Jeep wrangler for sale greeley co


2008.03.19 21:07 Colorado


2012.08.02 08:44 NoRedStone Jeep Cherokee XJ

If it's an XJ or MJ then its welcomed here!

2023.06.02 21:22 mobilityshop_ Karma Mobility S-Ergo 125 Self Propelled Wheelchair

🎉 Experience Freedom and Comfort with the Karma Mobility S-Ergo 125 Self-Propelled Wheelchair! 🌟
Are you or a loved one in need of a reliable and versatile wheelchair? Look no further! Introducing the Karma Mobility S-Ergo 125 Self-Propelled Wheelchair, your key to enhanced mobility and independence.
✅ Lightweight and Durable: Crafted with aircraft-grade aluminium, this wheelchair is strong yet incredibly lightweight, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome chairs!
✅ Unmatched Comfort: The S-Ergo seat technology ensures maximum comfort by reducing sliding and redistributing pressure, allowing for long-term use without discomfort. Relax in the ergonomically padded seat and experience exceptional support throughout the day.
✅ Advanced Features: Equipped with flip-back armrests for easy transfers, slowing brakes for precise control, and puncture-proof tires for worry-free rides, this wheelchair is packed with convenient features that make your life easier.
✅ Stylish and Versatile: The sleek design of the Karma S-Ergo 125 turns heads wherever you go. Whether you're strolling through the park or navigating busy city streets, this wheelchair is your ticket to mobility in style.
✅ Safety Tested: Rest easy knowing that the Karma S-Ergo 125 has been rigorously crash tested, ensuring your utmost safety and peace of mind.
🌟 Take charge of your mobility today! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own the Karma Mobility S-Ergo 125 Self-Propelled Wheelchair. Purchase online now and unlock a world of freedom and comfort!
👉 Click the link below to buy online and experience the difference for yourself. Let the Karma S-Ergo 125 be your trusted companion on your journey to greater independence. 💪
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2023.06.02 20:36 Filmstuff37 Anyone notice RC/Devs didn't add a single item in the shop, including randomized supply drops? (re-released items)

Anyone notice RC/Devs didn't add a single item in the shop, including randomized supply drops? (re-released items)
Hello, wondering why Nothing in the shop was updated, not even the random supply drops have a single item added? I'm referring to adding any previous released BP item or previous shop dlc packs/shop specific items etc, Not adding entirely new items, that is a different issue and takes wayyy more resources. But not adding anything else in the shop at the beginning of a new EP update seems REALLY strange to not update.
This seems like one of the best ways to generate income to sustain the game and add additional content without having to actually create anything or test anything. Does u/RoCoJared know why they decided to Not add anything new for sale and when items will be added? I have seen others post about this on Discord, but unfortunately only see responses mostly to the same people in the "unrealated" section of Discord. I'm not trolling about the last part, it's really strange to have most of the responses to the same five people in that discord. IDK Lol. Thanks 👍
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2023.06.02 20:02 karmaawhoree [FS] [US-NH] Several Intel X520-DA2 Dual Port 10GB SFP+ NICs + 2 x Intel 10gb Transceivers!

I have for sale today several Dell Branded Intel X520-DA2 Dual Port 10gb SFP+ NICs with Intel Transceivers.
These are made by Intel for Dell. Dell P/N: 942V6
They will work in non dell machines normally.
They all have low profile brackets!
Each card includes two GENUINE Intel ftlx8571d3bcvit1 10GB SFP+ Modules.
I am asking for $32.50 SHIPPED, All in per card. It's 32.50$ shipped for 1 card and 2 modules.
The $32.50 price includes FREE TRACKED SHIPPING, and I will cover all PayPal G+S fees out of my end!
The cards and the modules both have a 90 day warranty to protect against DOA or failure.
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2023.06.02 19:55 innocenat PSA: Regular Suica and PASMO temporary unavailable from June 8.

Source: (in Japanese)
Regular Suica and PASMO card will be temporarily unavailable for purchase from June 8 onward due to chip shortage. This includes Monorail Suica and Rinkai Suica.
"Welcome Suica" and "PASMO PASSPORT", designed for short term visitors, will continue to be available. Moreover, PASMO PASSPORT will have its 500 yen issuance fee waived. Mobile Suica will still continue to be available.
They will still be available for sale in Aomori, Morioka, and Akita area, because IC Card was just recently introduced there.
Named Suica and PASMO will still be available. I believe those can also be purchase at the machine, with you having to enter your name in Katakana. Note that according to the rule, named card can only be used by the person named on the card.
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2023.06.02 19:52 RedCliffsDaisy Is it just me or does it seem like our dispos are price fixing?

Has something happened with laws that would stop the frequent sales the dispos used to have? I appreciate the rewards but due to selection variance I need to shop multiple dispos to get what I need. It seems all dispos implemented "rewards" programs at the same time and stopped sales at the same time.
Is there any other reasonably believable answer to this phenomenon outside of a legal change forcing them to change how they market or an agreement between all of them in SL Valley not to compete.
It seems WholesomeCo even has raised the price of all thr flower they sale. I get inflation but seems suspicious to me. It's getting harder and harder to buy legally and stay in a reasonable budget. Situation makes me feel forced to consider transporting accros state lines to get from other legal states nearby.
Anyone know who in state to bring up concern with? How to do it? The "report problems" link is useless. I don't know if anyone actually looks at this data in a timely enough manner to make it helpful to problem resolution.
Thanks for reading my rant.
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2023.06.02 19:29 h4ppidais [WTS] Osprey Kestrel 38 $120 great for weekend backpacking trip

[WTS] Osprey Kestrel 38 $120 great for weekend backpacking trip
Today for sale is my gently used backpack, I’ve had it for 2 summers on occasional backpacking trips.
Size is M/L - fits 48-58cm or 19-23in torso
This is a perfect capacity for a weekend backpacking trip. It even fits those clear blue bear canisters.
Shipping out of Denver, CO
Payment PP f&f or g&s w/3.5% added
I’m open to FaceTime or a video call as well. Please send me a DM.
I haven’t sold anything through geartrade but I have sold and bought a few expensive watches on watchexchange for credibility.
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2023.06.02 19:11 fireball1989 Question on Director's Loan - Setting up a new BTL Ltd Company

Hi All!
I'm a long-term lurker - and have learnt a lot here - thank you! I have some questions on how a Director's loan work in a BTL LTD Company, hoping someone experienced here can help answer.
Now I have the following questions (which I've been struggling to find an answer of anywhere..!)
Very confused, hope someone can help, thank you!
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2023.06.02 19:09 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 20 Jobs in Columbus Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Best Buy Retail Sales Associate Columbus
Ametek, Inc. DVP, Business Unit Controller Columbus
RTI International Field Interviewer - NIS Columbus
A-Line Staffing Solutions Medical Assistant Columbus
City of Pataskala Immediate Openings Utility Systems Superintendent Pataskala Columbus
Lululemon Warehouse Floor Lead Columbus
NFI Industries Warehouse Operations Lead (260) Columbus
LanceSoft Inc Forklift Driver II - 3rd Shift Columbus
Nestle Operational Services Worldwide SA Stock Specialist Columbus
Trillium Staffing Shipping Clerk Columbus
PeopleReady 23rd May Hiring Event Class A, B, C, Yard Hostler And Warehouse Admin Columbus
Trillium Staffing Forklift Operator Columbus
FedEx Supply Chain Warehouse Worker Columbus
The Ohio State University Strategic Manager of Receiving and Distribution - M2 Columbus
Snipes JimmyJazz Stock Manager Columbus
Beemac Logistics Freight Broker (Sales Account Manager) Columbus
Sally Beauty Holdings 09951 Dcpickepacker 2 Colops1 Columbus
Franklin County Board of Commissioners Dock Worker Columbus
Columbus Metropolitan Library Customer Services Manager - FT (40hrs) - Parsons Branch Columbus
Rite Rug Co. Builder - Operations Manager Columbus
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in columbus. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 17:20 sbh2oman Where to get an FMS FXC24 Blazer?

I'm jumping back into RC after a ~10 year hiatus (got into the stadium truck scene with my son back then). Thinking a crawler would go well with my Jeep club camping and wheeling trips. Spent many hours looking for the best "starter" setup (<$200 RTR) and decided on the FXC24 Blazer but now I can't find them for sale anywhere. Are they actually available yet? FMS' web site says "sold out". A seller on Amazon says "Release date June 20" which seems shady (wondering if it's a clone). Amain doesn't even list them. What is the deal? If there is a different crawler (real, slow speed crawler) that people would recommend in this price range - let the recommendations fly! (upgradeability/aftermarket support is important to me so the Danchee Ridgerock is kinda off my list).
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2023.06.02 17:16 granger-danger-1 Frustrated at Work

I'm frustrated with my job as a Sr. Solution Architect for a tech consulting firm. Over the past 5 years, I've noticed a pattern of chronic busy-ness and hustle culture. Other team's goals consistently take priority over mine, causing me to rearrange my client work to support the sales team's quarterly goals. Despite pushing back, the only compromise offered was a one-day deadline extension and an inexperienced "support" person, which won't be helpful. I've discussed these issues with my manager and leadership, but they fail to acknowledge that they are the ones responsible for setting priorities and timelines. I'm questioning whether I can continue in this job. Although I enjoy the work, like my co-workers, work from home, and receive good pay, I constantly feel overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout. I don't have energy for activities outside of work. One option I'm considering is transitioning to a contractor role, focusing solely on client work and avoiding other responsibilities. However, this might result in a significant pay cut due to higher taxes and the need to pay for my own health insurance. I'm unsure if it's worth it, but I'm exhausted from being constantly overwhelmed.
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2023.06.02 16:53 Overall-Ad8784 Best year model for jeep Wrangler

I'm considering in perhaps getting a jeep jeep but I've heard that the older ones such as the late 90s and early 2000s were the most reliable due to having less sensors and electrical issues. Need advice.
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2023.06.02 16:53 JustCuriousArizona Why Does Nokia Need Cash?

There appears to be a misconception of why Nokia needs cash. The reason is, Nokia has positioned itself to BE in a DYNAMIC and growing market space. The issue is, most investors think of Nokia as a cellphone company, which they aren't, also the past business execution of Nokia and the past stock performance.......well suck, as stated repeatedly on this board.
Also for investors who understand that Nokia is now competing in RAN equipment for CSP's, think of 5G, cell phone market as saturated and as only a smart phone market. So in their mind, the cell phone market is now a commodity, slow, stodgy and highly predictable.
The issue is, today's thinking is NOT tomorrows reality. Companies who thought this way is best demonstrated that in the cell phone market in 2008 are no longer in the cell phone market or not dominant in it anymore, Motorola, Nokia and RIM but to name a few. This truth that the wireless market is changing at double digit rates is now recognized by Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung but to name a few companies scrambling madly to "usher in the future".
If the future wireless market was going to be a commodity wireless market, then yes, high R&D and high amount of cash wouldn't be required. The game of the wireless market is no longer with the traditional CSP equipment suppliers, it is beyond the traditional smart phone market. The M2M (machine too machine) communication systems envisioned will be to some extent be specialized for various market scenarios. What Pekka said, the future is too big for any one company to dominate is correct, both in terms of vision as well as product. If a future is going to be thrust upon us, we may know the future in general, but we DO NOT know the future in specific and it is knowing the specificity which will make a company successful. So what specificity? Specifics like, functionality, which company will dominate, what new products will be created that wasn't seen, who will make the best widget, what is the cheapest architecture that the consumer will like or decide they need. The consumer reaction to a product/system is very unpredictable, e.g., who would know that "pinch/zoom" that was seen on the Apple Iphone would become a necessity for every smart phone and remember that the consumer didn't even know they wanted "pinch/zoom" before Apple showed them they needed it on commercials.
So the question maybe, Ok, we don't need cash, let's just up the R&D. There are several issues with this. One is to realize why do accounting at all, the basic reason to do accounting is to grasp how effective the business is running. All companies need effective and truthful accounting to get insight in the efficiency and profitability of running an organization, even a criminal organization will need to have a set of books which are truthful, hence the term "two sets of books", one set of books which lies to the government and the 2nd set which lets you know how efficient the organization is running.
Operational expenses, like R&D, like cost of production and SG&A are generally thought of as fixed expenses, which perpetually happen every year (I used perpetual which is a little strong to use but I use it to emphasize the cost is planned and well defined.). Within the income statement, expenses are taken away from revenue and what is left over is profit. Profit is generally considered by investors as money which CAN come to them, and this is proper. As an aside comment, this is one reason Nokia stock was hit so hard when they missed earnings, the investors were not happy with Pekka and the Nokia board of missing earnings, even though everything else in the Q1 23 report looked pretty good.
A company playing in a dynamic growing market will take some of the profit and allocate it to cash. If the company isn't in a dynamic growing market, it cash requirements are much much less. But if a company EXPECTS to PLAY in a market space which they KNOW/BELIEVE is going to change, they are wise to increase their cash reserve. The other place a company will increase it's cash reserve is if the market becomes uncertain, a cash reserve will help them over come a cash flow crisis if for example the market should crash, the cash reserve in this case is to keep the company afloat for 6 months to 12 months till the market comes back.
R&D is considered an expense, you hire full time employees a specific head count, they aren't temporary and these people will be around every year for as long as Nokia stays financially healthy. R&D budget also takes away from earnings, so you don't want to allocate money into R&D unless you plan to have these people and the job function around forever or at least as long as the company remains financially healthy. Cash is used to smooth out the uncertainty's. For example let's say you are in a dynamic market and you are co-developing a product with a dynamic new startup company A, but let us say, unknown to you, another small company B emerges and develops a far superior product that the market likes. In this scenario, you are likely to dip into your cash reserve, talk to the small company B and get co-joint future development and access to there product. The other place you may dip into your cash reserve is, let's say that someone, competitor, customer, new company, a university professor suddenly comes up with a brand new requirement/design that potentially meets the market place needs, which was unplanned/unforeseen, in such a scenario you are likely to dip into your cash reserve and fund extra temporary development people to develop the idea or to see if the idea is good. Besides, the development, you may want a market report suddenly because of new information that wasn't foreseen or planned, that is a one time deal, you are likely to dip into your cash reserve. Your cash reserve is likely to be used for ANY one time design, sales, marketing or study.
When you are dealing in a dynamic market place, which Nokia is in now, you need a cash reserve. So how much do you need? One way to answer this is to remembeexperience, that if you need cash and don't have it, it is really terrible, you could say well have a line of credit, this has it's own bad financial repercussions. The other way is to look at your competitors and if you have the same % of revenue you are likely Ok.
So does Nokia need a cash reserve.......YES. How much, it is for argument. Should we spend a lot time arguing about cash reserve.......NO. Why, because time is money and many of the future big markets that Nokia is dealing in are growing at double digit rates. These future markets need to developed now at an expense level and it needs to be recognized that Nokia, Ericsson and Cisco, do not know exactly the new product definitions, new systems, new startup companies, old companies opening up new business units to compete in the market space. So if you believe Nokia is playing in future new dynamic market space, which I do, what should Nokia do? It would be wise to talk to, educate, co-partner with as many of these companies as you can, which should come out of cash.
The other reason NOT to increase R&D is that for every dollar you put into R&D you take it away from the investors because you reduce earnings. Investors, as you saw from Nokia's Q1 report are very sensitive to earnings drop from expectations. Earnings are mostly considered the fair return to investors, ROI, cash can be used by the company for any one time opportunity or deficit occurrence. Cash, can be considered as the companies, self insured insurance policy against bad things as well as to capitalize on good things. It makes the earnings, which is seen to the 1st order as the investors return, predictable. Large cash reserves are a must for companies playing in future dynamic markets.
BTW, this is one reason the stock market acted the way it did to Nokia's Q1 23 earnings miss. The earnings can be dialed in by the CEO if the company has positive cash flow. The CEO can reduce expenses or use up more cash to "dial" in earnings. Note though investors are also sensitive to cash and all corporations publish, with their financials, a cash flow statement such that the investor can see where the cash is going to and coming from. Investors are not as sensitive to cash as they are to earnings. On your income statement, earnings are seen as being predictable, the return to investors. Earnings are NOT seen as being unpredictable and any earnings miss should be explained. IMO, one of the main reasons for cash is to make the earnings as predictable as possible, this means at the least Pekka should of been wrapped over the knuckles for not using enough cash to help reduce expenses to meet the Q1 23 earnings forecast. This means investors can legitimately ask the question, Pekka, you had a healthy cash reserve, therefore why did you miss Q1 23 earnings forecast? This question was poised in the form or the stock going down suddenly. To me this means Pekka needs to be sensitized to how important earnings are, since he has so many knobs and buttons to push to "dial in" earnings.
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2023.06.02 16:42 abighammer176 Discount Price

Discount Price
Thought price were going down. 76k for a 1500, nope not 4me
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2023.06.02 16:42 HLLiu Faraday Future Signs Up the First FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance User Post Final Launch, Continuing to Execute on Phase One of Its Delivery Plan

LOS ANGELES (June 2, 2023) – Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIE) ("Faraday Future", “FF” or "Company"), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced the signing of the first sales contract for the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance as the Company continues to execute on the first phase of its three-phase delivery plan.
Much like Faraday Future is “disrupting” the century-old automotive industry, architecturally trained designer and Faraday Future fan, Rem D Koolhaas, who is the very first FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance user, is also known as a “disruptor” as it relates to creating dramatic design approaches to objects including automobile design. Rem created the award-winning fashion label United Nude in 2003. United Nude is widely known for blending the worlds of fashion and architecture within abstract yet functional objects such as shoes, chairs, and personal accessories.
Rem has applied his dramatic design approaches to automobile design, resulting in vehicles with limited facets and curves that are still technically advanced and fully functional. Rem and United Nude created “The Lo-Res Car” and showcased it as a conceptual EV in 2015 at the world-famous Petersen Automotive Museum. As Faraday Future is breaking the boundaries in design, technology, and mobility, we are excited to have such a design-focused visionary to co-create with us and help us disrupt the industry and lead FF into the future of new mobility.
The first of its kind, the “All-Ability aiHypercar” FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance is a newly evolved silicon-based new species, which features incredible vehicle configurations and performance. The FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance is currently priced at $309,000.
The vehicle is driven by three motors making 1050 horsepower, 1977Nm of electric motor output torque, the largest in its class. FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance also boasts the longest interior space among ultra-luxury vehicles with a similar wheelbase + Zero-Gravity seat with the industry's largest recline angle of 60 degrees, bringing first-class comfort to the road. With an acceleration time of just 2.27 seconds for 0-60 mph (96 km/h), the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance takes the top spot in terms of the acceleration-to-weight ratio of 0.78, and a range-to-weight ratio of 136, surpassing traditional and electric vehicle competitors alike.
The next-generation technology architecture, the “FF aiHyper 6x4 Architecture 2.0,” powered by FF AI, the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance has the capability to perceive user habits, engage in continuous learning and evolve. Through the “3rd aiSpace”, users can fully indulge in unique convenience and enjoyment. In terms of exterior design, the FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance is truly space-age, with its innovative matrix-style LED headlights that span across the front and rear of the vehicle.
“I’m excited to see our first user now under contract for our FF 91 and our continued progress on the first phase of our delivery plan. The FF 91 was envisioned six years ago and since then, we have continuously upgraded our vehicle.” Said YT Jia, FF Founder & CPUO.
Through the support of Web 3.0 technology, FF has designed a system separating software and hardware, aiming to allow car users to truly own the software as an asset for the first time.
Check more details regarding FF’s three-phase delivery plan:
Watch the FF 91 Final Launch & Faraday Future 2.0 Event full video and download the presentation.
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2023.06.02 16:25 BosmerBro A Westgate Sales Rep. Looking for answers.

I'm a new sales representative for Westgate Williamsburg. I've had the privilege of meeting so many nice families and have been able to help two seperate families invest into something that would change the way they vacation.
The reason I'm making this post, is simply because I want to know more about the consumer side of it. Every owner I've met in person has had a wonderful experience and they utilize it every single year. My co workers and management who also own at different locations use their own ownerships year after year.
Question is; I want to know about experiences with Westagte after the deeding is finished, and we send you home. Because I feel like I either only ever hear praise of the program, or complete and utter hatred.
TLDR; A Westgate sales rep would like a dialogue on what it's like being an owner.
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2023.06.02 16:17 Significant_End_358 Guilt over badmouthing in-laws at work (Rant).

When I used to work in a small firm, I would air out how I felt about my fiancé’s family to my co-workers and supervisors.
They are extremely well-to-do, and have very expensive taste all across the board. As for myself, I do the absolute bare minimum in terms of appearance, am a thrift/garage sale enthusiast or deal seeker. Our political views were very different at the time, and often I’d hear them say things that would upset me. I had major anxiety being around them, and often felt ignored (i.e. at the dinner table or upon leaving, I would not be acknowledged). These feelings reminded me of my school experience where I felt very ignored and isolated. To this day, things can still be hot or cold, but I’ve learned to accept and appreciate our differences while hoping they’ve done the same.
So some years back when I used to work at a small firm, I would just complain over how opposite we were and how I couldn’t stand the way they could be at times. I’d scoff and “ugh” and groan when my supervisor—who actually knows one of them—would jokingly ask how it was going. I know he’d likely never mention it though as he was and is a very busy man.
It’s been like 4 years since then, but I’ve become overrun with guilt because I realize how disrespectful it was. While my fiancé can see their flaws as well, he obviously loves his family very much. Despite how I felt and sometimes still feel, they have still made room for me in vacation trips and fancy restaurants. I’ve even been working at the family business for some time… His aunt, who is my only co-worker, feels the same way about them, so we’ve even kinda bonded and laughed over some of their behaviors. I put a stop to that after a few times though, since it was getting to be too habitual (even though I was never the one initiating).
I have a lot of ocd themes bouncing around in my head, so this is just one of them that I cant shake out. I guess it feels like a huge betrayal to my fiancé to whom I have never expressed these feelings to.
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2023.06.02 15:52 Ackbarious Selling a New Car Right After Purchasing...

I know this seems like a poor financial decision, but hear me out. I owned a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara for 5 years and was happy enough with it. It started to "death wobble" (if you're not aware, do a quick search) when I was driving in it with my toddler, and I decided right then and there I had to ditch it. It scared the bejesus out of me, and it's a known issue with Wranglers that can be difficult to fix.
I was passing through a LR dealership for a wedding and decided to check out the Defenders. I ended up trading the Jeep in for one right then and there (got $30k on trade for the Jeep, Defender was $80k, at MSRP). Taxes were maybe about $3k after trade. Fast forward 3 months. I'm really not happy with the Defender or, more accurately, what I spent on it. We are making a cross country move here in a month, and I'm going to be taking a pay cut, as it's more a lifestyle move and to be near family. My wife is flying out with our little one, so we need to ship one vehicle if we have two ($2k for open transport, $3k for closed for reliable trucks). The Defender hasn't had issues, is a mean looking car, very nice ride and interior. But to be honest, it's too nice for me- it's all black and I'm freaking out over every scratch in the paint (black shows EVERYTHING). I'm also thinking I really wouldn't want to keep it past warranty (less than 4 years remaining) since just to replace a headlight on one of these is apparently $4k or something. And I'd rather have a vehicle I'm comfortable keeping 5+ years. I'm very concerned about the depreciation in that time, despite the fact they're holding their value well for now (not sure when this post-COVID auto market will bottom out).
I've considered trading it in for something else, especially to cut down on taxes, but I'm not exactly sure what I want, and I don't want to rush into something again. So what I'm considering is just selling the LR here and getting another vehicle after the move, so we wouldn't have to ship one. I have an offer from a dealer to buy my vehicle for $79k (just $1k less than I paid). I'd be out taxes, but I also put 3400 miles on it and wouldn't have to ship anything cross country, so it seems like pretty much a wash? We can get by with one car for a while until we figure out something cheaper to buy. Does this seem like a good plan? Nuts?
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2023.06.02 15:42 Vloxalion [USA-PA] [H] 12400 based complete pc w/peripherals & accessories & spares [W] Local Cash

"Bump" of previous post last week. All have been unused/untouched since March 1st, just sitting there or in boxes, except the monitor.
$650 for everything (list 1 and list 2). Not parting out due to payment method precluding shipping.
TL;DR quick overview of all parts
one i5-12400 w/stock cooler, 1 downdraft cooler, 3 120mm tower coolers
two B660m ddr4 motherboards, one win10pro key, and one anti-bending lga 1700 bracket
two kits 3200c16 ddr4, one 2x8gb singlerank other 2x16gb dualrank
one RX460 4gb gpu
two nvme m.2 drives; 500gb sn770, 2tb 970 evo plus
two cases, one matx nr200 clone, other atx lancool 216 and 5pack of arctic p12 pwm fans
two psu, one sfx 600w platinum (w/ 1 cable extension), other atx (300)w F-tier
one 24'' 1920x1200 60hz monitor with a desk clamp arm
cheap mouse and keyboard(keyboard w/RGB!!!....sry)
one set entry level professional speakers and an old sound card
webcam, xbox360 controller, microphone

Local cash only, no paypal(don't have one), quakertown-doylestown area in bucks county.
pet/[email protected]/[email protected]/scent free household, and do not eat near computer area. The second hand items from the 12400 guy exude much less fragrance compared to when they were obtained (assuming his household laundry detergent or similar had fragrance as the source), and I doubt you'd sense it if your own living arrangements have any sort of scented items. They come with all original cables, boxes, manuals, etc I still have. If you want more information about anything, feel free to ask and it will be added. Selling because old 2010 pc with phenom ii x3, gtx460, and 8gb is sufficient for my use case, try for modern hardware again some other time.


Part Name Detailed Comments/Condiiton Currently/Personally Valued at x 1 month ago
i5-12400 2nd hand. H0 stepping, not the more power hungry C0 (C0 is a partially disabled 8core die), and is AVX-512 capable going by the production date(did not verify; see motherboard notes). small blemish/ding(?) from previous owner's cooler on ihs, but can't tell if it was permanent indent or rubbed off hard bit of dried paste. includes box and cooler. 140/140
unknown 6 heatpipe thermalright cooler - possibly the burst assassin non-argb model without fan 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. tower only. has blemish/nick on contact surface. his laundry detergent had fragrance, so i couldn't use it. he also didn't clean the paste off and shipped it in a ziplock bag. i cleaned it as well as i could and replaced the bag. 15?/10
noctua s12b redux 1200rpm 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. same scent problem. can't remember testing it. 10?/5
arctic alpine 17 co BNIB, but box looks beat up 13/8
id cooling se-224-xt-basic used to cool a 3800X for a few months before the faulty mobo went kaput and sold the other parts of it. no 1700 mounting hardware because it was produced before alder lake. the win10pro key from the msi pro mobo is written on a slip of paper tucked inside the instruction manual. 25?/15
Thermalright Assassin X 120 refined SE mounted 90 degrees clockwise for bottom-to-top airflow in sama case 20/15
msi b660m mortar wifi ddr4 mobo vrms have coil whine crackle-hum using turbo boost, most likely related to powerstate/frequency switching (disappears when fully loaded or not doing anything) or concurrent with putting load on the integrated graphics, tried a whole bunch of bios settings to stop it, C1E enabled reduces it. integrated graphics culprit unverified due to case and difficulty with it; haven't tested a discrete card to eliminate igpu cause. latest bios(v19) at the time is flashed, need earlier bios version for avx512 capability, tried to get that instruction set working but found out it involves tainting my kernel and i don't use windows but if you do, the only os-side step is to move the specific intel microcode file out of system32. replaced the ilm with the thermalright one. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 100/100
msi b660m a pro ddr4 wifi 2nd hand from 12400 guy. has smudge on backside near cpu bracket from alcohol solubility test on the paint; backside is alcohol soluble. has same scent as others from him. he did a bad paste job on cpu area and shipped it that way, i cleaned it up (no socket pins got paste on them thankfully because he didn't remove cpu from the board) tested and it works. comes with windows 10 pro key. the m.2 wifi card was worked, but putting it back in this board... i didn't have enough finger dexterity. one of the contact n!pp!es is bent, needs to be bent back. can't get it back out to do that, stuck. includes piece of factory glue that goes between the contacts and holds the leads in place. treat as non wifi version with potential bonus for trying hard enough. anti static bag on one side MAY have trace of urushiol due to being blown away when airing out onto a patch of cracked concrete where two weeks previously had been a sprout which had been disposed of then the area alcohol-doused then two rainstorms. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 80/70
thermalright 1700 anti-bending ilm silver comes with thermal paste(used once) and original ilm of the mortar mobo 9/8
teamgroup 2x8gb 3200 c16 2nd hand from 12400 guy, works, had somehow strongest scent of them all. 32//25
timetec 2x16gb 3200 c16 dual rank with hynix 8gigabit jjr ic's (lower binned cjr) remember to lock in the voltage to safe level for that ic instead of auto. partially manually overclocked, enabled xmp then increase to gear1 3466mt/s (what i can tell, max speed with the locked vcssa without loosening timings) and the few timings changed are: command rate to real 1N; did not test tighter than tRRD to 6, tRRD_L to 6, and tFAW to 24; tREFI should be able to be higher than 24960 but didn't test; tRFC has errors at 460, can't remember what 480's result was, and 500 is stable. stressapptest for an hour after each change made, no errors. may go tighter, less than 10 attempts worth of tweaking. 70/65
western digital sn770 500gb 2nd hand from the 12400 guy, but didn't notice scent(was under heatsink). has been secure erased. smart data said 2.4tbw. 30/25
samsung 970 evo plus 2tb 2nd hand from best buy geek squad refurbished. smart data indicated literal open box condition. has been secure erased. smart data says 3.28tbw. 98/80
xfx rx460 4gb 2nd hand from a miner in 2021. was dirty but cleaned it, had mining bios, and the standard bios or other custom bios don't seem stable, but it works with a rx560 bios i modded to rx550 clocks. thought i saw something spherically, iridescently marbled green-yellowgreen falling from it when putting it back together after cleaning but couldn't find the drop or where it may have dropped from, capacitors look ok. single fan version. has annoying blue led. requires 6-pin pcie power even though it draws less than 75w. 45/35
sama im01 hohboy, man oh man, this case.... removing the front panel carefully according to the manual causes the top clips to break(so that's why it includes two spares), and is difficult to work in even though all sides but the back come off. can't put a discrete gpu in because it can't go into the slot all the way; something about the mobo tray being depressed or pci slot design prevents it. front left usb3.0 defective (blips then doesn't work) but the right one is functional. pci slot magnetic swinging screw cover hinge is a bit bent because the top and bottom packaging foam were switched in factory(foam cutouts did not align). matx mobo prevents bottom from having second fan if not want to risk mobo header bending. 60/30
lian li lancool 216 black non-rgb model opened the box and took out the inner accessory box on top but put it right back because became busy and never got around to using it. did not take out the case. almost literally open box. do not know state of tempered glass but jiggling box does not make broken glass sound. 100/90
arctic p12 pwm pst 5 pack 2 used in the sama im01, 3 unused 30/25
corsair sf600 platinum 3 months use. powered the 12400 using integrated graphics, don't think total system power exceeded 150w from the wall. 110/110
thermaltake tr2 430np don't know if it was 2nd hand or not. used to power a windows xp office machine which was bought without one. Don't use more than 350 watts; here is a review of the unit showing why- its F-tier but would personally trust it in a system pulling less than 100 or so from the wall. one cable with 20+4-pin motherboard connectors one cable with 6-pin pcie connector one cable with 4-pin 12v connector one cable with 3 molex connectors two cables with 3 molex and 1 floppy connector one cable with 2 sata connectors one molex-to-sata converter 20/5
cablemod black modflex EPS 4+4 pin 45cm extension sf600 needs the extension to reach the mobo receptacle in the sama case 9/9
hp zr24w + ergodepot J2 monitor arm 60hz, 1920x1200, 24inch. 12 years use. ccfl backlight has been on for ~3.3 years. came with a scratch not noticeable when on most of the time. has smudges from over a decade of use, not trusting myself to clean it without scratching. includes J2 monitor arm (desk clamp), but makes it skew a little. when powered on, it knocks channel 6 out of the airwaves until it is turned off. flickers below 100% brightness. 50+40?(90?)/50+20(70)
tecknet um013 mouse awful scroll wheel. defaults to the lower of the two dpi settings every time it loses power; does not save setting. 2 months use. 6/3
redragon karura k502 rgb keyboard 2nd hand. works, but did not verify all keys. 20/8
presonus eris E3.5 studio monitors were on my desk for 10 days and powered on at low volume for under an hour, may be low amount of specks of dust, and the speaker wire had been connected, but otherwise is as if you opened up a new one. didn't like the space they took up and preferred my headphones, but B&H would not take these back because i told them i used the included speaker wire. no joke. 90/80
samson go mic 2nd hand. works, good shape. usb condenser with omni/-10/cardioid switch and 3.5mm jack. has sticker covering the led to diminish the brightness. 25/15
xbox 360 wired controller didn't use it often, but owned it for a really long time. the left thumbstick has worn down, is low tension, and can drift slightly if off center to the northwest. 10/4
asus xonar dx 2nd hand. used for a few months in 2011 but was too close to gpu intake so put it away. 30/18
logitech c600 webcam model V-U0007 12/5
Summary first number taken from recent reasonable hardwareswap/ebay sales and amazon(when first two no/little results) and second number what i'd pay for the item in question if I was someone else, based on what is known of the condition. Paid 1300+ for just the parts bought in the last year, so imo this is a super deal if you are in the area. Total: 1299/1073
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2023.06.02 15:37 yPOAT UPCOMING US + Canada TOUR DATES August & September 2023

UPCOMING US + Canada TOUR DATES August & September 2023



9th Street Summerfest North Centeral Columbia, MO +Modest Mouse


Stone Pony Summer Stage Asbury Park, NJ +Pixies +Modest Mouse


The Rooftop At Pier 17 New York, NY +Pixies +Modest Mouse


The Rooftop At Pier 17 New York, NY +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater Bridgeport, CT +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Brewery Ommegang Cooperstown, NY +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Mass Moca North Adams, MA +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Artpark Amphitheater Lewsiton, NY +Pixies +Modest Mouse


TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park Indianapolis, IN +Pixies +Modest Mouse


The Salt Shed Chicago, IL +Pixies +Modest Mouse


The Salt Shed Chicago, IL +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Gerald Ford Amphitheater Vail, CO +Pixies +Modest Mouse


The Union Event Center Salt Lake City, UT +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden Boise, ID +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Pavilion at Riverfront Spokane, WA +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Kettlehouse Amphitheater Bonner, MT +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Climate Pledge Arena Seattle, WA +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre Vancouver, CANADA +Pixies +Modest Mouse


McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater Troutdale, OR +Pixies +Modest Mouse


McMenamins Edgefield Amphitheater Troutdale, OR +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Oxbow Riverstage Napa, CA +Pixies +Modest Mouse


Gallagher Square San Diego, CA +Pixies +Modest Mouse

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Are you looking for the best AI-powered landing page builders to enhance the performance of your website? We have compiled a list of the top 9 AI-powered landing page builders that offer stunning designs, high-converting pages, and AI-generated copywriting, logos, and illustrations. Whether you're a tech entrepreneur looking for speed and efficiency or a business seeking a unique and eye-catching website, these builders have got you covered.


Unbounce is a powerful AI-powered landing page builder that can help you increase your conversions by up to 30%. With its smart features, you can create beautiful and high-performing marketing campaigns in just a few minutes.
Unbounce has helped businesses turn billions of visitors into leads, sales, and signups by offering easy-to-use builders for any skill level.
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The AI-powered copywriting tool allows you to instantly generate, remix, and expand content for your landing pages, ads, and emails in seconds.
With Unbounce, you can optimize your traffic with the click of a button, as it routes your visitors to the best landing page for people like them and—on average—gets you 30% more sales and signups. If you're looking for a landing page builder that combines AI with powerful features, Unbounce is definitely worth checking out.


If you're looking for a landing page builder that offers personalized assistance, Webflow is definitely worth checking out. With its advanced AI capabilities, Webflow allows you to create and iterate 10x faster by quickly generating, altering, or summarizing content with simple prompts, auto-generating optimized SEO settings, and even creating unique new images based on a text prompt.
Additionally, Webflow offers AI-customized templates that become instantly customizable based on the needs of your business. By filling out a prompt that describes how the template text and images should be transformed to meet your requirements, you can quickly create a simple starting point for your design and then leverage the full power of Webflow to customize and build the perfect website. With Webflow, you can spend less time starting from scratch and more time optimizing your website to meet the needs of your business.

Unicorn Platform

Unicorn Platform is a modern website builder and blog platform that uses GPT4-powered AI to offer a range of AI prompts that can help you create visually stunning and high-converting landing pages. With over 75,587 websites built since 2018, Unicorn Platform has paused all product updates and is working on implementing GPT4 into the Unicorn Platform page builder to make your landing page generated, maintained, translated, promoted, SEO optimized, updated, A/B tested fully automatically.
Unicorn AI offers a range of AI prompts that can help you optimize various aspects of your landing page design. Use the "Ask AI" prompt to generate any content, for example, you can use a pricing prompt to create an effective pricing strategy that appeals to your target audience and drives conversions, or the "Improve Writing" prompt to refine your existing copy. With the "Change Tone" prompt, you can modify the tone of your content to align with your brand's voice and resonate with your target audience.
With advanced AI tools like Unicorn Platform, creation and optimizing your landing pages has never been easier.


Mixo is an AI-powered landing page builder that helps entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business ideas.
With just a brief description of the idea, Mixo generates the entire website content in seconds, making it easy to start collecting subscribers with stunning landing pages that require no code or design. The platform also includes a built-in email waiting list and all the necessary tools to launch, grow, and test your ideas.
In addition, Mixo helps in validating product ideas by connecting with customers via email, surveys, or interviews. It's great for pre-launching products, gathering insights, building waiting lists, running beta testing programs, or just validating new product ideas.
With integrated subscriber management tools, you can create lasting connections with your audience and export subscribers into marketing platforms or track deeper stats with Google Analytics.
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Sitekick is an AI landing page builder that allows you to create beautiful landing pages without the need for coding, design, or copywriting skills.
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Use Bookmark's drag-and-drop editor to change as much or as little as you like, and receive suggestions on how your digital presence can be improved based on your business goals and website traffic trends. With Bookmark's features such as translations, professional blog, appointments, custom forms, and code module, creating a website has never been easier.


Durable AI is the world's fastest website builder. It generates an entire website with images and copy in seconds.
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The AI copywriting feature can optimize marketing copy with one click, instantly generating smart copy for headlines or Facebook ads. And if you need professional photography and icons, Durable AI has a massive library to choose from.
Overall, Durable AI is a great option for tech entrepreneurs who value speed and efficiency when building their landing pages.


Uncody is an AI-powered website builder that allows tech entrepreneurs to create beautiful and professional-looking landing pages in seconds. With its intuitive interface and modular components, Uncody enables even those without design or writing skills to generate stunning designs and copy that perfectly align with their brand.
One of the most impressive features of Uncody is its AI-powered content and design generator, which allows users to generate stunning designs and content in seconds. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that the resulting landing pages are optimized for conversion.
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If you're looking for a fast, easy, and AI-powered way to create professional-quality landing pages, Uncody is definitely worth checking out.

Landing AI

Landing AI is a game-changing platform that allows users to create beautiful, unique, and high-converting landing pages in just a few simple steps. With 29 themes, support for 31 languages, and AI-generated copywriting, logos, and illustrations, Landing AI is perfect for businesses looking to stand out from the competition.
How does Landing AI work?
Step 1: Choose your branding
Step 2: Explain your project
Step 3: Download and use
Who is Landing AI for?
Landing AI is ideal for those who:

However, Landing AI may not be suitable for those looking for a hosting solution, who have a specific design in mind, or who require more than just a landing page (e.g., a user dashboard).
In conclusion, these AI-powered landing page builders offer various features and benefits that can help you create stunning and high-performing landing pages for your website. Whether you're looking for speed, efficiency, or a unique and eye-catching design, these builders have got you covered. So why wait? Check them out and take your website to the next level.
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