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Sutter Health job scam?

2022.05.30 09:13 Tomatilla1 Sutter Health job scam?

So I got an email from a sutter health “employee” saying they found me through LinkedIn jobs and “This is a work from home position and the interview will be conducted through the RingCentral instant messaging application.” So I signed up and right away the interview started? It was an hour interview asking generic interview questions and real qs u get asked in an interview then they said they’ll let me know in 24 hrs whether I’m hired or not. This was at 7 am and now it’s 2 am next day and I got the offer letter however I’m not sure how legit this all is as
The only thing is that no personal information except my name has been asked yet so idk how legit this all is. And idk if I should sign the offer letter.
Has anyone had the same experience?
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2020.12.19 00:08 Not_Scott_D Medical Dosimetrist opening in California!
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2020.07.04 03:39 aaron_nn any experiences with Dr Walter Lin for top surgery?

I've been looking into my options lately for top surgery. Unfortunately I'm going to have to go at it without insurance, so I'll look forward to paying the whole thing off by myself what with my entire family (with the exception of the current and next generation) being extremely homo/trans-phobic... fun for a gay trans guy!
Here's Dr Lin's page! I can't find any reviews for him anywhere in regards to top surgery, though. Just listings for him in various top surgery website resources. I'm a little bit wary to try anyone who doesn't have reviews or pictures of his past surgery results before...
If anyone has any other suggestions for a San Francisco top surgeon who's done an amazing job for you, let me know! And if anyone has any info from experience about paying out of pocket for top surgery, I would appreciate it — were you able to go on a payment plan or any alternative options other than full upfront pay?
Thanks so much!
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2018.04.16 20:49 smf_bi [Hiring] (Sacramento) Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst

I am the Regional Business Intelligence Manager for Sutter Medical Foundation. We are hiring for 5 mid to senior level business intelligence positions to get our team back to fully staffed. We are a full Microsoft shop, utilizing SQL Server and all of it's tools. Ideal candidates will be highly proficient in TSQL and excels at one or more areas of SSIS/SSRS/SSAS/DBA work. Must have good people skills.
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