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Welcome to /pocatello! Pocatello is home to Idaho State University, City Creek Trails, some of the best brewery/wineries in the state, and one of the best life styles one could ask for. Join us as we celebrate the biggest small town in Idaho that we gladly call home!

2023.06.02 22:07 sarahkali Best Indian Food in LA?

I know taste is subjective but I wanted to ask y’all for some recommendations on what you personally believe to be the best Indian restaurant in this beautiful city of LA. Recommendations in the SFV would be awesome too.
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2023.06.02 22:07 Samuel2647 She left me because things were going too fast

Our relationship lasted 4 months.
She came in my city for her studies, and she directly comes from a country in the middle east.
We were in the same university, she had a crush on me, and it eventually ended up in a relationship. We knew it wasn't going to be easy, because of her religion and the fact that her family would not accept our relationship very easily, so she hid it from them.
She eventually left me, she said I wasn't to be blamed, that I've done nothing wrong, but that she thought it was still necessary for her to put an end to our relationship.
We've been in no contact since, for a bit less than 50 days I believe. However she's still in contact with some of my friends, especially one I'm pretty close to.
They saw eachother a few days ago, and she eventually told him, after he asked her, that she left me because things were going too fast for her, and that she doesn't feel ready to be in a relationship (I was her first), but she also said she regrets absolutely nothing.
This infuriates me a bit, because it feels like I'm making a step backward in my recovery. Now I'm filled with questions, of "what ifs", and unfortunately, hope, which I thought I started to lose (at least a bit). The pain is getting back in a way.
Do you guys think I'm overreacting by suddenly having new hopes ?
Oh, and she would qualify as a dismissive avoidant by the way.
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2023.06.02 22:07 sansaisderanged In New York City, June 2023

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2023.06.02 22:07 Murky_Health_3036 LEVEL 11? aka false endless city

Level Name: Level 11?
Description: Level 11? is an extraordinary anomaly within the frontrooms. It appears as an exact replica of LEVEL 11, the infinite city level of the Backrooms, but situated directly within the frontrooms themselves. This inexplicable convergence defies all logical explanation and creates a perplexing and unsettling environment where the paranormal elements of LEVEL 11 coexist within the confines of a frontroom setting.
Appearance: Level 11? mimics the appearance of a typical frontroom, with its furnishings, wallpaper, and decor resembling a cozy domestic space. However, as one explores deeper into the level, the fabric of reality begins to unravel. Cracks appear in the walls, revealing glimpses of the sprawling, decaying urban landscape that defines LEVEL 11. The air becomes heavy with an uncanny atmosphere, and distant sounds of a bustling city intermingle with the ambient noises of the frontrooms.
Paranormal Activities: Level 11? retains the paranormal activities and anomalies associated with LEVEL 11, even within the frontrooms:
Shifting Architecture: The layout of the frontroom morphs unpredictably, with doors leading to different locations each time they are opened. Hallways twist and turn, creating a disorienting and maze-like experience.
Anomalous Furnishings: The furniture in the frontroom displays peculiar behavior. Chairs may move on their own, tables might levitate, and objects can disappear and reappear in different locations within the frontroom.
Urban Decay: Despite its frontroom setting, signs of urban decay gradually manifest within Level 11?. Walls crumble, windows shatter, and flickering lights contribute to the sense of desolation within the otherwise familiar domestic environment.
Haunting Atmosphere: Whispers, distant footsteps, and ghostly echoes permeate the air, heightening the atmosphere of unease. Shadowy figures may be glimpsed in the corners of the frontroom, vanishing when approached.
Hazards and Challenges: Surviving within Level 11? presents various hazards and challenges:
Reality Distortion: The merging of the frontrooms and LEVEL 11 results in a reality that is in constant flux. The environment may shift abruptly, leading to sudden and treacherous changes in the layout. Maintaining a clear sense of direction and adapting quickly to the shifting surroundings becomes crucial for survival.
Malevolent Entities: Entities from LEVEL 11, such as Facelings, Hounds, Deathmoths, Crawlers, and Smilers, have found their way into Level 11?. These entities exhibit altered behavior due to the anomalous nature of the level, posing a significant threat to wanderers. Their appearances can be unexpected and require caution and resourcefulness to evade or confront them.
Emotional Turmoil: Level 11? has a tendency to amplify emotions, often inducing fear, anxiety, and paranoia in wanderers. These intense emotions can attract malevolent entities or lead to poor decision-making, necessitating a calm and focused mindset to navigate the level successfully.
Escape: Escaping from Level 11? necessitates navigating through the ever-changing environment, deciphering cryptic clues, and evading dangerous entities. Exits, resembling ordinary doors or passages, may be concealed or camouflaged within the distorted architecture. Discovering and reaching an exit is a daunting task that tests the resilience and resourcefulness of wanderers within the frontrooms.
Level 11? is a perplexing and unsettling anomaly, where the fusion of the frontrooms and LEVEL 11 creates a unique blend of domestic familiarity and paranormal phenomena. Survival within this level requires a careful balance of exploration, adaptability, and an acute understanding of the anomalous nature of the Backrooms.
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2023.06.02 22:06 0L_Gunner Resignation vs Termination: Advice Needed for Big Law Corporate Paralegal Position

Hello jobs,
I'm facing a bit of a professional crossroads and could use some wisdom from those who might have faced similar situations.
I've been a Big Law Corporate paralegal for the last eight months. Recently, during a weekend firm event, I was told my performance needed immediate and dramatic improvement if I wanted to continue in my role. Given several factors, I believe that meeting these expectations is near impossible.
Here's the dilemma: should I wait it out and potentially be terminated, or should I preemptively resign right before my last paycheck comes in?
I don't have any plans to stay at this firm or even in this city. I'm applying to law schools this year, and my main concern is the possible impact this situation might have on OCI (On-Campus Interviews).
I should also mention that I am currently working part-time as a tutor and have the opportunity to immediately transition to full-time tutoring. Therefore, immediate unemployment isn't a concern.
I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, experiences, or advice on how to navigate this situation, particularly in regards to how resignation vs. termination might be perceived by future employers or law schools.
Thank you in advance for your insights!
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2023.06.02 22:06 Mr2501 31 [M4F] #NY/NJ/EST - Weirdo Nerd Art Hangout Hour

Hiya. Film nerd here looking for a cool, cute, adventurous and artistically-inclined movie enthusiast to join me for some movie dates in the city.
Independent theaters like the New York Film Forum, Film at Lincoln Center, IFC Theater and Quad Cinema are showing interesting films I’d like to see pretty much every single day, but traveling into the city to go to the movies alone is kind of a drag - so I thought I’d try and find a buddy! If you like film, writing or art and enjoy discussing & debating those topics with people, chances are we’ll enjoy hanging out. Having nerdy interests on the side like video games, comics or anime is also welcome!
About me: I’m 6’1”, broad-shouldered, deep-voiced, hairy all over, kinda shy, a bit on the thicker side but not to an awful degree (recently started working out). Messy, vaguely curly brown hair and dark nerd glasses. I’m open to these dates being as platonic or, uh, non-platonic as we end up feeling comfortable with. I have broad, negotiable physical preferences for prospective partners (around my age or younger, not severely oveunderweight, etc.) but what I’m far more interested in is mental connection. So hit me up!
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2023.06.02 22:06 BRATTYTENDENCIES Skin Tag removal

So just got out of an appointment with colorectal surgeon for the 2nd time. My main concern was an external skin tag from an old hemorrhoid that keeps swelling up and some bleeding. his suggestion was to up the fiber to stop the diarrhea that seems to have worked but still having painful swelling of skin tag. Its like he hasn’t even addressed that. Even after i said something he was like oh it’s probably nothing. So I dont know if anyone has a suggestion for a colorectal surgeon in the Kansas city area that would talk about doing an excision of the tag but if anyone has a suggestion or any advice that would be appreciated.
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2023.06.02 22:05 fragileego3333 The majority of Americans sincerely confuse me.

And disturb me. I am American, but I’ve gone slightly down the path of anticonsumtion; moreso attempting not to buy things just to buy them, and buying locally only. I can understand wanting to buy stuff, whatever, it’s a capitalist society.
But oh my God, I’m scrolling through Instagram and somehow I got on the millennial female feeds (not calling anyone out this is just what I got to, mostly teachers) and everything is about Amazon. Everything. It’s absolutely incredible to me how this many people use Amazon and say things like “look what I got on Amazon” — okay??! It’s an online marketplace with millions of products?? And it’s the easiest, laziest way to contribute to the economy. When you know what Amazon has done, and that they don’t pay taxes, and just the overall monopoly of it all…how does that not make you at least pull back on promoting Amazon on your pages? I doubt the stuff you get is actually from Amazon…why not at least credit the actual company?!? I am not going to validate anything you buy from there. It’s actually quite lame!
It isn’t that hard to not be a total corporate bootlicker. It isn’t. I haven’t used Amazon in (counting…25 years of my life, okay maybe when I was a teen) and I’m doing pretty okay. I go to thrift stores and local hardware shops and markets and guess what? They exist. Trust me, even in smaller cities you can find these places. You’d be supporting a person instead of an executive board, and it’s FUN. I love going shopping because I make it an event. But this is every once in a while, and when I actually need something.
Maybe I’m over exaggerating, I just actually get physically sick over people (especially seemingly liberal people) actively talking about how awesome Amazon is. It really isn’t that awesome. You just have no patience and no curiosity to go out and actually find what others have to offer. Not to mention, I’ve seen it, people will say “I’m bored” and go on Amazon?? What??
Also Starbucks. I work there so it ticks me off seeing how many weirdos come in every single day for an $8 cup of coffee when they could’ve gone to the 10-20 amazing locally owned shops in the area (or literally make some at home using a local roaster). Makes me sad actually. And when they post themselves tasting it “OMG ITS SO GOOD” no it’s not it’s automatically made espresso with tons of sugar pumped in. Other coffee shops have legit baristas crafting stuff for you. And at this point it’s like the same price. Ugh.
Am I just like, enlightened (lol I’m not trying to sound cocky)? The thought of bowing to a brand makes me go nuts. How do people end up this way?!
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2023.06.02 22:05 Aggravating_Brief487 Etiquette: Asking old manager (who still works there) back for a job?

So I'm going to be intentionally vague of course, I used to work in a massive hotel. So large it has it's own HR department just for that hotel.
As a new graduate who is still looking for a proper job, I prefer to temporarily go back somewhere I already worked (I only quit because of student course demand, it was their low-season and I got along exceptionally well with pretty much every staff member. I was also always one of those people picking up extra shifts when people called in sick.).
As for HR I didn't really interact with them that much, they are largely separate from my manager's duties as well.
I applied for the exact same role I had before, obviously mentioning this on my resume and what I thought where my strengths in this job when I had. The job is constantly advertised approximately every 3 weeks on Indeed and on their own website (so a new listing every 3 weeks).
But I feel that with the current apparent recession with everyone applying for those jobs, my application just might be one of many in the pile now. It is what you would consider an entry-level service job (server and occasional busser).
Is it proper to ask my old manager (who again still heads that department and might even be higher up now) for my old job back and is that better or worse than asking an old co-worker who I got along well and now herself has gotten 1 level above from me promotion?
The last thing I want to do is seem desperate and annoying for obvious reasons?

Again thanks so much!
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2023.06.02 22:04 Asheville_Anne Thank you for coming to my existential crisis

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2023.06.02 22:04 Redactedtimes Glitch City is also experiencing the pride floof.

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2023.06.02 22:04 MotorBison5852 Been gone for a month, come back and there's literally no surge?

Is surge completely gone? Come back and there's a new map that only shows little dollar signs instead of actual surge amounts. Scroll through a few posts here and I see other people have the same map but I still see others saying that they're still surge as well you just have to get close to it or something. I'm in one of the biggest cities in America with absolutely no shortage of ride request going off constantly. And in two days I still have not seen a single surge. What's going on here?
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2023.06.02 22:04 verdedefome Music video where the music stops in the middle of the video and a man and a woman talk over a table. Possibly 80s or 90s

Hello everyone, this is my second time making a thread about this video, I'll copy and paste my tipofmytongue thread here including the edits I made based on previous attempts to name the song.
Hello everyone, unfortunately I can barely remember anything about this song, but I do remember a very particular detail about it that I hope is enough for someone to figure it out. I first watched it on YouTube, and I remember the video looking old but modern in a way, so probably a 90s music video, the video also had millions of views on YouTube so I believe it was a very popular band. I don't remember the genre for certain unfortunately, I want to say it was rock but please ignore me if the description rings a bell but it isn't rock.
The particular detail is that in the middle of the music video, the music stops and there's a scene of a white man and a long haired Asian(I think) woman talking over the table about something unrelated to the video, neither of them are part of the band, they're there just for the music video. I don't remember what they actually talk about, but I think either the man or the woman says something very quotable, because I remember googling something they say to see if it was from a book or something, but I think it was originally from the video indeed. I think the rest of the video were disconnected shots of cities and a lot of people walking, with different colored filters and maybe TV static.
That's all I with relative certainty unfortunately, I hope that this is actually enough for someone to figure this out. Thanks in advance.
EDIT: When I say the music stops and the scene of them talking starts, I really mean it, the music stops, the scene of them talking happens, then the music starts again with the normal video when the scene ends. It's like it's not even part of the same music video, though of course that is intentional. It's like a 15 second scene. EDIT 2: I should add that the vocalist of the band was a man, and I do believe the band was composed entirely of men but can't say for sure. Also that the two people talking over the table are not part of the band, they're there just for the music video.
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2023.06.02 22:03 FishBait162 On this day in 2016 Man City signed Ilkay Gundogan.Since then,he has gotten: 🔵 302 Apps ⚽️ 58 Goals 🅰️ 40 Assists 🏆 Premier League [x5] 🏆 League Cup [x4] 🏆 Charity Shield [x2] 🏆 FA Cup [x1] 🏅 PL PO

On this day in 2016 Man City signed Ilkay Gundogan.Since then,he has gotten: 🔵 302 Apps ⚽️ 58 Goals 🅰️ 40 Assists 🏆 Premier League [x5] 🏆 League Cup [x4] 🏆 Charity Shield [x2] 🏆 FA Cup [x1] 🏅 PL PO submitted by FishBait162 to MCFC [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 22:03 serena_sweet_89 I can’t tell whether or not my (19f) boyfriend (19m) is lying to me

My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. Before we got together, he was with someone else for 2-3 months during our freshman year of high school. He broke up with her because he told me he had feelings for me, and didn’t want to be with her if he had feelings for me. I didn’t like him at the time, but eventually a few weeks later we began dating. About two months ago I saw a message from two years ago. It was him telling someone else that he wanted to become friends again with his ex (her) and I felt worried. We spoke about it and he said he no longer thinks about it anymore. However; today I stumbled upon a post on Instagram. The city we live in has an anonymous confessions page, where people who live here can confess anything or get stuff off their chest. I read a post today that said:
“A long time ago (like four years ago) I had this girlfriend who was really silly, playful, & friendly to me. I broke up with her (I don’t know why I did). I always regretted that decision and wish I could apologize and rekindle our friendship. I’ve tried a lot of drugs/ weed to forget but nothing works. Any recommendations? I have already moved on and can live with it; it’s just a small thing that bugs me every now and then.”
I asked him if he posted this, and he said no. That he only has feelings for me and can’t have feelings for someone who is no longer in his life. But everything seems to match up.
Four years ago, he broke up with her.
I read in the message he regret the way he did it, and wanted to become friends with her.
He often smokes weed and it’s hard for him to stop. He has a fascination with drugs.
On top of that, the post has very good grammar and he always told me that he loved English class and writing.
He said it wasn’t him who sent that confession but I don’t know if he’s lying or not. Can someone please help me out? How else can I ask him about this?
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2023.06.02 22:03 Bacon_not_Stirred Educator here, I'm moving!

This will be downvoted but I'm just feeling the need to tell everyone, (family, redditors, etc.) That I'm moving to Minnesota!
I grew up in Iowa City, always loved the state. But I disagree with the turn the education system has gone the past 5+ years.
I'll still cheer for Iowa to win Floyd every year. Honestly though, fuck Reynolds.
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2023.06.02 22:03 Nayra77 Any fans in Sevilla?

I’m going to be on holiday in Sevilla during the Champions League final. I’d love to watch the final with some fellow Blues. Are their any supporters groups hosting a watch party, or City fan bars in the area?
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2023.06.02 22:03 ShinMinase Live A Live 2: what chapters I'd like to see

If a Live A Live 2 ever comes out, I'd like to see chapters set in:
  1. The Killer in the Desert, New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, 2nd Millennium BC (inspired by Cube's chapter, but more akin to a detective story where the supernatural element is ambiguous. You play as Yakumo, a Medjay (yes, ancient Egypt did have detectives/spies, called Medjay) who was sent by the pharaoh to investigate a serial killer case in Waset, AKA the city that we also know as Thebes, which is of ambiguously supernatural origin. You question the citizens, find clues, do sidequests as a way to get intel, you can also beat people into submission in order to question them by force)
  2. The Commander of the Legion, ancient Rome, 1st Century BC (inspired by Masaru's chapter, but more akin to a full-on tactical RPG with support conversations a la fire emblem between battle. In this chapter, you play as general Marcus Claudius Drusus, and play a sequence of tactical RPG-esque battles one after another in labyrinthine battlefields against small armies of enemies, along with your army of centurions. You have to beat the commander or do another objective such as fleeing the map or routing all units, or even defending your position. If Drusus dies it's game over, but your centurions die permanently if they die. Drusus learns skills depending on special objectives you have to accomplish in each map, or from objects you can interact with during the map, or by having supports with his general units which have to survive)
  3. The Resurgent, Italian Risorgimento in 1848 (inspired by Akira's and somewhat Sundown Kid and Oboromaru's chapter, based a lot on using your psychic powers to gather information. You play as Alfredo Tadocoro, an ancestor of Akira Tadokoro and a Carbonaro from the Italian Risorgimento, in Napoli (the Carbonari are the Western European branch of the Enma shinobi clan). This plays mostly like a traditional RPG, but your job is to use psychic powers to gather information and elaborate a plan to gather people to form an army and attack the Borbone Castle in Piazza del Plebiscito, so that you can help Giuseppe Garibaldi, who you get as a party member in the late game, defeat the Borboni. In the ending, Tadocoro frees Naples but then he leaves for Japan in order to help Sakamoto Ryoma's battle against the Shogun, then the timeline skips a bit and Oboromaru is seen in the post-credit scene, where it's revealed Alfredo Tadocoro has become a master of the clan Enma, the one seen in Twilight of Edo, connecting Oboromaru to Akira)
  4. The Great Performance, Present Day (inspired by Sundown Kid's and somewhat Masaru's chapter but inspired by Contests in the Pokémon games, and themed after idol singers. You play as young idol Yuki Taniyama and roam Tokyo than winning the battle you have to perform various combo moves and raise a "rock meter". You have to roam around the city, talk to NPCs and have various experiences in order to "look for inspiration" to put on your idol performance. When the time for the show comes, you play the idol show as if it was a battle, only that you have to do something like a Pokémon contest rather than kill your opponents, which you can't as your idol is a white mage-esque supporting class)
  5. The All-Seeing Eye, a dystopia in the late 2090s (based on Oboromaru's chapter but set in a dystopia. You play as Russian spy and hacker Marika Shirinova, sent to infiltrate the city of New York as the Western Bloc has become an orwellian-esque dystopia, and have to be stealthy and use hi-tech devices to avoid being found out. Like in Akira's chapter, enemies come in huge-sized armies and are mostly tough, but you can kill the commanders to finish off the entire unit. You don't learn skill by just battling and leveling up, you get them by stealing chips and combining them)
  6. The Battle For Earth, an alien invasion in the mid 2200s (based on the Successor's chapter. You play as Jason David Stark, explicitly a tribute to the late Green Ranger, also known as Green Dragon. You are the leader of a team of superheroes as the aliens have attacked Cosmos City. This chapter also has a connection to LAL 1's Cube chapter, as the aliens invading Earth are the spawns of the creature from Cube's chapter, a creature you, as Jason, fight at the chapter's start when you attack its nest and kill, but at the cost of being crippled while the aliens are proliferating. Depending on your actions and who you train the most, your team of superheroes will gradually die, unlike the China chapter however you get to play each one as they die in order to defend the city from an alien invasion).
  7. The World Beyond Mankind, a post-apocalyptic distant future (inspired by Pogo's chapter, but it's a xenofictional story that puts you in an alien's shoes. You have just hatched out of a lab. You're the alien, you're not human, you're a baby of the alien species which had appeared in the Battle for Earth chapter, AKA just an amorphous blob of blue sludge running in the tunnels of an overgrown destroyed lab, then you make it out of it and roam the ruins of a city, absorbing abilities from things you consume and evolving further and further, completely changing your form, your senses show the world as distorted and inhuman-looking in order to show the player that you're experiencing the world from a nonhuman perspective. The ending in this chapter changes depending on what form you took)
  8. I don't have any idea for chapter 8 which you get for having played all the others. Maybe it's gonna be set in the Middle Ages... except you're playing as a Moor called Malik Al-Razi in Jerusalem and the merciless king Streibough from Europe is out for your blood with his violent crusaders, exterminating all your fellow Moors. Yes, defeating Odio caused Streibough to be king, execute Oersted for treason and regicide, and order the genocide of the Moors. By defeating Odio... the heroes of LAL1 have only made the timeline worse.
  9. In the final chapter, Malik, Yakumo, Drusus, Alfredo, Yuki, Marika, the survivor and the alien get to band together... to defeat the seven heroes of LAL1 and Streibough who leads them, and then, after the timeline resets, collectively become what is the previous dark lord before Odio, intentionally made to turn Oersted into Odio and prevent Streibough from ascending to the throne and exterminating the Moors, creating an endless loop of defeating Odio- recreating Odio.
Is this nice?
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2023.06.02 22:03 ohong Help with EVA Air award booking

Hi, I'd really appreciate some pro help with an award booking that I had thought would be fairly straightforward, but I'm finding out is anything but 😅 Lmk if I'm doing it wrong, or if you have any tips!
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2023.06.02 22:03 ZaffsProductions Just finished Arkham Origins story - really underrated!

Just finished Arkham Origins story - really underrated!
It’s such an underrated gem. Obviously not as good as Arkham City because of the differences in vision with the studios but it’s still really good.
It runs silky smooth at a constant 60fps on medium/high settings. Another reason why ProtonDB is more reliable to check than it’s current rating of ‘unsupported’ from Valve. All the Arkham games run great, although I’m hearing of issues with Arkham Asylum?
Honestly loving the Steam Deck for my older backlog!
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2023.06.02 22:02 nexusdivide Start Your New Life in No Life 18+ QBCore RP New-Player Friendly Streamer Friendly !!NEW UPDATES!! PD Cameras, PvP Arena, Scenes, Moneywash Update and More!

Start Your New Life in No Life 18+ QBCore RP New-Player Friendly Streamer Friendly !!NEW UPDATES!! PD Cameras, PvP Arena, Scenes, Moneywash Update and More!

⭐ Welcome to No Life RP ⭐

No Life RP is a dedicated and developing community that prides itself of interaction and immersion. Our goal is to create an fun and engaging environment for everyone! The community at No Life is welcoming, new-player and streamer friendly.
We have an active staff and dedicated development team brining together years of experience to provide the best experience for all of our players!

💁 Community Driven 🙋

As a community driven server, our staff team is very receptive to feedback and bug reports. We encourage people to let us know how they want to see the city progress. This helps guide the growth and development of the city for the long term.
Each and every suggestion is taken into consideration to see how it could benefit the city.

🚓 Whitelisted Jobs 🚑

Los Santos Police Department「 A.O.U 」「 H.E.A.T 」「 C.I.D 」「 S.W.A.T 」「 Bike Unit 」 ➟ Mission Row Police Department ➟ Applications Open!
San Andreas Fire Rescue ➟ Ocean Medical Center ➟ Applications Open!
Department of Justice ➟ NEW! Applications Open!
Dynasty 8 Real Estate ➟ Applications Open!

💼 Player-Owned Jobs 📝

Mechanics ➟ Los Santos Customs ➟ Benny's Motorworks ➟ Pappadoc's Garage
Clubs / Bars ➟ Bahama Mama's ➟ Cyber Bar ➟ Vanilla Unicorn 「 Recently Opened! 」 ➟ Salieri's Bar
Food Services ➟ KOI~ 「 Recently Opened! 」 ➟ UwU Cafe ➟ Kit-Kat's Ice Cream「 Undergoing Rebranding 」 ➟ Nina's Pizzeria
Other ➟ White Widow ➟ Ammunation

⛏ Civilian Jobs 📦

Towing Sanitation Deliveries Taxi Mining Fishing

💸 Criminal Activities 💊

Progressive Bank Heists ➟ Fleeca, Paleto, Pacific
Bank Trucks ➟ 3 Tiers
Bobcat Security Heist
Yacht Heist
Casino Heist
Boosting and Vin Scratching
Drugs ➟ Heroin, Meth, Weed, Coke, Moonshine, and More
Illegal Crafting

💻 How to Join 🔌

No Life RP is currently not whitelisted, however that will be changing soon as population continues to rise.
To connect to our server, make sure you join our discord From there you will find a server info tab with details on how to connect, rules, and more information.
Come start your New Life in No Life! We hope to see you in city!
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2023.06.02 22:02 Alex_vL03 There Was A European Guy In Liberty City...

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