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A place for people to share advice, pictures, stories, and reviews of Campgrounds in the state of Ohio. There are many great Campgrounds from Lake Erie to the bank of the Ohio River in both natural areas like Hocking Hills to reclaimed mines at AEP/Jesse Owens State Park. This is a place to share experiences and ask questions about them.

2023.06.02 21:37 Maleficent_Tower_500 My last hope

So I’m planning on getting on disability bux, flipping random shit on eBay, and being a booby streamer on YouTube/Instagram/onlyfans. I pray to God it’s my way out of this shitty economy I’m forced to be apart of. Wow, I’m such a slut, disappointment, scum of the earth horrible person that doesn’t deserve to live right?? Well then what does that make you people that have kids in this shitty dying world, force them to slave away until they die, and just expect them to be okay with it??? This is the best I can do and I never asked to be born, so why don’t you just keep your self righteous bullshit to your flabby middle aged self, Susan.
I fucking hate this shitty world that I’m forced to be apart of. I fucking hate this generation where everything’s expensive, stupid fucking billionaires and Kardashians hog up 90% of this worlds wealth while everyone else just gets forced to slave away until they die, shitty cuntmouth “people” like Trump and Andrew Tate get rewarded all the fame and attention in the world, and there’s shootings and national tragedies every other day of the fucking week. I fucking hate how everyone that’s not famous, born rich, or doesn’t have a phd in stem, medicine or law with 53267753236 internships and connections gets treated like a second class citizen in todays world and economy. I fucking hate how I was so rudely robbed of my childhood from trauma and barely got to enjoy it after age 7. I still have so much unresolved anger burning inside of me, and now that I’m an adult life is only gonna get harder and piss me off even more. I fucking hate growing up and being an adult and everything it stands for. I can’t even look forward to the one fun thing about being an adult (alcohol) anymore cause of my stupid fucking GERD that makes me feel like my throat, chest, or stomach is on fire. Plus I have no one to go out with since everyone I’ve tried being friends with either abandoned me, was a backstabbing shittalker, was just trying to stick their cock inside of me, never made any effort to stay in touch, or has nothing in common with me anymore and just talks about their lame ass jobs. And going out at night alone is a big no-no, or else I’ll be raped, kidnapped, killed or all 3!!!!
I don’t want your useless fucking therapy, pills, prison aka “mental hospitals”, suicide hotlines, and bullshit “advice” or motivational quotes. I need to either win the lottery or find a way to make a live-able passive income in the least infuriating way possible. So after over a year and a half since I graduated high school, I finally stopped being a pussy and started chasing my dreams. I took a few online courses on eBay and digital marketing (which don’t count for a degree because colleges are just money grubbing pigs that don’t give a single fuck about you) and started my eBay resale business in January and my YouTube channel in March. I’m also taking a YouTube course. I haven’t made enough money yet for it to be a liveable income, but hey at least it’s better than nothing. I need this to happen so fucking badly, I don’t want to be a worthless miserable wage slave until Im old with no healthcare and die (yay Late Stage Capitalism!) I want financial freedom and the time to enjoy my hobbies like gaming, drawing, skating, watching TV, and martial arts with no worries like when I was 3-7 years old. I’ve watched my parents come home miserable, angry and tired from work ever since I was little, and I don’t understand how I’m forced to do the same and am just supposed to be okay with it.
So I found out about ewhoring and it turns out a decent amount of women hit the fucking jackpot. If there’s even the tiniest chance I can make money off just taking risqué pictures and videos I have to take it since that’s probably the only advantage of being a woman. Other than that women just get harassment and get to deal with sexist assholes that think we’re weak and helpless and try to one up us everytime we try to do something “manly” like sports, martial arts, or weight lifting.
I used to have my doubts, but now idgaf anymore about “haters” and “people losing respect for me” cause I never fucking got it anyways when I tried to be straight and narrow and no one can hate me more than I already hate myself. I feel like its my last hope at happiness and the only way to make growing up in this shitty world I’m forced to be apart of somewhat bearable. If it doesn’t work and my parents kick me out and/or disapprove of it and make me get a real job I’ll just kill myself cause I’m tired of this shitty world and there’ll be nothing left for me anyways.
Just wanted to let that out, since this is probably the only place I can vent to without getting hunted down by a bunch of self righteous assholes.
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2023.06.02 21:36 SillySerotonin12 Medical school is not like drinking from a fire hydrant

It is actually like trying to survive a hurricane. A fire hydrant is the same all the time and only has one obstacle: the water. A hurricane has many obstacles: wind, rain, power outages, flooding and more.

Some days you will feel like you are in the eye of the storm, everything is okay. Realistically, this is the time you give yourself after an exam to do self-care, clean your apartment and other chores.
Others you may feel like a seasoned Floridian. "Another hurricane, I got this."

Most of the time, it feels like I'm the new reporter from a northern state who is "volun-told" to go stand out there in the midst of the worst of it. Hang in there all.
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2023.06.02 21:36 citranella Encountered a fake busker in the wild

TLDR, saw a fake busker at a grocery store and just felt upset watching him play on people's love of music for money (the recording was pretty good though 🤣)
He had an electric violin and was in a grocery store parking lot. I played violin for 8 years so it was immediately obvious he was faking - fingerings and bowing didn't match up at all. I tried to get a video, but I think he could tell I was suspicious because every time I put up my phone he refused to play. He eventually came over and told me "no videos".
I watched TwoSet review some videos of fake buskers and couldn't believe people would do that. It's one thing to panhandle or even busk badly, it's another to basically scam people. Didn't think I'd ever see it in person. I think I'd rather give money to someone who wasn't the best but was giving it their best effort.
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2023.06.02 21:36 Meowingwerewolf Observation about bra sizes, measurements and brands.

Lengthy rant/observation I’ve made in my bra fitting journey and obsession regarding bra sizes, bra measurements and bra companies. TLDR included.
Before finding this community I usually wore bras from 6ixty 8ight, La Senza, Marks and Spencer’s, Victoria Secret from Asia, the size being 34C. However I always found that I’d have to keep readjusting throughout the day, little support and unusually constricting bands. I eventually got fed up from finding it hard to breathe and having an uncomfortable fit, so I turned to the Internet. Finding the ABTF community and going down a rabbit hole of information, using the calculator resulted in a bra size of 28E/F. Which was surprising at first as I thought a smaller band would snap my ribs and kill me, but made sense having the new knowledge of how a well fitted bra is measured and sized. I eventually got a Wacoal bra of that size(70E) and it was a near perfect fit compared to the bras I owned previously. The band was remarkably comfortable, even if it was tight when first put it on, I barely even felt it after a little bit of wearing. And I finally could genuinely take a deep breath without feeling tightness and eat as much as I want without the fear of my stomach popping and being painful(which I was told was normal 😑).
Anyways, I desperately wanted to know why it was so painful and I’ll fitting, so I measured them. The observation I made after measuring my old 34C bras was that their marked size and their true measurement did not match up.
A true 34 inch band would be about 86cm), but the bras I measured came up with around a 65cm(25 inch~) band, which would truly be either a 24 or 26 inch band, but marked as a 34 inch band. My underbust measurements are 73cm(28.7 inch~) 70cm(27.5inch~) 66cm(25.9 inch~). Which explains why the 34 inch marked bands were so tight for me. A marked 32C bra I used to wear measured a band of around 63cm(24 inch~), which was genuinely painful to wear. This led to the realization that in companies with bras with limited range of sizes(Marks and Spencer, 6ixty 8ight, La senza, Victoria Secret, etc) have marked sizes that do not reflect and/or match up to the true measurements it should be. While companies with a wide range of bra sizes(Wacoal) have a much better if not identical match of their marked sizes and their true measurements.
(Side note: the Wacoal bra has its supposed measurements marked on it as underbust: 70cm and bust: 90cm, of which the bust measurement should be a bit too big for me. However, given my bust measurements of 84cm 88cm 84cm, slightly uneven and specifically shaped breasts, it’s not so questionable. Especially with slightly fluctuating measurements depending on what time of menstrual cycle I’m on lol. However, I’d also like to mention that the sizing range from the Asian Wacoal I could access skipped the DD cups, so straight from D to E. I usually go by UK sizing, which led me to believe this Wacoal used Japanese sizing, but the calculator shows my Japanese sizing to be 60H. So the sizing of this Wacoal might be a bit wack, but worked for me nonetheless. Lastly, the calculator given on its website and its sizing chart would have put me on a 70C bra, which shows that at least the website does not use the 1 inch per cup size method. However, I went to get sized in person in one of the shops and I was measured as a 70D, which makes sense due to my standing bust measurements, which is closer to my true size. This shows that the employees are probably taught the 1 inch per cup method, and also how inconsistent the sizing methods and charts are.)
With my own experience and research as I mentioned above, I’ve come to the conclusion that companies with limited size ranges compress sizes available most likely for profit and convenience. Giving different marked sizes to true measurements most likely due to misinformation, ignorance or greediness.
From a business POV, it makes sense if they want to excel at gaining profit. Compressing sizes to mainly 32-36 bands and A to D cups will allow them to mass produce items of limited variety; being highly popular brands they leave customers with little options to choose from, forcing them to buy what’s most available and accessible. As well as furthering the misinformation of bra sizes and well fitting bras. Giving a wide range of sizes is more likely to have really popular sizes, being the average sizes of their clientele, and not so often bought sizes from those outside of the average. Which isn’t beneficial in order to gain profit, and it’s also less convenient in terms of production.
So with these findings, it is no wonder that experiences and examples of people wearing, let’s say, a 34C bra from a company such as Victoria Secret find that their true sizing may truly measure to a 28E or a bra of a true 28 band. While someone who gets a 34C from the ABTF calculator wouldn’t be able to wear a 34C from Victoria Secret comfortably.
Finally, I’d like to give some advice to people looking for which brands to buy from based on this. I found myself to be confused on which brand I should buy from, especially online when I can’t try on what they offer, due to the inconsistent marked size and true measurements. So I’ve deduced that buying from brands with limited sizing can only work if you know the true measurements of their marked sizes, while buying from brands with a bigger range of sizes would be more safe and true to their marked sizes. But especially brands that have large sizing ranges and are popular among the ABTF community or have been given good reviews from people who actually know about bra sizing.
I hope this was comprehensive enough and not too messy (wrote all of this in one go with limited proofreading). I really wanted to talk about this as I’ve never seen anyone bring something like this up. Please do comment if you’ve noticed something similar in your own bras and experiences (I need to know it’s not just me🗿). And I encourage you to measure your old and new bras if you’d like to see what I’m talking about for yourself. Finally, let me know if you’d like me to further explain or clear something up and I’ll try my best to provide!
{Also, do take this with a grain of salt as my measurement research sample wasn’t very big and happened months ago. I’m also terrible with math so I was unable to do the same comparison with the cups themselves, so all of this is mostly based off of the band measurements.}
[TLDR: Companies with limited bra sizes have differing marked sizes on them compared to their true measurements, most likely due to profit gain and convenience. Making it hard and inconvenient for customers to find the right size in the more popular companies, being forced to buy what’s most readily available and accessible. Furthering the misinformation of bra sizing and how a well fitted bra should be for those who lack the knowledge, and being annoying to people who do have the knowledge.]
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2023.06.02 21:35 Gorotheninja Now that we're less than three weeks away from Final Fantasy 16's release, here's my predictions bingo card for launch day:

Now that we're less than three weeks away from Final Fantasy 16's release, here's my predictions bingo card for launch day:
I made another bingo card around a month ago and shared it here, but I wanted to make a revised version after the gameplay previews and trailers that have come out since have confirmed/invalidated a few of my initial predictions. These should be the predictions I'll have all the way til launch, provided there aren't any surprise trailers CBU3 has up their sleeves.
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2023.06.02 21:35 optimistic_seadragon LOOKING FOR FALL 2023 HOUSING!!!

HEY! If you or anyone you know is looking to sublease at any of these apartments for fall 2023, hit me up! I am graduating in the fall and am looking for a place that is girls only. Looking for a rate under $700 with utilities. Feel free to message even if your place isn't below. Thanks!
Museum Walk
University Terrace West
Cabana Beach
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2023.06.02 21:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone Courses Bundle, List inside the post description. (

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2023.06.02 21:35 Strict-Rub-952 Recommendations for grow lights. I need more!

I have several plants all requiring bright indirect light and the setting to choose, but the problem is I have very little natural light in my apartment. Can you recommend some grow lights with links to purchase online, that could do the trick, preferably not costing hundreds of dollars.
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2023.06.02 21:35 Visible_Extension_43 My boyfriend 26M thinking I 23F am gaslighting him after flirting with his colleague?

I recently attended my boyfriend's work party and met his colleague, Adam. Adam and I share the same ethnicity, which excited me as I don't often come across individuals from our home country outside of my own family. We were able to connect over our shared background and language, making the conversation even more enjoyable.
During the event, my boyfriend left me to mingle with other colleagues and his boss, but I stuck with Adam as I didn't know anyone else at the party apart from my boyfriend. Engaging in a friendly conversation with Adam, we spoke in our native language felt natural and comfortable. I genuinely enjoyed connecting with someone who understood my cultural experiences.
However, after the party, my boyfriend confronted me and accused me of flirting with Adam. He pointed out that our use of a different language and I was taken aback by his accusation because I genuinely feel I didn't give off any romantic interest in Adam and had no intention of leading him on.
I am a very talkative person once I have opened up and have encountered situations where I've been accused of flirting, even when my intentions were simply to engage in friendly conversation, so I can see where my boyfriend is coming from, but I feel upset that he thought I would do anything like that to him. When I said I wasn't flirting with Adam, boyfriend said I was gaslighting him.
tldr:I was talking to my boyfriend's colleague at a work party, and my boyfriend wants me to apologise as he thinks I was flirting with the colleague.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Unfair-Ad3553 Open water swim mind game

I’ve been swimming in pools and lakes blissfully for most of my life, but I’m new to face-down goggles-on lake swimming. I find that what never bothers me when I’m swimming with my head out of the water is now is making my mind run wild when I can see down into the lake. Anyone have any tips on not freaking out in an open water swim?
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2023.06.02 21:34 cyberresilient How to find a petsitter?!

I am new here in The Netherlands and don't know many people. My teenage daughter is going back to Canada for 5 weeks this summer. It's my first time alone since she was born, and I want to go to a beach somewhere. But... She has a cat! So I am trying to figure out how to find someone to look after the cat. I have a great apartment in Leeuwarden... Maybe I can find a house sitter who will look after our pet? Seems risky though.
Basically looking for advice.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Affectionate-Rub6655 Kitten limping

Hi! Hope anyone can advise, we will be taking my girl to the vets in the morning. Species: domestic cat Age: 10 weeks Sex: female- not spayed yet Weight- over 1kg History: none. Heath check (all clear) and first vaccinations one week ago on 27/05/23 Clinical signs: Sleeping all day from 10am this morning, generally a bit off. From 7pm she developed a limp in front paw, will let me touch all over. Meows when pressure is put on the paw (when she walks) Duration: 10hs seeming off, 1:30 hours limping Location: England
Eating ok, has pooped once and wee’d three times today. Just not moving and playing as normal. Wondering if it could be a vaccine effect but it has been 6 days since she was vaccinated, seemed to be in slight pain in the 24 hours after vaccination. Completely indoor cat and always supervised apart from roughly 6 hours at night. Currently sleeping.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Origional_Enola Ranting

Hi everyone, I just wanted to place a quick rant into the internet. I assume I will receive some sympathy in this subReddit. My mother-in-law is living with us for the second time in my 5 year marriage to my husband. He and I have been together 8 years and the first time she lived with us was before we were married. I absolutely feel alienated in my own home and am so ready to just kick his mother out. I've spoken to him and he's made it clear that his mother is his priority (yes, I know that says something about the relationship; but his alternative is he literally pays his mother's rent so she doesn't live here, and I am NOT ok with him paying her $1,800 rent (area average) when that money could be going to our own household. MIL has been living with us rent free for 18 months now and is behaving as though she is retired. She just smokes all day, sun tans, and goes to her shitty job for a few hours a day. She then spends her money on the most useless stuff and clutters our house. She is the most judgmental person I've ever known and uses her culture as an excuse to be a rude and condescending jerk. She literally hates my job and tells me I am bad at it. I work in a people-helping profession with a master's degree, and she is literally high school educated and a gas station minimum wage clerk (I do not intend for that to be offensive sounding). She is constantly pressuring me to have children and every time I explain we don't have the money, space, nor do I have the motivation to be a parent right now she loses her mind on me. She tells me how much I'll regret being an older parent and how much she wants grandchildren (PS: we are a male-male couple so age isn't barrier to having children). When she moved in she literally brought everything she owns with her, like, everything. She is also a hoarder and does not throw anything away. She literally takes used zip-lock back out of the trash, cleans them out, then scold me for throwing them away. At the grocery store she takes items out of the cart and puts brand in there that I don't like because they're "cheaper". She then lectures me on "responsible finances" but lives with us because she quit paying her mortgage for an entire year after - yet again - being fired from her job for theft. At the time she worked for Dollar General as an associate clerk (the lowest position). She constantly talks smack about me, despite the fact I am a highly accomplished professional with an aspiring career. She is a compulsive liar, which in part is why she can't live on her own. My husband, her son took out a more than $130,000 personal loan for her to save the house prior to it being foreclosed on. He always asked her if she was making the payments for the mortgage and keeping up with the house, she said yes she was. She lies all of the time and has erratic unbelievable stories in which, I believe, she is looking for sympathy. For example, she claims that something extreme happens to her on a weekly basis (last week someone pulled a knife on her at work supposedly and she got into a physical fight with them), but yet, the police were not called and she remained at work the rest of the day. It's always something extreme like that! Anytime I cook she acts like it's the most disgusting thing she's ever eaten. The when she cooks, if I so much as put pepper on something she loses her mind and get's so offended that I'd dare "alter her cooking". We went out to eat dinner last night, and like always, I paid. She constantly orders cocktails and complained that she hated the food. She pushed it around on the plate like a petulant child. I know she only did this because it's the restaurant I wanted and not where she wanted to go. I saw her eating the food from the to-go container that night without issue. She just needed to put on a charade in front of me. She get's angry when I tell her our dogs cannot be in the sun all day (because they have a condition that makes them prone to sunburns and cancer) and they have exposed skin/missing hair. She say's I have no idea what I am talking about, that the sun is completely safe and good for you. Meanwhile, she is Caucasian but so tanned-brown she looks Latin. Her skin is literally leather and not moist at all. She chain smokes and vapes daily and has survived cancer. I've told her not to smoke in the house or around me because I have a precancerous blood condition and she does it anyway. She act's like she is above everyone else despite the fact that, without her son and me allowing her to stay here, she would literally have to turn to a homeless shelter. She also recently told me that she "was praying so hard to God that I and *her son's name* would get a divorce" because she thinks I am an abusive POS because I (attempt) to stand up to her. Now I feel relegated to just wait it out. She is supposedly supposed to be working towards moving out of out home, but yet, she spends superfluous money on things we, nor she, need nor will we ever use. She jumps at any "by one" sale and has hundreds of some items. Literally, we have over 60 cans of tomato sauce in our small house because if their is a sale, she'll buy it, regardless of what it is. Her cat destroyed my couch with it's claws and I told her I didn't like the destructive cat (I didn't even tell her to get rid of it, I just made a comment I was upset it's destructive) and she's made at me for not liking the cat. She is also a cat hoarder who was fined by the ASPCA when her house was foreclosed on for animal neglect, and she keeps trying to bring kittens into our home. She lives on Facebook marketplace and has purchased three different patio sets for (not her) but our (mine and her son's) home. She also purchased a grill when we already had one and it was very expensive. I told her she should save that money to move out and she says she has plant of money; then I suggest she start looking for apartments and she cites not making enough money to do so! I make a point to call the room she stays in the "guest room", because that is indeed what it is, and she get offended and calls it "her room". She got mad that I moved her nightstand yesterday when an emergency plumber had to come out for a $2,000 repair and he needed access through the guestroom. She accused me of not being gentile with her nightstand and breaking it, despite the fact it's literally had a broken leg for 60 plus years because it's an old family hand me down. Any given opportunity she has to make on overt or covert assault on me she does, she she'll have the audacity to say to me at dinner "I feel like you don't like me". She's right, I don't. Last night I caught her throwing away my mail and she is denying it, which is what brings me here to this sub. I just cannot do it anymore.
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2023.06.02 21:34 Service_Apartment Looking for Service Apartments Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Looking for Service Apartments Golf Course Road Gurgaon
If you are seeking the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and luxury, look no further than service apartments on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. Nestled in the heart of the city's most prestigious and sought-after neighborhood, these apartments offer an unparalleled living experience for both business and leisure travelers. With easy access to prominent business centers, entertainment hubs, and shopping destinations, Golf Course Road is the epitome of a well-connected and vibrant locale.
Service Apartments DLF Galleria Studio Apartments DLF Cyber City Gurgaon Service Apartments MG Road
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2023.06.02 21:34 myusername1424 Translation revision.

I would like for my translation of an old Arabic newspaper article to be revised.
Here's the original:
And here's the translation:
Palestine’s freedom is India’s freedom:
Convention of our Muslim brothers in India:
Yesterday, we published a memorandum which our Indian Muslim brothers have provided to the Governor-General protesting the British policy in Palestine. The newspapers of India have reached us yesterday night, containing ample details about the convention of our brothers there, we translate them as so:
The All-India Muslim Conference concluded at 1:30, in the afternoon on the 10th of this month. Important decisions were taken during it, among them being a boycott of the coronation of the king, not buying British goods, and refraining from paying for the funds of the Empire in its coming wars. The convention will not go back on these decisions unless Britain betters the solution of the cause of the Arabs of Palestine.
The convention had elected an executive committee consisting of 44 members to oversee the implementation of the decisions.
The convention had also issued a warning to the Zionists, demanding from them to back off from being the tools of the British against the Arabs. It would also issue a statement to the Muslim leaders, in it calling them to aid Palestine in its distress, along with another statement thanking the Arab Christian brothers for their Arab patriotism, and for their stance as one line with their Muslim brothers.
The convention had unanimously agreed that the response of the Governor-General of India was unsatisfactory. Likewise the committee could not do what is required of unless it were to investigate all of the intelligence that have been exchanged between the Government of Palestine and the Jewish Agency from one side and between it and the Ministry of Colonies from the other, as in this intelligence is what reveals to the committee the extent of the Zionist influence on the government of the Mandate of Palestine, and its submission to it.
The Arab Nation accuses the Ministry of Colonies, and sees that it is the root of all bad in Palestine, and thus it is upon the convention to check with this accused ministry before it can hope for the Arabs to cooperate with it.
The convention lasted for three consecutive days. Many people participated in it, all of them being enthusiastic and desiring to work.
Doctor Said Mahmoud had delivered an excellent two hour speech which had ended with him demanding the necessity of strengthening the committee upon the League of Nations to abolish the British Mandate on Palestine, and the cooperation of the Parliament of India along with all of the Indians in this demand, drawing attention to the fact that the freedom of Palestine is the freedom of India.
Doctor Mahmood would review the history of the Arab Revolt, the lies of the Allies, and the errors of the British Mandate with expertise. Afterwards, he would call upon the elected members of Parliament to add the Palestinian Cause in the core of the constitution as was done before even if the Governor-General refuses to do so. Thus it is upon them to provide a memorandum on that to the League of Nations. The doctor mentioned that he knows that there is no benefit in asking from the League, however India ought to send its loud voice in the world in the name of Palestine and for its aid.
Afterwards Doctor Mahmood would discuss a dangerous problem that we refrain from mentioning fearful of the publications registry, however we will refer to it in a simple manner: The doctor had talked about an opinion held by some people and which nearly became prevalent among the Muslims of Peshawar a few months ago​. The doctor had mentioned that the Muslims themselves cannot carry out the work to force Britain to provide justice to Palestine. Furthermore, he would state that the Hindus ought to cooperate with them, and that if the Hindus were to join with the Muslims in one body, not many, and that if the Muslims were to collaborate with the Hindus in one policy rather than a policy of separation, then the Muslims and Hindus would be able to aid Palestine and force the British to give aid to the Arabs.
“Some might say that Hindus are not Muslim, so what is their issue with the Muslims of Palestine? As for this, I say what I have said before, which is that the matter is that the freedom of India is the freedom of Palestine, and the freedom of Palestine is the freedom of India, and both are inextricably linked”.
Later, the doctor moved on to talk about the Zionists. He said that they are tools and instruments in the hands of the British colonization, and that the British are using them for their colonial policies in the east in general and in the Mediterranean in particular.
He would then talk about the minorities, and said that they are a colonial plot, as it was the British who would create what they call a Muslim minority in India, a Coptic minority in Egypt. Furthermore, the Italians, as soon as they set their eyes on Ethiopians, created a cause in the name of a Muslim minority.
However, we are not minorities, rather we must cooperate on each side as one nation against colonialism, and I call upon the Muslims of India to sacrifice for the sake of their Hindu brothers, and to unite with them in defense of Palestine as defending the freedom of Palestine is defending the freedom of India.
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2023.06.02 21:33 MildredPierce87 Seller may be a flake

My daughter graduates from college on June 6. I was unaware of it but on May 15, she ordered a custom stole from an Etsy seller. She was told it would arrive between March 21 and March 29. The seller had a good reviews. On the date the item was supposed to have arrived, she gets asked if she received it. Of course she hadn’t. She contacted the seller and the seller said it has been shipped. But Etsy shows that it was not shipped. The seller is in the same state we are in. After my daughter made her purchase based on the positive reviews, someone left a negative review and say they never got their stole.
Quite naturally my daughter is in a panic because the store has not arrived and she graduates in four days.
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2023.06.02 21:32 wRIPPERw_ Looking at a 2012 Vee with 24000 miles on the clock. Advice?

Hey all! I've been viciously infatuated taken by Vstroms lately, and for my uses I've finally decided a 1000 would be the best for me. I've found one about an hours ride away for a hair under $6k, with 24000 miles or so. Pictures look clean, and the dealership has done valve clearance, chain, and all the fluids and filters and such. Unfortunately, no maintenance records from before they had it. Is $6k a raw deal, or did I find a gem in a sea of overpriced Harleys? Also, is there anything I should be wary about? I know most Suzukis are basically bullet proof (I currently ride a Boulevard M50), but I don't want to buy a bike and have it taken apart in my garage for the majority of my first season with it.
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2023.06.02 21:32 MutedAd8449 Integris Baptist, Oklahoma City, Accomodation for July

I'm looking for someone to share room/apartment with near Integris Baptist Hospital, Oklahoma City for the month of July. If anyone else is in a similar position please comment or DM. I'll be happy to discuss.
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2023.06.02 21:32 montagne__verte A College Student's Guide to Minimalism

Hi Minimalists,
After the summer I'll be headed into my junior year of an American University. I've been a minimalist since my freshman or sophomore year of high school so I've been at this for a while. In my years of college so far I've lived in a dorm, an apartment, and at home on a gap semester so I can confidently give others advice. Whether you're starting out in minimalism or wanting to deepen your practice, this is for you. College is a great time to start minimalism because if you're like me, you're moving around a lot.
My University is a 3 hour drive from my house so luckily I was able to use a car to move in and out but I didn't have a car to use which turned out to help my minimalism as it resulted in smaller shopping trips. If I were flying in, it would be a different story and I would have to pack later but I had some room.

  1. *Seasonal clothing:* My college town has all four seasons so layering was my friend. Summers and spring I wore pants and shorts with a tank top. I have one pair of denim shorts and pants because really, who needs more? They last many wears and a basic blue or black denim can go with anything. In the fall and winter, I layered the exact same outfits with a jacket. I have a few different jackets which I'm trying to pair down. I have a huge snow jacket which I hate having because it takes up so much space. I was about to get rid of it but we had the craziest winter this past January and February so I'm glad I kept it. Sometimes you don't want to keep things but it will serve its purpose. If it doesn't, get rid of it. When I get clothes, I like to get new clothes, I like for them to have multiple purposes but snow jackets are very specific, however, it's better to be comfortable. Especially if you're walking everywhere which I was doing.
  2. *Underwear:* While I was at my apartment this past spring semester, I realized I never used all my underwear and socks in a week (I do laundry once a week). Since I've moved home for the summer, I put some of each away in a box and used what I had. If I needed more I'd grab some but I think I've figured out the perfect number which is different for everyone. I can't really comment on bras even tho I am a girl but I don't really wear them or if I do, it's a yoga bra and I'll wear it as my shirt.
  3. *Shoes:* If you live somewhere snowy and have a pair of hiking shoes that are water-resistant, they work in snow. I was told they wouldn't work so I bought a pair of Timberlands and barely wore them and wasted $150 on them. Recently, I bought a pair of Chacos chelsea boots. I got the black color so I could wear them to work and they'd look more professional. However, black absorbs heat so my feet always get warm. Once these have run their time I'll get a brown color. I have one pair of tennis shoes that I only wear over summer when I work at summer camps. I'm not a fan of tennis shoes but if you go to the gym or run then have one pair and only get another once they are worn out. I have two pairs of hiking sandals which I can also wear with socks in the chillier weather but I'd like to pair them down to one.
  4. *"Maybes":* You know these clothes, the ones you just cannot seem to donate but don't know why you're keeping onto them (or you do). What I've found is I'll get a bag and put my maybes in those and put them out of sight for a few weeks. If I don't miss them, I have my answer.
  5. *"Maybes" pt. 2:* If you move home during the summers and/or winters, I highly suggest keeping some maybes at home. When you come back, you'll most likely be able to donate it all.
  6. *Hangers:* Only bring with you how many hangers you currently need plus maybe one or two more if you want to be nice to yourself. Once you run out, you cannot buy any more clothes.
  7. *1 in 2 out:* This has been my philosophy with clothes for quite some time now because clothes are the biggest struggle of mine when it comes to minimalism. Now, whenever I buy an item of clothing, it has to be able to replace *at least* two items I already have or be something I need but don't have yet (like work clothes).

  1. *Linen:* You only need one pair of sheets, I promise.
  2. *Desk:* I work my best when my desk if clean so all I keep on there is a mason jar with a few pens, my laptop, and a fake plant (I don't like to move around a bunch with real plants and not every place I'm in has a window with a lot of sunlight). I take all my notes digitally so I don't have to worry about physical clutter. I do that with books/textbooks as well. Unless I *need* to get a physical copy, I always purchase it as an online book.

  1. *Towels:* One towel is all you need, I promise.
  2. *Toiletries:* Scaling down your bathroom routine is a must. I haven't worn makeup since I've become a minimalist and it works for me and I enjoy it but if makeup is a must for you, really think about each step and if you can cut out any. Also, don't keep so many refills on hand, just go buy another when you need it, it really helps with clutter. A few things I have refills on hand. Like my deodorant comes in packs of two and my razor comes with multiple head replacements.
  3. *Shower:* I've decided I'm going to get rid of my bath mat next semester. Why do I need one if I can just dry off in the tub/shower? Really think about what you *actually* need.
  4. *Toothbrush:* This is something I've just decided to do. I have an electric toothbrush that I've used for years but I'm going to move back to a good old fashioned manual one. The replaceable toothbrush heads are like $15 a piece! Plus, it's bulkier and I always have to keep a normal one on hand when I take a trip.

My roommate and I split the cupboards and drawers but I didn't use half of mine!
  1. *Pots & pans:* Get a good cast iron pan and pot and you'll never need anything else (just be sure you season them right). Maybe get another saucepan if your recipes are more complex but scale down on the complex recipes! (See my next point)
  2. *Recipes:* I love to cook but sometimes the recipe has 10 spices, 8 different veggies, and 10 different topping choices. I'm vegan so that makes some things easier but not much. You can edit recipes. It may take some trial and error but spice it to your liking. You're not going to taste a 1/4 tsp of cumin, I promise. Also, I don't like bell peppers so if a recipe has that, I get rid of it. Finding simpler recipes has really helped my kitchen stay minimal.
  3. *Food:* This is something I'm still trying to work on. I didn't cook much in my dorm but this past semester I didn't have a meal plan and I had a kitchen. I was spending anywhere from $200-400 a month on groceries and unfortunately I left a lot of food to go to waste. MAKE A MEAL PLAN. I love notion and made a recipe book with my favorite recipes. This has helped immensely with food waste. Also, don't get that one super specific thing for one recipe that you're only going to make once. Either skip the recipe or find a substitute. I'll use this example which doesn't apply to me but it's a good example. I love tahini and use it in a lot of things. I can go through a jar of it in 2 months. Others however may never use it but one recipe calls for it. Use another nut butter instead or skip the recipe. Or find more to use it in instead of letting it sit in your fridge and just throwing it out when you move.
  4. *Plates, utensils, etc.:* Do you really need more than 2 plates/bowls/cups? If you have guests, get compostable reusable plates or BYOP. I had 3 of everything but rarely used the 3rd so when I go back, I'm only taking 2 of everything. I wash my dishes as soon as I'm done (or as I go) so it hasn't been a problem for me. Same goes with knives. Do you really need a whole knife block? Just get 1 or 2 quality knives and you'll never need another again.
  5. *Appliances:* Be careful when it comes to appliances because they take up a lot of space when moving. If you drink coffee a lot, get coffee appliances. For me, I love tea so I have a kettle to boil water. I recently got a high speed blender to use as a blender and a food processor and I've loved it. I also recently got an air fryer as a gift. I haven't used it yet but I'm also scared to start haha. I just need to do it once and then I'll be familiar with it. However, if I can use that to replace having to heat up the oven each time, I'll take it. Don't get a toaster oven. You can heat up your bread on a pan on the stove just perfectly and it saves space.
  6. *Random shit:* We all love those fancy shaped bottles and the cool fridge organizers. I had a fancy bottle last semester. Didn't use it once so it is not coming back with me next semester. Those clear plastic fridge organizers are expensiveeee. Do you really need them? Minimalism isn't about having the best organization, it's about being mindful with your stuff. Maybe you find value in those organizers, go for it! But for me personally, they wouldn't add any value to me as I can already organize my fridge pretty well. However, I just bought one of those rotating organizers because the corner of one of my cabinets was getting crowded with spices and oils.

  1. Find a good multi-purpose cleaner and it will be a lifesaver!
  2. Dryer balls are your best friend.
  3. Target's brand Ever Spring has a concentrated laundry detergent and the bottle takes up almost no room and one squirt gets the job done. It's been a lifesaver.
  4. Just get a broom. A vacuum takes up a lot of space and is heavy.

**Living Room**
  1. Ngl, I never touched my living room once. I spent no time there. My roommate had some things but if you're not going to hang out there much, don't keep anything in there.

Hope I covered most things and it wasn't too confusing. If you have any other questions, I'd love to answer. If you want links to anything I mentioned please let me know!
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2023.06.02 21:31 fancifullines [F4M] Looking for a new writing partner

Hi everyone, I'm hoping to connect with some decent writers out there, who'd be happy to craft a story together between us. I do enjoy medieval settings, politics, drama, romance, witty conversations and intricate and fanciful plotlines. This could be a war between two or more kingdoms, regular court dramas, plotting against/for kings/laws/ministers etc, always partial to a knight in shining armour, a complex situation to be resolved. I find I have a very wide range of themes I can enjoy. Please don't be shy.
I'm fairly open to ideas in general. This post is mean to cast a wider net in hopes to find a writing partner in general. Hopefully our preferences, style, and interests will align.
Please do come forth with any ideas and hopefully we can find a middle ground.
I tend to reply very frequently and very much enjoy rapid fire replies so unfortunately if your intention is to reply once a day only (or less) I doubt we'll be a great fit. I treat writing like I treat anything else - seriously and with a large dose of respect. If we agree that we'll be writing together, I'll make sure to make myself available. Respecting your time and establishing clear expectations is important to me. I would like to enjoy the same courtesy.
Third person, past tense, Discord preferred.21+.
Please try your best with a nice opening message. I'm not expecting you to spend ages writing the perfect introduction, but maybe you could do a little better than "hi"? Thanks. Perhaps you could include your age, time zone, and how frequently you'd like to write? Maybe a writing sample?
Writing sample:
Reba was following his lead, her hand staying on his arm and patiently waiting until he was ready. She knew it was dark in the room when they left it, having heard the little click of the torch he'd brought. Just as well, she thought. Might as well not attract worry about someone potentially seeing them...
She was quiet in the car, just thinking about the implications of what they could do with the money. Reba rarely engaged in these sorts of ideas about wealth. It was something that had always been out of reach, particularly after the car accident.
"Well, I think I'd like a happy meal." She grinned, reaching for his forearm gently while he drove. "Do you think we can get one? It would be a nice memory. And we could get a nice toy." Reba was laughing. Somehow the idea of having money felt liberating and yet the thought of something simple to celebrate with like a happy meal was the most innocent cherry on top.
"We could buy a little house somewhere in the mountains, or by a lake. We could use it to buy weapons, bootstrap a theft business, get more money..." They were just ideas that popped in her mind, but they were ultimately inconsequential. "What has happened is far more valuable than this briefcase, Francis. I have slept so well this past week. I feel at peace. I feel happy. And I know we killed a man. I killed a man. That's not lost on me... But I can't deny the pleasure of doing so... It was better this way. I don't like to say he deserved it. But is this future without him not better for everyone, including him?" She was musing out loud.
"I will get a girl toy." Reba added. "Maybe we should let Patrick pay for it."
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2023.06.02 21:31 hanaeben wake up,Bus-work/study-sleep,repeat: Moroccan routine for a big margin of society.

We feel that success in today’s hyper-competitive world can only be obtained by pouring more and more time into work. Long hours grinding it out in the office/ school is almost taken for granted as a motto for success.
Ascending the ladder by obtaining good marks or making your business succeed can come to seem like a punishing behaviour, especially considering that we have other priorities like spending time with our families or keeping up a social life, clubbing(partying), meeting ones soulmate, travelling, working out, keeping a low stress routine, taking care of one's health, eating nutritinous healthy food (not lmer9a & lidam on a daily basis and french tacos (ew) in your saturdays to boost your serotonine like the capitalist pig slave you're gonna become) etc..
You're clearly living the life you hate, i'm pretty sure. Because if you're loving being stomped upon by a boot, you wouldn't be frustrated, and yes, i'm assuming you are (you're on reddit, clearly you got something going on,so go ahead and go crazy in the comments coz that's the only place where you can freely feel alive and express your real identity: a wicked nerdy north african virgin incel :D).
So go on, buy that economical apartment (sakan 9tisadi) with hella loans, and buy that Dacia even tho you're fantasising abt owning a lamborghini or a ferrari of some sort, marry that hijabi girl your mother will randomly meet in a hammam.
But, oh no, never blame your misfortune on others. Blame it on your choices, the time you spent studying/working while others were socializing or hitting the gym or taking care of their health or having that chitchat with fam, blame it on the chances you lost while never making any efforts trying to flirt, the choice of never being willing to embrace life the way it is, you don't want to live fully like a human being, it's in the back of your head, following your ancestors' habits and taking them for granted without questioning, no sense of critical thinking whatsoever.
This complex analogy is what you are.
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2023.06.02 21:31 VermicelliAsleep5482 My dad is punishing me for something I didn’t do, again.

We’ll long story short, while growing up my parents argued all the time and my dad was verbally and emotionally abusive to my mom. Mom ends up chest when I was 7 then they get back together and arguments continue until I was 16 where they finally divorce. I have trauma from their arguments but that’s too long of a story. I’m 17 btw. So when they agreed to divorce they slept in separate beds and my mom would chat on online dating profiles. My dad finds out about this after my mom moved into her apartment. Very few months we have the same argument, he accuses me of knowing about this (I didn’t) and then accuses me of lying to him, tells me to leave his house, not come back and that I’m not his daughter blah blah blah. After a week of me barely talking to him he eventually apologizes and shit goes back to normal. It happened again and I’m waiting for him to apologize. But everytime this happens, it seems like it’s the first time. And I just cry and not know what to do. After he insults me and says horrible things, he says “I said it out of anger, I love you, I’m always here for you” and I just don’t know what to do, it’s so confusing and I hate it. I’m powerless in this scenario.
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