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2023.06.02 20:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi Courses (Here)

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2023.06.02 20:10 AutoModerator [Have] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.02 20:09 RendHeaven Can I get my partner as Open Work Permit while Sponsorship process is ongoing? Partner is living outside Canada.

Hello! Canadian Citizen here. I came here as a PR back in 2015.
Long story short is I married someone from my home country (Philippines) last May 2023. She has a tourist Visa that will expire on 2029. We got married here in Vancouver BC.
She now went back to the Philippines.
Next step is to file a sponsorship for her but the wait times according to the website is 16 months.
Is there a good alternative to make it faster? I read that she can apply for Open Work Permit while they are processing the sponsorship, but the info on the website says that she has to be here in Canada?
I was wondering what other options I have.
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2023.06.02 20:09 WarmSp1cy Damaged wiring harness repair?

Damaged wiring harness repair?
Got a question for y’all. I have a 05 Pontiac g6. The passenger side low beam recently went out while I’m gone from home for the rest of the month for work. When my wife opened up the headlight housing to swap the bulbs, this is what she found. The plug is obviously slagged and she said the burned out bulb was burned up as well. I’ve found the part to replace the damaged connector, but I’m concerned about the state the wiring in that section of the harness is in. How hard is it to take apart the housing and swap the connector and wiring? She has access to tools and some handy friends, but I’m trying to figure out if the whole thing has to be swapped out or if we can get by just replacing the plug/wiring. I haven’t been able to find any other info on it with some light googling so I’m asking here.
Also, any guesses as to what caused it in the first place? It looks to me like a surge somewhere in the system burned out the negative. Do I need to look further into what happened, or is this just a symptom of a 17 yr old car. We haven’t had any other issues with it, mechanically or electrically.
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2023.06.02 20:08 jackfoley007 Question for older cast members or die-hard Hollywood Studios fans...

Question for older cast members or die-hard Hollywood Studios fans...
In Disney Hollywood Studios, the Antiques & Curios shop sits immediately to the left as you enter the park. As a kid, I can remember going in there and seeing actual vintage props and autographed memorabilia for sale with HEFTY price tags.
Now that I'm an adult with a solid income, I was excited to treat myself to a unique one-of-a-kind souvenir on my next trip. So color me disappointed when I arrived to find it appeared to be a Disney pin trading meet up spot? Nothing for sale...other than pins, I guess. The cast members in the immediate area were either new or simply unknowledgeable.
Am I crazy? Am I misremembering this place? Did they ever house actual props and autographs that were for sale? And if so, when did that change?
Thanks in advance for your help with this!
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2023.06.02 20:08 starsandmo0ns Anxious, racing thoughts.

Hi all.
I had a super toxic relationship with zero boundaries for years. During the pandemic, it ended, and I went to therapy. I did a lot of work and I am in a much healthier relationship now.
A big part of the getting over was the no contact part. Block, delete. I even deleted the socials temporarily to drop the habits. It worked!
Except… a year into my relationship he created a new Instagram. Saw the view on a story and blocked him. Then, he showed up at my house. My bf wasn’t there but long story short he confessed he had all of these feelings and was ready and done treating me as badly as he did. I told my bf he came around and he said I should have gotten a restraining order. In hindsight, I agree, but he was also not in the best frame of mind and he is impulsive. He also moved so I figured it would all be ok.
Well, last night I got a text from a friend informing me his best friend passed. The best friend is a childhood friend of mine, but me and my ex used to talk about him. The last time we spoke he said “I know he’s going to die within the next few years.” And he did. And I’m just thinking a lot about this ex and I’m worried that with him coming into town for the funeral I want to be prepared.
First, bf won’t be leaving my side until further notice, but another thing… should I tell bf about my concern of this guy showing up at my door? I feel like I’m being a bit crazy, but this ex is irrational and I’m home and he came here within the last year unprovoked and probably not the most mentally well.
Sorry if this seems weird, my brain is jumbled right now.
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2023.06.02 20:08 theroyalpotatoman Things I would do for fun if I had the time, money and convenience

I can’t right now because my main priority is school and saving up money to go back to school.
Lately I’ve been daydreaming about things that might give me a little joy.
One thing for sure is just sitting at home doing nothing except watching relaxing YouTube videos or anime.
This I’m actually trying to make more time for because it’s cheap and for the most part free except electricity/internet.
I love drawing and playing video games too. I used to run an art based business and I think maybe I’ll do that again in the future, just as a small side hustle.
I used to do it full time as a business and I made decent money but I’m thinking I need a real job so that’s what I’m working on.
I also want to start a cozy YouTube blog channel of just my day to day life. I’m very lonely and I think it’s my way of sharing my mundane life with the world.
And a cozy gaming channel too. I love playing games like Minecraft, Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.
Due to the economic situation as well, I want to DIY more things like cooking at home, making my own clothing and growing my own food.
I’d also like to pick up embroidery and make my own clothes as well.
Hot baths give me so much joy and help to relieve body aches and anxiety.
I’m pretty sad today, but thinking of these things gives me a little bit of joy.
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2023.06.02 20:08 AutoCommentHunter "I couldn't fathom carrying this child inside of me for much longer..."

Hey pro-lifers pro-abort women acknowledge the babies they carry before killing them in abortions regularly. So if you can stop perpetuating the myth that "most don't know they are babies", that would be great.
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2023.06.02 20:08 RevolutionaryPlay495 [USA-92844 Orange County] [WTB] Cash n Guns, Deception Hong Kong, Secret Hitler, A Fake Artist Goes to NY]

Looking for local pickup unless multiple are offered in the same sale.
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2023.06.02 20:08 Apprehensive_Bike156 Should I give one last try?

So I matched with a guy a few days ago, went on two dates: ended up at his apartment they were really good. Haven’t felt this kind of chemistry with someone in a long long time. We made plans to meet after he comes back from a trip back home. Keep in mind though that our text chemistry was bad, in person was amazing. However, my last two texts have been left on read. But we’re connected on instagram and he regularly checks or views my insta story. Idk what’s up with that. Since I really like this guys(in terms of chemistry and I want to give it a few tries) should I text him the day he comes back/wait for his reply/give up? Any advice would be appreciated.
Ooh edit to add this: on our second date we talked about if we were going to see other people while he was away. He said he wasn’t going to, won’t mind if I wanted to but I wasn’t going to see anyone either.(mostly because of a packed schedule).
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2023.06.02 20:08 dontlistentome55 How many cold emails and calls to book 1 meeting?

For those in sales right now, how many pitch meetings are you able to secure a week? How many cold emails and calls are are doing per week?
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2023.06.02 20:07 Several-Ingenuity-59 Question regarding possible serious breach of 'Right to Rest' rules and entitlement to pay during travel in domaciliary care

Edit: I do not understand why this has the traffic and parking flair or how to change it?
Hello there,
I'm making this post as I'm concerned about the amount of time my girlfriend is given as a rest period between shifts, as well the fact that she is not paid for travel time (on shift) between care calls.
I'm hoping to get some clarification on the employment laws surrounding these issues before potential reporting of these breaches, any assistance or knowledge is greatly appreciated
I've been doing some research which suggests that care workers are entitled to a *minimum* of 11 hours rest between shifts. To give one small example of many potential breaches of this law, my girlfriend works from 6:30-10PM tonight as part of a split shift. Tomorrow she is due to start at 7am. The shift she is taking on tonight involves travelling between multiple clients houses, in a town away from home. Due to the nature of the job she often has to work unpaid overtime if there are any issues or is delayed during work. The concern lies in the fact that she finishes at 10PM, in a different town, which is at least a 20 minute bus ride from home. Even if she finishes on time, the very earliest she can be expected to be in bed asleep is 11pm as a generous estimate. She then has to wake up at 6am for a 7am start (in her home town, but sometimes others)
On top of all of this. She is not paid for her travel time between clients houses - whether that be walking (often with extremely unfair time constraints and long distances to travel) or car sharing with another employee.
It is my understanding that the lack of a proper rest period a serious breach of safe working conditions, given the nature of her job and the fact that she works with vulnerable people.
For reference, here are the rulings which I believe support my claim
Further note: In attempting to find the page which stated the working time rules and pay during travel, I found this which seems to imply that there is some wrangling over this subject: I will be reading over this and if necessery ammeding my post. I'd like to stress that the primary concern is the lack of 'rest time' but if the company are short changing carers then that is obviously another issue altogether,
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2023.06.02 20:07 lllspookyburn WHY. Alliah do better😭

WHY. Alliah do better😭
Am I crazy or is this just not appropriate to post her daughter eating a banana on tiktok after the Wren situation 😭
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2023.06.02 20:07 LumpiestNuts Xbox one crashing for past 17 hours

I’ve been trying to get in since 7pm est yesterday on Xbox one with no luck. The farthest I’ll get is selecting my character, stuck on loading screen for 10 minutes and then crashing to the Home Screen. Please tell me somebody has discovered a fix for this. I used my only vacation day to stay home and play and it’s almost the end of my work day now. I’m livid.
I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and hard reset my Xbox a handful of times by the way.
submitted by LumpiestNuts to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:07 JACKlEpaper Just got fired for underperforming

I couldn't stay focused, struggled to retain necessary information and meet deadlines, and was constantly creating extra work for my coworkers as a result.
I have to tell my fiancee when she gets home in a few hours and I'm dreading it. I already feel so useless around the house because I struggle to stay on top of chores and keeping things tidy, and now this. Starting to wonder what I even contribute to our relationship. I feel like she HAS to be sick of hearing me cite my ADHD as the reason for my shortcomings but I can't figure out why else I keep failing.
My inability to keep my ADHD in check landed my squarely in this position and it feels horrible.
I don't really know why I'm posting this. I guess I hope someone can relate and will tell me that things will get better, or whatever.
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2023.06.02 20:07 kingfiasco [Lucky Guess] 6/2

Well folks. Despite all of our negativity and Orioles based trauma they actually did it. 16-12, four games over .500 for May. The worst is over and the O's came out on top. Or is it? The bullpen is certifiably cooked and Mullins is on the IL. Something that we all know marks a good, playoff, team is they can get through a month missing key players. June is just another tell all month. They did it in May, let's see it again in June.
Also, I LOVE when the O's play the Giants. Dongs after Dark baby. My favorite O's moment comes from an O's/Giants game in 17 when they came back down hard and Schoop hit a clutch Earl Weaver Special tm to left centerfield to put the birds up in the 9th. Manny fuckin clocking Schoop always gets me.
What are we doing here? O yeah, this is the lucky guess post. No winners from Thursday.
Because I love O's/Giants series so much and hate u/mrtallgreg I'm going to add in a bonus feature for this series. You get one chance at this and we'll record your first one. Number of splashdowns in McCovey Cove by the O's or Giants. Add it to your guess but make sure it's coded after your tiebreaker guess. For instance 8-3 BAL, 5 IP 3 SD If you get the splash downs correct for the series you'll get 3 points. 0 splash downs will not count.
Lucky Guess Standings
Rank User Exact '+/- 1 Lost Tiebreaker Points
1 95ludeman 2 2 0 14
2 tehow5 1 3 0 9
2 jaxjag91 1 3 0 9
3 kingfiasco 1 2 0 8
3 Chizzleslip 1 2 0 8
4 StevenGlanzberg 1 1 0 7
4 RiesenTiger 1 1 0 7
4 Letsgoos19 1 1 0 7
4 bromanow025 1 1 0 7
5 TOS1998 1 0 0 6
5 therealjimothyjimson 1 0 0 6
5 OrangeBuffalo8 0 2 2 6
5 harriswk17 1 0 0 6
5 greenjacket23 1 0 0 6
5 Billdozer2000 1 0 0 6
5 AlexOhanianSr 1 0 0 6
6 hcshock 1 0 0 6
7 zombiereign 0 3 1 5
7 bpopo329 0 5 0 5
7 WillieKeeler96 0 5 0 5
8 Ndysmth 0 4 0 4
8 DudeFoSho 0 2 1 4
8 BeinGetz 0 2 1 4
9 TommyPickles2222222 0 1 1 3
9 samir_katta 0 1 1 3
9 malkusm 0 1 1 3
9 imean 0 1 1 3
9 gnarkilleptic 0 3 0 3
9 ccmckee 0 1 1 3
9 Bmoreorioles1 0 3 0 3
9 zeromoustafa0 0 2 0 2
9 wodandos 0 0 1 2
9 waker94 0 2 0 2
9 Puddenfoot 0 2 0 2
9 OMGisitOVERyet 0 0 1 2
9 Music_Ordinary 0 2 0 2
9 King_Clitoris 0 2 0 2
9 joystick13 0 2 0 2
9 Jormmy-NcKegHook 0 0 1 2
9 jeffreythecat1 0 2 0 2
9 GoOrioles7 0 2 0 2
9 Evanevan22 0 0 1 2
9 DrThorntonMelon 0 2 0 2
9 DrDinglberry 0 2 0 2
9 BlueHenCountry 0 2 0 2
9 Azzazzyn 0 0 1 2
9 averyorioles 0 2 0 2
9 andrew-ge 0 2 0 2
9 DaddyHausen 0 2 0 2
9 Tardisheart 0 1 0 1
10 Shiderme 0 1 0 1
10 SellTheTeamDan 0 1 0 1
10 Ok-Establishment-240 0 1 0 1
10 MrTallGreg 0 1 0 1
10 LoraxEleven 0 1 0 1
10 jjk2 0 1 0 1
10 gzawaodni 0 1 0 1
10 Gumboy52 0 1 0 1
10 Entertainmentguru 0 1 0 1
10 ClimAx_D2 0 1 0 1
10 CBennett1497 0 1 0 1
10 bablume 0 1 0 1
10 Affectionate_Tune481 0 1 0 1
Comments must include:
All guesses must be submitted by the posted start time to qualify.
Score will be as follows:
If two users pick the same score with the same tiebreaker, the person who submitted their guess first will be awarded the 6 points. The same rule will apply when two tiebreakers guesses are equally close to the actual result.
Score will be tallied each night and updated in wiki. They will also appear in the "Standings" section of future Lucky Guess posts.

Now let's play ball!

Tiebreaker for today total innings pitched by both starters.

As always, please do not upvote or downvote any guessing comment until after the game is over and the winner is determined, then upvote the winner.

Matchup Statistics

You can find the lineups here before game time.
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Dean Kremer R 5-2 59 19.0% 6.7% 39.1% .333 4.61
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Logan Webb R 4-5 72 26.8% 4.9% 60.3% .301 3.29

Good luck!

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2023.06.02 20:07 aliciarules69 A newspaper article about my great grandmother's 8th birthday party - 1930s

A newspaper article about my great grandmother's 8th birthday party - 1930s submitted by aliciarules69 to TheWayWeWere [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 20:07 sjrsimac r/askmenadvice wants to prevent reposts

The moderators of askmenadvice need to catch reposts, the problem is that reposters delete their original account and post before reposting. We are using the low-effort solution of u/automoderator replying to every post with a copy of their most recent post, but we don't like this solution because
  1. the automoderator comments are not searchable, either manually or programatically,
  2. some of our OPs think an automoderator response is a sign they did something wrong, and
  3. the comment left by automoderator uses screen real estate that we want to preserve for our commenters.
We have written the first part of this script, capturing all posts and storing them in a SQLite database, but we need help
  1. running the script, because my home server is running out of storage; and
  2. storing the SQLite database in a place where both moderators can access it.
I have ideas of how to accomplish these objectives, but frankly, the moderators of askmenadvice are busy with work and family and want to outsource this work to someone with more time, and we're willing to trust your judgement.
import sys sys.path.append('') from UniversalFunctions import * # This is how I pull in my reddit credentials def RecorderMain(Botname, OurSubreddit, Database): reddit = StartingTheBot(Botname) CheckThisManySubmissionAtATime = 1000 connection = sqlite3.connect(Database) cursor = connection.cursor() # cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE PostsAndComments(idandedittime text primary key, id text, author text, body text, created_utc real, edited int)') # This line stays commented unless you're making a new database. connection.commit() cursor.execute('PRAGMA journal_mode = TRUNCATE') # This eliminates the possibility of a disk i/o error. for submission in reddit.subreddit(OurSubreddit).new(limit=CheckThisManySubmissionAtATime): idandedittime = str( + str(submission.edited) id = submission.fullname if == None: author = '' else: author = body = submission.selftext created_utc = int(submission.created_utc) if submission.edited == False: edited = 0 else: edited = int(submission.edited) cursor.execute('INSERT OR IGNORE INTO PostsAndComments (idandedittime, id, author, body, created_utc, edited) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?)',(idandedittime, id, author, body, created_utc, edited)) connection.commit() connection.close() if __name__ == '__main__': RecorderMain('askmenadvicebot', 'askmenadvice', 'AskmenadvicePostsAndComments.db') print((time.time() - start)/60) 
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2023.06.02 20:07 FeministFatale4Sir Online Trainer Recs?

Hi everyone! I posted recently about working on my “underbutt.” I’m thinking I could actually use a trainer though. Typically, I weight train in sort of a powerlifting style. I am open to using stretch bands and at home workouts. I’m looking for local trainers too, but so far no luck. Anyone have a good online trainer they’d recommend?
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2023.06.02 20:07 maybedanceintherain Abusive roommate advice

I have a roommate who is a not so nice roommate. The roommate in question fights with his girlfriend a lot and ive seen her being beaten once. And it could happen more often. Obviously this isnt a great place for me to be. I hate fighting people in my home cause it causes me stress.
This roommate was working on some bikes. These bikes might be stolen, he asked me not tell girlfriend anything about the bikes. He made sure that from inside the house you cant see inside the place he works on the bikes as well.
However he left a bikeframe near the door of our backyard for weeks and my neighbour asked me if i knew who it belonged to. I was put on the spot and said the following: "i dont really know, it could be ours(because its next to our door) but im not really sure, i dont really know. She said okay because sometimes people dump bike/bikeparts like that if they were stolen.(cause dark dead end alley). I went on with my bussiness and said to roommate a day later that a neighbour complained about the object and he said okay sorry i will remove it right away.
He hasent left anything there since. However I am now scared shitless that i may have said something i shouldnt have. I feel like the following senario could happen: He leaves bikestuff there again , neighbour complains to landlord(i believe she has the number of our landlord. A neighbour has done this before about garbage being left there.not sure if its the same neighbour but that neighbour complained to our landlord). saying she asked me last time and after asking it was gone so it mightve been ours. Landlord will ask me if i know something about it. What would i say? I cant lie because roommate might say i warned him about it. I cant tell the truth cause i am afraid if i say anything about it roommate will fuck me up.(even tho he never specificly said anything about it only not tell his girlfriend).
I just feel like i sort of snitched on roommate accidently even tho he never asked me to not tell anyone ever, only not tell his GF. I also am afraid what to tell my landlord if he would ask me about it. I just dont want anything to do with it. I am extremely scared. Moving is extremely difficult for me due to reasons. On top of that i feel like he would somehow get ahold of me if i move and that situation that i am afraid of would still happen. I understand my anxiety is taking the front stage but its extremely difficult. If i would somehow magically move i feel like i wouldnt have closure. any advise?
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2023.06.02 20:07 UhOhIAteAsbestos Home Run Stays and Hospitality

I live in an apartment downtown and I noticed that the limited parking in our lot is being taken up by signs saying “parking reserved for Home Run Stays and Hospitality”. Every time I look up that company nothing shows up. My apartment complex won’t tell me what it is and I was curious if you guys heard of local company called that ?
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2023.06.02 20:07 GoldAd9931 consulting career destroyed by someone closest to me in life

Today marked my one month of unemployment.
First generation immigrant here. I came here with minimal English skills and ended up getting a job at a top management consulting firm a few months ago after years of schooling and work experiences, plus months of job search, applying and interviewing. I was so grateful and my family and friends were extremely proud of me.
Then a month ago I got a call from corporate counsel who told me that someone submitted a tip through the firm website alleging I shared a client confidential information, which I never did. For the safety of the client and the firm, my laptop access was cut off right away and an investigation was begun.
I was devastated. The investigation concluded that I did not share any information and there was no sign of cybersecurity attack. However, the IT/security team traced down the IP address of the sender of the tip, and turned out to be my home address.. It is getting clear to me that someone closest to me in this country, due to whatever reason - jealousy, or whatever, tried to hurt me by looking through my laptop when I was working from home, and then submitted the tip. I confronted him but he denied everything.
I've known him for 7 years and he's like a family to me. Though a month passed, I am still processing why someone so close to me would do something this to intentionally destroy my career, my livelihood, my hope, my American dream. I kept telling myself this is just a job but the job market now does not look good, and all the opportunities I have lost from this have already forever changed me. I could never picture myself end my career in this way.
Been going to group therapy sessions, moving out, being with family & friends, what should I do to move on? It hurts every day, every single day in the past month.
submitted by GoldAd9931 to consulting [link] [comments]