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When does tracking update, is it immediate?

2023.06.02 21:47 violetpoo When does tracking update, is it immediate?

Does the tracking usually update immediately when it's scanned?
I checked at 1pm today and it said it was out for delivery. I checked now and it says it was delivered at 8:15am? How can I trust that it's actually been delivered? Is there a lag when it's updated or have they just changed the time on the scanner?
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2023.06.02 21:47 ThrowRA_4356 getting rid of fetish by improving (personality) ?

i have a fetish since my childhood, and i think it’s because of my childhood. I‘m a male in his 20‘s.
little background story : the fetish is about female bodybuilders. I don’t remember how i explored it, i just remember that it’s there. I know that it’s since my childhood, i’ve never watched like normal porn stuff, i even were disgusted by nacked bodybuilders.
i grew up very isolated, no siblings or cousins at my age. My mother herself has undiagnosed mental health issues, my gf knows a lot about psychology and we talked a lot about some of those kinda stuff where i learned what i know today. My mother cant let go of me. Even now she would talk to me like " ohhh my lovely son moms lovely son " etc. Or when she calls my gf she would say like " how’s my son doing has he found friends (i moved) how is he financial " etc.
My gf also doesn’t get along with her anymore, because of some other things too.
i hate how my mother acts and don’t get along with her. I was emotionally abused and manipulated my whole life and my gf opened my eyes since i thought that would be kinda normal. She has very strong views and is extremely narcissistic. Everything she thinks is bad IS bad and everything she thinks is good IS good for everybody, she needs to decide what’s good for you and you have to do it or she is mad.
My father was present in my childhood but not very active since he would work 7days a week full time because my mom was mostly at home because of me. I also was really attached to her as a child, but i didn’t liked my father because he actually tried to teach me how to be on my own but my mom would try to comfort me as much as she can, take " care " of me, " protect " me and everything else. She didn’t allowed me to get my own experiences and explore myself, so she gave me strict rules on how i should be, what should i like, how should i dress and what i should be interested in. I never liked it, but i could never like fight against it. I did as well, but i was the bad one every time. My father stood for me a while in my teenage years but he gave up when i was like 16 or sum because my mom is just too much.
Also, i never had some real friends where i felt like welcome and comfortable. Even if i had fun with them, my mom also would never let me go outside. Not even on my birthdays. And if she would let me go it was like " alright you can go at 2 but you have TO BE HOME at 4" whilst everyone else in my age could go outside when they want just make sure they are home at 7 or 6 (we were all like 11-13) to that age, but it lasted for me till i was like 16.
When we had family meetings, women and men are sitting apart normally. I was mostly with the women ( as a child) (talking about people who were much older then me), i wasn’t allowed to play with the other kids because they would like fight for fun and stuff like that, just like what kids do and my moms thought they were too rough and she thought they would take some advantage from me. I also got bullied in primary school and nobody could do things against it because it was like a group, they bullied and mocked me, when i tried to fight against them, the teacher caught me and i got punished because the group told the that i started to mock them first. They never believed me because it was like 6 vs 1. My aunts, uncle, dad, cousins everyone from my family tried talking to my mom and told her that she can’t treat me like this and let me explore my identity, things i like and i don’t like and things, or let me be who i am. Or better find out who i am.
Everything was criticized, my look, haircuts, style, music taste, the games i play, the movies i watch, i couldn’t watch fictional movies because my mom wanted to "protect" me from those non human looking like characters or as she says "monsters" (talking bout batman, star wars, iron man, hulk, even shrek, harry potter, etc. ) Like every movie that’s fictional and it’s like much fantasy in it.
and to make it clear : i‘m not even like "noticeable " like i never wore like neon clothing or had a "odd" haircut and accessoires. It was just because SHE didn’t like it. I couldn’t have my room as i want, i didn’t had privacy, she threatened me that she will put hidden cameras all over the house so everyone could see me "disgusting behaviour " against her. That she will post it online, told me several times that she will install spy programs on my phone or cams in my room because i would "hide" things from her and to see what i‘m doing in my phone the whole day. Which turned me paranoid till today.
I suffer a lot of problems because of her, i have difficulties being independent, doing things by myself, being creative, being a leader or a strong personality, or even knowing who i am and what my interests are.
i personally think that that could be connected with that fetish.
like i am the weak one, want to be protected and therefore that look which could protect me makes me feel "well". Would it change when i like, get more independent and get a stronger personality by improving myself so i don’t feel the urge to be protected anymore ?
i noticed some changes on how i feel mentally. I also like sports like fitness and like to be active physically.
i‘m already looking for a therapist rn, the medical term is sthenolagnia if someone cares. I don’t even know if i‘m in the right community, i just wanted to know your opinions on this or if somebody has made the same experiences.
It bothers my relationship, my sex life and my mental health extremely. It just causes problems and i want it to go away.
Thank you ! Ask anything you want in the comments
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2023.06.02 21:47 Xillytron Don't wait any longer, sign up for these platforms today and start earning by completing tasks and sharing your opinions!

Hey there lovely people!
Are you looking for ways to earn some extra cash while staying at home? Well, you're in luck because I have some amazing platforms that I've personally tried and tested. Have you heard of AttaPoll, Toloka, Toluna, Voissy, YouGov and ySense? These are some of the best survey and micro-task platforms out there that can help you earn some extra money on the side!
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These are just a few of the many survey and micro-task websites out there, but they're some of the best in terms of earning potential and ease of use. And the best part? You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!
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AttaPoll is an application available only on mobile!
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2023.06.02 21:46 princeofkathmandu How To Stop Worrying & Love The MCAT: The Study Method to End All Study Methods

How To Stop Worrying & Love The MCAT: The Study Method to End All Study Methods
Hey lovelies,
I'm a tutor for the MCAT and what I'm finding with a lot of my students is that they either have no clue how to study or study in a way synonymous with self-flagellation. There's thousands of facts you have to memorize, several different classes, and everyone starts from a different place. Some of you are non-traditional students who haven't seen a physics equation in several years who just wants to break 500 and go to DO school and realize your dream of becoming a doctor (broke for years). Some of you are bright-eyed, fresh-out of college, and dreaming of glittering scores for heavy-hitting schools like UChicago or Yale (broker for years). The common thread, however, is that you see the MCAT as your mortal enemy. I don't blame you: a single test stands in the way of your dreams, and there's several test prep companies like Blueprint or Jack Westin or Princeton Review vying for your attention and each offer different strategies. Some are great. Some could be better. On MCAT alone there's multiple different study methods and you're likely confused. Do I make my own deck? Do I use MilesDown? Do I do content review first, integrate practice problems, sacrifice a baby goat to Satan, hire a tutor, a test prep company—how do I study for this damn test?
I don't know the catch all string theory solution. But what I do know is that a tutor or a company cannot take the MCAT for you; they are with you for only a few hours at a time, and you’re with the MCAT for way longer. The highest scorers are masters of self-study and it makes sense that the MCAT is such a big deal to medical schools: you learn the science of medicine largely caffeinated in front of a laptop.
So how do you self-study?
It's not enough to set a goal score. You don't rise to your goals. You fall to your systems. So—
Build better systems!
It's not a system to open up Anki and just press spacebar until you start dreaming in flashcards (Tetris effect, anyone?). It's not a system to take five practice tests in five days and get surprised that you scored a 499,501,500,503, 498. Nor is it a system to do two blocks of 59 questions UWorld questions in three hours because I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Similarly, it's not a system to spend two months doing content review and two months doing practice questions because you're going to forget the little facts from the Kaplan book you learned months ago and have to relearn content. The system that I've developed, therefore, is one that integrates every element of MCAT prep—practice problems, other's anki decks, concept maps, UWakanda, and your own anki deck—so that you're practicing while you're learning and monitoring your progress.
Like anything positing coolness, it has a snazzy acronym: DACAR.
DIAGNOSIS: Oh, So That's How I Use Practice Tests?
Assuming you weren't just recently born, you're going to have some content knowledge already. But, unless you got absolutely zero play in college (my condolences), then it's unlikely that you have all of the content memorized. I think it was Socrates, or perhaps Abraham Lincoln, or maybe my mom, who said "you don't know what you don't know." That's true for everything in life, including the MCAT. The common hive mind states to take practice tests in the last month of prep. Maybe for AAMC, but there are third party tests like Kaplan and Blueprint and Altius that are useful too even during the early months because they can help diagnose content holes.
For that reason, starting with a sample or diagnostic test—like Jack Westin, Blueprint, or AAMC—and writing down any topics that you're struggling with as you take the test is useful. By the end of the practice exam, you should have a collection of topics that you just don't know. Let's say, for example, it's Biomolecules, DNA/RNA, Sensory Processing, and Laboratory Techniques for one test. Then, what you do, is that you have themed study days. Here’s what that looks like. On Monday, you start with reviewing sensory processing.
How do you learn it?
ACQUISITION: Targeted Anki & Video Review
Here's something people don't know about the MilesDown Anki Deck: you can sort by specific tag. Go to the MilesDown deck, press CUSTOM STUDY, and study by card state or tag. Select new cards only, and then you should see a screen like this

Well, when you're here, scroll down and select all the sensory processing flashcards. Click OK. When you see your cards, you can go through them one-by-one and watch the videos on the bottom for anything you're not sure of.

So, there you are: you're going through your anki deck, you're watching vidoes of everything you don't know, and you're learning about each specific topic. This, of course, is a more directed method of learning content so you're not doing anki cards on positive or negative sense DNA and then merkel cells and then yada yada. You're going to basically learn a bunch of cool facts but not build the network—the system—that the MCAT tests on, because, fundamentally, the MCAT is a test of relationships. There's an easy way to take notes in this regard, and it borrows from the P/S concept of a semantic network model.
CONCEPTUALIZATION: Note-Taking That Actually Works
The human brain works similar to AI. It's why I think, in the future, we're going to be roboslaves in a cyborg dystopia. In that case, doctors are probably the first to go along with those pesky guys who make CAPTCHAs. How natural language models like CHAT-GPT work is an association of words: this concept is probabilistically linked to this concept which is linked to this concept which is linked to this concept. When I tell you elephant, you're probably thinking of their trunk. If you're Hindu, Ganesh. And if you're not, probably where elephants hang out—the Sahara. When you're doing anki cards randomly, you're not building this network at all. So, what I suggest is, when you're going through videos, and Anki, you build these semantic network models like the one below. Here, I'm associating sensory processing with perceptual organization which is associated with Gestalt; and, for hearing, I'm linking it to anatomy like the cochlea and the endolymph (semi-circular canal). When you draw them out, and visualize them—for any subject—it sticks in your mind longer. C/P, for example, is a section that relies on these visual networks often. No one needs to memorize that damn Doppler's Equation. You just need to draw a little car running away from a horn and realize that, of course, the sound is taking longer to hit—frequency decreases.

APPLICATION: Using Concept Maps During Test Review
Okay, so you spend today—say Monday—learning sensorary processing, making your concept maps, but it's not going to stick unless you do actual practice. What I recommend, then, is going to Ultron and hitting Sensory, Perception, and Consciousness and doing twenty-five questions WITH YOUR MAP next to you, so that you're referring to it and seeing it again and again as you're going through questions. As you review your UPangea, this is where you build your own anki deck and create a deck for yourself with all of the discretes, or the specific facts you got wrong, or even entire questions, so that you're using both a premade deck and a deck that you made yourself. Likely, you're going to spend more time doing UWorld questions for C/P and more time in Anki for Psych/Soc and Biology. This is good for two reasons: first, a premade deck will have more comprehensive coverage of topics; second, you're taking active control of your learning and not relying on another's deck which tends to materialize in students hitting themselves over the head with flashcards. After you do your UWoohoo, you're going to get a score for your 25 questions. If it's 57%, you stay for a day longer in sensorary processing. You haven't learned it yet. If it hits a benchmark, like 70 or 80, then you move onto your next topic.
REVIEW: Putting It All Together!
Here, in this section, you go through your MilesDown Anki (the cards you saw in the subdeck, if you saw them new, actually translate to cards you have to review in the main deck—which is great!) and also your own personal anki deck. That way, you're not just coming across these topics once but again and again. Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting curses you to forget important content. However, the savings principle means that everytime you come across these topics again and again, the more ingrained they are in your head. Learning, therefore, is an iterative process. When you've gotten all of your topic holes covered for this week, or perhaps two weeks if it takes you that long, then you take another test (maybe Altius FL, maybe Blueprint FL, or maybe AAMC if you're close enough to your test date) and get a new list of topics. Hammer in your holes. Again and again. And watch your score rise.
A Note on Having Fun & Operant Conditioning
One of the reasons why this study schedule is nice is that you're learning content and applying it that very same day, and you can watch your UWestworld (or other practice problems, if you're enrolled in a course like JW Complete) scores rise from like 40% to 60% to 80% so that you can visually see the progress that you're making. That, in itself, is personally fulfilling. However, if you're lacking motivation for studying, which many students do, then you can withhold a reward from yourself (say, for example, a food you really like) until you reach your benchmark UWhitepeople score. Either way, studying in general shouldn't be a chore because you're going to have a bad time in medical school. Of course, I am a stranger on the internet. You know what's best for you. But if you're feeling exhausted from 8 hours of studying, and that you're not making progress, maybe it's time to re-examine your systems. Anyone can score well on this test because it's not one of intelligence. If you've done the pre-requisite course work, and survived, then you're already intelligent enough. The test is one of resources: finances and time. Though I work for a test prep company, and I pay my rent from students under the premise that they need help, the truth is that you don't need anyone to tell you how to study except yourself. These companies do have their value, and they will help you if you can afford it, especially when it comes to specific strategies per section, but nothing can guarantee of a "513" if you don't have self-studying down—and everyone is different. What works for you may not work for someone else. For some people, those lost adrift at sea, this strategy is a life-saver. For others, I'm just another charlatan who thinks he has things figured out. The only axiom of studying is: if the MCAT is bringing you down, you cannot and should not attribute it to intelligence. Just systems.
Good luck everyone! Have fun!
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2023.06.02 21:46 Street-Pin1691 None of my male coworkers noticed my hair :(

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2023.06.02 21:46 EagleHammer6 How the rules were enforced when I was in the Navy was wild.

Things woud be one way for a year. Everyone would go by a specific baseline. Then one day - things changed and some person wouldn't get the memo. So they would do things how htey had been done for a year. Then they would get gaslit and told things were never done that way.
I started to question myself so I kept a notepad in my pocket. I'd write down dates and exactly how something happened. Then when it was re told a few months later, I'd refer to my notes knowing they were full of crap and I was right.
Someone would do some minor thing and everyone would act like they killed a man. Like a guy left a receipt under his matress one day. They took that as "gear adrift" and destroyed his rack. This guy was one of the only people who worked or followed the rules 99% of the time. And that is how they treated him.
he once hadn't eat in 36 hours and was about to get his chance, but his watch relief relieved him ten minutes late knowing hte galley was closing simply because they wanted to miss 10 minutes of their watch knowing the guy hadn't eaten. The guy gets mad and everyone tell him to quit crying and doesn't say one thing to the late relief. But they had eviscerated him over a fucking receipt under his matress.
We would have battle station drills. I was maybe 4 months away from getting out with my honorable. The pipe patching team was all brand new people with no leader. That had no idea what to do. But the chain of command would send them into drills by themselves. Totally setting them up for failure and if a real event happened they'd maybe die.
One day I get irritated because it is the end of battle stations and they are sending these guys in alone. The person running hte drill and testing them knew what was happening. There was never any equipment left at the end, and I felt their lives were worth something... So I take charge of the team for the drill and I take them in and htey are just doing abysmal and won't listen to anything I say and the person running the drill is just giving me shit like - "You're supposed to be leading these guys, where are your boots, where is your hat, why don't they know this." And I am just thinking, this is what I get for trying to do the right thing. That stuff wasn't as important as educating and preparing them.
One battle stations my team had finished their drill and it is near the end of battle stations. A second class comes in and says, "Eagle, get an air tank and follow them!" There were no air tanks because it was the end of the drill. There was also no boots or hats. I know it is going o take me a minute to find some so I ask the group and the second class - where are the ygoing so I know? No one would acknowledge I was speaking.
I find a tank, hat, and boots, and I walk through a fir barrier the directio nthe group went. A Chief and First class are standing there gabbing. I ask, "Am I supposed to be on air? Where am I supposed to go, what team am I helping so I know what to do?" They wouldn't acknowledge I was speaking. I try to get a response for maybe 3 minutes. So I go through another fire barrier and just can't find anyone nad have no clue.
Suddenyl the Chief and First class come through the barrier and th first class is yelling at me, "Why the fuck aren't you on air?" And I am looking at him like are you kidding me???? And I say something mildly snarky and he loses it, "What the fuck is this guy's problem?" And the Chief said, "Oh, e jst has an attitude problem." And I am just standing there like, yeah that's it.
People would try to enforce rules across the board like there was never any special cirumstances.
We'd paint te sides of the ship and we couldn't wear our gloves because they would stick together and get ruined. You couldn't work with the fingers all stuck together. Out hands would be numb and we'd be walking from the wuarterdeck to the berthing with our hands in our pockets wet and shivering live a dog. And someone would shout at us and tell us to, "Get our fucking hands out of our pockets." Because the rule was no walking with hand in in pockets.
I'd have watch as midnight, then go straight into sea and anchor, then wed have to clean everything up, dress the lones, bring in messenger lines, etc. I'd be walking through the hangar bay at half past noon with some stubble on my face. Some Chief would stop me and just yel at me for 15 minutes because I had stubble, "When was the last time you shaved?" And I'd tell them, when I got up this moninging - and before I could say I got up at midnight they'd just lay into me on how the rules state I have to shave everyday and blah blah. And I am just thinking, are we done - I have a mountain of work to do and if I'm lucky we'll get an hour of liberty before curfew - was I really supposed to excuse myself from mooring the ship to go and shave?...
We stood brdige watch and lookout watches. I got off watch at 3am one morning and I step into the hangar bay piss tired with my hat on. Underway you don't wear a cover. It's 3 am. Me and one other guy were theonly person in all three hangar bays. This guy is pointing at his head frantically like someone is going to die because I have my cover on at 3am on my way to my berthing where I'll get 3 hours of sleep.
It boiled down to no one having any empathy or thinking into things. No one stopped and thought - these people are barely sleeping, barely eating, getting abused physically and mentally... Maybe I should cut them a break.
One summer me an one other guy did a job by ourselves that was usually 12 people. We'd get 20 minutes for lunch. We had to go to this barge because were in a ship yard. I had to poop. So I poop and I had ten minutes left. i go to the galley to find something I can take with me. They had these individual ceral cups. I took one and this guy just loses it on me, "Hey! No taking food off the mess deck!" So I pretend to put it back and stick it in my coveralls. The guy sees me and I just bolt.
I literally ran to the lower level and into a head to scarf down dry cereral. The guy didn't even think - maybe this guy is just hungry and htis is his only meal today - he is covered in paint and carrying a life jacket - maybe I should let this one slide.
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2023.06.02 21:46 ssslutty You guys😭

You guys😭
What would you respond to this? or should I just block him?
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2023.06.02 21:46 Comfortable-Cause647 Diagnosed w ADD but…

Hey guys I’m a Pre-Pharmacy student. Grew up in a strict conservative home. I never really had a social life until college- past 3 years I was raised very shielded. My mother is a single mom & I grew up watching domestic abuse. As a kid, I would often have issues with my strict culture & also have been seen as the rebel of the family. I’ve always been creative, artsy, bold and colorful. I’ve been on & off adderall for diagnosed ADHD/ADD for 2 years.
Childhood habits:
Growing up I either performed above average or extremely bad in school and tasks. I’ve been the top kid nominated out of a class and also the last one leaving a exam failing. Since a young age I’ve either been extremely excelling or extremely struggling. I know I’m not incapable bc in the past, I have overcame harder subjects such as calculus & Physics & other Chemistry topic. But I’ve always been above average in English, Psych, History based courses.
ADHD Medication Therapy:
Been consistent the past month bc I was scared to become reliant. My doctor convinced me to try being consistent bc of my inconsistent results.
Results & Issue:
I have seen improvements in other areas of my life but not my studies. However, I feel like idk if I’m just not putting in the effort for my priorities but I feel like it might be giving me OCD. But in the way that I feel like I have no grip of time & Im very counterproductive. I still will avoid unpleasant tasks such as studying for a Chemistry exam but I’ll deep clean my room, or journal a topic for self growth for hours. I’ll be able to find a million other things than the top priority important task at hand.
Sometimes I have an obsessive urge to do something and I convince myself it’s so important & drop everything for it.
Ex 1: Randomly deciding that if I get a new desk set up & rearrange my bedroom, then I will be able to study. By the time I’m done with this episode I usually don’t have the energy to study.
Ex 2: Spending $500 on a nail setup to be a nail technician but not putting time to finish learning & practice. Or not practicing & finding a excuse like the smell.
Ex 3: Binge eating after a cheat day again & delusional convincing myself it’s fine & its “self care”
I also have to make a million lists to remember or I feel anxious. I can’t remember from the top of my head like I used to.
Results & Issue w prioritizing:
I don’t feel like connected to myself, the passion I had for school is fading bc I feel like I’m running out of time if I end up changing my major. But I am naturally just focused on my mental health. I’ve started doing healthy things I’ve always wanted to do like being able to go on a nature walk or taking myself out alone but not completing the priority task at hand. I even lost my financial aid due to my lack of studying my science course. Yes my diagnosis & mental health is important but I should be studying so I can afford to take care of my mental health long term! Idk how to filter my priorities & it seems dumb but my procrastination seriously is impacting me. I’ve had mental breakdowns & thoughts of self hate over this since I feel so out of control w my ability to focus. I try to write down everything & make tiers of importance levels but then I end up focusing on the less important stuff bc of anxiety. Idk maybe the familiarity of the high importance task at hand is what subconsciously makes my brain drive away & not worry about it?
Actions I’ve taken:
I genuinely want help. -Ive tried isolating myself from fun & friends/distractions -Teaching myself to be comfortable with imperfect studying/notes to calm down the procrastination. -listening to classical music & cutting out party music to calm my mind -phone on DND -deleting socials then redownloading -Gotten better at not scrolling on social media for hours
Main Issue:
Convincing my conscious mind that slightly less important tasks are top and completing them.
I am currently typing this out to seek help which is important. But my exam is later today which is clearly top. I know & am aware of this. I am struggling to put these thoughts down & shift into actual priority. I woke up at 8am, it is now 1pm. I watched 1 lecture, I was otp for a bit & spent time doing a hair mask convince myself it was important. Idk how the time flew by but I think I’m so obsessed w my thoughts I overthink something small things for hours before being at peace & moving on. This is impacting my everyday life. A day feels like a few hours to me.
I want to be financially stable, I have high achieving goals in life but w this track I am worried. Only I can help myself but my mind is so overwhelmed & cluttered & I make lists on lists to declutter it but then I get stuck on something stupid for hours & waste my time over & over not rationalizing reality.
Idk any experiences or advice? Maybe a different ADD medication has been better for someone experiencing this? I prefer advice on adjusting my thought process over meds tho. I feel like at this point my thought process is so delusional, obsessive, impulsive, and even right now I’m typing this instead of doing homework. Idk maybe I’m making excuses but I feel like unless you’ve overcame this or u have ADD u won’t know how hard it is in the moment & how it feels.
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2023.06.02 21:45 hairstories77 One of Those Days

Today I woke up with the worst headache and tmj pain from my right ear (all around it) and down through my neck into my right shoulder. I also had terrible sinus pain all over but especially on my right side of my face and around my eye. It was my colleague’s birthday at work and I tried to smile and be positive but the aching never completely went away even though I took Tylenol. This kind of discomfort makes it hard to have lengthy conversations with others. I was trying to breathe deeply and relax my muscles, but it’s one of those days when I couldn’t shake it and I could feel the inflamed muscles tightening in my lower gums on the bottom ride side of my jaw. I’m glad I just got home from work and have some free time to be alone after being super busy the last month. I ate half of a CBD gummy so hopefully that will bring some relief. I wish I could make this go away as soon as it presents itself in my body.
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2023.06.02 21:45 TrippinKittten Today is my day 2.

I just wanted to put it out there, that the first day was so much worse than today. I slept well for the first time in 5 years last night…and with no weed!!!
I used a Tibetan herbal remedy called agar 35 and a tincture of blue lotus and wild dagga. The agar 35 twice a day, after breakfast and dinner, and the tincture I take 3-4 times daily. The agar 35 helps with the anxiety and the tincture helps me remember why I’m doing this.
Just wanna say, you can do this, whoever is reading this. I didn’t think I could make it past mid day yesterday. Now I feel like I can do this.
And I will.
And you will.
Mush love 🍄💙
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2023.06.02 21:45 notcoolbruh_103 My (22M) girlfriend (23F) doesn't tell me most things, and i dont know why

I had posted here about two weeks ago, regarding my insecurities about my relationship with my girlfriend.
Here is the link to the thread - https://www.reddit.com/relationship_advice/comments/13oh6i9/i_22m_have_a_lot_of_insecurities_regarding_my/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Upon further thoughts, i realised i might have been overthinking it, and I'd talk to her about her trying to make more efforts the next time i had such thoughts. In the span of making the previous post and now, i am delighted to share that she has been taking more initiative these days and i feel very good about it. Or atleast, i did.
The common friend that i didnt have the best feelings for, ended up drunk calling my girlfriend today. She did tell me she was on a call with him, and asked me join, but I couldn't due to reasons. The call ended in about 30 minutes, and she just told me that she wasnt on the call anymore so it was fine. However, not once did she mention about him being drunk in the call. After 2 hours, the common friend texted in a GC with our friend group, saying he was drunk and was on a call, oversharing with "someone". For a brief instance, i asked what he meant by oversharing. He said a few stuff about his past and that was that. So I asked her, if he was drunk on the call, and she admitted. And she seemed to have quite a normal approach when i asked her about it.
Why did she not tell me that he was drunk? Was it because she didnt feel it was important? he was clearly drunk on the call apparently, which i got to know from her. And he followed to text her apologies for drunk-calling her. I dont know what to think about this incident. Is it a mistake on my end to expect her to tell me things? Or am I really being very insensitive towards her that she doesnt feel comfortable telling me things?
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2023.06.02 21:44 hell-yeah-borther Mistake on logbook entry

I had my first “lesson” today. It was a 1 hour discovery type flight. At the end of the flight they have me a logbook and the instructor filled it out. In the duration of flight time it looks like he wrote “0 7” appearing as if I have 7 hours of time already. Is this a mistake or is the 07 a code for something?
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2023.06.02 21:44 Best_Club_In_America Game of Throwin' Everybody Under the Bus: J.P. Morgan's General Counsel claims he advised J.P. Morgan to dump Epstein as a client; Dimon claims he "didn't know he felt that way" and "doesn't recall" ever having seen his recommendation and insists ultimate responsibility lay on the General Counsel

Game of Throwin' Everybody Under the Bus: J.P. Morgan's General Counsel claims he advised J.P. Morgan to dump Epstein as a client; Dimon claims he
tl;dr: "Our attorney should have known better, and if he says he did and tried to alert anyone, "I don't recall" that

Ultimate decider’ on Jeffrey Epstein was JPMorgan’s ex-top lawyer, says Jamie Dimon

Bank’s chief executive testifies that former general counsel had ‘ability to override’ other executives
Jamie Dimon has identified JPMorgan Chase’s former general counsel as the “ultimate decider” who had the authority to axe Jeffrey Epstein as a client, according to sworn testimony by the bank’s chief executive.
Even if other executives such as Mary Erdoes, one of the bank’s most senior managers, had been vouching for the sex offender, the bank’s top lawyer was the person who “had the ability to override” their decisions, Dimon said.
Dimon made the assertion during a seven-hour deposition last week, a transcript of which has been seen by the Financial Times. He was responding to suggestions that the decision to retain Epstein had been made by Erdoes and Jes Staley, the disgraced financier’s former private banker.
According to the transcript, lawyers for the US Virgin Islands — which is bringing one of two cases against JPMorgan — indicated that Steve Cutler, the bank’s top lawyer from 2007 to 2016, had named Erdoes and Staley as the executives responsible for keeping Epstein on after his first arrest for sex crimes in 2006.
“If [Cutler] allowed them to make that judgment, it’s because he didn’t step in and say, you have to go,” Dimon said. “But he could have done that.”
Dimon’s deposition was taken in relation to two cases in which JPMorgan is accused of ignoring red flags relating to Epstein and benefiting from human trafficking. One has been brought by a woman who said she was abused by Epstein, and the other by the US Virgin Islands, where the late sex offender had a home.
Court filings in the two cases have detailed how Erdoes, who now runs the bank’s $4tn asset and wealth management division, and Staley, were involved in multiple internal conversations about whether Epstein should be dropped as a client, and that they personally visited his residences.
In 2011, Cutler sent an email that read: “I would like to put it and [Epstein] behind us. Not a person we should do business with, period.” He also wrote “This is not an honourable person in any way. He should not be a client.”
Dimon said Cutler would have had the authority to kick out a client if he judged something was “over the line”, although that did not mean that “because he didn’t like something he wouldn’t allow a businessperson to make a different judgment call”.
Epstein pleaded guilty in 2008 to a state charge in Florida of soliciting a minor for prostitution. He remained a client of JPMorgan until 2013.
“Mr Cutler had the ultimate authority to kick him out if he thought it had gone that far,” Dimon said in his testimony. “I think the ultimate decider would have been the general counsel of the company.”
Cutler, a former director of enforcement at the US Securities and Exchange Commission who subsequently left JPMorgan to go into private practice at Simpson Thacher, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
JPMorgan said: “Had the firm believed he was engaged in an ongoing sex trafficking operation, Epstein would not have been retained as client. In hindsight, we regret he was ever a client.”
In his deposition, the 67-year-old Dimon said he first learned that Epstein had held accounts at JPMorgan for 15 years about four years ago, when the disgraced financier was arrested on federal sex crime charges.
“I don’t recall knowing anything about Jeffrey Epstein until the stories broke sometime in 2019,” Dimon said. “I was surprised that I . . . had never even heard of the guy, pretty much, and how involved he was with so many people.”
David Boies, a lawyer for the unnamed Epstein accuser suing JPMorgan, said on Wednesday that Dimon had admitted the bank’s “top executives knew for years that Epstein was a convicted sex offender who continued to target young women”.
“Epstein withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars a year in cash to fund what he was doing, and . . . used his web of JPMorgan accounts,” said Boies, a claim JPMorgan called “patently and verifiably false.”
Boies added: “If, as he claims, Mr Dimon was the only person in New York who never heard of Epstein before July 2019, that is an indictment, not a defence.”
Dimon also denied ever being informed about Epstein’s accounts or behaviour by Staley, whom the bank is suing for allegedly withholding information about Epstein and for vouching for him internally.
Earlier on Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Staley claimed to have spoken to Dimon in person about the account on several occasions — an allegation JPMorgan described as “false”.
tl;dr: WSJ reported that there's proof Staley had communicated with Dimon about Epsteing; J.P. Morgan claims the WSJ is lying and that it's own CEO "not recalling" such communications = "proof they never happened"
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon testified last week that top bank executive Mary Erdoes and the firm’s then-head lawyer had the authority to boot sex predator Jeffrey Epstein as a customer well before Erdoes finally took that step in 2013.
Questions by lawyers to Dimon at his deposition Friday for two lawsuits against JPMorgan underscore that Erdoes and the lawyer, former JPMorgan general counsel Stephen Cutler, were aware of claims Epstein had preyed on young women while a client of the bank for years.
Erdoes in her own deposition, taken previously, admitted that she as early as 2006 was aware that Epstein was accused of paying cash to have underage girls and young women brought to his home, court filings reveal.
But Dimon on Friday repeatedly said he had no knowledge of such claims about Epstein, and that he was barely aware of him at all until 2019, according to a transcript of the deposition obtained by CNBC.
The lawsuits against the bank allege Epstein used money from his JPMorgan accounts for the sex trafficking of young women, and that the bank retained him as a customer to maintain his business despite serious warning flags about him.
One suit against the bank was filed by the government of the U.S Virgin Islands, where Epstein maintained a residence on a private island. The other suit was filed by an Epstein accuser who is seeking to certify the complaint as a class action for other victims.
During his deposition, Dimon was shown an email that JPMorgan’s then-general counsel Cutler Cutler sent Erdoes about Epstein on July 21, 2011.
In that email, Cutler wrote: “I would like to put it and him behind us. Not a person we should do business with, period.”
“This is not an honorable person in any way,” Cutler wrote in an email a day earlier to Erdoes, another top executive, Jes Staley, and two other bank executives, according to a lawyer who was questioning Dimon during the deposition.
“He should not be a client,” Cutler added in that email.
Cutler, in his own deposition last week, “testified under oath that Jes Staley and Mary Erdoes made the decision to retain Epstein as a customer of the bank,” a lawyer told Dimon.
Dimon testified Friday that he was not aware of that email by Cutler when it was sent.
But he also said, “Mr. Cutler had the ultimate authority to kick him out if he thought it had gone too far.”
“He was delegating reputational decisions to somebody else” Dimon said, apparently referring to Cutler’s claim that the decision to retain Epstein was made by Staley and Erdoes.
Staley, like other powerful men such as former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, was a friend of Epstein. Staley had made social visits to Epstein’s homes in Manhattan and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He is due to be deposed in the suits on June 10 and 11, according to a source familiar with the schedule.
Dimon was deposed at JPMorgan’s headquarters in New York by lawyers for the plaintiffs, and for Staley, who JPMorgan argues in its own legal complaint against him is responsible for any civil liability a jury might find.
Epstein was terminated as a customer in 2013, two years after the emails and five years after he pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of soliciting sex from a minor.
As a result of that conviction, he had to register as a sex offender. Epstein killed himself in a Manhattan jail in August 2019, a month after being arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.
A lawyer asked Dimon during the deposition: “As CEO of private [banking] or asset and wealth management, Mary Erdoes could have decided to terminate Jeffrey Epstein as a customer, as a client, of JPMorgan; is that right?”
Dimon answered, “I generally would say that’s true, yes.”
Erdoes testified in her earlier deposition that JPMorgan dropped Epstein as a client in 2013 after she learned that his withdrawals from his accounts were for “actual cash,” according to court filings.
“I have trust and respect in both of them,” Dimon testified about Erdoes and Cutler.
“My view is had she known what she had known today, she would be saying exactly the same thing I said,” Dimon said, referring to his statement that he would have terminated Epstein as a client if he knew about his conduct at the time.
“There’s a chance that Jes knew, that’s why they’re different.”
Dimon testified that he was not informed that Epstein was indicted in Florida for sex crimes in 2006, or of other concerns about him that others at the bank raised, the deposition reveals.
“I don’t recall knowing anything about Jeffrey Epstein until the stories broke sometime in 2019” Dimon said, referring to when Epstein was arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.
“I was surprised that I didn’t even — had never even heard of the guy, pretty much. And how involved he was with so many people,” Dimon said.
A lawyer then asked, “Were you aware that Jeffrey Epstien was promoting you to contacts as a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury?”
Dimon replied: “Nope.”
When asked if the accusers of Epstein deserved an apology, Dimon said, “I think what happened to these women is atrocious, and I’m horrified at the amount of human trafficking that takes place.”
“And I wouldn’t mind personally apologizing to them, not because we committed the crime, we did not, and not because we believe we’re responsible, but that any potential thing, what little role that we could have eased it or helped catch it quicker or something like that, or get it to law enforcement quicker or get law enforcement to react to it quicker, which they obviously didn’t, you know, I would apologize to them.”
“For that, yes,” he said.
The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Wednesday that legal documents in the cases show that Staley discussed Epstein with Dimon over the years, including when Epstein was arrested in Florida in 2006 and when he pleaded guilty in that case two years later.
“Staley also said that Dimon communicated with him various times about whether to maintain Epstein as a client through 2012,” The Journal reported.
A JPMorgan spokeswoman in a statement about The Journal’s article said, “We believe this is false.”
“There is no evidence that any such communications ever occurred — nothing in the voluminous number of documents reviewed and nothing in the nearly dozen depositions taken, including that of our own CEO,” said Patricia Wexler, the spokeswoman.
Wexler later Friday told CNBC, “Had the Firm believed he was engaged in an ongoing sex trafficking operation, Epstein would not have been retained as client.”
“In hindsight, we regret he was ever a client,” Wexler said.
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2023.06.02 21:43 JuxtaStar Steve and Kyle: Memorial Day Podcast...

I just got done listening to the Steve and Kyle podcast episode for Memorial Day where they were literally broadcasting out of the back of Steve's old Comanche truck and commentating on the Memorial Day parade...
I don't listen to FBHW much anymore and I certainly don't keep up with the Steve and Kyle podcast... But the initial live stream came up in my YouTube feed, and then just today I checked out the actual audio podcast...
It was unbelievably hilarious. The audio is not great, but regardless you can make out what they are saying and their commentary on the parade had me laughing non-stop...."sorry to interrupt you Steve, but here comes another school bus, followed by another fire truck for the 100th time" 😂
Granted I was slamming beers while listening to it, but it was unbelievably brilliant and hilarious... Such a fun thing to listen to 👍
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2023.06.02 21:43 FutureShiner Missed miscarriage at 9w, partner in denial

I had what was supposed to be my 11-week checkup on Wednesday. Did the Doppler and abdominal ultrasound which turned up nothing so we went to the vaginal ultrasound. Doctor says baby stopped growing at 9 weeks and there is no heartbeat.
My partner had to work out of town Wednesday, he came home as soon as he could (I had him on FaceTime during the appt) and stayed home with me yesterday. Because he wasn’t there in person to see the ultrasound himself, and has a tendency to not trust doctors right away, he wanted to get a second opinion or at least see for himself. I had a feeling around 9 weeks that something was wrong, as my symptoms had slowed down a lot but mostly it was just gut instinct that baby wasn’t there anymore. But, I wanted to honor his grief process and went through with scheduling a second ultrasound yesterday. He saw the baby for himself, doctor showed him all the signs/things that they look for (which was a lot more detail than she shared with me). We decided to go forward with the medication route; because he had to go back to work today we decided we’d wait to have me take the pills so he could be home with me when I go through the second round and start having symptoms.
He has been very supportive and caring of me through this whole process and pregnancy so far, I want to make that clear. He’s a great partner but he has his quirks and ways of thinking. He tends to hyperfixate on things, and that’s what he started doing yesterday when we got home. He spent some time alone researching all sorts of things on the internet and came to the conclusion that:
-the doctor misread the ultrasound because baby was turned around, and you can’t see a clear view of the cord with baby’s back to the camera
-we need to do a second ultrasound a week later to confirm there’s been no growth because “that’s the protocol for diagnosing a miscarriage”
-at my first appt we thought I’d be 9 weeks but baby measured 6 weeks. My second appt was 5 weeks later. He thinks the doc made an error in measuring initially, that baby was 5.5 weeks, and she made an error measuring this time that baby was 9.5 weeks. I pointed out that’s still only 4 weeks of growth in a span of 5 weeks.
He wants me to wait on taking the medication so we can get a second (this would actually be the 3rd) ultrasound in a week before going forward with it. I know that he is just clinging onto this baby with every ounce of hope that he has, and feels very out of control in this situation (as everyone does when grieving) and is trying to find some way to be back in control. I am pretty distraught over the idea of keeping my dead baby in my body for another week, or the possibility of the process starting on its own at any time while I’m working. We are also going to Hawaii next week (I have to go for work, he’s coming along, it was supposed to be our baby moon). I’m terrified of the idea of it happening there, and needing medical attention outside our insurance network an ocean away from home.
I shared my concerns and pain with him and he’s being more understanding. He’s said he’ll support what I choose but I’m not convinced he’s all the way there.
I need advice. I understand and want to honor how hard this is for him and where he’s coming from, but I need to honor myself and my pain and my body too. Has anyone been through this or have advice on how to I guess convince him what needs to happen?
Edit: formatting
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2023.06.02 21:43 tiiipoint Angry with doctors

Got officially diagnosed with chronic telogen effluvium today which I know is the wrong diagnosis!!! My mother has female pattern hair loss and my hair started falling out at 14 in a Christmas tree pattern at the top of my head and has gradually got thinner over time to the point where I am nearing bad balding (I’m now 28!). I was supposed to be prescribed spironolactone but now I won’t because I have “telogen effluvium”, which is absolutely bullshit! I even had a biopsy done which “proves” it. However, all they did was look at the biopsy and didn’t actually test dht levels of the hair follicle etc so how can I bring up that I have been wrongly diagnosed? Someone please help.
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2023.06.02 21:41 Plenty_Top2843 [M4A] Humanities Light

First and foremost, no I am NOT replacing any roleplay partners I currently have
Second, Good day people of the roleplay subreddit I hope your having a fantastic day or even week. Today I bring you an rp idea based on movies like The Pope's Exorcist, John Carpenters Vampires, Van Helsing, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Vampire the Masqurade: Second Inquisition, and who could forget Twi- (Shotgun to the face) Supernatural.
The idea: Hundreds of years ago a great battle was waged between humanity and the supernatural, one trying to fight for their place in the world while the other trying to force their dominance on the world. The battle waged kept growing larger until humanity created it's greatest weapon a seal that would drive back these creatures into the depths of hell and though the seal did work remnants of such creatures stayed. Though humanity had won their first battle the remnants that walked around the earth were still to be found turning themselves into the monsters we know them as, werewolves, vampires, and many others. A collective was found to combat this threat this time from the shadows, no longer soldiers these elite troops sent after the creatures were called hunters.
The story however is now nothing but myth and fictional stories people would tell their kids or read about on the internet as a work of religious nonsense. But as they lay asleep at night and these creatures come out looking for prey so do the hunters, people armed with nothing but the knowledge and skills to kill these things waging a war from the shadows refusing to bow down to the monsters might. This war however might be short lived as the seal has begun to crack and a race between the supernaturals that want to destroy it and the humans that want to fix it have begun.
Right so that was basically the prompt I'm open to any questions, suggestions, and ideas you have.
TL;DR -> who wants to kill some monsters and save the world
Now some general info about me: - I usually do 2-3+ paragraphs depending om how much information I have and my character knows most times even hitting discords character limits. - I'm semi-lit to lit, please don't come into this thinking I'm shakespeare - I've been roleplaying for about 2 years and damn do you learn a lot - I love getting to know my partner so yeah OOC is something I'm definitely interested in - If we do decide to do romance I do prefer MxF pairings
Requirements: - No I don't do one liners but I don't exactly do novella's either, I'm trying to roleplay and run away from reality not write an english essay. - I don't do god mode, your character is vulnerable just because he was in the military doesn't mean he can shrug off bullet wounds - Just have fun :)
Well I hope anyone will respond to this and maybe we can get the rp idea started and build the world together as well.
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2023.06.02 21:41 Suitable_Highway_597 What is it with PIN customers? Why do they never answer?

I swear to god next time I see a pin when I swipe I’m just gonna cancel. Today o delivered to a pin and there was no gate code I texted and called no answer. Also the time never started since I guess the gate was a bit away lol had to wait for someone to come out so I could get in and I just dropped it off and put can’t get pin but delivered. this kind of stuff seems to happen all the time is it so the can say the pin was never confirmed even though it’s cause they never came out? Had it happen once before and how can I protect myself from this kind of stuff?
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2023.06.02 21:41 spiderman897 Started seriously collecting at 13 nearly 10 years later this is what it’s become

Started seriously collecting at 13 nearly 10 years later this is what it’s become
When I was in 7th grade a retro game store opened near me. Traded in a bunch of sports games and dvds we had over those years and quickly got a lot of good stuff. In middle school and high school I spent a lot of time shoveling snow and cutting grass. Got a lot of stuff through that. Inherited games from my dad and other family as well. Basically I got really lucky and got a lot of this before prices got absolutely insane. I guess you could say that’s good collecting since I paid well under what all my stuff is worth but I could care less about the value. This stuff is so special to me. I love sharing and talking about games and love this subreddit. I would probably never be able to get a collection like this with todays prices. Especially since I’m gaining more life responsibilities each and every year. So I’m very happy I got into the hobby when I did.
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2023.06.02 21:41 whatsername1341 Just got this booking request, not quite sure what she's asking?

Just got this booking request, not quite sure what she's asking?
Does she mean she's a rover sitter and wants me to cover one of her clients? But ongoing (even though she only requested to book one walk)? And she mentioned that price, my rates are higher, is she expecting me to do it for that rate??
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2023.06.02 21:40 Pickletits91 Trying again

I gave birth in March and breastfeeding was always an issue. Traumatic birth, NICU stay, missed tongue tie, torticollis… you name it, we weren’t getting breastfeeding done.
I exclusively pumped the entire time. Had two different lactation consultants. I dealt with bleeding nipples when she did try to nurse. Clogs anytime I was even an hour late to pump. Gave myself an oversupply which I’m still struggling with.
Anyways, she’s 3 months old now. My supply has regulated so my breasts are less painful. Her torticollis is fixing with thanks to physio. She can stick her tongue out finally. And she’s overall a much bigger and stronger baby than I started with obviously.
Today she was fussing about an hour after her bottle so I put her on the boob for the first time in like a month and a half. She took to it without fuss, drank a bit and fell asleep on the boob. Her latch was a bit painful, she really fought ‘tummy to mummy’ but … it was everything I missed out on with her during her newborn phase.
How hard is it to transition to the boob at this stage in the game? Is there reading material or stories anyone can share with me about how I could try to get her to the boob?
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2023.06.02 21:40 MyAffiliateParalysis I Didn’t Realize This But Now I Do…

Hey Redditors,
It's Affiliate Paralysis here!
My intention here is not to make big money claims like a bunch of sleaze marketers out there or to promote the latest and greatest game changer. This will be all about the things that cause me analysis by paralysis on my affiliate marketing business that I'm starting from scratch. The dirty side of the business very few share not to scare others. I plan to be completely transparent.
First, I'm not new to online marketing. I have been able to have moderate success online over the years but life got in the way. I got distracted and lost focus. It's been about 4 years since I've done affiliate marketing but since I just moved from NYC to Florida to be closer to my daughter and family. I feel inspired and rejuvenated. I decided with to go with an affiliate business because it was the fastest way I began generating revenue when I first started because of all the things you can leverage.
The reason I've decided to share my struggles instead of my wins is because you learn more from failure than you do from success in my experience.
I was inspired to do this because last week I was part of a closed door group of pro affiliate marketers and couldn't believe some of the stuff they were saying that I know will cause issues on their journey. So I decided i'm going to share my roadblocks and how I go about breaking through them.
I've been learning a ton of stuff lately, so I thought I would start sharing with you something important that I've learned.
Recently, I got in contact with Ari, an old friend/mentor. Who I'm fortunate to know and is my underground source of information to what's working now. He calls himself "Mr. 1,000 Success Stories". He will make your mouth drop and tongue roll out when he shares with a few others how easily he is able to create revenue online after all these years of mastering the craft. To the point that now he generates twice as much money since we last spoke and works half the time he used to before. So, yeah he's living that life. He is just an example of whats possible but I know he put in alot of work, dedication and perseverance to get there. He has earned it.
He told me that he has learned over the years that…
"Success Leaves Clues"
He told me..
"In today’s day and age there is no reason to build a online business from scratch when there are countless highly successful online businesses to learn from and model."
Then he went in a deep dive with an example of one business he modeled from a very successful company that had already paved the way.
Now, My favorite takeaway?
He is absolutely right because the first time I had success online to the point the family stopped thinking this was a pipe dream and saw it was real. It was by modeling a product/service that was already selling well. I just created a unique offer for it and put in on the market. It took off almost immediately. I leveraged what was already working. Its like a loophole or cheatcode.
Especially when getting started. This principle hasn't changed and never will. What does keep evolving is the tactics used in your business.
I feel that too many people try to find the latest shiny object. Some new tool, software or platform (Tactics) that is going to create their breakthrough.
For instance, in that same closed door group I mentioned earlier. That most have invested thousands of dollars to be a part of. I noticed an aura of naive and ignorance from some of the members in the group.
I heard things like:
"How long will it take for me to make money" "This seems like a lot of work" "Is there any email swipes provided" "Facebook ads don't convert" "Email marketing is dead" Etc.
Unfortunately, most of those people will fail because they are looking for fast money without putting in the necessary work to create that or are hopelessly lost looking for that special unicorn.
So if your overcome with fear, doubt, lack of belief, confusion, feeling stuck or lack of clarity…
Welcome to My Affiliate Paralysis…
Where we will break down those barriers together. Your not alone and dont freak out if there is a few melt downs along the way.
Thanks for reading and talk soon!
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