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2012.03.02 18:51 Bargains on quality staples and trendy add ons

A community to help you stay stylish without wearing out your wallet!

2011.06.30 17:40 PirateCodingMonkey LGBT Havens: safe places for lgbt young adults

Safe places for LGBT youth

2010.07.03 14:21 J3N1US Protesting at a soldiers funeral service is completely unacceptable!!

For all members of the armed forces around the world.

2023.06.02 21:58 FarAd7723 Got my first binder…

Proceeded to have an intense anxiety attack when I put it on.
I realized there’s more to my dysmorphia than just breasts. It’s my body (specifically my weight) that I’m unhappy with and I didn’t realize it until I was in the binder. The binder fits nearly perfectly. It’s loose around the waist a bit and saggy in the neck but makes me nearly completely flat. I feel like it should have made me happy. Like I should have even happier but it made me sad and anxious. I was over analyzing it instead of looking at the bigger picture.
Has this happened to anyone else? It was almost like I wasn’t sure what to do next. Like I finally got this thing and to this place I’ve been waiting to get to and it was lackluster. No clothing I put on looked how I wanted them to look, even though my breasts bothered me in the first place.
I feel so…idk. Lost I guess? Unsure of my entire body now.
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2023.06.02 21:58 kristauwu Accidental Coping Mechanisms

I've suddenly come to the realization today that I think I've developed a coping mechanism without actually trying or realizing that's what was happening. Over the past few months/maybe half a year or more at this point. I've been doing my daily job constantly listening to podcasts or mainly banter heavy youtube videos. Before I started doing this I would zone out constantly and find myself wondering places in the building wondering how I got there and finding it hard to remember why i was there in the first place. I knew the listening helped me focus in a way to keep my brain on track and to keep my task on hand.
However, something i didn't take into consideration was just how much it was helping me in another aspect that affects my mental health greatly. I've dealt with anxiety and OCD symptoms since I was a child and always really struggled with sleeping, or in general, everyday racing thoughts within my mind I could not control. Today, for the first time in months I forgot my earbuds at home and don't have the money to purchase a new pair while at work. I guess something I seriously forgot about was just how debilitating my thoughts are without a constant speaking voice to focus on through the media I consume. I've been at work for almost 3 hours at this point and within the first hour and a half got to a near breaking point where I thought I may have to go hide in the bathroom for a few to calm down.
I guess the point of this is that I would have never guessed how quiet my own thoughts were for the first time in my life, to the point I completely forgot what it was like to live inside of my own brain for a while, and would have never guessed how much something so little could have made many differences in my everyday life. I was also wondering if anyone else has ever experienced something like this from something you never expected it from until suddenly you had to live without it. Also, is living so dependently on something like this ultimately doing more harm than good? Or is it simply something that works for me and I should keep depending on it to help me through the day.
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2023.06.02 21:57 grhjugrhbdd How to not be boring? 24M

Hi all,
As a 24 year old guy, I've recently been struggling with this.
I feel like it's really hard to not be "boring" and it seems like most girls I am interested in dating are looking for someone with "good energy" or "rave with me"
While I admit this could be a symptom of me not getting out there enough, I also am fairly introverted and enjoy my alone time.
What can I do to make myself more appealing to these women?
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2023.06.02 21:57 Unusual-Instance-717 Error discovering unittest tests in VSCode, suspect it's my PYTHONPATH or unittest args

VSCode environment. General project structure:
/home/me/my_proj/ _webserve _... _react_webclient/ _... _scripts/ _venv/ _ _dir1/ _*.py _Tests/ _dir2/ _*.py _Tests/ 
I want the tests to be discovered on the "Testing" tab that VSCode has, but I get
Unittest Discovery Error [my_proj] Error discovering unittest tests (see Output > Python): 
Output > Python:
Failed to import test module: unittest_test1 Traceback ... ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dir2' 
(when trying to run dir2/Tests/
Python unittest args (global vscode.settings.json, no project settings.json)
-v -s ./scripts/dir2/Tests -p *test*.py 
My Goal is to be able to run debug on a single unit test TestCase function from the VSCode Testing tab. Currently, the only way to run a single function test is by first running
export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)/scripts (which resets for each terminal session) then something like
python -m unittest mymodule.unittest_1
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2023.06.02 21:57 beeswaxnotyours-inc I have nobody.

I’m on edge. I’m veering on killing myself. I’ve tried it twice before. I think now that I’m older (29) I can do it clean and follow through. For the first time I broke down in front of my boyfriend of 5 years. I told him how I’m feeling and how I’m contemplating. He gets mad at me and turns away from me. He tells me I have nothing to be sad about. It’s making me shut down. I don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. No one is listening to me. Instead I feel stupid and even more driven to just do it. I’m already self harming myself again.. I told my dad and he didn’t say anything. I’ve looked into it and I can put my dad as the beneficiary and he can have my money. I only worry who will take care of my pet. I suppose I can arrange the vet to find someone who will care for them. I have no friends. I have a history of depression from my childhood. I can’t afford my therapist anymore. I stopped years ago when she didn’t take my insurance anymore. I feel like she abandoned me. I feel like I’m sinking deeper talking to myself. I’ve contemplated two methods recently. I came up with a good one today and I feel like it’ll be easy to just do it and see where it takes me. I’m tired of people getting mad at me for how I’m feeling. How they don’t want to hear it. It’s just pushing me deeper.
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2023.06.02 21:57 hm1402 Books around self esteem and confidence/ being ok with being alone/ self reliance.

So, I’m moving abroad soon and know I can get anxious around being liked when first meeting people despite being outgoing in the moment. I have a good set of friends at home but I won’t have that support system abroad; I know I will worry a lot over being liked and if I pass as ‘friendship material’ to people in the first instances of making those connections. I don’t want to feel needy with the people I view as a friend/like by hoping and worrying it is reciprocated. This of course will be harder when all my other friends are miles away. I want to build more resilience around my worrying about this and feel more secure in myself instead of diving into these worrying loopholes about if people like me and thinking of tiny things I did that then in my head mean I’m not likeable. Does anyone have any books that would be helpful for this kind of thing? I guess it comes under self reliance, social resilience, self esteem type stuff. Thank you.
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2023.06.02 21:57 Gag180 30th birthday location issues

I was debating on whether to put this here or AITA, but I don't want to be completely unaccommodating.
I have a 30th coming up and wanted to have a party at a location that is about 20-30 mins from my parents and my own place (We live in a rural area, most guests will have to source a place to stay). At first it seemed ok, but recently my parents have been telling me that the location makes it difficult for my sisters who have less than two year's old kids (one each, but both are pregnant with another).
Immediate family, i.e. my sisters, would be staying at my parent's. Travel for most guests would mean a weekend trip, one sister has to travel by plane.
My parents are trying to convince me that my desired location for my 30th will make a dinner party difficult for people who have young kids who may crack it and force an early exit. While I understand that, I am frustrated that I have to change my plans for it, which I feel like I have to do every time I want to do something for myself.
At the risk of complaining, I feel like I'm always going out of my way to attend events for others, even if it means going by plane. I'm single and live on my own, so time wise I can do so, but I don't earn a lot of money but still spend as such to go by plane.
Am I being unreasonable for my sisters? Should I accommodate them more because thy have kids? I'd prefer not to have more than one party (my parents have offered to host a party for family at their own place, and suggested I have a second with friends the next day at my desired location).
I don't want to be an asshole to my sisters, but at the same time I'm feeling kind of shafted for being forced to change my plans for everyone else once again.
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2023.06.02 21:57 dragnet_blueboy USA M 42 seeking friends

A lonely guy seeking interesting people to chat with. I would like to learn from you, about your life and place in the world. I live in Washington State near Seattle. I enjoy the ocean and mountains in Washington. The 90's alternative grunge scene was timeless like the 1960's music. I like hiking, drawing with charcoals, playing guitar and coffee. I also adore cats, as they are all bipolar like me. Into self care, medicinal plants and mushrooms. Former drug and alcohol addict. Three years clean. I hope we can be friends, I am very kind hearted. If you took the time to read this, I'm sure we will be friends! I don't care about what you look like, or where on the world you are, if you are nice to me, I will be the same way to you! See you
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2023.06.02 21:57 PinkJazz What shipping carrier do you mostly use for heavier items?

I was wondering, what carrier do you mostly use for heavier items - USPS, UPS, or FedEx?
For heavier items I mostly use UPS. I live near a UPS Store, so dropping them off at UPS isn't a problem for me.
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2023.06.02 21:57 missmrissa 6 week with new HG diagnosis and terrified

I’m freshly 6 weeks into my first pregnancy and was diagnosed with HG a week ago, and I don’t know what to do. I’m getting so much useless advice from the OB nurses, like “wear sea bands” and “eat crackers before getting up in the morning”. Yeah okay, thanks for nothing. The nausea and vomiting is nonstop all day and night, I can’t eat solid food, can barely keep down liquids, and losing about a pound of body weight each day. I can’t take care of myself or my pets, my poor husband is overloaded between work and doing everything else. I can’t work- I’m a medical assistant at a busy urgent care clinic that’s an hour away from my house. I barely have the strength to shower, how can I possibly drive an hour, then work 10-12 hours on my feet with other sick people then make it home again? I think I’m going to have to take medical leave, and that’s ultimately going to go against the time I can take after giving birth. AND if this doesn’t get better after the first trimester, I’m looking at job loss which I absolutely cannot afford. Im feeling terribly sick, exhausted, weak, shaky, dizzy- and terrified that I’m going to end up losing my job and irreparably screwing up my livelihood, and equally terrified that I’m going to screw up my own health or the health of this baby. I tried unisom and b-6 which had zero effect on me, and have been taking metoclopramide the past few days with some mild relieve initially but totally not cutting it today. I see my OB on Monday. At this point I don’t know what to try, do, or think. Is this all going to shake down the way I feel it is? Does this get better? I will take anything anyone has to say at all…. I’m just miserable and terrified and I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.02 21:57 Xillytron Don't wait any longer, sign up for these platforms today and start earning by completing tasks and sharing your opinions!

Hey there lovely people!
Are you looking for ways to earn some extra cash while staying at home? Well, you're in luck because I have some amazing platforms that I've personally tried and tested. Have you heard of AttaPoll, Toloka, Toluna, Voissy, YouGov and ySense? These are some of the best survey and micro-task platforms out there that can help you earn some extra money on the side!
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Toluna is a survey platform that lets you earn money for sharing your opinions on products and services. They also have a fun rewards system where you can earn points for participating in contests and challenges, which you can then redeem for cash or gift cards.
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Lastly, we have ySense, a platform that offers a variety of tasks like surveys, offers, and even playing games! You can earn cash through PayPal or gift cards, and it's accessible worldwide.
These are just a few of the many survey and micro-task websites out there, but they're some of the best in terms of earning potential and ease of use. And the best part? You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!
In conclusion, if you want to start making some extra cash in your free time, I highly recommend giving these platforms a try. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for these survey platforms to start earning some extra cash today!
AttaPoll is an application available only on mobile!
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2023.06.02 21:56 Imaginary_Word_3222 I 23F need a fresh set of eyes regarding if my partner 26M is disrespecting me and if the relationship should go in.

Hello, this is my first time posting. I am a 23 year old woman and he is 26. I just needed a fresh set of eyes because I don’t know if I’m making a problem out of nothing as a result of previous issues in our relationship, or if I’m right and this was disrespectful towards me.
My partner and I have been together almost 4 years. Most times the relationship is good. We laugh and have fun together. However, when there is a conflict it takes a long time to resolve because I feel like he never understands where I’m coming from or how I feel until after some crying and shouting. But then it seems like he only now “understands” because we wants me to stop. And he always says I’m playing games and being manipulative, but the things he does truly does hurt me and make me feel insecure.
And it’s small things, but these small things keep getting repeated and repeated and now, to me, is a big thing.
For example, one of the most recent is social media. I told him I didn’t like him following these half naked Instagram girls and girls from his past. I told him it make me uncomfortable and I felt it was disrespect to our relationship and he would say he wouldn’t do it, but keep going. And when we argue I’m met with “it’s my phone I can do what I want”, “I can’t control what they post”. Basically anything to say I’m being dramatic and it’s not a big deal. There was this one girl, I wanted him to unfollow and I told him “if you follow her again, I will feel uncomfortable and disrespected”. Well, he followed her again.
The first time, it wasn’t a big deal. I told him how I felt about it, that I want him to stop doing that. But we’ve had this conversation so many times and each time I feel more ugly and unwanted and disrespected. Because he says it’s not a big deal, he doesn’t care about them. In my eyes, if it’s not a big deal and you don’t care, just get rid of them. I don’t understand how you can see the woman you claim to love upset, feeling more insecure with each instance and you do nothing.
We had this conversation again a week ago and I showed him some articles and videos that expressed a bit better than I I was and it seems we like finally after argument after argument he finally understands and he stopped. And things have been going well.
This brings me to the issue of now. I can’t tell if I’m making it a big deal because of the past and my experience with him, feeling like I express upfront that I do not like something or how I feel about something and he will still do what he wants, knowing how I feel about it.
Yesterday while he was at work I called him because I wanted to ask him about something involving our baby. He is 7 months old. He didn’t answer. And that was fine I thought he was busy at work. So I waited a minute to see if he’d call back and after a minute I just texted him. He answered, everything was good.
When he came home, he was on the phone with his cousin. Basically he said he was on the phone all day with his cousin. I was a little annoyed because I feel like, if I’m home with our baby and I call you, and you are able to answer you should because It may be about the baby. And it was.
I don’t know how to explain it but I felt like something was off. So I looked at his phone and I see when I had called earlier in the day and he didn’t answer, the very next minute he tried to call this woman named Sabrina. So he was on his phone and able to answer, he chose not to, and instead tried to call this woman. She didn’t answer, and so he then did call his cousin and they spoke for a while.
When I confront him, he said that it was his old high school teacher. That it wasn’t a big deal, and he had spoken to me the day before a lot. Now here is my issue, he tells me about everyone in his past. Ex’s, old friends, old coworkers from past jobs, and teachers. My problem is, he’s never mentioned this teacher. I checked and she is a teacher from his old school. And even though I find it a little weird, I guess where he’s from it’s not abnormal to call/text teachers. There is this other teacher of his he calls every now and then. Even told her about my pregnancy and called her so she could see the baby. I just feel odd because he has mentioned a lot of old teachers to me, never this one. And he likes older woman and she is a good looking older woman. He has also mentioned he had a few crushes on ex- teachers. It’s a fantasy for him.
I just feel disrespected because I called him about our son, he ignored my call and the next minute called this woman he has never mentioned.
Even if he did only call to tell her about his life now, why did he ignore me and instead call her? And why was he even thinking about her. And it is more so the fact that he ignored my call and in the same breath called another woman and his reaction when I questioned him. He called me insecure, said he wasn’t gonna talk about it. Walked away from me. It was the reaction that gave me the same sinking feeling I got about the woman on social media. The dismissal. The fact that I can tell him how I feel about something, and he won’t understand or acknowledge my feelings. If he had just said, “yk I’m sorry I didn’t answer when you called. I wanted to try to catch up with an old teacher of mine, it wasn’t my intention to ignore you…blah blah blah”. I feel like I’m not ever listened to. ÑAnd I’m getting really tired of it.
Worse, I think that today while he’s at work again he will try to call her again knowing how I feel about this situation. And that will confirm that no matter how much I voice my discomforts and thoughts about something, he will still do whatever he wants. This is just speculation because if the situation I mentioned earlier.
I just wanted to vent because I don’t really have anyone to talk to. I need to know if it is an issue and I’m right to feel like this, or if I am over reacting as a result of the recent issues we just got over and my feelings of insecurities. Because I do feel like it’s not a huge issue, but like all our other issues it’s the things he does and says after that makes it an issue to me. I’m doubting myself because he says I find everything disrespectful and I have a problem with everything. And I just want to be unhappy.
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2023.06.02 21:56 666hotline666 Am I crazy to want to reconcile my relationship with my partner after a crazy and traumatic month perpetrated by her?

my (30m) relationship of about 3 years, which was quite good 1.5 months ago, has been torpedoed by my partner (30f), even after her talking about how great things were going after seeing a couples therapist multiple times.
about 2 months ago, she had a hormonal IUD inserted. this had a bad affect on her mental health. her personality changed drastically, and she was having trouble functioning. she was crying almost constantly. i felt terrible and wanted to help, but understood that hormonal IUD side effects can take awhile to wear off.
i was very supportive and did not want to point out these changes TOO much, as i felt it would come off as insensitive, and she was having a terrible time with her previous copper IUD.
but about three weeks ago, she decided abruptly that we were going to take a break, because i haven't changed based on our therapy, and i wasn't trying. we had only been 3 times at this point, and i had barely been able to say anything during the sessions.
the therapist mostly stated that our issues were caused by insecurity, and that things i said or did that would otherwise be considered normal were perceived extremely negatively. i also make very impulsive decisions and need to work on that.this break would last an undetermined period of time. we would go full no contact during this break. this is what we needed, and i didn't agree to it, then "i am breaking up with her".
at first i agreed, but later realized that it was closer to obedience than agreement. i was trying. i was doing everything she wanted me to. i did not want to separate, temporarily or otherwise.this caused major pain on her end, and she slipped into a very dark period for about a week. during this time, she sank very low (i can't really explain it any other way without breaking the sub's rules), and made me promise not to call 911 or her mom. this caused me an extreme level of stress and i had a very bad panic attack (i'm prone to them). she suggested i leave and stay with my parents about 1.5 hours from our city for a week.
three weeks later, i'm still at my parent's. she is staying in an Airbnb but does not want me to come back to our condo because she's slowly moving her stuff out into storage (even though her parents live literally down the street). i feel like i'm being held hostage, and when i told her this, she said that "she has a life" and that "these are the consequences of my actions".
it all came to a peak when i found a bunch of screenshots of conversations i had with my mom in my Recently Deleted folder of my iPhone. she had mentioned weeks earlier about means things i said to my mom about her, which confused the hell out of me, but it was brushed off at the time.i asked her about them calmly over text, and she said i had lost my mind. i then asked her when she was planning on moving out. she called me at about 2:30 AM and asked if i was finally cool with the arrangement. i said no, i'm not.
"so you're breaking up with me!"
at this point, something flipped in my head and i was like "yeah, you know what. i am". she started to cry REALLY hard immediately and i just said "i'm really sorry" and hung up.
i feel terrible about this, but i felt like i did it under duress at that point. she has been very, very short with me and is trying to avoid my texts related to our shared condo, which is making it hard because i manage all the household stuff.
i have so many conflicting feelings as i love this person and want to do life with her, but this situation sets a pretty hefty precedent for our future together.
TLDR; i hastily ended things on the phone after being pushed from my home for nearly a month. am i insane to try and reconcile, or do i deserve the treatment?
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2023.06.02 21:56 ule_msee Need Daily Technical Analysis and Trade Set-ups for Your Forex/Crypto Blog? I'm your guy!

Hey Everyone, I'm a professional content writer who specializes in writing informative and SEO-friendly forex and generally finance content with short turnarounds. I have been writing content for over two years. My content covers many different topics like Blockchain, Forex Market, Social Media, Health and Nutrition, Beauty and Apparel, etc. However, I have recently developed an affinity for forex and crypto-based articles, seeing as I'm evolving into a professional trader.
Still, I am more than capable of writing for any particular niche that you need well-written content for.
Regardless of what you need to be written, I will conduct the necessary research, and write a piece that is in line with your expectations and needs. Moreover, I check my articles many times to ensure correctness, quality, and SEO so that your blog can shine on the search engines. Here is a link to one of the trade set-ups I have written recently.
My rate is is very fair and I accept payments in both PayPal and Skrill.
Thank you for reading! If you would like to work with me, please write a comment or send me a message and I will get back to you ASAP!
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2023.06.02 21:56 Prestigious-Tiger-86 Summer Custody Schedule?

My daughter is 14 and recently came to me asking to change up our current custody schedule for the Summer. Our current schedule looks like this:
Week 1:
Monday Morning - Gets dropped off at dads Thursday Evening - Comes home to moms
Week 2:
Monday Morning: Gets dropped off at dads Wednesday Evening: Comes home to moms
This is a schedule we created together, it is not court ordered. It was the easiest way for us to split 50/50 time with her plus it works for dads work schedule since he works Friday-Sunday.
My daughters proposed schedule change is to simply choose where she wants to go, when she wants to go. Though I don’t agree with that 100% and I think she has to have some type of consistency, I’m open to her choosing where she wants to spend her time during the Summer.
When she brought this up to her dad and his wife, they made her feel bad about it and told her that it’s not her choice and that a schedule change like that would hurt both of them and me (it would not hurt me at all). I think they said this because they worry they will see her less. Although they have always had ways of guilting her, making it about what they want and what they feel instead of about what my daughter wants/feels.
I have had so many arguments with them over the last decade and I have conceded to most of them because it’s them against me. I have been pushed to the point where I feel like I am no longer her mother, but just someone on the outside looking in. It seems like regardless of what my daughter wants, or what I want, they have the final say.
I’m not sure what to do. Am I giving my daughter too much control? Should I tell dad and step mom that they need to listen to our daughter and what she wants? Should I think about filing for a formal custody agreement? I’m at a loss.
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.02 21:56 YamsROTMG [US,US] [H] A Huge Binder of Singles, Few Slabs, Charizard UPC, Bulk, One Vintage Lot [W] Paypal, GG Gold Giratina

Hello! I'm just trying to cut down on my collection of stuff and mainly want to sell for money. I have little rep here on pkmntcgtrades but I have a fair amount on hardwareswap if that helps attest to my legitimacy on Reddit. Everything is for sale and I hope most of it sells since I need money more than Pokémon cards right now. My Crown Zenith master set is the only thing I care about keeping right now and I'm still missing a Giratina for it so if anyone wants to trade that for anything I'd be up for it as well.
Payment will be Paypal G&S as I have almost no trades here but I will cover fees. For shipping I'd do PWE $1 for 2 cards or 4 if you're okay with me double toploading cards but I would prefer not to, BMWT $5 for more cards, and if you buy enough to warrant needing a whole box like buying the Charizard UPC I'll cover the shipping. Prices will be based on TCG sold and Ebay for non-Eng cards. An offer can be made for the lot of Vintage as I don't think any of it is worth selling individually.
Here's all the pics, DM closeups on request.
All the modern cards are NM and the vintages will vary between LP/MP except Chansey which is HP.
Vs, Radiants, Few Vintage including 1 Base set 2 Blastoise
TGs, GGs, EX, GX, Rainbows, Pikas
Golds, CZ Textured Energies, Trainer Full Arts, Lv 49 Luxray and random Celebrations starters
Slabs, 1 Vintage Lot, Bulk, Sleeves, Sealed Charizard UPC, Pokeball Plus w/o Mew
Bulk is all modern from SWSH/SV, probably 2500 C/UC cards in the white box I got. One of the ETBs is Energies and the other is partially energies, C/UC bulk, reverse holos, and regular holos. Pokeball Plus isn't a card but thought I might as well post it.
Thanks for looking and I appreciate the help on liquidating this broke college student's collection!
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2023.06.02 21:56 brookumms18 Do I Stay Home or Go Back to Work? Looking for Advice.

I am a FTM and my little one decided to make her appearance 3 weeks early meaning I have less time to make the hardest decision I have ever had to make.
Do I be a stay at home mom for awhile, or do I try and go back to work full time?
I want to be home to take care of our daughter, because frankly, I don’t trust a daycare or babysitter to watch her until she is able to talk, and even then, I still don’t know that I would trust anyone I don’t know with her. It makes sense for us for me to stay home right now, but I also like having my own income & not having to live paycheck to paycheck worrying about which of my bills I can pay out of each paycheck when I get paid throughout the month. I’m so torn because I just took a promotion in August and went from being an hourly employee, to salary and received a decent pay raise with the new position. Even though my fiancé works from home and makes a decent amount of money, we looked into daycare for our daughter, and we wouldn’t be able to afford it. Seriously, $200-$250/day for newborns in our area…a month of daycare is more than double our monthly mortgage payment! We also have 2 dogs, one of which has to be on a leash with one of us constantly or in a room by herself or with one of us with the door or baby gate closed, so leaving my fiancé home to balance our newborn, our dogs, and working full time with meetings and calls off and on all day isn’t an option. We also have no family nearby, so having someone in our family help with babysitting isn’t an option.
The other side of it is, I get cabin fever being home all the time and even though I would be busy caring for our daughter and my dog, I feel like I wouldn’t be doing my part as a mother, or partner if I am not providing financially. I am also worried about having a gap in my employment and getting a job when I decide to go back to work if I end up staying home for awhile. The last thing I am worried about is insurance. My health, dental and vision insurance is through my place of employment since we are not married, and I refuse to not have insurance. Any advice?
(Please no “just get rid of the dog” comments because that’s not an option.)
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2023.06.02 21:56 Nakedhugz Rate my setup

Rate my setup
Foxfarm brands bush doctor coco loco triple washed perlite coco mix with infused bat guano worm castings and plenty of other goodies-
fox farm dirty dozen (on their schedule) with some added tweaks,
mars hydro 5x5 tent with their fce8000 845Watt light at 10% from seed till first transplant where i kicked it up to 30% so from about 85watts to 250watts for a day then back down to 150watt range for a week,
i started with the light about 4 feet away to inspire tall bushy growth, lost one (cereal milk) due to late transplant and over watering but it just didnt grow how i wanted it to by the time it died so it would have been culled in a week anyways and got one in the middle there on its way out (fruity pebble og) just not doing what its other seed did and i rather have less plants with better genes.
My seeds were feminized photoperiods from blimburn this go around- Planning on grabbing one of their autos soon to do some testing
My next run i plan on running an RDWC setup but for this run i got London Pound Cake in its final home about 6 gallons and Cereal Milk in its final home roughly 6 - 6.5 gallons as well, gonna work FPOG up went from a cube to a cup, gonna do a 1 gallon in a week or two, then a 3 gallon followed by a 5 gallon - 7 gallon final home.
I meticulously planned this grow and plan on recording it. I spared no expense and will go to no end to learn how to produce some amazing dope shit man.
Instagrams deadmandavi if u wanna see me “vlog” it also go by “pboimatt”
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2023.06.02 21:56 Trick_Iron_9826 Got through CALAX without RFID and did not pay cash

Hoping someone could explain what happened to us recently 🥲
Our car has no RFID since my dad is pretty old fashioned. Had to run an errand recently, went through CALAX. On our first payment at a toll booth (cash lane), my dad assumed that the municipal utility vehicle ahead of us paid for our toll fee. My sister and I just nodded since we weren’t really sure, but the screen flashed the usual details when using RFID, like the remaining balance (specifically 173 PHP) Got on SLEX and dad paid for the toll there.
On our way back, we were in the cash lane again in CALAX and when were about to pay, the cashier said “May laman pa po” which really confused us since we don’t have RFID? Also thought of today being a free day, but Ate Cashier’s statement makes it look like it wasn’t a free day?
This is the first time this happened to us, dad and sis said that it didn’t happen to them on their previous errand, only on this one with me.
Here are the cards I had on me today: • Company ID • Building ID • Beep Card • Metrobank Debit Card • BDO Debit Card • GoTyme Debit Card • BPI Credit Card
Checked GCash and Maya, no transactions were caused by the toll booth.
Just really worried why what happened, happened. Thanks for reading and hopefully someone out there has an answer 🙏
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2023.06.02 21:56 TheLoveBelow_ 2022 Hyundai Tuscon headlights

2022 Hyundai Tuscon headlights
Hi all, My lowest sitting passenger headlight recently went out (picture is not my car but shows which light is out). The dealership is telling me that there is no bulb to be changed and that the whole unit has to be changed (which will be $1,600). I am looking for confirmation that this is correct and I can’t just replace a bulb (I don’t even know what bulb it takes because they say the whole unit needs to be replaced and other auto part shops have said they don’t have anything in their system for a 2022 Tuscon).
I really appreciate any insight on this.
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2023.06.02 21:56 ShiroNiKuma Where can I buy some construction/working boots (Physical store)? Suggestions?

TL;DR: I need boots and would prefer a physical location to try them out instead of ordering online. Any suggestions for stores? Any suggestions for brands?
I just got a job doing some electrical work and need EH rated, composite toe, slip resistant boots. This will be my first job that requires something like this. Whenever I have tried boots, I have never like them. Last job I had suggested boots but they weren't required, tried ordering some and I did not find them comfortable, specially for a job where I was doing 20,000 steps a day.
Now, they are required since I'll be at construction sites and working with near electricity (fun). I want something comfortable so I would prefer to try them out before buying them instead of getting them online and having to return them multiple times.
Any suggestions on where I could go to buy some? Any suggestions for brands? My budget is $225 just cause that's how much money I can get reimbursed, so that should give me flexibility.
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2023.06.02 21:56 LameName1944 Pre-planning finances to be future SAHP

Hello! My husband (35M) and I (34F) are considering me quitting and becoming a stay at home mom in the next few years. We have a toddler (2F) and will have another little one in September. Plan is for me to keep working until at least the toddler is in kindergarten (2026) or both are. So, the reverse of what people typically do. I'm trying to plan for our financial future with this in mind.
My husband makes $140,000 and has been told he will be made partner at his law firm at the end of the year. I make $100,000 and that will not increase in any great number since I am at the highest rung. We have a $276,000 mortgage (2.75%) and a car loan that will be paid off in March 2024. I have a 403b (state government, opted out of the pension and do a member directed plan, fully vested), Roth IRA, and am maxing a trad IRA. Husband has a Roth IRA and maxing out 401k. I have long term disability and term life insurance, husband just has term life (was denied long term when we tried a few years ago). We have an estate plan in place with assets placed into a trust. Have ~$30,000 in an e-fund.
What are things we should consider? We'll loose our insurance, so we'll have to see what sort of increase going to his plan brings. Was going to look into a spousal IRA for me. Need to beef up the e-fund. Try living off of his income. Anything I am overlooking? Any suggestions/personal experiences?
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