2021.05.02 14:02 helpmetoomuchcring gachaheat_cringe

basically gacha cringe

2023.01.07 11:49 GachaHeatIncest

18+ behavior between family. Especially siblings~

2020.06.28 21:16 WastedGachaTalent

WastedTalent, but specifically for gacha. Read the rules before posting. Wonderful sub mascot made by u/xx_luna_uwu_xx, go check them out! Beautiful sub icon by u/_ka1eidoscope_, go drop them a thanks!

2023.06.01 18:34 gachaheat99 The Fascinating World of Gacha game

The Fascinating World of Gacha game
A gacha game is a type of mobile game that incorporates the concept of gachapon machines, which are popular in Japan. In these games, players collect virtual characters, items, or cards by spending in-game currency or real money to obtain random rewards. Gacha games often feature a vast array of colorful and unique characters with different abilities and rarities, enticing players to collect as many as possible. The allure of the unknown and the thrill of obtaining rare or powerful characters drive the addictive nature of these games. Gacha games typically employ various gameplay mechanics such as team-building, strategy, and progression systems to keep players engaged. While they can be enjoyable and provide a sense of accomplishment when acquiring coveted characters, the randomized nature of the rewards and the potential for excessive spending have raised concerns about their resemblance to gambling and their impact on players, particularly those susceptible to addiction. Nonetheless, gacha games have gained immense popularity worldwide, attracting a dedicated fanbase that eagerly awaits new content and eagerly participates in in-game events and competitions.
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2023.04.19 03:47 Ok-Mistake-8049 Is this even Gacha?

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2023.04.15 15:59 BfbFoldy_Fan uhm wtf okay

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2023.04.12 10:54 Apart-Employee-8371 I found the pedophile again man can I just get gacha design ideas what the fuck is wrong with people she has a new account 😭

I found the pedophile again man can I just get gacha design ideas what the fuck is wrong with people she has a new account 😭
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2023.04.12 10:32 Apart-Employee-8371 I was just looking for gacha characters and videos 😭😭😭 look at the #

I was just looking for gacha characters and videos 😭😭😭 look at the #
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2023.03.25 00:31 Busy-Trash-5303 Uh...

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2023.02.08 00:50 dn_adrian1231 This dumb boi is sus, and he removed my comment, "Bruh, Get in the bin"

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2023.01.19 14:14 Appropriate-Rip-590 WHAT IS THIS?:/

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2023.01.02 11:10 fon_jacks It’s such good art :(

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2022.09.22 14:51 gacha_heatisbest r/gachaheat_safeplace Lounge

A place for members of gachaheat_safeplace to chat with each other
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2022.08.24 03:24 Isawyourwillylol on r/gachaheat

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2022.07.11 05:54 heavyrude GachaLife TikTok Compilation #81 (New!) #gacha #gachaclub #gachaclubgay #gachaclubheat #gachaclublgbt #gachaclubmemes #gachaclubtiktokcompilation #gachaheat #gachalgbt #gachalife #gachalifegay #gach...

GachaLife TikTok Compilation #81 (New!) #gacha #gachaclub #gachaclubgay #gachaclubheat #gachaclublgbt #gachaclubmemes #gachaclubtiktokcompilation #gachaheat #gachalgbt #gachalife #gachalifegay #gach... submitted by heavyrude to u/heavyrude [link] [comments]

2022.06.22 08:44 SpiralNob Reason why I hate anime

1. Anime is cringe. The voices make me want to kill myself every time I hear them. The characters look like hideous version of aliens as well they’re not fully aliens though since that would be an insult to actual aliens. They also always say cringy retarded words like (I’m gonna censor them due to the cringiness, uncensor at your own risk) ”Baka” ”Onii-chan” ”Senpai” They are very ugly as well like I said above they aren’t even good looking actually they are cringe looking so I don’t know why weebs like them so much. 2. There are SO many better things to watch than anime. I’ve tried anime before, that shit was so boring I’d literally rather watch paint dry than watch that boring ass shit. I can name some movies and shows that are WAY better than that stupid anime! They are: • The Harry Potter movies • South Park • Shrek • Tom and Jerry • Looney Tunes • Beavis and Butthead Those are some movies and shows that I’ve seen that are INFINITE times better than anime, yet weebs STILL choose anime over the actually good stuff I have listed. 3. Weebs are SO annoying as well. They act as bad or even WORSE than the anime shit they watch! They will fight you tooth and nail if you don’t like anime. Don’t believe me? Just go search up “anime sucks” on YouTube and click on one of the videos. Then scroll to the comments and change them to “Newest first”. Pretty much every comment will be from an angry weeb saying “iF yOu doNt LikE iT, tHen DoNt wAtCh iT!! rageragerage”. Ok if you’re going to use that argument then don’t forget to use it on yourself too because YOU don’t like the “anime sucks” videos, yet you STILL choose to watch them and type hate comments on them. Not to mention I called someone out for having an anime pfp while saying they hate anime and then some WEEB replies to me, saying “You can’t roast anyone with a Harry Potter gachaheat account”. Like OML are you BLIND?! Have you even CHECKED my channel, because my channel CLEARLY has nothing to do with “Gacha heat”. I don’t even PLAY or WATCH Gacha life (more like get a life), so WHY would I have GACHA HEAT on MY ACCOUNT?! Pretty much ANYONE can click on my account and say there isn’t any Gacha heat on it, that weeb is just delusional. I also found that they joined back in 2014, they’re probably a child who’s using their mom’s account but changed the name, pfp, channel banner, subscriptions, and bio to cover it up. 4. Anime is EVERYWHERE! I can’t even go on HBO max without seeing the same fucking anime in 4 DIFFERENT FUCKING GENRES! I don’t want to watch it, stop shoving it down my throat! I haven’t even watched ONE SINGLE ANIME on HBO Max so I don’t even know why it’s recommending me for it. Plus I can’t even watch an “anime sucks” video on YouTube without getting a WHOLE ANIME CATEGORY in my recommendations. Please tell me WHY THE HELL WOULD I WATCH ANIME AFTER WATCHING A VIDEO ABOUT HOW IT SUCKS?! Makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! Also I keep getting anime ads on pretty much everything (YouTube, Facebook but I only use Facebook because I have family on there, and whatever else). Plus I have to see lots of people wearing anime merch irl and it’s annoying. Can’t people just leave me alone for 2 SECONDS about the anime crap?
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2022.05.26 16:07 crytoloover #338 Gacha Club OC #shorts #gacha #gachalife #gachameme #gachaclub #gachaheat #gachatiktok

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2022.04.28 20:38 RelativePerfect6501 #2573 Gacha Meme #shorts #gacha #gachalife #gachameme #gachaclub #gachaheat. Why is there. This not mine ugh gross yuck #gachatiktok

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2022.04.21 06:14 DeeXRuby Hellow, and welcome to r/GachaClub_D_Edition. Its different than r/GachaClub bc you can post anything that doesnt support GachaHeat

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2022.02.14 12:45 angry_koala44 this person steals others content and puts #gachaheat in the title when the video was about a mom taking care of adopted kids

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2022.01.11 23:39 Losersforever__ r/everything_gachaheat Lounge

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2021.12.08 00:55 yesnolol- There is this new Reddit disgusting group called "Gachaheat is awesome"

(I don't know what flair should I use)
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2021.11.18 04:07 Gacha_clubperson Guys Please check You tube this hash tags #heatgacha #gachaheat

I heard there are some a lot trolls of gacha heat but mostly there just putting heat in there thumbnail to troll its fine but.. Tik tok got many MANY more heaters.. If you try those hash tags too you see probably Tons! I don't use Tik tok cause I mostly watch Big mama eternal.. hehe.. But please check Tik Tok and you tube's Hash tags. There is also Gacha club heaters I miss the the old days.. kinda where it was old designs no Gacha heat (kinda) just can at least remember those old days?..
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2021.11.04 05:46 Ciel_Juniper_CJ pls report this famous gachaheater

pls report this famous gachaheater
they have over 18k+ how tf are they still up
they show gacha heat and cursed ships

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