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2023.06.02 20:05 r3crac KingSpec SSD M2 1TB NVME SSD for 40.33 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 42.67 USD)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): KingSpec SSD M2 1TB NVME SSD
Coupon code: "JUNEUP3" + $3 auto discount in cart + $1 off on $13 coupon "6HVMRXBS45P3"
(Aliexpress coupons: (All Aliexpress items in my db: ))
That is a deal! That is a discount!
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2023.06.02 20:04 Vanilla1291 Can I install 2 M.2 SSDs with an intel 13th gen processor?

I have a 500GB M.2 SSD already installed in my system in the M.2_1 slot and would like to install another 1TB M.2 SSD into the machine. However, when looking at the specifications of the motherboard (Prime B660-Plus D4), they state that for intel 12th gen processors (I have an i5-13400F but I'm guessing they would be the same) that they support PCIe 4.0 x4 mode. It states nothing else and carries talking about Intel B660 chipsets. Firstly, what does x4 mode mean and also does that mean I can install an extra SSD or will it not work?
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2023.06.02 20:04 Vanilla1291 Can I install 2 M.2 SSDs with an intel 13th gen processor?

I have a 500GB M.2 SSD already installed in my system in the M.2_1 slot and would like to install another 1TB M.2 SSD into the machine. However, when looking at the specifications of the motherboard (Prime B660-Plus D4), they state that for intel 12th gen processors (I have an i5-13400F but I'm guessing they would be the same) that they support PCIe 4.0 x4 mode. It states nothing else and carries talking about Intel B660 chipsets. Firstly, what does x4 mode mean and also does that mean I can install an extra SSD or will it not work?
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2023.06.02 20:04 BadApprehensive5559 Translation of the stream of Eversax (KC Coach) talking about the Spring Cup, KC, Vitality, Bracket reset, Toxicity on social media, The RL scene farming impressions, etc.

New stream of Eversax talking about KC after the Spring Cup. I don’t know how many interviews we will have so I wanted, at least, to translate the recap of Eversax as usual.
This translation will be long and separated into 3 parts:
- Part 1: Spring Cup (Preparation, Vitality, BDS, Grand Final, ExoTiiK, Itachi, Playing many BO7s, fatigue, bracket reset)
- Part 2: Negative side of social media for “unpopular opinions” from “fans” and Pros/Coaches/Casters (Toxicity, pressure to perform, Negative comments, people farming impressions, mean people on the internet)
- Part 3: Other information (EU/NA level, player’s performance, Vitality's winning streak, best coach)
Link to the replay: (starts near: 8.23)
I would advise you to read the parts talking about Vitality + Part 2.
→ Part 1: Spring Cup
● Spring Cup
- Preparation (12.58): He was happy since they improved compared to the Spring Open. A top 4 is a great result, but they were not good. They worked a lot between the two regionals since they had to improve after the long post-Major break [In the last translation Eversax explained that they didn’t prepare correctly before the first regional due to schedule conflicts]. His players wanted to come back so bad but it was more negative than positive. Indeed, they started to play too much and It’s not the best thing on RL. You don’t use your time efficiently and you often finish by playing without thinking so you don’t improve. That’s why he told his players to take a break of 3-4 days between the two regionals. It was risky, but It worked because they played much better during the Spring Cup. It was the first time that KC started to play well throughout the whole minor.
- Devil Fruit and PSG Tundra(14.45): On Friday it was quite easy because they were stronger than Devil Fruit and PSG Tundra.
- Guild (15.03): To reach the top 3 they had to beat Guild, a team that won against Oxygen. He thinks that KC played really well leading to this no-match (4-0). Everything was controlled but he can’t say if KC was too strong or if Guild was too scared. He said that because Guild was totally different when they had to play against BDS. But in any case, they reached the semi-final winner bracket by beating Oxygen so Guild deserved to be there since their bracket was not free.
- Winner bracket final against Vitality: Vitality played well as usual while KC was just bad. It was a no-match and they were better so they deserved to win (11:20). Their weakness was more about mentality and maybe the last regional impacted their series. KC had difficulties playing well while Vitality took advantage of this weakness from the beginning. But as usual, there was no problem with the team and they used their break after to speak together (15.45). This sweep allowed them to realize that, in their head, Vitality was different from other teams and it was one of the reasons for their bad performance. Fortunately, they solved that for the next matches and it should not be a problem anymore. That’s not something new because they had the same apprehension with BDS and rival French teams last year. They took these matches too seriously even though they should not make any difference between opponents (1.00.40).
- BDS (16.12): When they came back after their loss against Vitality, KC was not the same team. Fortunately, this defeat didn’t negatively impact his players and they won 4-0. Even though it was closer than the result, they played well and you could see that KC was the better team on the field.
- Grand Final against Vitality: As a bracket reset is difficult he wanted his players to try their best. And he thinks that’s what they did (16.57). During the first series, they took advantage from the beginning and the games were great. In fact, he said that it was the most beautiful match he had ever seen as a coach because everyone was playing so well. It’s difficult to explain it but he had this special feeling where you had only 3-4 opportunities to score in each game because players were making few mistakes. The winner was only decided on who would have taken advantage of more opportunities. However, after the bracket reset, they had to play an OT of 5 minutes in game 1. For Eversax, It was not difficult mentally but It added one more game and players started to accumulate fatigue. It’s short but also exhausting since you don’t have any breaks + every game is intense. He still thinks that KC was able to fight until the end but Vitality deserved their win because they bounced back after the bracket reset. Indeed, they still had energy after the 2-2 to punish small details while KC was making mistakes that they were not used to doing (19.40).
- Preparation for the next regional (20.03): You could see that fatigue affected all players and the last 2-3 games were difficult with all these mistakes. Now he knows how to prepare his players better. Usually, they prefer to eat less before matches. But when you have to play 4 BO7s from 5 pm to 10 pm without anything in the stomach, it’s not the best thing. So they’ll try to adjust that for the next minor.
- Importance of each regional (21.25): Each minor is important to prepare the MajoWorlds. That’s why KC cares so much about minors and they’ll work even harder to win these tournaments even if Majors and Worlds are more prestigious. Why? Because all their efforts will allow them to prepare for the last step: Worlds.
- ExoTiiK: ExoTiiK was particularly good against BDS because he led coms. Eversax didn’t understand why some people thought that he was the weak link of the team because performances depend on the three players and not only one of them. They win and lose together (51.18). People continue to underestimate him but Eversax understood what ExoTiiK can do when he’s peaking. In general, he goes on every ball and he controls his moves so well despite his 0.30 dead zone (1.02.15).
- Itachi (1.05.14): Eversax was so proud of Itachi because he started the Winter Split thinking that he was the best player in the World, but after the 3rd regional + Major, he was a little bit disappointed. Eversax felt like Itachi was missing a small thing, but during this minor, he saw this small thing again. And overall he’s so proud of his 3 players.
- Conclusion of the Spring Cup (44.35): He’s proud of their run. Indeed, his players were individually strong in the first series of the grand final and they improved since the last regional. Yes, a top 2 is not enough, but that’s also good to have some competition within a region for motivation and improvement. This rivalry between KC and Vitality will push each team further and they are creating hype for the next minor.
● Double-bracket elimination format
- Playing many BO7s (08.38): Eversax thinks that players can play 4 BO7s in a row but it’s difficult to prepare these runs. It's the particularity of this format and different from the two other splits where you normally play 3 BO7s on Sunday with breaks. He thinks that BDS would have struggled much more since they started their loser bracket way before KC. A longer break could have helped, but he can’t blame the format because you can rest if you stay in the winner bracket. That’s why the only solution as usual is to win.
- Fatigue during the bracket reset (11.50): We saw that It was difficult to stay at a high level between games. They made so many mistakes due to fatigue and it didn’t affect only KC. For example, Radosin’s own goal was unlucky and he saw that he was tired too.
- Mentality throughout the bracket (12.25): It’s difficult to not mentally drop after a 4-0 but KC bounced back and swept BDS too. They even won against Vitality once to reset the bracket. Maybe playing in boot camp would have helped to deal with fatigue but it's difficult to play at that level for so many games with so much coms.
- Is resetting the bracket too difficult?: He knew that this format gives a huge advantage to the winner bracket so it’s almost “impossible”/too difficult to reset the bracket and win the final. He just wanted the team to play well from the beginning and try their best (16.45). Still, for Eversax, this format is not the best. Indeed, it’s rare to have a bracket reset and you can see it because, for this season, KC was the first team to reset the bracket. It’s so rare to reset the bracket, but even more to win the second series. And he would say the same thing if KC was still in the upper bracket. You should have a clear advantage for the winners, but not a 80% chance of winning. Still, Vitality played well and they needed an advantage. The format is the same for everyone and if they want to rest more, KC has to win, so there’s no excuse for their loss in the Grand Final (19.05).
- BO9 with 1 game in advance (11:40): For him a grand final in BO9 with one game in advance for the winner bracket could be interesting. However, he thinks that Psyonix will never accept BO9s so It’s complicated.
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2023.06.02 20:03 tummytick Is this Newegg PC worth $900

I wanted to buy this PC and was wondering if it's worth the price tag and if i can upgrade it.
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2023.06.02 20:02 Bitter_Research8890 At what point will my confidence be seen as confidence rather than youthful arrogance?

This is an age old topic in our industry. Most chefs have some degree of arrogance to them, even the nicest and most humble. To be a chef, you need to have enough confidence in your ability to order, prepare, process, and create ideas from scratch onto a plate that will fulfill your customers. Etc, etc.
I won’t disclose my age, but I would say i’m quite young relative to the average age within our industry. I’m not sure what that average is, but for arguments sake let’s say it’s 35.
My confidence comes from experience, that’s a bit of a contradiction though right? Because I’m so young, it seems impossible in most chefs eyes to have more than perhaps 4-6 years of experience for someone my age
The answer here comes from my father, the principles in my life and a lot of the decisions regarding how I was raised came from my dad. He, being somewhat of a titan in the industry himself, has had me following him around kitchens since I was a child. Following my mothers death, this was exacerbated greatly. After school, in the office or kitchen with dad at one of his locations. Constantly absorbing, learning, being told X, Y, Z, and that I would need to know all of those things one day. His industry buddies always “joked” that so was gonna surpass my old man one day, right? I won’t list off his resume or accomplishments so as not to out him or myself, but surpassing him in his career is a hell of a tall order.
That being said, having spent 2 years in catering en mass, (no less than 200 people per event,) 2 years running one of my fathers cave kitchen, and 2 years at an upscale bistro, Sous and Social media/marketing manager with help of the FOHM. I’ve got about 6 years of tangible experience, plus this life of essentially being raised to be a chef.
All this wraps around to mother new restaurant I’ve joined, I had a tough beginning because everyone there knows my father and had a slight distaste for me simply because I was confident, they tended to lean towards the idea that I was arrogant just because of my dad. I tend to not throw his name around, because I want to make it clear I’m skilled on my own as it is. Initially, the Ownechef wanted me to do a mystery basket as my entrance test. His CDC said that would be too easy for me, instead I just got one day to learn the entire menu and saute station, (12 burners, 2 ovens, 2 salamanders on sauté alone. grill produces 4 items to my 16) On an 80 person night, Im feeding 60 of them. I’ve now been there a month, proven myself well and never had to have anybody step onto my station to assist. All other kitchen staff is significantly older, more experienced, and still sees me as an annoying, arrogant prick.
I’ve really done my best to keep my head down and just work, oui chef, 2 minutes, thank you chef, silence. etc
Whats my move? Bite my tongue and keep taking the hits until i’ve earned it? Or have I already earned it? Do I lean into it?
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2023.06.02 20:02 Complete_Charity_748 20 M4F #st Albans

I’m a 5ft 11 1/2 Caucasian, 80kg, size 12 shoe size and based outside of #St Albans and close to #London so can travel by train. Std free and been interested in contraception free sex for a while
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2023.06.02 20:01 Brogrammer11111 Confused about output in threaded program

def count(n): for i in range(1, n+1): print(i) time.sleep(0.01) for _ in range(2): x = threading.Thread(target=count, args=(10,)) x.start() print("done") 
I`m confused why this code prints:
11 done 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 1010
can someone explain why?
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2023.06.02 20:00 r3crac KingSpec SSD NVME 1TB M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0 for 42.74 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 44.41 USD)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): KingSpec SSD NVME 1TB M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0
Coupon code: "JUNEUP3" + $3 auto discount in cart + $1 off on $13 coupon "6HVMRXBS45P3"
(Aliexpress coupons: (All Aliexpress items in my db: ))
Only real deals and discounts.
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2023.06.02 20:00 moobikhan6 Beelink SER6 Pro Mini Desktop PC with AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS 8C/16T, 32GB DDR5 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD, Triple Display [email protected] HDMI USB4 Output WiFi 6, 2.5G RJ45, Bluetooth 5.2 W-11 Gaming Mini Computer FOR $519.20 AFTER (25% OFF)

Beelink SER6 Pro Mini Desktop PC with AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS 8C/16T, 32GB DDR5 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD, Triple Display 4K@60Hz HDMI USB4 Output WiFi 6, 2.5G RJ45, Bluetooth 5.2 W-11 Gaming Mini Computer FOR $519.20 AFTER (25% OFF) submitted by moobikhan6 to MiniPCs [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:59 WanderlustingTravels International Travel Help/Clarifications

Hello! Apologies for the long post.
I have a trip coming up later this summer and have several questions or things to clarify. I know this is a longggg list (and maybe I’m just an idiot) but think most of these should be pretty short/quick answers for people who know the answers.
Some info: I’m flying from my home airport to ATL and then onward to Mexico City in main cabin. I am then immediately flying MEX to LAX to SYD on a separate ticket (Delta One) that I purchased with miles. The MEX to LAX leg is Aeromexico, the other two legs are Delta. I’m platinum medallion and have global entry. Questions/items I’d like input on or confirmation of:
  1. When I land in Mexico City, I will presumably have to collect my checked bag and then pass through customs/immigration. Being a US citizen, it looks like there are no visa requirements.
  2. I will then go up to the Aeromexico desk and re-check my bag. Due to Delta status, I think I’ll avoid bag fees.
  3. In the airport, I should have access to the Aeromexico lounge due to either my D1 ticket or (maybe more correctly) SkyTeam Elite Plus status?
  4. How much time would you allow between the flight arriving in MEX and then departing to LAX?
  5. When arriving at LAX, do I have to collect my bag again, then clear US customs/immigration, then re-check my bag with Delta? If so, how much time would be recommended between my arrival in LAX and departure to SYD?
  6. At LAX, I should have access to both the Korean Air lounge (due to status) or the Delta Skyclubs (D1 ticket). Is one markably better than the other?
  7. Will I have access to the SkyTeam lounge in SYD upon arrival? A shower may be really lovely at that point considering it’ll be hours and hours before I get to my hostel (landing at 6:30am and probably exploring for the day).
  8. I believe I will earn MQDs/MQMs on the LAX to SYD leg, but not MEX to LAX due to being an award ticket on a partner airline.
  9. ATL to MEX is eligible for upgrades like any domestic flight, correct? What’s the likelihood of one for a platinum medallion? Realize it’s out of a massive hub but not sure how popular that route would be.
  10. If my flight into MEX gets delayed and causes me to miss my connection to LAX, am I out of luck? With being two separate tickets, how much flexibility will Delta have on rebooking my next leg, similar to if missing a connection on a journey booked together? Is there a way to “connect” the purchases to give me more peace of mind/security?
  11. When booking my trip home, I’m having to overnight in Mexico City. Looks like there’s a Hilton hotel in/connected to the airport. Does anyone have experience with this one? Other suggestions?
  12. What’s the minimum connecting time you’d recommend for the layovers in LAX and MEX on the way back home from SYD?
  13. What’s the minimum connecting time you’d recommend for a layover at ATL between MEX and home?
I realize this is a bit of a convoluted journey. But it was the best option I found. Just have no clue how it works bouncing between the US and Mexico like that. There’s also a chance that I end up flying MEX to GDL to LAX, so not sure if that additional layover in Mexico would change answers to any of the above items.
Again, I realize this is a lot. Any and all help/tips/advice is incredibly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 19:58 biollusta My PhD took my confidence away

I’m in my 4th and last year of PhD in molecular biology, last few months actually. I’ve been writing my thesis for 2 months and I have to submit it at the end of July. I accumulated a lot of stuff for the past few months. My partner left the country for work, I have health issues that may need an operation soon, my boss is very strict and never tells me positive stuff. I’ve completely lost all confidence in myself since I started writing. I feel like I don’t know anything about my subject, that all of the experiments I did are useless and will most likely never be published. I am lost, don’t want to continue in academia even tho I always dreamed of that. My best friend of the lab is also finishing his PhD and our boss always gives him compliments on his work, this has always been the case since the beginning. We’ve been fighting a lot lately, i envy his relationship with our boss and the positive reinforcement he always got from him. He can do and say whatever she wants and my boss will never say anything, unlike me. Everyone notices it in the lab and they tell me that he just does it because he expects more from me than from him. But sometimes I just feel that he dislikes me. I love my best friend, we are very close and I feel super happy for him but I don’t understand why he treats him differently. I feel lonely, useless and stupid. I took a few days to “work from home” but I haven’t been able to write a single sentence. Every time I open my computer I feel like all my efforts are going down the drain since I will finish this PhD without any publications which means that I have no future in academia. I’m on antidepressants because I had a panic attack in the lab a few months ago but I still feel deeply sad and desperate every day. Am I just flawed and not made for this or is this just a normal way to finish a PhD ? How can I stop comparing myself to my best friend ?
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2023.06.02 19:58 TrevorBatson With the change in format to include 48 teams, and expanded qualifications from each confederation, will we see any debutants?

Not counting the first ever World Cup in 1934, and the outliers of the second ever World Cup in 1934 with 10 debutants, and 2006 with 8 debutants (technically, since Serbia and Montenegro qualified but were a part of the former Yugoslavia which did previously qualify), 1938 and 1982 having 5 each, and only 3 World Cups having only a single debutant: 1950, 2014, 2022, every other World Cup has ranged between 2-4 debutants each. (For reference, I'll list them all below.)
As such statistically, we can expect a likelihood that the 2026 World Cup will have at least 2 debutants, especially since the format will be expanding to 48 teams, with 3 additional direct spots for CONCACAF (6 total, albeit 3 hosts so 3 additional this edition), 2 additional for CONMEBOL (6 total), 4 additional for both CAF and AFC (9 and 8 total respectively), 1 total for the first time ever for OFC, and 3 additional for UEFA (16 total). Plus 2 spots from the Intercontinental Playoffs which will now involve 6 teams (previously 4), with 1 from each non-UEFA confederation (a first for CAF), and an additional team from the host confederation (so 2 from CONCACAF for this edition).
Which confederations are likeliest to have debutants? I think the 3 likeliest are CONCACAF, AFC, and UEFA. CONMEBOL only has Venezuela as a World Cup absentee, and unless they start getting good real quick, or co-host the tournament, that's not likely to change. OFC is dominated by New Zealand, so with a dedicated spot now for the region, expect New Zealand to be at nearly every World Cup moving forward, and maybe one of the others 10 will crack through via the IPO some day. CAF has seen only 13 out of its 54 FIFA member nations ever qualify, and of those 10 have qualified 3 or more times, and in an extremely competitive sporting climate, the likelihood of a team breaking through thar is slim. Even with 4 additional spots and an IPO spot, those 9-10 qualifying spots are more likely to go to 9-10 previous participants than to a newcomer. That said, I would place CAF as the 4th likeliest confederation to have a debutant at the 2026 World Cup. With that said, here's my reasoning for the other 3 being the top 3, in no particular order, as well as the top 3 countries from each I think have the best shot at debuting at the 2026 World Cup.
In the history of the World Cup 11 out of the current 35 FIFA member nations have qualified from CONCACAF, and with 3 hosts taking 3 spots, but with 2 IPO spots, there is potential, regardless of probability, that 5 additional CONCACAF nations could qualify, which only increases the chances that at least 1 debutant could herald from this region. 1. Curaçao 🇨🇼 2. Guatemala 🇬🇹 3. Suriname 🇸🇷
AFC has seen 13 FIFA member nations out of a current 47 participate at the tournament. With a very extensive qualifying process this time around, some recently emerging powers in the sport, and the additional spots, more than ever, at least 1 debutant from AFC seems likely. 1. Thailand 🇹🇭 2. Oman 🇴🇲 3. Vietnam 🇻🇳
Through all the political turmoil in Europe, and nation changes and team splittings, renamings and becoming defunct, only 33 FIFA member nations out of the current total of 55 within UEFA have qualified for the World Cup. While that is a lot, UEFA has always had the most slots at any given edition of the tournament, and that remains so for this edition, and with an increase too. As talent development continues to grow in Europe, and as competitiveness grows as well, this also grows the likelihood of a breakout squad from a nation previously not attending. Additionally, since 1934, with only the exceptions of 1978, 1982, and 2022, there has been at least 1 European debutant at every World Cup, so of all the confederations to have one in 2026, UEFA is the likeliest. 1. Finland 🇫🇮 2. North Macedonia 🇲🇰 3. Albania 🇦🇱
With all of that said, let me know in the comments below what you think. How many debutants? Which confederations do you think are likelier to have debutants over others? Which countries do you think are likeliest to be debutants in 2026?
Number of Debutants from the Second World Cup Onward: 1934: 10 1938: 5 1950: 1 1954: 3 1958: 3 1962: 2 1966: 2 1970: 3 1974: 4 1978: 2 1982: 5 1986: 3 1990: 3 1994: 4* 1998: 4 2002: 4 2006: 8* 2010: 2* 2014: 1 2018: 2 2022: 1
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2023.06.02 19:57 ThisIsCal Best $700-$1100 laptop for Ableton Live 11?

I'm in the market for a new Windows laptop to run Ableton Live 11 on for recording/producing music and potentially performing live. I also plan on using Max and hardware. I don't know much about laptop specs, but I would prefer a laptop with an i7 processor and 16GB RAM. I've scoured Facebook Marketplace in my area but I think buying a new laptop would be the best option. My general price range is $700-$1100. Does anyone have recommendations?
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2023.06.02 19:57 Prestigious-String90 Live Music in Macon and Middle Georgia this weekend

Happy weekend. If you like listening to live music, there are plenty of noteworthy performances taking place in the next few days, including a Prince tribute band at The Society Garden and much more. Check out the full article on Middle Georgia Times for the full list and thanks for reading!
Miss Keela and Sultré will be performing at one of Downtown Macon’s most unique stores. There is no cover charge to see both of these talented rhythm and blues singers perform.
Mark Johnson will perform a solo acoustic set this Friday evening at Patio 901. Patio 901 is an outdoor venue in Perry that serves limited food and plenty of adult beverages.
The patrons on The Crazy Bull will be celebrating First Friday with music from DJ Carlos that kicks off at 8:30 p.m.
Southbound Mojo is a band that plays popular country and rock and roll songs. They are based in Macon and can often be found performing at venues across Middle Georgia. Wild Wing Cafe does not have a cover charge.
Ben Chapman is a self-taught guitarist who recently released a self-produced album titled “Amber Sound, Vol. 1”. His musical style has been described as a bit of the Black Crowes mixed with Willie Neslon and some The Allman Brothers Band. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. General admission tickets to Ben Chapman’s performance cost $10.
Tier Blue (previously Hindsight) will perform along with special guests Fury in Few on JBA’s main stage on Friday night. Hindsight formed in 2016 in Macon as a 5 piece rock and roll band. Hindsight had many loyal fans in Middle Georgia as well as in Atlanta that will like what they hear at Tier Blue’s electrified performance. Tickets cost $10 in advance or $12 at the door.
Macon’s genre blending musician Taylor Ortiz will perform at Jalapeños Cantina Saturday evening. Jalapeños Cantina does not have a cover charge.
Free Lance Ruckus is a very busy alternative Americana rock band from Middle Georgia who perform covers and original songs. Free Lance Ruckus will be performing Saturday evening at the picturesque Taylor’s Cove on Lake Sinclair.
Purple Madness is one of the best Prince Tribute bands around, at least according to several fans who have passionately convinced me this is the case. From the videos I have seen, I would have to agree that the performance is likely as close to a the real thing as possible. Purple Madness will be performing along with a Morris Day and the Time tribute band. Tickets to this show will likely sell out and cost around $25.
Kaleigh Courson is a country music songwriter and singer from Macon who is now based out of Nashville. Courson’s musical style combines Southern rock and roll with country music and she has performed throughout the Southeast.
Street Beans is dedicated to bringing “high quality, low class, street music” to the masses. This uniquely named band is from faraway Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Doors open at 8 p.m. and the music starts at 9 p.m. Tickets to the Street Beans concert are $10.
Dylan Schneider is an up-and-coming country music star who has been performing since the young age of 14. Schneider has been named as an artist to watch by the music streaming platform Pandora.
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2023.06.02 19:56 ly_yangyy [AVAILABLE] Connect Core Concepts in Health Brief by Insel (17th edition)

[AVAILABLE] Connect Core Concepts in Health Brief by Insel (17th edition)
TITLE: Connect Core Concepts in Health: Brief AUTHOR: Claire E. Insel, Walton T. Roth, Paul M. Insel EDITION: 17TH ISBN-13: 9781264144594 (hardcover) 9781260726848 (spiral bound) 9781264144600 (ebook) ISBN 9781264144648 (ebook other) FORMAT: PDF (Original)
Please feel free to DM for more a sample or more details :)
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2023.06.02 19:56 Steffenmand [WTS] 💥💥Warbond Central💥💥 50+ Warbond/Cost Saving CCUs - Save vs RSI 💥💥 Various OC 💥💥 All Ships available as CCU'd with LTI 💥💥 Crazy Warbond upgrade deals - Save BIG! 💥💥 All standard upgrades available - jusk ask! 💥💥 Special Paints 💥💥 Buy 3 or more upgrades and save further 10%

Warbond Central
Lots of warbond CCU's, ships and paints available - get the same ships, just at reduced prices!
Looking for something specific? Ctrl+F and search for it quickly!💥💥CRAZY DEALS💥💥
From To Comment Savings vs RSI Your Price
Terrapin Constellation Andromeda $ 10 💥 $ 10
Vulcan Scorpius $ 22.50💥 $ 17.50
Mercury Redeemer $ 22.50💥 $ 42.50
Vanguard Harbinger MOLE 120m Insurance $ 12.50💥 $ 12.50
*Exempt from extra 10% discount💥💥Best in Show💥💥
From To Comment Your Price
P-52 Merlin Argo MPUV-1C IAE 2951 (Blue Paint) $ 15
Prowler 600i Explorer IAE 2951 (Blue Paint) $ 115
Vulcan Scorpius IAE 2952 (Red Paint) $ 50
Cutlass Steel Mercury IAE 2952 (Red Paint) $ 40
M2 Hercules Carrack IAE 2952 (Red Paint) $ 125 - Last One
MPUV Cargo C8X Pisces Expedition IAE 2952 (Red Paint) $ 25
Aurora LX C8X Pisces Expedition IAE 2952 (Red Paint) $ 25
Need any upgrades to reach any of those above? - Reach out, I have them available as well.

Special & Warbond CCU's (and other cost-saving CCUs)
Need any upgrades to reach any of those below? - Reach out, I have them available as well.
From To Comment Savings vs RSI Your Price
Prowler 600i Explorer 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 30
Carrack A2 Hercules 120m Insurance $ 10 $ 140
Hurricane Ares Inferno $ 5 $ 35
P-52 Merlin Argo MPUV-1C 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2021 Not purchaseable $ 15
Arrow Avenger Warlock Same $ 10
Cyclone MT Avenger Warlock 120m Insurance Same $ 10
F7C-S Hornet Ghost Ballista 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
RAFT Ballista 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
MPUV Cargo C8X Pisces Expedition 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2022 Not purchaseable $ 25
Aurora LX C8X Pisces Expedition 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2022 Not purchaseable $ 25
M2 Hercules Carrack 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2022 Not purchaseable $ 125
Starfarer Caterpillar 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 25
Eclipse Caterpillar 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 25
Hull A Centurion $ 5 $ 15
Terrapin Constellation Andromeda $ 10 $ 10💥
Defender Constellation Andromeda $ 5 $ 15
Defender Corsair $ 5 $ 25
Terrapin Corsair $ 5 $ 25
Nova Cutlass Red 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
125a Cyclone MT 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Defender $ 5 $ 20
Blade Eclipse 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
Retaliator Bomber Eclipse 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
Vanguard Sentinel Eclipse 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
F7C-M Super Hornet F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Same $ 15
Cutlass Red Freelancer MAX $ 2.50 $ 12.50
Mantis Gladiator 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
Freelancer MAX Gladiator 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
Cyclone MT Gladius $ 2.50 $ 12.50
Arrow Hull A $ 2.50 $ 12.50
F7C-M Super Hornet Hurricane $ 10.00 $ 25
Cutlass Red Mantis 120m Insurance $ 2.50 $ 12.50
M2 Hercules Merchantman $ 10 $ 120
Cutlass Steel Mercury 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2022 Not purchaseable $ 40
Cutlass Steel Mercury 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
Vanguard Hoplite Mercury 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
Vanguard Harbinger MOLE 120m Insurance $ 5 $ 20
C2 Hercules Prowler $ 10 $ 30
Mercury Redeemer $ 20 $ 45
Vulcan Scorpius 120m Insurance $ 15 💥 $ 25
Vulcan Scorpius 120m Insurance, Best in Show 2022 Not purchaseable $ 50
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Scorpius Antares $ 5 $ 35
Mercury Starfarer $ 7.50 $ 32.50
Vanguard Warden Starfarer $ 7.50 $ 32.50
Mercury Vanguard Harbinger $ 5 $ 25
Constellation Andromeda Vanguard Warden $ 2.50 $ 17.50
Scorpius Vanguard Warden $ 2.50 $ 17.50
F7C-S Hornet Ghost Vulture 120m Insurance $ 7.50 $ 42.50
Cutlass Red Vulture $ 5 $ 35
Freelancer DUR Vulture $ 5 $ 35
Razor Vulture $ 5 $ 25
Need any upgrades to reach any of those above ? - Reach out, I have them available as well.
Original Concepts
Standalone Ships:
Ship Comment Your Price
Pioneer 120 Months $1100
Orion LTI OC $995
Starfarer LTI OC $290
Starfarer Gemini LTI OC $355
Banu Defender LTI OC $220
Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI OC $315
Caterpillar LTI OC $375
F7C-M Super Hornet LTI OC $225
Freelancer LTI OC $130
Endeavor Discovery-Class LTI OC $675
Hull E LTI OC $1450
CCU'd Ships (LTI):I can do all ships just reach out - the few below just reflects a few examples.
Ship Comment Your Price
400i $215
600i Explorer $415
A2 Hercules $545
Apollo Triage $215
Ares Inferno $215
Ares Ion $215
Blade $235
Corsair $225
Crucible $285
Endeavor $305
Hammerhead $525
Hull C $285
Merchantman $455
Mercury $225
Nautilus $525
Polaris $545
Scorpius $205
Vanguard Warden $225
All ships available - so just reach out for a price regarding anything else
Endeavor Components
Components Comment Your Price
Telescope Array Pod LTI $200
Supercollider Pod LTI $200
Paints Comment Your Price
Invictus Paints All of them available ASK
Lovestruck Paints All of them available ASK
Fortuna Paints All of them available ASK
Auspicious Red Paints All of them available ASK
Skull and Crossbones Cutlass Black Pirate Paint ASK
Concierge Paints A lot of them ASK

Before you reach out please beware that:
* I only trade with Verified accounts and PayPal verified people
* You have to PM me to initiate trading. Please do comment with PMd in the comments
* I will send out a PayPal Invoice after an agreement has been made in dollars ($), I pay the fees
* I only gift to the same e-mail as your paypal
* The gift will be sent after payment is received
* I expect us both to verify the exchange afterwards with +trade/+verify (currently down)
Let me know if you are searching for something specific - because i might have it. Backer since 2014.
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2023.06.02 19:52 rm_8_28 Need feedback on an ITX build (1.1k eur budget)

Hi all! It's been a while since I've built a pc (8 years maybe?) so I'm a bit out of touch of what are good builds lately. Besides, I also moved to Europe so prices here are quite different.
First of all I have a few questions: - Buying a motherbord nowadays, can i expect (or at least roll the dice with a really high chance) of it bringing something later than the bios it was originally released with? PCPP says my chosen MB is incompatible with the R5 cpu unless it's Bios is upgraded. - Is the thermal paste that Noctua cpu coolers come with decent or should I plan to buy some extra? - Should I maximize maximize my M2 storage size since I don't plan on using the 2.5 slot and have no particular interest in having backups/secondary drives? It seems like price per GB is pretty similar between the 2, so buying 1TB M2 + 1TB 2.5 SSD doesn't seem very beneficial over 2TB M2. Am i missing something?
For my build I only have 2 constraints: mini ITX case (Louqe Raw s1, I love it and managed to grab one second hand), and the GPU which I also grabbed secondhand (Sapphire Pulse RX 6750 xt).
Here's the part list:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.5 GHz 6-Core Processor
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 37.8 CFM CPU Cooler Additional cooler fan: Noctua A12x15 PWM 55.44 CFM 120 mm Fan (this is the setup recommended by the case manufacturer for optimal cooling)
Motherboard: ASRock B550M-ITX/ac Mini ITX AM4 Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Storage: Crucial P3 Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME SSD
Video Card: Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 6750 XT 12 GB
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM 650 W 80+ Gold Modular SFX
Case Fan: Noctua A12x25 PWM 60.1 CFM 120 mm Fan
Case: Louqe RAW S1
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 19:52 CatLadyAmy1 I (30F) am baffled that (33M) and I can have this AMAZING connection and he doesn’t have feelings

We’ve been friends with benefits (which he’s argued that we’re more than that) for almost 2 years now on and off. He became my best friend and I his. We can talk about anything and everything with ease. The sexual and intimate chemistry is off the charts. I have expressed my feelings but they’re not reciprocated. I’m the biggest walking green flag that has ever been on the earth. He’s even commented on what an anomaly I am.
I helped him through the last breakup he had. Toxic beyond belief. But he went over the moon for her in a few months and he’s had me for two years.
I’ve asked him about us and he said it was because of how the relationship started and he said he was in a weird place too at the time.
I’m not understanding the male psyche here. It it possible that he really doesn’t have feelings?
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2023.06.02 19:52 itscalledrevenge08 Ponciga Desert Circuit

Ponciga Desert Circuit submitted by itscalledrevenge08 to RaceTrackDesigns [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 19:50 ProfessorWriterMomma AITAH for skipping first 2 days of toxic MIL’s visit?

Trying to disappear for first few days of MIL visit
We haven’t seen my in-laws in over a year and half and all I can say is thank goodness!
They’re traveling to New York from New Mexico, showing up on Monday for a week-long visit with us (where they’ll be staying in our home). I'll be on a carefully scheduled yoga retreat from Saturday-Tuesday, missing the first day and half of their visit. My husband is beyond frustrated with me, but I think I’m being generous considering our history!
I’m from an emotionally intelligent, educated family where we treat one another with respect, openly seeking help for our mental health issues (ranging from anxiety to autism), not taking our struggles out on one another, and the parents are always the parents and the children are the children.
My mother-in-law, on the other hand, acts like a spiteful 12-year-old. When I was pregnant, I invited her to travel from her home (then in Indiana) to stay with us and attend the baby shower. She arrived just hours before it started, demanding to be entertained (thus, I attended my shower with dirty hair and no makeup). During the opening gifts portion, she gave me handkerchiefs as a gift “in case we can’t make it out to get diapers” (we live in a city!), and then she accused all of my friends of giving her “the stink eye” and started weeding my garden mid-party.
When I gave birth to our twin girls, I told her she couldn’t come visit them before they were 2 months old UNLESS she got a flu vaccine (as twins are often underweight and a flu can be devastating--this was recommended by my OB, that only non-smoking, flu vaccinated adults be around the babies). She refused. I did indeed deliver early, with one of our girls weighing under 4 lbs and ending up in the NICU. SHE CAME ANYWAYS! She made my poor FIL drive from Indiana to NYC and arrived in my hospital room dressed to the nines and stinking of perfume, demanding to hold the healthier baby. When my husband asked if she’d sanitized, she said “I already washed my hands at a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania.”
My husband was so torn--I was hormonal, worried about our baby on the ventilator, and recovering from a C-section; I demanded he kick her out or I would get a divorce. He was crying saying it was his mom, what could he do? My own mother interceded and told me that my husband was doing his best, that I had to be patient.
Fast forward several weeks, both babies are finally home. I’m going to the grocery store for the first time, breasts aching between pumps, and I get a message from her that she's’ consulted a lawyer and is suing for custody of “her babies.” WTF?!?!? I came home crying and my husband finally established some boundaries with his parents, especially regarding the way my MIL talks to me, but the nonsense continues.
It’s 8 years later, but every time they visit, there’s some nonsense. When the girls were 10 months old, she’d take them out of their playpen and walk away, saying, “they’ll be fine. I always let my kids do whatever.” She let them chew on keys and plastic knives, treating me like an overprotective nutjob. In her defense, my own parents said I was a bit of a helicopter mom and over the top about organic food, but they RESPECTED my choices when they were with my kids.
I thought my MIL must know how I feel about her after all of this, but clearly not. Once again, in the grocery store, she contacts me (this time calling). Her dad had died, and she asked me how to cope with it. I was 35, she was in her 60s. I’d experienced far less loss (only grandparents and pets)--I don’t know why she chose me. I talked to her the best I could, trying to be comforting, but it was bizarre and confusing.
The last time they visited, they had an obese, elderly terrier that she insisted I buy “ranch dressing” for, so she would eat her food. They got this dog designated an emotional support animal so they could fly with it, the annoying part being I had to keep my two well-behaved 50lb dogs away from “Baby” during her visit because “they upset her.”
When we tried to have a one one talk with my father-in-law about what he wanted for his retirement (having spent over 50 years as a mechanic), she ran down the stairs, assuming we were bad mouthing her, screaming that we don’t understand her, ranting that my FIL fixed a neighbor's sink 30 years ago and he definitely had an affair with her, that he has undiagnosed Parkinson’s and autism (which he clearly doesn't have), and we don't’ know what she goes through. I rushed my kids upstairs and counted the minutes until they left.
This past year she’s texted my husband constantly about her daily worries, her relationship with his dad, their marital problems, and EVEN ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE! Yuck! (How her husband still has a libido, but because of her OB problems she’s not interested… I hate that we know this). My poor husband went ashen after this text. I poured him a bourbon and ordered him takeout.
He said to ignore it, like he always does, but I sent her a stern text about boundaries (that my husband has a demanding job, a special needs daughter, another daughter, and lots on his plate! That we’re here for them in emergencies, but she’s crossing the parent/child line and it has to stop). She simply responded “okay.” I was shocked when she began to respect this boundary for several months. But then they hit us up for money to come visit us and relatives in Indiana (having been conned out of a fortune by their other son, a drug addict, and their grandson, a layabout). We offered plane fare and nothing more (we can pick them up and they can stay here), but they declined.
Bottom line, I cannot stand this woman--I cut out toxic people, and if she weren’t family, she wouldn’t be in my life. Of course I’m delighted I’ll miss the insanity of welcoming them (and their dog) into our home, but my husband is beyond bitter. He’s completely warm with my family, but I must say, it’s not hard. He said he never knew how a normal family functioned until he married me. I’ll be polite, but am spending minimal time with my MIL. AITAH?
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2023.06.02 19:48 Remarkable_Cup3880 Could really use some help understanding the difference between the 3 types of sibo, and are the treatment options the same for each one? And the symptoms don’t make sense either? So confused. Please help!!

I really can’t take any harshness right now. Please be gentle. This has been a lot for me to handle, I’ve been suffering since November and have been near suicidal. Just trying my best to be prepared for things to ask/bring up at my next appointment.
Last month my gastroenterologist ordered a SIBO test from, it was the Lactulose formula. Came back negative. The company was adamant about not sending results to me, they send it to the doctor only. So I can’t get a copy of the results until my next gastroenterologist appointment on June 22.
I wasn’t satisfied so I took the trio smart test. Came back positive for methane sibo. It was the glucose formula.
So here’s where I’m confused.
  1. I haven’t been having ONLY constipation. It’s been a cycle of 3-5 days of constipation and then 1-3 days of diarrhea. Also really bad abdominal pain.
  2. It seems like Rifaxamin (Xifaxan) is like the go to when it comes to treating SIBO. Then why is there the importance of classifying the 3 different types, when it seems it’s just that one medicine is used to treat all of them?
I want to be prepared when it comes to my next doctor appointments on the 22nd so I just want to have an idea on what questions to ask the doctor. Is there anything else I should be aware of and should bring up to him? I am just so flustered and overwhelmed.
Also, I am about 95% positive that antibiotics caused this. I had a round of antibiotics in October for a vaginal infection, sorry I can’t remember the name of the antibiotics. But shortly after is when my symptoms started, excess gas and bloating and cramps, foul smelling gas and bowel movements. then my diarrhea started and continued to worsen. and now it’s that alternating periods of constipation then diarrhea. I didn’t know it was SIBO because I never heard of it until last month when my gastro ordered that test for me. Then I started going down the rabbit hole of research and well here I am.
submitted by Remarkable_Cup3880 to SIBO [link] [comments]