozy up to my abuser

I am a domestic abuse survivor. My ex husband was also a narcissist and abused my children and I. One day, it escalated so much that I thought ours lives were in danger and I fled the home and the resulting court battle that ensued is a story for a another day, but after almost two years, it’s still highly contentious and this man would do everything in his power, including lying in court to remove me from our son’s life.
In my healing process, I also realized that my mom is a narcissist (this is why I felt so comfortable in that abusive relationship for so long) and began establishing healthy boundaries which caused her to rage at me so I have been grey-rocking out of the kindness of my heart just to try to allow her to have a relationship with her grandkids (don’t ask why, I’m a nice person I guess, bordering on dumb).
I found out this week that she has been communicating with my abuser who has literally destroyed my life, abused her grandkids, and almost killed us behind my back. Sending him pics, having conversations about God knows what, making plans to get together.
In a way, I’m relieved to find out because it’s like I have a definitive, black and white reason to go no contact. It’s literally a matter of safety. She has no idea (or pretends not to) how incredibly dangerous these types of communications are with an abusive ex spouse, how she is putting me and my kids at risk by cozying up to someone like that who would love nothing more than to see me dead or living under a bridge so he can sit back and laugh about how he “won”.
I told her she betrayed me and I told her to not talk to me anymore and I’m happy to say I’ve blocked her completely.
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2023.06.02 20:21 South-Round5594 AITA for keeping male friend

I am 37 YO female and for the last decade I have had a large coed group of friends. We all hike and camp and travel the world together. I have not dated or hooked up or flirted with anyone in that group. I started dating my new boyfriend exactly one year ago. He knew of my friend group, I introduced him to everyone, always invited him out with us, and invited him to join our trips. He said he would never try to change me or my friends.
We have been so busy together we have just sort of formed our own little world and unintentionally I have been sucked into his life more than he has been mine. He lives an hour away and I end up at his house most weekends and so I hang out with him and his best friend and his wife most of the time. Everything has been going wonderfully.
Then he said he had to work all day Saturday this weekend and so I agreed to go on a hike to a swimming waterfall with my group of friends for the first time since we started dating. And out of nowhere he freaked out. He started saying he would be a chump if he let his girlfriend hang out around other men in a bathing suit without him and that I don’t respect him if I go.
He strongly believes now that I should bail on my last guy friend and not talk to him anymore. Even though we never hang out one on one, it’s only in a group setting, he has made an effort to be friends with my boyfriend, and he has been my friend god a decade.
I told him I already compromised by not hanging out one on one with guy friends and this is in no means a pattern and I think it’s unfair.
I refused to cancel or tell my long time friend to kick rocks. He is saying I am being immature and real relationships drop all same sex friendships when things get serious. AITA?
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2023.06.02 20:11 Comfortable-Towel438 Anyone else frightened by the shifts in terms of societies acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community?

I have been thinking a lot about this past few days and I’m just so scared and sad. Seen at Target got so many threats against their employees. They had to take out most of their pride really really saddens me. I understand the decision because their employees were definitely in danger. But the whole thing it’s nauseates me.. 😞😞😞😞😞
I live in southern California and a city that is pretty open and excepting. My ex girlfriend that I just broke up with after dating a year and a half lives in Houston Texas. I went to visit her and she shared with me that it’s not safe to hold hands or kiss in public at zoos, aquariums, bowling , and all the places we went. They shocked me. You definitely will get random comments for showing public affection where l live for things, for things such as holding hands here. But all in all the gay community is widely excepted.
In the name of trying to keep this post short, I won’t list the other things that I’ve seen the society that are shifting (states banning drag queens dressing in “female attire which sickens me because l believe clothing it’s just a way of expressing yourself, and has no gender)
I’m scared… I’m scared of what’s next. Will gay marriage be banned again? lm completely distraught.
Thoughts? Feelings?
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2023.06.02 20:11 BusyAd3475 Just in case anyone wanted more tea…🍵

Just in case anyone wanted more tea…🍵
The ex wife started following the ex girlfriend on insta. Lol
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2023.06.02 20:08 starsandmo0ns Anxious, racing thoughts.

Hi all.
I had a super toxic relationship with zero boundaries for years. During the pandemic, it ended, and I went to therapy. I did a lot of work and I am in a much healthier relationship now.
A big part of the getting over was the no contact part. Block, delete. I even deleted the socials temporarily to drop the habits. It worked!
Except… a year into my relationship he created a new Instagram. Saw the view on a story and blocked him. Then, he showed up at my house. My bf wasn’t there but long story short he confessed he had all of these feelings and was ready and done treating me as badly as he did. I told my bf he came around and he said I should have gotten a restraining order. In hindsight, I agree, but he was also not in the best frame of mind and he is impulsive. He also moved so I figured it would all be ok.
Well, last night I got a text from a friend informing me his best friend passed. The best friend is a childhood friend of mine, but me and my ex used to talk about him. The last time we spoke he said “I know he’s going to die within the next few years.” And he did. And I’m just thinking a lot about this ex and I’m worried that with him coming into town for the funeral I want to be prepared.
First, bf won’t be leaving my side until further notice, but another thing… should I tell bf about my concern of this guy showing up at my door? I feel like I’m being a bit crazy, but this ex is irrational and I’m home and he came here within the last year unprovoked and probably not the most mentally well.
Sorry if this seems weird, my brain is jumbled right now.
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2023.06.02 20:07 DarylMcMexican01 I feel like this is flying under the radar with all the other upcoming movies this year, is anyone else excited for the other CoBro’s new movie

I feel like this is flying under the radar with all the other upcoming movies this year, is anyone else excited for the other CoBro’s new movie submitted by DarylMcMexican01 to Letterboxd [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:07 thorwayetc I [30F] found my boyfriends [30M] (of 3 years) deep fake collection of his ex...

tl;dr found my bf's fake nsfw video collection of his old girlfriend
Have not yet confronted him but our communication is really good. Not sure what to feel? Mostly I'm just creeped out and kind of still in shock.
We are pretty open with each other and know each other's computer logins. So while he's at work I did some snooping.. I know that's wrong but I was just curious. And I found a dozen videos of his ex girlfriend (from a decade ago) clearly editing her face into 'professional' videos. It's not real footage of her so I'm thankful they are not exchanging real photos/videos with each other.
He dated this girl for 2 years back in college and took the break up really hard. We've openly talked about how strongly he loved her at the time but there wasn't any indication that he was still... thinking this way about her.
How do I approach this?
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2023.06.02 20:03 confused_forever I(28F) feel I'll never find the kind of connection I had with my ex(31M), ever again

Long story short.
Me and my ex started of casually seeing each other. We could openly speak to each other comfortably. We dated once and remained friends after. Then got into a situationship ( I didn't know about this and was considering it as dating).
Then a conversation happened - he wanted consistency from my side ( because I was going on dates with other guys in the period when me and my ex had broken up and were just friends). So, I promised him I'd stop dating and focus on us - and I did with my whole heart. Wanted the best for him and he was a bit taken aback by how emotionaly invested and intimate I was with him. I never ever considered another guy when I was with my ex.
Fast forward, 2 months and he breaks-up with me. On the day after breakup I was almost begging him to meet me and that I could fly to his city for just sitting and talking. He refused in haste. In the following months I realised he was texting a girl he met on a dating app and that he was going out on a date with her - the very evening that I was requesting him to meet me. I never knew this and felt quite cheated.
I fought with him and cried - I felt very cheated . And he said we were not technically dating - neither of us labelled it anything and he didn't want to label it as dating. But we did everything 2 people would do while dating - the intimacy and sex and talking and travelling together and cooking and music and what not. So I can only call whatever we did the second time round as a situationship- because we didn't label it( I didn't want to push him by asking what are we, because he was also not sure what to label and we had known each other for only 6 months)
1.5 years have gone by - I kept in touch with him very sporadically. Then cut of contact for 2 months. Then he reached out and texted me. He moved countries and made career moves that I had supported him to make back when we were together. We had platonic conversation and I said I was happy he was in a solid relationship with his current girlfriend ( the girl he was seeing just before breaking up with me)- he blurted out , in a confession almost, that his girlfriend cheated on him 2 months before he moved countries. I was shell -shocked. They are currently going to therapy and fixing things - he seems to try to make it work.
I don't know if I want to be with him again but I do cry sometimes, when I think about the times back when we were together. I feel like I lost something crucial - I have realised my value systems are a bit ..wonky(?). I was talking to my best friend and she told me frankly that I was more sorted as a person before and during my relationship with my ex - but then of late I seem very confused and sometimes hung up on him ( unexpected after 1.5 years). I do feel a lot lost and trying to pick up my pieces, what did I do wrong and how can I get back on track so I can find love again.
I have started going on dates. But everything seems sooo "not like before. Not like how it started with my ex when we initially met and dated". I for one did not see my ex happening at all - it just happened so seamlessly and fast.
There's no light-heartedness or levity to the whole dating process currently. I'm kinda becoming apathetic to the whole finding love thing - and I don't want to be that. I want to marry someday and have kids with a man who'll be my rock and I his. I want to feel that deep connection again, and it's just not happening - it's stressing me out. I cry sometimes imagining a situation if my ex comes back - would I take him back? If he ever does that is.
After having gone on several dates now, I am almost convinced that I have to accept the dreadfull situation of never finding someone I'll have the kind of connection that I had with my ex. The safety, warmth and childish fun and endless conversation that did not seem forced, travelling , support etc etc.
For context - I'm based in India. I grew up a bit sheltered and was a late bloomer of sorts. So my ex was my first serious shot at a relationship for me. I sometimes wonder if it was the good sex that got me close to him but no, I just valued being able to completely be myself around him and liked being in his arms.
And now, I can't even fathom having that closeness with any new guy. Hell, some of my dates , I physically just flinched or couldn't get close to, or did not like their smell or something or the other. How will I ever find someone, dear lord!!
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2023.06.02 20:00 just_a_fluke_ When the stars align

We’ve been friends for years, but I know you’ve always wanted more. When my ex and I broke up you couldn’t wait more than 2 days to tell me you’d been holding your feelings in for 2 years. It sucks that I wasn’t in a place to commit, and I hate how much I hurt you then.
For months it felt like I was being stabbed by just hearing your name and felt like the knife was being twisted every time your girlfriend’s name followed. I couldn’t stand not having you in my life. No amount of alcohol or people could replace the hole you left. I’ve missed you every day and words can’t describe the despair I’ve felt thinking we had lost our chance.
When I saw you for the first time in months, I couldn’t help but have the widest grin on my face. I said how your hair was so yellow, you just laughed and mentioned something about bleach but all I could think about was kissing you again. By the way you looked at me, I could just tell it was over between you and her.
I want to be the one that makes you laugh for the rest of eternity. I know I took awhile to find myself again, but I’m ecstatic to know that after all this time you still feel the same. You have no idea how happy you make me, a happiness that I haven’t known for so long.
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2023.06.02 20:00 TheBaney Greg Serrano plsssss

Starting a rewatch of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and I just need more Greg Serrano vibes in my life. Not really sure what it says about me that my dream guy is that guy but yeah gimme all the funny, smart, sarcastic, self deprecating, "realizes he's a second choice and willing to wait you out", "adjusted to his maladjustment" MMC's you've got.
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2023.06.02 20:00 Electronic-Plum3093 I keep thinking about how my (21F) gf (20F) brought up her ex a lot should I bring it up to her?

Hey guys so when I was beginning to date my gf before we became official (we’ve been dating 3 months), she would occasionally mention stories of her ex. I remember being slightly bothered because I didn’t know yet if she was serious about me and if she was over her ex. I only asked her about it one time when a story made me uncomfortable and she said she’s sorry for sharing too much and that she is definitely over him. She doesn’t bring him up anymore since that and she told me she loves me a week later. If she does bring him up it’s not stories but more about how he was a negative in her life.
She tells me she’s never felt about anyone the way she does for me and talks about our future. I just sometimes get bothered when I remember why did she even bring him up so much? Her actions have definitely shown she loves me but sometimes I can’t help but overthink when she posts me on her spam instagram account that I know her ex follows and I think she must be doing it for his attention. Or when she always says only you make me feel this way and I think she’s comparing us in her head. Do I bring up these feelings? I can’t tell if this is my OCD hyper fixating on something useless.
Td;lr my girlfriend used to bring up her ex a lot in the beginning of our relationship and I still feel confused about it
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2023.06.02 19:58 ThrowRA3668 I keep thinking about how my (21F) gf (20F) brought up her ex a lot should I bring it up to her?

Hey guys so when I was beginning to date my gf before we became official (we’ve been dating 3 months), she would occasionally mention stories of her ex. I remember being slightly bothered because I didn’t know yet if she was serious about me and if she was over her ex. I only asked her about it one time when a story made me uncomfortable and she said she’s sorry for sharing too much and that she is definitely over him. She doesn’t bring him up anymore since that and she told me she loves me a week later. If she does bring him up it’s not stories but more about how he was a negative in her life.
She tells me she’s never felt about anyone the way she does for me and talks about our future. I just sometimes get bothered when I remember why did she even bring him up so much? Her actions have definitely shown she loves me but sometimes I can’t help but overthink when she posts me on her spam instagram account that I know her ex follows and I think she must be doing it for his attention. Or when she always says only you make me feel this way and I think she’s comparing us in her head. Do I bring up these feelings?
Td;lr my girlfriend used to bring up her ex a lot in the beginning of our relationship and I still feel confused about it
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2023.06.02 19:57 ThrowRA3668 I keep thinking about how my (21F) gf (20F) brought up her ex a lot should I bring it up to her?

Hey guys so when I was beginning to date my gf before we became official (we’ve been dating 3 months), she would occasionally mention stories of her ex. I remember being slightly bothered because I didn’t know yet if she was serious about me and if she was over her ex. I only asked her about it one time when a story made me uncomfortable and she said she’s sorry for sharing too much and that she is definitely over him. She doesn’t bring him up anymore since that and she told me she loves me a week later. If she does bring him up it’s not stories but more about how he was a negative in her life.
She tells me she’s never felt about anyone the way she does for me and talks about our future. I just sometimes get bothered when I remember why did she even bring him up so much? Her actions have definitely shown she loves me but sometimes I can’t help but overthink when she posts me on her spam instagram account that I know her ex follows and I think she must be doing it for his attention. Or when she always says only you make me feel this way and I think she’s comparing us in her head. Do I bring up these feelings?
Td;lr my girlfriend used to bring up her ex a lot in the beginning of our relationship and I still feel confused about it
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2023.06.02 19:57 Legal_Elk1350 Seeking Legal Advice on Chip Support Case

I am a custodial parent of two kids and I live in Virginia. My original court order was signed in 2017 and since then, a lot of changes have occurred. My ex-husband has been paying support as if my oldest is still in childcare; however, she is 16 and this is no longer the case. I told my ex-husband on numerous occasions for years that he needed to file with DCSE for an adjustment and stop blaming me. He wanted us to work it out without the court, and was not understanding that because the amount was a payroll deduction and DCSE was involved that was not an option. I did not trust him either as I have caught him in numerous lies regarding finances. Instead of filing, he took me to court last year to fight for 50-50 and said he was overpaying support and wanted the girls more as they wanted that as well. My attorney pointed out this screams money, and not custody. He lied to the judge, and said I verbally agreed to 50-50 in a conversation we had about a year ago. This was not true, nor could he prove it since nothing was on paper. He is a detective, and was previously a deputy in the county in which, the court is located. I was told both in 2017 and recently that the judge can recuse themselves but more than likely any judge will say they had professional dealings with my ex-husband due to his position. I had an attorney, but ex represented himself. He has a lot of experience with court proceedings, so he was comfortable representing himself. The judge allowed him to plead his case, and he lied about almost everything. However, I was only asked one question, and instead of letting me explain the judge told me just answer yes or no. At the end of the hearing, the judge looked at me and said she found it hard to believe that my ex-husband would have moved further away from his job if I had not agreed to 50-50. She then said, dismissed, giving us no chance to respond. If she would have let me explain, I could have given additional details like he was in the same county in 2017, but got evicted and chose to move out of the county which was about 45 minutes away from his job. If he really wanted the girls 50-50, he would have stayed in the County. My attorney did a very good job pointing specific things out, but the judge either didn’t care, or was not paying attention. He ended up withdrawing everything, to include the child support and blamed everything on me, saying he would’ve never gone to court if he knew I was going to fight. I have never thought he’d be able to take care of the kids even part-time, so I am thinking he thought by playing the victim, the judge would side with him. I do believe the judge wanted to side with him, but because there was nothing in writing, proving his theory, she could not and excepted the withdraw instead. She did ask my ex-husband if he was positive he wanted to withdraw everything ( assuming she was referring to the support since part of his argument was overpaying support). He said yes, which raised a red flag to me. If he in fact was over paying then there would be no reason for him to not go forward with the support piece. I decided to file for an adjustment myself, so everything would be on paper and fair, and he cannot complain anymore. For years I have been under the impression that the support would be lower if he filed so I felt bad and have not been asking for medical reimbursement since 2018 even though it is in the court order. I received a notice from DCSE saying they received my request and per their calculation, the obligation may need to be changed thus resulting in him paying more per month than what he currently pays. Not what I was expecting. When I saw the income they had for him, I was shocked to say the least. During court last September, he told both my attorney and the judge that he was making 85,000 a year but when my attorney asked for his paystub, he provided an outdated one. My attorney asked if he had a recent one, and he said no but he could obtain. The judge didn’t question any of this. There is no way for me to prove my theory, but I think he withdrew because he was hiding income, or knew he was making more than what he said in court, which might increase his support. He didn’t respond to discovery and rather than take a chance, he withdrew instead. There are several things that make me angry but the fact that he got away with so much and now knowing he may have lied in court, makes me even more angry. I drained all of my funds on an attorney, so I cannot afford to ask for representation again. Is there a way I can confirm my theory about him lying in court and making more than what he stated? The figure DCSE provided says he now makes 117,000 a year. The fact that he went from 85 to 117 in less than a year is suspicious to me. He did get a promotion from lieutenant to captain, but whether or not that could result in that much of an increase is not something I’d know. My fear is he will lie in court again to try to alter the amount, and say he shouldn’t be paying that much. One thing he might bring up is though I am paying for before, and after care for my youngest, she only attended once a week because I was able to telework. this is true but we were told telework situation might change so I had to keep her enrolled in the event we went back full-time. She was also involved in clubs, which resulted in her, having to stay after school. Our organization has not put out the updated telework policy but I do know I will have to go into the office more due to the change. Can the judge agree and say they are not factoring in the child care? He also told the judge that he was withdrawing until he could find a house in the girls school district. Knowing where I lived, and what schools they were assigned to, he moved to a place in Stafford that was not in their school district. In court, he said everything was too expensive so he couldn’t afford it but he just put a contract down on a new build with his girlfriend And it is not in the girls school district. He told the girls he tried to find some thing, but could not afford it. They just got out of school and my theory is if he can afford a new build, he could have waited and continued to look for something that is in their school district. Sorry for the novel, but any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 19:56 asdfghjklalss My 24F boyfriend 26M keeps expensive perfumes from his ex

Are my feelings valid if I am jealous over expensive perfumes? My boyfriend still keeps all the expensive perfumes from his ex girlfriend, and for all I know, he only does this because he’s a hoarder of perfume. He loves displaying expensive things, and I have just discovered that those perfumes are from the rich ex.
I can admit that I am still highly insecure with their relationship for whatever reason even though they broke up 3 years ago. His ex has a lot of money and was able to give him gadgets and stuff that I myself cannot afford.
What should I do?
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2023.06.02 19:52 hayleybaby9 need some advice (20F) about how to handle interracial relationship and racist family

hello, i (20F) have always had white supremacist family members, i personally don’t believe what they do so i cut majority of them out of my life. i got a girlfriend (21F) which is important to note that she was black. i had my own apartment and barely had contact with my family besides my mom who isn’t as big on their ideals. we had been dating for a while, i had told her about my family but ensured to her that i don’t have contact and i don’t believe what they do. i started talking to my mom more often around January and that’s when i decided it was best for me to meet them, it was a horrible idea, i had a mental breakdown every time i went over there. i asked my ex to come with me a couple times and she did and they liked her. the only thing i thought was weird everytime i went over there was that my brother (17M) and mom wouldn’t allow me to go into my brothers room. i thought it was weird and i dismissed it until one day i opened the door as a joke and come to find out he started believing in white supremacy, it was hard not to notice, the posters and evidence were everywhere, my heart dropped. i didn’t tell my ex at first but they hung out and my brother does know how to keep his mouth shut so my ex thought he was fine. i started struggling really bad with finances to the point where i just gave in and moved in with my mom and my brother. the white supremacy thing was eating at me, i felt that i needed to tell my ex at least a little to know who he really was. maybe i crossed the boundary and said too much? but i made sure not to say what he said specifically or anything. she started answering my texts less, saying that she kept having panic attacks, refused to facetime or see me in person. after about two weeks of that, she broke up with me. i got into a nasty fight with my brother about it, my ex and i started fighting. (she broke up with me over text, refuses to see me or talk, has blocked me on everything) and it has been devastating this past month since the breakup. i have tried to explain my POV to my brother but he doesn’t listen so i kind of just given up on our sibling relationship. i do still live with them due to financial instability. i just ned some advice on how to handle this situation, this was my first relationship and my first relationship with someone outside my race. i know i won’t ever understand that pain that she probably feels from it but i do want to understand more and i want to know if we ever do come in contact again, i can handle the race talk with her without her feeling like i’m down her throat about it or that i’m just going to let what he says or does “slide”. i do want to talk to her and explain what was trying to accomplish and that it was never my intention to hurt her. but i know she’ll probably need more time if i’m being honest, but if i’m being more honest sometimes i just want to say “f it” and drive to her house and confess everything, i just don’t know if she’d like that. please reply if you have any experience with this, it would really help me and my mental health :)
TLDR- living with racist family caused my girlfriend to break up with me
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2023.06.02 19:51 lou1uol Evra confirma entrada como investidor no Estrela da Amadora
Patrice Evra, antigo internacional francês e glória do Manchester United, confirmou esta sexta-feira a entrada como investidor no Estrela da Amadora. Recorde-se que o ex-jogador, agora com 42 anos, vai estar na Reboleira, no sábado, para assistir ao duelo da 1.ª mão do playoff de acesso ao principal escalão do futebol português com o Marítimo (20 horas). O gaulês, de resto, pertence ao grupo de investidores norte-americano My Football Club. (Vídeo: Instagram/Evra)
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2023.06.02 19:48 Spirited-Ad-1022 pauline what is it for mario? a friend? ex girlfriend? or other?

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2023.06.02 19:47 AndersIsHorny The Secret - Part Two

The Secret - Part Two
Here is part two of a story that I wrote AGES ago. My writing style was pretty rough back then, so be kind. Love you all and hope that you enjoy!


It was almost 9 o’clock by the time I pulled up to her house. Her parents were fairly wealthy and they owned a large Tudor style home on the outskirts of town. I recognized Erin’s blue Jetta in the driveway. I parked behind her car and got out. There weren’t any outside lights on so I stumbled a bit on my way up to the front door.
Erin met me at the door and ushered me inside. She gave me a quick tour of the downstairs area before we made our way out back to the pool. It was a large lagoon style pool that was lined with natural rock. Music was playing softly from all around the pool. I was slightly disappointed that it was trashy pop music.
She coyly shed her shirt and shorts to reveal a small yellow bikini and slipped into the water. Always one to plan ahead, I’d put my trunks on at my house when I stopped by after work. I told my parents that I was going to a friend’s house for a swim and that I might be out pretty late. They didn’t even bother asking where I was going. I didn’t get out much so they almost surely assumed that I was at Dmitri’s house.
The water felt great. It was just cool enough to be refreshing without being so cold that you needed to get out after a few minutes. We were talking about school and jokingly splashing each other. I was glad that Dmitri had told me to come.
Before long the conversation began to dwindle a bit.
“We can go inside if you’re getting cold.” She offered.
“Nah it’s ok, I’m enjoying the water.”
The light on the back patio suddenly clicked on and the sliding glass door to the house slid open.
“Who do you have out there with you sis?” Erin’s older brother walked out onto the patio. He had his hands on his hips in his best ‘disapproving parent’ pose. I knew him from high school. He had graduated last year and had decided to go to Texas A&M, which was only an hour away. Based on the look on her face, Erin had not expected him to be home this weekend.
“Mike, what the hell are you doing here?” she sounded quite annoyed.
“Mom and dad asked me to swing by to make sure that you were behaving yourself.” He stared at me for a moment. “Good thing I did.”
She flipped him off and he went back inside. “Sorry about this. I had no clue he was coming home.”
I wasn’t sure why she was so bent out of shape about him showing up.
Mike emerged from the house with a bottle of alcohol in each hand. Another guy and a girl followed him out.
“Oh good… you brought friends.” Now Erin seemed really pissed off.
“Why so mad little sis? Did you have something special planned for tonight?” he looked from her over to me. I shook my head ‘no’. My response caused him to crack a smile. “What’s your name dude?”
“Nice to meet you Jasper. I’m Mike, this is my girlfriend Brit and my roommate Riley.”
“Pleasure to meet you.”
“I’m going to go get dressed.” Erin climbed out of the pool and went inside in a huff.
“Better watch yourself Jasper. I think my sis might have wanted to get her claws into you tonight.” He could tell by the look on my face that I hadn’t been planning on doing anything with his sister. “So are you going to go inside with the Ice Queen or stay out here and drink with us?”
“I’ve never really drank before…”
“Oh shit… well you get your ass up here and have a drink with us.”
It was a solid 30 minutes before Erin came back outside. By that time, I was feeling the effects of the alcohol pretty solidly. I smiled and waved her over. “Hey Erin, come on and hang with us out over here.” The words didn’t exit my mouth the way I had planned but I didn’t really mind. Riley began to laugh at me.
“Sorry sis, I got your boy toy a little hammered.”
“You are such an asshole. I’m going to bed. Don’t you dare let him drive home like that.” She stormed off.
“Oh shit, now she’s really pissed off.” He whispered conspiratorially to me. “I hope you weren’t trying to get with her tonight because I’ve royally ruined any chance you had.”
“Nah man, this is fun. I just came over here to go swimming anyways.” Mike shot Riley a sly grin and earned himself a smack from his girlfriend.
“Brit and I are going to go skinny dipping so why don’t you two go entertain yourselves inside.”
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2023.06.02 19:44 kinzygrace one month since I last looked at LO’s girlfriend’s social media 🎉

I keep track on the ‘I Am Sober’ app and this is the longest I’ve ever gone- I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. All of LO’s social media accounts are private, so I used to compulsively check his girlfriend’s instagram/tiktok accounts every few days to see if she posted any new pictures or videos of him. I would regret it each time but couldn’t stop.
I recently realized that the millisecond dopamine hit of seeing new pictures of LO just isn’t worth it when I know I’ll end up seeing something on his girlfriend’s profile that will hurt me and set me back. Still feeling like shit mentally, but here’s to progress!!
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