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2023.06.02 21:04 hyddroxx5 Help me with my trip

I am planning a trip to visit Thailand in July for 6-7 days and I have no clue about what to do/eat/stay/see etc... .Any advice is appreciated...Kindly help... I'm from India btw... Having a vacation with my brother before he goes off for his PG... Right now I'm thinking 3 days in Bangkok & 3 days near & exploring beaches...Please help me with my itinerary in a way that I can see the city,culture & experience their food...or point me in a direction that would help..
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2023.06.02 21:02 SentientRockPeople Is it possible to go for a first kiss on a daytime date, with separate cars, during high summer temperatures?

Fellas, how do you lead up to a kiss on a first date that is time constrained and during the day time? Especially when it's too hot outside to kiss or even stand around. Is it even possible?
I have a date set up during the early afternoon, to get iced coffee and a glass of wine. Both of us have to leave before 5 pm for separate plans. She's older than me and probably knows signals on dates.
If it's really going well, maybe grab ice cream at a nearby place as well. It's in a downtown area and there are a variety of places in walking distance.
There might be some benches in shade and with misters (misting devices) but they are usually taken all day. If just in shade only, it's a hard sell to even say let's sit down for a minute. But the ice cream may be an excuse to sit down.
Or... so let's say walking her to her car, talking by her car for... shorter than a night time date. I'd say, hey had a nice time today. Then, would it be too imposing/corny to say, I have to head out in a few minutes, but damn its hot out here, then either say like, how cold does your car's AC get, I wouldn't mind sitting inside for a second and cooling off. That's probably too goofy and ridiculous? Also sounds like my car doesn't have AC? Probably shit idea lol
Maybe try to go for the kiss in the semi-crowded wine bar, instead of waiting till the end? Unlikely to find a good moment. Or try to find a venue with a large, darkly lit lobby during the day time? There might be a theater with a mostly empty lobby, and say hey lots stop inside and take a look, but that only works if she hasn't been there so it makes sense.
Or is it better to just make it a short date, don't kiss because there are too many obstacles, but really do the exit well, like be the one to end it first and say time to go?
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2023.06.02 21:02 TableSimilar6846 Vacuum Line?

Vacuum Line?
I snapped this plastic line while putting in plugs on the passenger side. The truck is running rough now and am wondering if this is the culprit. I double checked the fire order and plug gap and that’s all good. I can’t for the life of me figure what else to check. 99 Ranger XLT with the 3.0
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2023.06.02 21:01 TheCuseIsInTheHouse 35M - Mystery Stomach illness, thought to be SIBO but now appears to have been communicated to my wife?

35M, 5' 11", 185lbs, caucasian. Wife is 38F, 5'7", 135lbs.
both athletic, non-smokers, no drugs, alcohol rarely. very healthful diets, good sleep, general focus on physical and mental health as our foundation.
I was previously on omeprazole 20mg/daily for GERD for more than a year (unusual, I know) but just discontinued because of this issue. Also on anastrazole 1mg/week and clomid 25mg/48 hours for hypogonadism. Wife does not take any medications.
This time last year I had very bad different stomach issue that included near-constant diarrhea and landed me in the ER with a vague diagnosis of nonspecific colitis caused likely by a stomach virus (a family member who is a provider later said it sounded like C. Dificile, which apparently is common in patients on PPI's, but I never got a concrete diagnosis). Endoscopy a few months later showed minor irritation in esophagus, small intestine, duodenum, but nothing significant, and biopsies came back negative for whatever they were taken for.
I was out of town on a work trip for April and May. It was stressful and required almost daily travel, and I got behind on sleep. About 5 weeks ago, end of April, I started experiencing GI symptoms. No diarrhea, but my stool looked unusually light in color, like pale yellow-tan, and I seemed to be having several small bowel movements throughout the day instead of one larger one. At the same time, I was experiencing such extreme bloating that I felt I had trouble breathing,. Also a constant feeling of fullness, a feeling of only being able to eat small meals, a great deal of fatigue, abdominal distension, and near constant burping. I also noticed the feeling that I was hunching, but could've just been from fatigue. Maximum daily recommended intake of GasX helped, as did Pepto. Pepto turned my stool black and gave me a sulfurous taste in my mouth/black tongue.
While still on the road, I did a telemed with my GI doctor, who initially told me to double my omeprazole dose, which made me feel worse, so I discontinued completely. After 3 weeks of dealing with this, I wasted 8 hours in the ER only to be told by a PA that "your bloodwork looks fine, you probably just have a gut flora imbalance" and sent home with a prescription for Bentyl, which seemed to have no effect whatsoever, or if anything, made it a little worse. I continued to take GasX everyday and switched to a low-fodmap diet, which seemed to diminish severity of symptoms by ~50%, and on some days more like 75%.
When I checked back in with my GI, she sent me a SIBO test kit which I am waiting until this week to take (it requires abstinence from certain medicines for 2 weeks before). In the meantime my symptoms persist somewhat despite eating extremely low fodmap (almost exclusively chicken, rice, potatoes, eggs, salad greens). Drinking or not drinking coffee seems to make no difference. SIBO seems to line up with my symptoms, however 5 days after having returned home to my wife, she also is beginning to have symptoms of bloating, burping, increased number of bowel movements, etc. which is confusing as I had read that SIBO is non-communicable.
Any thoughts? It may or may not be relevant that I was traveling in close quarters with a group of people who had dogs, and at various points during the trip, the dogs also became sick, having diarrhea, etc. Growing up around dogs my initial worry was that perhaps they'd had giardia and I'd caught it from them, but given my lack of diarrhea I doubt it.
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2023.06.02 21:00 words1232 Has anyone here got any experience smoking yarrow?

Hi, I’m interested in trying out different herbal smokes and I’ve heard yarrow is supposed to have some sort of calming effect on you.. I’ve read lots of conflicting things though so I’m hoping I can get some first hand answers from people who have tried it before I do. I have loads growing near me so I thought I might as well try it. What exactly should I expect from it in regards to effects both positive and negative? Thanks in advance to anyone that answers :)
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2023.06.02 21:00 Admirable_Ground8663 Suspected POTS episodes- how do I keep myself safe until I see my doctor?

Hello everyone, I am a 20F and pertinent medical history is that I have had episodes of tachycardia starting when I was 14 and getting worse, more frequent as the years have gone on. I thought this was normal until my friend mentioned that it sounds like I have POTS. I saw a doctor who thought I was faking so I ignored it for another year or so. I went to my primary who saw my heart rate jump from 55bpm to 160bpm when I stood up and I mentioned this happening frequently and he referred me to cardiology. That was back in January and the soonest the could get me in is June 21st. The past few weeks I’ve been having multiple extreme episodes per week (in addition to the typical increase from 60s/70s to 140s-160s when I move) and each time I nearly faint after putting my arms above my head and according to my pulse ox, my heart rate shoot’s up to over 240bmp and stays up there for a few minutes until I feel a jolt of electricity and it suddenly goes back down to the 80s. I am worried about having a heart attack or stroke or something from these episodes, is there any supplements or vitamins I should be taking to prevent any emergencies while I wait to see my cardiologist? I called them requesting any earlier appt and they don’t have any. Thank you 💚
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2023.06.02 20:59 Inappropiate-Sushi Anyone feel generous?

Hey guys,
it may seem unconventional and pretty begging (and to be fair, it kinda is) but after watching severall streams on twitch and taking part in nearly every giveaway there is/I could find I'm still without a diablo 4 code or the financial abilities to buy it myself. I'd be able to buy it for 40€ but 70€ for the normal version or even more for the early access is a bit much, considering I'm not able to work atm. As a Diablo fan from early on who spent hundreds of hours fooling friends as a kid in Diablo 2 by pretending the druid isn't me but some random scary mob killing everything I'd really love to jump in Diablo 4 while the hype is real. there anyone who has a good day and is in the mood to help a fellow wannabe Nephalem out? Would appreciate it :)
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2023.06.02 20:59 krm2797 Looking for Advice - Moissanite Engagement Ring!

Hi lovely people! This group has been incredibly helpful and insightful when learning about moissanites. My boyfriend of nearly 10 years & I are starting to look at engagement rings & I knew right off the bat that I wanted a moissanite for ethical & cost reasons, but really didn’t know much about the stones. I have learned SO much and can’t wait to get mine one day!
Here’s where the hard part comes in – deciding where to buy from. We’re located in Ontario, Canada and are leaning towards going with a Canadian vendor for ease of repairs/warranty/supporting local, however I have seen some gorgeous rings on here from international vendors & haven’t entirely ruled out that option (although the international shipping does make me a bit nervous). We have looked into a few different options here and I’m hoping to get some opinions from those who have purchased moissanite rings before. This will be a significant and important purchase, and I want to make sure that we make the best choice! We’ve pretty much decided on what we’d like for the ring – 14K white gold, cathedral setting, likely with a hidden halo and plain band (2-2.5mm), and an elongated oval moissanite stone - ideally a 10x7.
Here's the options:
Option A – Moissy Fine Jewellery
14K white gold band, cathedral setting with a hidden halo and plain band, their brand (Lux Moissanite) 10x7 stone – $3.9K. Includes 1 year manufacturer defects warranty, a limited lifetime warranty (loose stones, $45 resizing, and an ultrasonic clean, polishing & rhodium plating 1x year) is an extra $399. Has a location fairly close to us for ease of facilitation of repairs/resizing & cleaning when needed.
Option B – Ring Come True
Clera setting - 14K white gold band, cathedral setting with a hidden halo and plain band, their brand (Sheer Brilliance, I think) 10x7 stone - $2.4K. Limited lifetime warranty at no extra cost, includes re-dips within reason. Would need to ship the ring to them to facilitate repairs/resizing & cleaning at our own expense when needed.
Option C – Local independent jeweller
14K white gold band, cathedral setting with a hidden halo and plain band, C&C 10x7 stone – $2.9K. No information about any warranty at this time (I don't think they offer one), although I do believe C&C stones have an automatic warranty directly from C&C. I have been the happiest with my interactions with this jeweller thus far, but they will be retiring this year. They do have the time to make the ring, but I would not have the ability to have any repairs completed through them after their retirement. Very highly recommended by locals.
Option D – another local independent jeweller
14K white gold band, cathedral setting with plain band, Supernova Moissanite 10x8 stone (may see about a smaller stone, but they did specifically note that the stones only come in certain sizes so I can’t do a 10x7). $3.7K with hidden halo, $3.3K without. Lifetime warranty at no extra cost that includes manufacturers defects & wear and tear (would need to look at the terms as this seems 'generous'). Located fairly close to us for ease of facilitation of repairs & cleaning when needed. Also highly recommended by locals.
Basically, I’m torn and looking for some advice/guidance. I’m leaning towards A, C & D as they are local, but C retiring would negate the decision to go local for repairs, although I am happiest with their service so far and am wondering how much weight to put into the need for service/repairs/warranty in the future. B has the best price, but I have seen some mixed reviews lately & we would need to send the ring out for any repairs which could add to costs when all is said and done (about $50 to ship each way). I don’t love that we would need to pay extra for a warranty beyond 1 year with A, and they have come in at the highest cost.
I also have some mixed feelings/reservations about the brand for the stone. In doing research about moissanite I learned that C&C originally had the patent and have been known to be ‘the gold standard’ for moissanites, but that other brands have been developing their stones & in some cases exceeding the quality of C&C and at a lower price. Does anybody here have experience with Lux Moissanite, Sheer Brilliance or Supernova Moissanite stones? I haven’t been able to find comprehensive reviews for these brands. I do take some comfort in C&C’s longstanding reputation, but I’m not sure if it’s worth being hung up on getting my stone from them or not.
I would love to get opinions on what people think would be the best option if we go domestically, or if we are better off to have the ring produced with one of the international vendors and find a good & trusted local jeweller who can take care of repairs/cleanings & just pay out of pocket? For those of you who have had to have repairs/resizing/re-dipping completed, how costly were these services? What would you value the most – easy logistics & communication & warranties, or price savings?
TIA. 😊
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2023.06.02 20:59 SandraSandraSandra A Duty - The Sage of Flower Hill 4

Senisedjarha sits, nursing one of her twins. The interclan meeting is in session, in the bright summer sun the shaded cover is a welcome respite, though her glass is of dandelion root tea, rather than of wine. She had already spoken, as one of the more junior duNothudo—certainly the youngest present—and sits, listening. Her daughter, Djamä Demisenikonu-Sonurupākä, is present. Her grandmother, the venerable Reditseki, relies on the girl to guide her now. Her eyesight has failed and she needs a staff to walk, but her mind and tongue remain clear. Wisdom uncovers the path, not eyes. NäbradäThanä remains unhelpful. Self-obsessed and preoccupied, it is a clan of brutes. They rely on their plentiful herds of bison, rather than the honest labour of farming. Of course this also means their herds are better protected, and rarely raided by those barbaric Yelithātsan.
They had gotten all the rest on board. NāpäkoduThonu was easy enough, the ties between their clans have grown strong. BrudohudoThonu followed DjamäThanä’s lead—as always—and NaräthātsäThanä followed NāpäkoduThanä’s. SeninōduThonu was brought in with three paddies in next summer’s expansion near Grey-Clay-Island (though the clay quarried is for the kilns of Konuthomu’s premier clans). They don’t have the courage to stand alone either.
But NäbradäThanä remains intransigent. It’s utterly predictable. They even look like brutes, with squashed noses and beady eyes. Still Senisedjarha keeps a smile. Manners are half a woman’s weapons.
The discussion had shifted, with preparations for the Autumnal equinox now discussed by the elder matriarchs of the other clans. “Fellow mothers, you speak truly when you discuss the Autumnal Equinox, it can, it should be a great event. It should show the strength of Konuthomu and attract all those within a 2 day’s canoe. But simply witnessing our paddies as they pass, or our kilns as they climb will not be enough. We must show them that the ñuNothudo of the Themilanan can do more than they had ever dared. We must show them that we can protect our people, and defeat those who wish to do us harm.” The pounding of feet greet the old matriarch of DjamäThanä. As her aunt continues, Senisedjarha thinks ruefully, what will NäbradäThanä demand?
As her aunt finishes outlining a vision of a great feast with spoils of war, Reditseki puffs her pipe.
“There is a tale. The singing-woman had lost her husband—taken in the bloom of youth. In Watery-Halls he feasted.” Reditseki slips into poetic metre, “Eyes-wet. Arms-tired. Sore-of-belly-and-mind. She prayed for death to take her too, but she was needed here. A perfect wife, on an unfortunate path. But paths may wind and twist, and so she saw her: to the depths of Tsukōdju and the halls she keeps, to win back her love with song or kiss. But her husband’s canoe had went to her new good-nephew. Her path appeared impossible. Then she saw the neighbouring clan, blessing new canoes for the new season. She begged to their duNothudo. She pleaded. Finally, she offered her daughter’s hand for a canoe.” She puffs on her pipe and slips out of metre, “You all know the rest. You also know marriage makes a couple divine.” She gazes at the duNothudo of NäbradäThanä with intent.
It took two marriages, and then one to those parasites in SeninōduThonu, to get it all in order.
But so, NäbradäThanä would join the endeavour, along with those from Kamābarha.
There was also the second matter.
This matter was less controversial, all the Themilanan respects Sonurupākä—even the brutes in NäbradäThanä have some fondness for him. But why does he have to go? Why can’t he stay home with her and their kids. He only just got back now from Kamābarha, and soon, far too soon, he’ll be away again, on an even more dangerous task? She knew that much was demanded of her, but this is too much.
They lie on bear and deer skins and dried-cattail. When he returned, he told her all about the Rhadämā way of building: courtyards and brick buildings. And some thoughts he’d had on expanding their corner of the Themilanan even more. How he’d make sure they have plenty of space to raise their family, and enough attendants that they’d never want for aid. Great visions of the future of their family and of their clan.
But as he snores softly before her, she can not help but worry. She holds him close, and breathes him in. Do not leave me like the singing-woman. I will go to the ends of the earth for you, but she only got you for one day a year: one return to touch the land of the living and each other's flesh. I can not wait that long. Come back to me, my love. Come back to me.
Sonurupākä was appointed the first Outer-Chief in Konuthomu’s history. She knew the practice had been done further north, in the great towns of the Bay-of-Many-Reeds, but it was a first here. Blessed by the ñuNodutho and the Sädātsamä of Dosunolomu, he took a horn hair comb marked with the feather of every tribe, each backed by the red-tail feathers of the hawk-of-war. He gathered spear and bow and men from every clan. Konuthomu marches as one, marches behind her husband.
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2023.06.02 20:59 Due-Wonder8035 Met 2 Persons near Cologne

Hey, today 2 people started to talk with me and my sister in a supermarket near Cologne. It was a guy with a girl, maybe one of them is on here even if the chance is low. Im retarded that I didnt ask for any contact 🤦‍♂️ I will try my shot here even if the chance is = 0
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2023.06.02 20:59 Majestic_Copy_8036 Summer camp job is a mess…thinking of leaving the role before it even starts. Thoughts?

I am a recent college graduate trying to maximize my gap year before applying to graduate programs. My career goal is to work with kids and families so I thought a summer camp job would be a great experience for me.
I applied back in January/February did not interview until March, and finally received an offer in April plus did onboarding that same month. During all this, they did not once update me on my site placement and when I would officially begin. I reached out multiple times via email and only just yesterday did they respond to me.
So far, I will be missing two required training dates since I have a post-graduation vacation planned which I wouldn’t have booked had they told me my start dates. I have an orientation coming up which I do intend to attend, but am confused since they initially told me I am not supposed to work until after the orientation.
To make matters worse, they gave me a faraway site placement which I am unable to commute to since it’s not accessible via public transportation. During the interview, they had told me they would place me somewhere near. I reached out to them about my missing training dates and potentially being reassigned to a different site, but still no response.
Everything about them screams unorganized, but maybe I am just overreacting and this is a given for temporary jobs especially for summer camps? If anyone could provide me with their honest thoughts and suggestions on this situation- it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 20:58 BattleCryBaby One week ago I made a poll about the running speed. Here are the results!

One week ago I made a poll about the running speed. Here are the results!
So, like the title says, I made a poll about opinions on the recent changes to running speed and how it correlates to level. The results were the following:
Among players lv 0-5053 players voted and the approval rate was at 49.1%
Among players lv 50-100130 players voted and the approval rate was at 50.0%
Among players lv 100+285 players voted and the approval rate was at 40.7%
Among ALL players468 players voted and the approval rate was at 44.2%
There has been a lot of back and forth in the community regarding this topic and I am sure that a lot of peoples opinions have changed in either direction now that the patch has been out for a while. I, being against the changes, would of course love to say that the majority of the voters obviously agree with me and that the devs have to change it back immediately... But it would be dishonest. This is after all a very small sample size and no one should draw any confident conclusions based on this data alone. But it is the only data available to me and it serves as a nice springboard for an interesting discussion, so:
It would seem like the changes to the game are less liked among veteran players. This should come as no surprise to anyone, us veteran players have a tendency to oppose any and all changes sometimes. But, there could also be more to it. The changes brought about does make the gameplay experience more arcady after all. Something that isn't what most of the veteran players had in mind when they bought the game. This combined with the announcement of smaller team gamemodes with shorter matches, the in game store, the historical inaccuracies, the shift away from enforced mic use etc etc. changes how the game plays and feels on a fundamental level. Some veterans may welcome these changes with open arms, feeling that they make for a new and fresh gameplay experience. But I fear that a lot won't, and that it will cause them to move away from the game.
From my understanding one of the main things veterans used to complain about was that "noobs ruined the game". New players had no idea how the game functioned and a lot of time had to be spent explaining to the level 20 assault not to drive away with the supply truck at the start of the game. This forum, especially after a free to play weekend, used to be flooded with posts about how frustrating it was to have new players without mics fighting over locked points and how experienced players were practically forced to always play SL or Commander in order to have a shot at winning the game. This caused some veterans to quit, leading to an even more unsatisfactory gameplay experience for those who stayed behind. You can clearly see the low player retention among veterans causes a vicious cycle.
Without competent players building back up garries and nodes, playing commander and coordinating squads the game becomes a shit show real fast. I worry that the vision T17 has for the future of the game does not line up with what the veteran playerbase wants, thus adding even more fuel to the fire regarding the player retention problem. Gaining 20 new players but losing 10 competent ones isn't doing the gameplay loop any favors.
Personally I have decided to take a break from the game for now for this very reason. But I am still very passionate about this game and would be super interested in hearing all of your opinions, so please comment down below! And as always, SALUTE TO THE DEVS!
EDIT: Here is a link to the poll
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2023.06.02 20:58 niclaswwe FINALLY. After nearly 2 YEARS, Jeon Somi will make her long awaited comeback!

The painful dread is finally OVER.
After Somi herself teased she's working on music not too long ago, we've finally gotten official confirmation that she's preparing for a Summer comeback!
I don't think I need to explain how long overdue this is.
XOXO was released in late 2021, and even here her 1st "Full Album" was just 8 songs, and 4 of those were previously released across the previous 2 years.
Girl still only has 8 songs since her official solo debut in 2019...
Technically 9 in 6 if you count her duo in 2017.
She's one of my absolute favourites (her watching my Anymore M/V reaction + tweeting me I love you too back as a bonus on top), so I really really hope she'll get a proper comeback and more frequent music releases going forward!
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2023.06.02 20:58 Altruistic_Carob634 Me (16M) and my girlfriend (16F) have arguments due to her bad mood

Hello, everyone. At first I should mention that me and my girlfriend are in a semi long distance relationship which is only about 2 months old. Since the last time I visited her (last weekend) we had a few arguments and during all of them she said that I don’t understand her. The thing is, when she’s in school, she’s in a very bad mood most of the times, her replies become kind of angry and very boring, ex: “mhm”, “yeah” and etc. Another thing I should mention is that she has mood swings (she said that herself) and they’re pretty visible.
So one of our arguments started when I asked her: can we hop in a call after school, she agreed, but later she said to me that she is exhausted, due to school and lack of sleep. So me, as a caring boyfriend, said: oh, okay. you should go to sleep then, we can talk another day. Her response was: stop telling me what to do! (It was in all caps), then I got confused and said that I just care about her, and the argument continued until I stopped messaging her. After school I did say sorry and told her that it was my mistake. I say sorry most of the times, because I know why she’s mad and that she doesn’t actually mean the things she’s saying. So please tell me, what I could’ve done differently and what were the mistakes.
Tl;dr - how to deal with my girlfriend when she’s in a bad mood. Because when I try to be caring, she seems to become even more angry.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.02 20:58 hyuws wts/wtt some balis

wts/wtt some balis
wts/wtt some balis
firefly zx-1 7/10 120$ shipped a little tap, some play and some blemishes on the bottom of the handles mainly could definitely be tuned to no tap however
polaris 6.5/10 115$ shipped some small blemishes near the bottom of the handles and the pivots but in decent condition still, only reason it's 6.5/10 is because tolerances are very bad but could definitely be tuned tighter and still flips good
baliplus kraken w/real squid kraken hardware and handle caps 9/10 not really keen on selling or trading because its pretty nutty but if someone shoots me an unresistable offer, I would be willing to give it up, no tap a little play pretty much no blemishes flips nice.
trade wise I'm interested in all offers so if your interested just dm me, willing to give small discounts if multiple knifes are bought together, venmo preferred
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2023.06.02 20:57 Due-Wonder8035 Met 2 Persons near Cologne

Hey, today 2 people started to talk with me and my sister in a supermarket near Cologne. It was a guy with a girl, maybe one of them is on here even if the chance is low. Im retarded that I didnt ask for any contact 🤦‍♂️ I will try my shot here even if the chance is = 0
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2023.06.02 20:57 hononononoh I have huge issues with power, that draw some parallels with the issues many rape survivors have with sex. What would you recommend I do, to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life?

I am a straight, cis-gendered male born in 1979, and raised in the northeastern USA by a pair of liberal Christian hippies. My mother is a former nun and my father almost became a monk. Being gentle, kind, and not at all domineering was very much normalized in my home and my parents' social circle growing up. No one knew this at the time, but I'm on the autism spectrum, so I took these principles very much at face value, and very much to their logical extent, because I don't read people well, and it was all I had.
I was bullied relentlessly throughout my school years, and it took a major toll on my self-esteem. But my parents were loving, accepting, and comforting to a fault, which, combined with their religious and political beliefs, led me to put all my hope and trust in the possibility that the world was slowly but surely becoming the place they were working to build. This faith got me through some very dark and painful times in my youth.
I used to doubt my parents' religious beliefs, and supernatural belief in general, but I never had it in me to doubt the more worldly beliefs my parents taught me. I chose to become a physician, because I wanting nothing more than to help people and help heal the world, and make a living doing something positive, rather than finding cunning ways of separating people from their money. Medical residency was the most socially painful experience I lived through. Even though I love the science of the human body, love helping people and reducing pain, and love learning and intellectual things, I never anticipated that this field would select almost entirely for competitive, obedient, and power-driven people. No one in the medical field related to me, and those that might have, were running for the exit of this profession by the time I met them.
I approach everyone as an equal. All it takes for me to accept someone and give them a chance, is that they be kind and interesting. I do not want to dominate anyone, and I do not want to be dominated be anyone. I didn't think this was a complicated or unreasonable social contract to proffer, but apparently it is. I've resigned myself to being a pretty asocial person outside of my work and my immediate family, because I've found through hard experience that to most people, especially other men, my lack of desire to dominate anyone, is by default an open invitation to dominate me.
I don't mean to belittle the experience of rape survivors. Nor do I mean to suggest that I relate to rape survivors, because I couldn't possibly. But every now and then I hear stories of [usually female] rape survivors, who feel inexplicably driven to put themselves in positions where they attract the attention of horny men, and then get some perverse (but at some level understandable) satisfaction out of rejecting them, when they dare to make a move on them in response. I've been known to do the same thing, but with power, instead of sex. I'll put myself in social situations with men, and sincerely (self-righteously, even) meet them with the expectation that they'll engage me as equals, without asserting dominance or presenting a front of "don't mess with me", because I feel I shouldn't have to. Then I'll get all worked up with righteous indignation and tell them off, when they take the liberty of asserting dominance over me, and expecting me to follow their lead without any reciprocity.
I'm not an incel by any means; I'm happily married and sexually active with my wife, and am raising three kids. But I sure could use some more guy friends. And I sure could use some reassurance that my finding a woman who found me attractive was not some highly unlikely miracle. When I signed up for a dating site called in 2001, I was flummoxed by the fact that nearly every straight woman with a profile on the site checked "power" as a turn-on. Raised in an Irish Catholic family, I had two rather awkward conversations with extended family members in my adolescence, where they asked me whether I'd considered "the religious life". (Um... no.)
When I'm honest and articulate about what I just wrote, I tend to get a reaction midway between "You're a beautiful person, never change" and "Please stop, I'm cringing hard." Often followed by a distinct desire to distance themselves from me, because they can't decide which of these two sentiments they feel more strongly.
Be honest with me. Because I feel this as frankly existential. Have I spent my life in complete and utter denial and rejection of a basic fact of human nature, because I took the principles I was raised with at far greater face value than even the people who taught them to me?? Or have I just not found my people? Either way, what would you recommend I do, lifestyle-wise, to ensure my future mental health and social connectivity, and have the effect on the world I want to have?
Oh, and what venues of social interaction would you recommend to me, to find people (especially other men), who relate to my experience and my response to it, rather than cringe or deem me strange and maladjusted?
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2023.06.02 20:57 Deanosaurus88 HELP! I found a baby magpie being circled by a murder of crows, parents no where to be seen. I have since brought it home in a shoe box.

I didn’t know what to do, but it seemed pretty certain the little one was going to get eaten. Sorry if this was the wrong thing to do. I hung around for awhile and saw no magpies at all, no nest, nothing.
The only thing stopping the crows from getting it was me, so I picked it up and explored the area trying to find its parents. I eventually found some magpies, and what looked like a nest.
I placed the little baby on the highest branch I could reach and hung around for awhile. The crows had followed me. The magpies I had seen disappeared.
I then left it there and continued my walk. 30 minutes later I came back and the baby was still there, no magpies or crows present.
I returned home, but was scared for the little thing, so I grabbed a shoe box, filled it with hay, went back, (it was still there perched on the branch) put it in the box and have now brought it home.
For now, I’ve put some pumpkin seeds (that’s all I had) inside with it. I intend on taking it back to near the nest I found tomorrow and hanging around for awhile. Otherwise, I have no idea what to do.
Please help!
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2023.06.02 20:56 LycheePlus Anyone know of a good dupe for cascade's prima cotton yarn?

Or if theres a place I can buy it online? The only stores near me that sell this yarn are 45+min away and while Im willing to drive if I plan on getting a haul of yarn I just want to get a couple skeins of black/dark grey for a shawl.
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2023.06.02 20:56 Dexo27 Cryptids for a Dnd Like Game

So, Me and my friend are making our own board game Campaign thing, similar to but not as near complicated as Dnd. (Based on Ephitet Erased if anyone here knows it)
My character in this was given the ability to summon cryptids and characters from various folklores (akin to a pokemon) and would have a few attacks.
I'd be very grateful if yous could suggest your favorite cryptids, not matter how generic or unique we could use, and potentially a move idea or two.
Also for context there are 6 biome in this world, a Taiga biome, a deep wood biome, a desert biome, ocean area and just straight up Australia. With Dinosaurs.
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2023.06.02 20:56 xaldin935885 Just got a job offer

Just got offered a job at a local Kia Dealer and wanted opinions on the pay structure as this is my first time in car sales, before now I’ve been doing cellular sales mainly. I don’t have a printed version or otherwise I’d post that but what I was told today was that it is a 2 method system. Percentage or flats, whichever is higher.
Flats are 200 for cars 1-9, if sold above 9 it goes to 250 (and the first 9 get bumped to 250 as well) above 15 bumps it to 300
Percentage based is 25% for 1-9, 30 if above 90, and 35 if above 15. Same deal as flats, it’s retro’d back to the first sales too.
At 15 cars there is also a $750 bonus. Management said most people who sell around 20 cars get close to $10-13k. I believe him, but as someone currently making like $3500 a month that seems wild to me. The owner is from LA and is big on life balance so hours are only around 45 a week which doesn’t sound bad for car sales from what I’ve read.
Mainly just wanted opinions on if this sounds right/if it’s in line with most decent offers. Any tips or knowledge for a newbie would also be welcome! I have another interview with a local used shop on Wednesday but I might just take this offer. This is in the Nashville TN area.
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2023.06.02 20:56 NoBid5853 Do I need to "man up" because it's hockey are am I ok to complain?

I play in a novice league. One of my teammates was on a breakaway with a man right on his back, he made contact with the goalie, and scored. The other team was furious and our player really yucked it up after scoring. After that the other teams meat-head went nuts. He was screaming at our bench, telling us he's taking numbers to get us back. He slashed my stick and broke the blade (no call). Tripped me with a stick between the legs (no call because I was "already going down"). There were other little things but the grand finale was he skated at our bench after the whistle, got in my teammates face, and now my teammate is suspended because he chose to fight when it became fight or flight.

I'm nearly 40, not a great skater, and am playing because I enjoy the game. Is it valid to be upset that I have to pay money to share the ice with this nutjob and yet we're the only one facing repercussions (suspension and equipment based). Or is it hockey and I should just man up? The only reason it's bothering me is that I have to share the ice with this person. There is a level of trust that goes into the game that I won't get injured. At 40 this is for fun, not because I think I'm making the NHL. I don't mind physical contact but I'm not sure it's worth the risk of a broken collar bone.
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