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2023.06.02 22:09 bbnangs Best way to sell stuff?

Happy Saturday everyone. Would like some advice please. I’m moving overseas shortly so will have a bunch of stuff to sell (home stuff / clothes etc). I’ll be donating a bunch but for the stuff that’s worth selling, what’s the best way to do it? Fb marketplace or trade m etc? Keen to make a few dollars here and there but historically haven’t had much luck on those sites
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2023.06.02 22:08 Technical_Choice3300 Bedtime routine?

Looking for advice for the sequencing for nighttime feeds? At first I was keeping swaddle on and changing but we got a few onesies wet and ended up having to take swaddle off anyway. So what’s the best sequence to make sure she wakes up enough to eat but goes back down asleep? should I change diaper first, then feed, then put swaddle back on and maybe feed again? It seems like whenever I swaddle her up she wakes up again.. LO is now 3 weeks old and it seems like this week was worse than last week in terms of sleep.
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2023.06.02 22:08 Busy_Sweet6407 I have stopped pacing. The MDD improved but did not go away, and breaking the addiction is hard

I started pacing around my room listening to music on my headphones and making up stories when I was a kid, probably between 6 or 8 years old. I am 27 now. In the past month, I have managed to quit this habit completely. These are the things that helped:
As the title says, the daydreaming hasn't gone away completely (and I definitely wasn't expecting to reverse 20 years in one month) but has become more manageable. I no longer spend 3 or 4 full hours pacing. I daydream when I go on my runs or when I do repetitive activities, but it is never something that I actively plan for and look forward to. It just happens, because that's what my brain is used to.
This brings me to the last point of my post, which is about struggling with the addictive aspect of MDD. I experienced withdrawal symptoms, like acute boredom, emotional flatness and then sudden bursts of anger, disruption of sleep patterns and things like that. My brain looked for a substitute to the inane, dissociating activity that is pacing and found one in "mindless reading", by which I mean reading very fast without really concentrating on meaning, just getting lost in the flow of words. I still think it is an improvement, but it's a bit like methadone, and I will need to come off it eventually.
Well, that's it. No question or anything, I just wanted to share with this community the little progress I have made, and I hope it can maybe help someone, just like reading the stories here has helped me feel less alone and find the motivation to do something about MDD.
(And now I can check off my notebook "posting to maladaptivedreaming", because this is the the first time I have spoken so openly, even if it is to internet strangers. So another little goal completed!)
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2023.06.02 22:07 Relevant_Figure_7904 I need your advice

I need advice

Hey All - I recently left Walmart after 16+ years. I started as a stocker at 15 and left the company as Head of Innovation. I was fortunate to get promoted 15 times in 16 years. I worked all the way through store roles, market roles, regional role and Home office roles. I'm thinking of building a development accelerator program with all my experiences to provide a NO BS approach and advice on how to navigate your career. Right from an entry level role and from someone who has actually done it. Not a HR program.
Thinking Online course - (NO CBL or E/Learnings though lol)
$1 per week
$4 a month
$52 a year
Thoughts and votes below?
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2023.06.02 22:07 Wariosaurus Ange Postecoglou PR spin in full swing.

The amount of spin that's in traditional media and now on social media for Postecoglou is insane.
You would think this guy is the second coming and not a guy that beat out a Ranger's team by 7 points, which is 1 loss and 2 draws. I assume based on the hype Postecoglou is getting teams are lining up for Rangers manager up and down Europe as well.
This reeks of Levy playing PR games to convince the fanbase of settling for a rather unknown manager, who will be grateful for a job with out demanding and holding the clubs hierarchy accountable.
And for all those people still going around and claiming that we tried hiring established managers and it didn't work out need to take their blinders off, because that is solely down to Levy. I will simply go back to Poch's words as it applies still today, we built a nice home but now we need nice furniture and that furniture never properly arrived for Poch, Mourinho, or Conte all they got were random used and for sale pieces that they were forced to use, but never wanted.
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2023.06.02 22:07 Pivlio Working on my portfolio

Working on my portfolio
Hey everyone,
I’m prepping my portfolio to get an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. I see a lot of portfolio pieces on white paper come by, shading done with marker or pencil. I prefer to work on brow-tone paper and shade with pen. Would this be an issue? Is it better to work with the ‘usual’ tools?
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2023.06.02 22:07 silentattack89 $1000 Budget Tank (FW)

I recently got into aquariums and plan to have a freshwater aquarium. I wanted advice on good stocking options and also tank size/gallons that would fall within the budget of a $1000. Is it better to buy used or new equipment? What all equipment do I need? Should I buy fish and equipment from Pet Smart or Pet Co? Help would be appreciated as I am a total newbie to the fishkeeping hobby.
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2023.06.02 22:07 2packs00 Felling down

It’s been 9h since my relapse I’m felling sad and unmotivated, really tired. I’m trying to go to the gym for an 1h but im struggling to get out of bad…. 😩 any advices?
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2023.06.02 22:07 North-Michau Would you break up with your girlfriend over this?

So to give you some context I have been suffering from this disease which is called laryngopharyngeal reflux. It has basically been ruining my life for a year.
Anyways most doctors have very Little understanding of the causes and often confuse this with normal acid reflux which is treated with ppi medications.
Anyways. I have been suffering for a while, I visited 5 different doctors already and noone of which could help, they put me on high dosage of this medicine. I was reluctant but at some point i decided that i will give it a try knowing already it probably wont work.
After about 4 weeks with the medicine and zero improvement im in the car with my gf and tell her i am stopping taking this medicine as it has no effect on me (and there might be side effects - people are not supposed to take it for longer than 8 weeks or so), and I dont want to use this if it doesnt work. Also I wanted to do a test privately which you cannot do while on this medication.
She immidiately started giving me warnings that im gonna make her f**king mad and acting agressively. At this point I was just explaining why, but she wouldnt listen and didnt wanna hear it. She stopped the car in the middle of the Road, started screaming at me, that im an idiot that I should give it more time to work, that im not actually sick but its all because I read about it on the internet or focus on it (eventhough I suffer in pain Daily I mention it to her maybe once per week because I know how she reacts) Anyways she was furious, screaming all kinds of stuff saying im a lier, that im not right in the head, that if I were sick i would never eat a piece of this or that (im supposed to be also on a strict diet). Her Mother on the back seat, also started defending her as if I did something wrong there. I didnt even raise my voice.
Anyways she said she isnt visiting my family for my nieces birthday, (they live 500km away) and she actually pushed me away from my family prioritizing her family over mine as each stay there last 3 days tops and I cannot see everyone during 3 days. Some friends i havent seen for years due to this.
Anyways as we got to the destination, she leaves with her Mother. I took the car and drive away, I was furious.
Im considering this as a deal breaker and whether I should actually break up because I have no support and im just so, so tired now. Im working full time, and most of my free time I spend on building a house for us, yet she says she does just as much because I dont do any of the shopping. (I work from home 5 days per week and she takes our only car to work) and the closest shop is 10km away in this Village.
Keep in mind im not painting myself Bright here. That is not my perspective, its just how things are. To put things even worse we stay at her mothers even worse is that there is barely any privacy.
Sorry for long post.
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2023.06.02 22:06 Still_Hat6758 How do i feel happy again after a breakup?

My girlfriend F20 recently broke up with me m19 and i am really struggling with my day to day life We broke up and then we would text as friends, i was obviously really upset about that but even talking to her as friends would still be enough to make me smile and live happy. Then we would argue about stuff and i would always take it too far which inevitably lead to us doing no contact. Ive read tonnes of advice online and i just cant seem to hack it, i cant distract my self long enough to not think of her or reminisce in anyway. Uni has just finished so i'm currently looking for a job but until i find one i cant help but remember all the good times we would have. i have sent her a letter and wrote a poem in hope of a response but i don't think anything will come out of it. Lots of advice says to delete our photos but i don't think i could ever bring myself to do that despite receiving one year ago reminders, the memories are just too valuable. I don't have many friends i can hang out with either so i'm alone a lot of the time, i know i may have brought this on myself but i just don't want to constantly feel sad anymore

TL;DR I am constantly sad from my recent breakup and i cannot distract myself enough to move on, how can i make it through this?
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2023.06.02 22:06 trashqueenratmom Looking for high quality cute/dainty lingerie recommendations + some of my own finds

Hello friends!
I would love to hear your recommendations for where to find lingerie that skews more towards cutesy/dainty themes. By this I mean lingerie that tends to incorporate more pastel colors, cute patterns, soft fabrics, lace, bows, embroidery, is often vintage-inspired, and generally offers softelooser shapes in terms of the garments themselves. I've been growing my collection and would really appreciate to hear about what you've found :)
Some things that I like/am looking for, please let me know if you have any recommendations!

I'll share some of my finds! I feel as though my list also places an emphasis on sustainability or supporting smaller businesses/artists as I try my best to be a mindful consumer.
Thank you for your help! I apologize in advance for any headaches caused by reading the word "cute" three times a sentence. I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions, and if we have similar tastes, I hope you enjoy my finds!
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2023.06.02 22:06 dkotara Alaskan Rail

I’m a little concerned that you are unable to have assigned seating on the Alaskan Gold Dome train. It is an upgraded cost however, it says your seats are assigned by the rail company.
Question - Is the upgrade to the Gold Dome train worth it ? Are there bad seats or views in this section of the train ?
( I should mention my husband gets claustrophobic in trains. He’s had to travel, in them overseas going from country to country. One of the concerns I have is whether we will be jammed into a small space with no actual defined seats. This will drive him crazy which will then make me crazy 😜)
Any advice from previous travelers on this train would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 22:06 0L_Gunner Resignation vs Termination: Advice Needed for Big Law Corporate Paralegal Position

Hello jobs,
I'm facing a bit of a professional crossroads and could use some wisdom from those who might have faced similar situations.
I've been a Big Law Corporate paralegal for the last eight months. Recently, during a weekend firm event, I was told my performance needed immediate and dramatic improvement in the next 2 weeks if I wanted to continue in my role. Given several factors, I believe that meeting these expectations is near impossible.
Here's the dilemma: should I wait it out and potentially be terminated, or should I preemptively resign right after my last paycheck comes in?
I don't have any plans to stay at this firm or even in this city. I'm applying to law schools this year, and my main concern is the possible impact this situation might have on OCI (On-Campus Interviews).
I should also mention that I am currently working part-time as a tutor and have the opportunity to immediately transition to full-time tutoring. Therefore, immediate unemployment isn't a concern.
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, experiences, or advice on how to navigate this situation, particularly in regards to how resignation vs. termination might be perceived by future employers or law schools.
Thank you in advance for your insights!
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2023.06.02 22:06 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 701

Capes and Conundrums
“Alright, so what’s so important?” Pavel asks as he arrives at the firing range. Everyone else on duty is there and that also means a quarter of the people posted on Skathac aren’t here. Still, it was odd for everyone to show up all at once.
“So glad you can join us your majesty, hopefully this isn’t a problem for you.” The sarcastic tone of one of the officers states before anyone else can so much as offer a peep.
“Considering that the notice went out twenty minutes ago and my shift starts in five I can categorically tell you to go fuck yourself. What’s going on?” Pavel retorts to the amusement of the rest of the crowd.
“Well seeing as how I can’t discipline you until you’re on the clock I suppose I have to let that slide. Gentlemen, and ladies of course, we are now faced with the greatest trial that any member of The Undaunted can face. The largest and most difficult challenge of your careers and these coming days will make or break you as a soldier.” The base commander states to stop any oncoming arguement. He was very, very rarely seen outside of his office these days. Like most Admirals under The Grand Admiral he was overworked, pushed to his limit, but managing. However Admiral Cistern had very much set the trend that the commanders of The Undaunted needed to be almost literally dragged away from their work.
Planetary Admiral Hynala was a stern man of Indian heritage who had grown out his moustache since leaving Earth. He was also the anchor of sanity and reason in the sheer crazy that was the method of behaviour that Skathac brought out of his men and was VERY aware of just how easily things could go off the rails in a place like this.
“Alright, now that everyone is here, including those who would normally be here on the next meeting like this. We have had our greatest temptation delivered. New equipment patterns are now released to The Undaunted after testing. This includes new weapons. Such as the army shattering Bouncer as it’s been nicknamed, The Frozen Fire Rods and explosive gel in several grades. Ranging from Batman, to Bomberman, to The Key.”
“Why The Key sir?” Someone asks.
“Because Explosive Gel of that grade is powerful enough to open any door you will ever come across, no questions asked. Anything else?”
“Does that include doors that exist only in your mind?”
“So long as you have something to put the gel on, you can make a door there. Furthermore Pop-Gun pattern weapons are now fully approved for the entirety of The Undaunted. Meaning you can, on request, get a handheld artillery piece. May whatever gods there are have mercy on us all.” Admiral Hynala says in a wry tone and there’s some laughter. “To get back on topic. We are going to have a demonstration of both the weapons and a list of the requisition forms required to carry around these absolute monsters. We will begin with the one I will be refusing on principal if you don’t give me a damn good reason why you want it. The Bouncer.”
“Really? An easily transported bomb that can be applied almost anywhere without issue isn’t the scariest thing?”
“The Gel is the least scary of the three if you have any understanding of thermodynamics and understand the sheer amount of Axiom screwery going on with The Frozen Fire Rods. Which are primarily fire fighting equipment that can be used as something other than a bludgeon or a smokescreen in a fight.” Admiral Hynala says before walking further into the firing range and then modifying the control panel to turn up the defensive shields up as high as he can.
The weapon he picks up resembles a toy more than anything. “This is The Bouncer, also known as a Bouncing Plasma Bomb Launcher. This is a weapon that can and WILL clean out an armoured position with one shot if you get it into the hardened position. It operates by producing unstable plasma at a rapid rate and will propel itself around on an unending series of explosions to create more explosions in different places. This weapon I hold in my hand is the only one I ever want on Skathac as the requirement to have another means things have gone to shit in ways I cannot describe without violating codes of conduct and decency.”
He then fires a single shot into the weapon’s range and a single ball is launched from the device like a toy and there are several snorts just before the ball hits the far wall.
The blue and white explosion of plasma shuts everyone up. The second third and fourth that come faster and faster widen eyes and the fact that the weapon is done warming up and is now causing roughly five explosions per second at seemingly random has the crowd staring boggle eyed.
“It’s an endless use plasma grenade that detonates on impact and then hurls itself to it’s next destination. At it’s current power level it will overwhelm a Cannidor’s plasma resistance in under five seconds and completely eat through an Undaunted Brand in ten! The practical use of this weapon is area destruction! It is NEVER to be used in any location where any item of value is held! The device in question is designed to shatter shields and wear down and all known forms of armour and resistance. Firing this device in a confined space is a death sentence! Firing it into a confined space is a confirmed kill!”
“How do we stop this thing? Worst case scenario someone teleports into this room, grabs that gun and points it at us, what do we do sir?”
“Well assuming that such an individual isn’t shot full of so many holes that they collapse into a pile of bone shards and blood, Nulling an area will shut this device down with ease. However, Null use is not without side effect. So assuming that we have say... oh I don’t know, some sort of tour of Gravia Saints who each personally hold entire planets together politically and without them there will be trillions of deaths a day, containment can be done with shield rings to form a small area to trap the ball in. So long as it’s airtight it will not have sufficient material to create more plasma. This weapon is also useless in a vacuum. So on a space ship opening the nearest airlock can and will disable the weapon.”
“And what if you misfire or miss with it? How do you shut it down if you control the weapon?” Pavel asks and Admiral Hynala pushes a button on the side of The Bouncer and the unending cascade of explosions abruptly stop. “Ah... good to see sir.”
“The code on a Bouncer is universal and can be easily mimicked by a standard communicator. This is a deliberate failsafe in the weapons. We’d rather have a weapon of massive destruction easily stopped than unstoppable. It is the opinion of the Admiralty, including myself, that it is better for so dangerous a weapon to lose effectiveness than to have it retained in potentially hostile hands.”
“This Bouncer will remain within this room and will be available for testing. You are permitted to place whatever targets you like for it to destroy within the testing area at your leisure so long as the field remains clean and functional when you’re finished. If there is even a single loss of life, be it Undaunted, Civilian, or even an animal I will have this weapon destroyed and the pattern deleted from our personal archives with a note of warning to the rest of the Admiralty. Is this understood?”
“Sir, Yes Sir!” The room responds.
“Very good. Onto our next new toy.” Admiral Hynala begins as he uses a touch of Axiom to telekinetically retrieved the inactive bouncer munition and places it back within the weapon. He then turns it off entirely and stores it for everyone to see before retrieving a pair of batons roughly the same size as a cheerleader’s baton. “Now to quite literally, play with fire.”
“It’s rather intimidating to know that some novel series are thousands of volumes long especially that this monster is one of the smaller novels.” Robin notes as he flips through a massive textbook scale book that is heavy and strong enough that he could realistically use it as a battering ram. He mentally judges it about... twenty pounds? Damn...
He comes across another splat page that gives a visual to the character descriptions and the gear they’re using. He gets a stern reminder that many of the characters are women with the character he had described as a great seducer and foul tempter actually being a man with a thin build and a vague hint of a six pack abs. He closes the book and tries not to laugh at the thought. Sure, maybe the pretty boy could cause some damage, but he looked like the type to have a full blown panic if his credit card was rejected even once.
“Something you don’t like?” Alviara asks him.
“Just trying... just trying to put that stick figure of a pretty boy into the slot of the great and terrible seducer and corrupter the back of the book painted him as. It’s very hard when he looks like a stiff breeze might make him break down and weep.” Robin notes as he struggles not to laugh.
“What? Really? You need to read deeper then, he causes some real damage with just a few words in the right ears.”
“Not every man expresses their power by going out and slugging things in the face. Men are the masters of soft power, especially in this story. The Dark Enchanter rarely does anything directly, but there are a dozen different... hold on a moment.” Alviara explains as she takes the heavy book from him and then flips through it. She stops on a page showing the image of six different men seducing six different women. “The Dark Enchanter kicked off the war not for profit or any real desire beyond their own boredom. They’ve shattered families, lives and dynasties just to see if he could.”
“Terrifying. Still, to you he looks like a great and terrible seducer. But to me, he seems horribly underfed and is swanning around flippantly. The kind of person who boasts about how rich his parents are. The kind of person who cries when he doesn’t get a fourth luxury car to crash.”
“Wow...” Alviara says trying not to laugh at that image. “One of the greatest villains in one of the greatest sagas ever written. As a spoiled child... Oh my...”
“Let’s call it cultural differences and leave it there.”
“The Saga of the Seventeen Systems is one part historical thriller, one part fantastical retelling of real events and one of the most beloved stories the galaxy over. And you’re that dismissive of the main villain?”
“What were the real events like?” Robin asks actually fascinated.
“Most of that information has been lost. But the Seventeen Systems Calamity was a massive on and off war that took place over a thousand years. This was about six hundred years after the introduction to Healing Comas so much of the galaxy was still adjusting to their newly unending lives. Little is actually known about the personal life of the major rulers and leaders in that time. But one thing that is known is that one man was connected to literally everyone. In the span of that thousand years, one person touched nearly a sextillion lives and then vanished.”
“So they were someone with their fingers in every major pie, was exceptional at getting around and even better at surviving, to the point they may even still be alive today.” Robin says before chuckling. “Well... isn’t that a revelation?”
Then his communicator goes off and he checks it quickly before shrugging. Just a text.
“What was that about?” Alviara asks.
“Just an alert that there will be a meeting halfway through my next shift. Likely something dull and tedious. Many of my duties are.” He says dismissively.
“And THAT is how you make a tornado out of a perfect balance of thermal energies!” Admiral Hynala declares as the Undaunted around him cheer at the sight of the whirlwind ripping through the target range. “So, to summarize, with one Frozen Fire Baton you can easily have a flamethrower or an instant freeze effect on command. Careful balance will let you shatter almost any hardened surface. With a second one you can more easily juggle the thermal forces and kick off electrical discharges from the friction of the air rubbing against each other and even more entertainingly tornadoes!”
He then gives a final flourish of the batons and sets the tornado on fire before turning to the crowd. “Any questions?”
Everyone talks at once.
“Beyond who gets to use these next?”
Dead silence.

First Last
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2023.06.02 22:06 nordez123 Need career advice

Hello, pakistan. Quick information:
• I have around 90% in Intermediate exams. • Improved my 2nd year and gave my last exam today.
(Please read and give some advice if you have time. Thank you!)
I'm very stressed about my future. My parents keep saying to go for MBBS while I'm not keen in becoming a doctor. I have already gave my entrance exam one time and it did not come out good. I told my parents I wanted to do something related to computers (CS,IT,etc) but my parents have said there is no scope in those fields. They asked quite a few people about this and all of them pointed towards MBBS. This makes me worried what if I get left behind by a couple marks in entrance exams again? Although I have very low interest in becoming a doctor but all the people my parents have asked told them I won't even be able to get a job, forget getting a job abroad. Discussed with my parents and they said I have no chances of getting a job abroad with a degree in CS from Pakistan. Is this true? Will I really be unemployed if I go in CS? Parents said a lot of students go in CS but rarely do they get a job good. Isn't it because they do not build their portfolio or get experience other than studying in university? Or even with that they still fail in landing a job? My cousin is well informed, he studied abroad for engineering but failed to get a job. Online a lot of people said CS has good scope but irl everyone around me said it has no value. I had thoughts if I made a good portfolio and started freelancing from my 2-3 years, foreign companies would look at my work and hire me. But is that not possible? It's really stressing me out. It would be much much appreciated if you help me out. It's so confusing. Thanks for taking your time. (∆I'm 18 years old)
[Posting again from my main account since my other account is new and my posts never reached the subreddit]
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2023.06.02 22:06 ZealousidealTie8704 One of my favorite managers just got let go.

I wanna preface that I do not for BestBuy. I work inside. I’m a vendor. However, I’ve gotten close to one manager in particular, he’s so sweet and works his ass off. He just got let go today.
And yet, our OPS manager who has countless HR cases, who doesn’t do anything, lazy, sexist, just an overall piece of shit, gets to keep his job.
How? Why? BestBuy is a fucking joke, you keep the bad apples and get rid of the good ones. Then you turn around and wonder why your company is going to shit. Turn around and see the chaos you’re causing. The lives you’re ruining. This is bullshit.
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2023.06.02 22:06 BRATTYTENDENCIES Skin Tag removal

So just got out of an appointment with colorectal surgeon for the 2nd time. My main concern was an external skin tag from an old hemorrhoid that keeps swelling up and some bleeding. his suggestion was to up the fiber to stop the diarrhea that seems to have worked but still having painful swelling of skin tag. Its like he hasn’t even addressed that. Even after i said something he was like oh it’s probably nothing. So I dont know if anyone has a suggestion for a colorectal surgeon in the Kansas city area that would talk about doing an excision of the tag but if anyone has a suggestion or any advice that would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 22:06 Designer-Ruin-3785 How to get over someone

I broke up with a long distance gf of mine roughly 7 months ago, and I still find myself wanting to go back to her. The breakup was amiable, we both agreed that since we’re both pursuing different careers at different colleges, it just wouldn’t be healthy to strain a relationship for probably years to come. We’re still on good terms, but the only problem is I find myself thinking about her and how great things used to be a few times a week. I know it’s a bad idea, we have very different life goals, but how am I supposed to move on? Basically I guess the gist of it is that I need to move on for good, and if anyone has advice for that I’d appreciate it so much.
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2023.06.02 22:06 yourmumsschlong69420 Me(14M) and my bf (15M) decided to take a break from our 8 month relationship.

Genuinely a last resort, reddit is bullshit. As far as I'm aware we're still classified as boyfriends, but are distancing ourselves from each other. We live together part time because of my emotionally abusive mum, I go back to hers twice a week but the rest of the time I'm at my bfs house. Obviously we have separate rooms, just because it was a grey area when I was first 'moving in' that we shared a small room where he had to sleep on a mattress. We don't really talk, just the odd message every now and then and sometimes he comes and says goodnight. I don't mind it at all and it's nice to just act like a friend with him instead of a boyfriend until we can get a wrap around our relationship. His mum is super sweet and like a mother to me, same goes for his younger sister who I also view as family.
I don't know what to do about my bf. We haven't talked about how long this is going to last or what's going to happen at our school. Currently it's only been a week since he told me he needed a break, during that time we've texted maybe 2-4 times a day for around 3 minutes each. We go out together along with his mum and siblings and we've been getting along, but he'll never talk to me any other times.
I think I heard him crying earlier which feels strange because the only time he cried during this was the first 2 days. I'm guessing it was because I was spending time with his sister playing Barbies and going out on a walk which must've upset him to see me responding positively to all of this. Not in the way that he wishes I was crying my eyes out never leaving my room, but just having the feeling I don't care. I do care obviously, I spent the rest of the week crying everyday just randomly bursting into tears. I just wish he would talk to me about it. I'd like to be there to emotionally support him as a friend through all this, you can call it unhealthy but we crumble so easily.
We're both independent people who don't rely on eachother for happiness, which is why I'm confused he's reacting so negatively. I thought this break would be something that would help him improve on his moral but he just seems so upset sometimes. He feels constantly annoyed by me, but only when we're face to face. I had a discussion 2 weeks earlier with a friend about him being seemingly mad at me so much but she spoke to him and he denied being mad at me at all. I do keep in mind that he is autistic and struggles a lot with communication as well as it being his first proper relationship in real life. It just still feels weird.
Any advice on what the fuck I'm supposed to do? How to help him? Do I even help him? If we break up does that mean I should move back in with my mentally abusive mother? Should I be talking to him?
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2023.06.02 22:05 Express-Cup-2940 Will I regret LHR??

I (F20) am nervous to start LHR, I got the consult for armpits and Brazilian last week and I was really excited to start but my mom (44) thinks I’ll regret it if I get a full Brazilian. I have been shaving for years and didn’t like the razor bumps or the cost of wax so this seems like the next logical step. I’ve wanted laser for a few years and I think it’s a smart idea to do it now, my mom thinks that if I get the desired results in a few years I’ll wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my hair. She’s always tried to give me advice that helps me so I’m really second guessing myself. I guess I just want to know if anyone has regrets over their removal journey?
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2023.06.02 22:05 autotldr Parched Earth: ANC introduces Race Quotas for water use

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Hot on the heels of newly-gazetted draft Race Quotas designed to ban entire groups of South Africans from employment in certain sectors and provinces, the ANC government has now also gazetted race quotas that will determine access to water on the basis of skin colour.
The draft regulations, published by Minister of Water Senzo Mchunu on 19 May, introduce race quotas for the allocation of water use licences, which are vital to the survival of businesses in sectors such as agriculture, forestry and mining.
Under the ANC's new water race quotas, applicants that use more than 250 000 m3 or withdraw more than a set minimum amount from streams need to meet strict racial quotas in order to get access to water - the single most critical resource required for life, livestock, agriculture and industry.
The ANC knows it is on track to lose its majority in 2024 and it hopes to use race quotas to incite racial division for narrow electoral gain.
We must all object to both the Employment Equity Amendment Act's regulations, as well as the ANC's proposed water race quotas.
We are also compiling our objection to the water race quotas and taking legal advice with an eye to declaring water race quotas, which will turn our agricultural and mining sectors into a parched economic wasteland, unconstitutional.
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2023.06.02 22:05 heartshapedspace Ways to make friends around here?

I moved here this summer and I plan on attending ETSU in the fall. I'm wanting to meet some new people before school starts. Any advice on places to meet new people? I've noticed there's a lot of bars around here, but I'd have to go alone and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that. Open to any ideas!
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