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[HIRING] 25 Jobs in CT Hiring Now!

2023.06.02 15:48 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in CT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Walgreens Staff Pharmacist Branford
Signify Health Nurse Practitioner Bridgeport
Signify Health Physician Assistant Oakville
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Auditor Suffield
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. Forklift Maintenance Technician I Suffield
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. HR Representative Suffield
Hartford HealthCare Registered Nurse (RN) Emergency Department Baltic
AR Mazzotta Electronic Assembler Bristol
Western Connecticut State University Audio Specialist & Sound Coordinator Danbury
BlueCrest Associate Engineering Technician Danbury
Henkel Principal Scientist- Professional Hair Industry Darien
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Internal Relations Analyst Darien
Henkel Manager Digital Operations - Zotos Professional Darien
Middlesex Health Hospital Assistant Durham
ECHN Ultrasonographer East Hartford
Hartford HealthCare Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Primary Care East Hartford
Middlesex Health Medical Assistant Essex
Middlesex Health Hospital Assistant Essex
UnitedHealth Group Medical Receptionist Farmington
The S/L/A/M Collaborative Assistant Project Manager - Construction Management Glastonbury
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Executive Assistant to Founder Greenwich
Beacon Hill Staffing Group, LLC Executive Assistant/Office Manager Greenwich
Astellas Clinical Sales Professional, Community Specialties - Hartford, CT Hartford
Strategic Staffing Solutions Recordkeeper 143 Hartford
Alpine Mechanical Services HVAC Technician Hartford
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ct. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.02 15:15 bextar568 Her Solution - The Natural Women's Libido Enhancement Supplement

Her Solution - The Natural Women's Libido Enhancement Supplement
Unsatisfied with your current sex life? You're not alone. Many women, just like you, struggle every day with low libido. The desire for sex diminishes, and even when engaging in sexual activity, it fails to bring pleasure. It becomes just another task on your daily to-do list—fulfilling your partner's needs in the bedroom. But let's be honest, nobody is truly happy in this situation.
You start feeling unhappy with yourself, questioning your femininity. You experience guilt and shame, knowing that your partner isn't satisfied either. They feel neglected and unwanted. So, what can be done? Let us dive into HerSolution, the Natural Women's Libido Enhancement Supplement, to see if this product is worth your time and money.

Debunking The Biggest Myth About Women's Desire

First and foremost, we need to dispel the most prevalent myth about women's sexuality: You can't simply talk yourself into wanting sex. If you're suffering from low libido, a bubble bath and romance novel won't magically put you in the mood.
Low libido often stems from physical health issues, not just mental health. Women nowadays lead incredibly busy lives. We juggle careers, children, spouses, household chores, aging parents, and much more. This leaves us with little time to focus on proper nutrition, let alone exercise.
Moreover, we face unavoidable hormonal changes due to factors such as post-pregnancy, monthly menstruation, menopause, exposure to synthetic estrogens, poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress. All of these factors contribute to a reduced interest in sex.
As women, our sexuality is complex. Our minds, hearts, and overall well-being play significant roles in determining our interest in and enjoyment of sex. To rekindle the passion and desire, it's essential to reflect on achieving balance in life. Starting with a daily libido supplement like HerSolution® is a good step.
HerSolution®: A 100% Safe Supplement, Endorsed by Doctors, to Boost:
  • a woman's sexual desire
  • Enhanced sexual desire
  • Improvement in vaginal dryness
  • Heightened sexual sensation
  • Accelerated full-body arousal
If you are ready to explore HerSolution®, then click this link to learn more from their official website

HerSolution® contains a specific blend of natural herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs that effectively works

Some of Our Exclusive Ingredients:
Niacin: Enhances blood flow and sensations.
Hops: Balances estrogen production and relieves vaginal dryness.
Ginkgo Biloba: Improves orgasm ability and reduces menopause symptoms.
Mucuna pruriens: Naturally stimulates dopamine, the pleasure chemical, and increases libido.
Epimedium sagittatum: An ancient aphrodisiac that naturally boosts female sexual desire.
Cayenne: Intensifies orgasm and improves vaginal lubrication.

How Should HerSolution® Be Taken?

By taking just one supplement per day and allowing 60 days for HerSolution® to take effect, you will naturally address hormonal, nutritional, and stress-induced imbalances that may be suppressing your desire for sexual intimacy.
With HerSolution®, you can finally rediscover your sexual side, feeling like a playful teenager again. Enjoy giving and receiving the most intimate pleasures regularly, without any pressure.
If you are ready to explore HerSolution®, then click this link to learn more from their official website

100% Doctor Approved with No Known Side Effects

Women looking to restore lost libido, sexual pleasure, and the ability to achieve orgasm now have a safe and effective therapy with HerSolution®. This innovative supplement combines herbs and nutritional support ingredients that reinvigorate sexual health, making it a promising solution for women's sexual enhancement.

How Soon Can You Expect Results?

Many women have reported feeling the effects of HerSolution® within just 7 days of starting the supplement. These effects include:
Noticeable increase in sexual appetite
Heightened fantasies and anticipation of sex
Quicker full-body arousal
Increased vaginal lubrication
Intense sensations in the genital regions
However, it's important to remember that HerSolution® is designed to help your body recover from nutritional deficits and hormonal imbalances that accumulate over time due to ongoing stress, neglect, poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, and more. Therefore, it requires some time and patience to restore this natural balance.
We recommend supplementing with HerSolution® for at least 60 days to see more significant results, which may include:
  1. More regular and lighter periods with reduced cramping
  2. Decreased occurrence of hot flashes
  3. Increased energy levels
  4. Fewer mood swings and less irritability
  5. More intense and pleasurable muscle contractions during orgasm
Never experienced an orgasm before? HerSolution® can help you achieve it.
If you've never had an orgasm before or it's been a while, it's worth mentioning that many of our clients have experienced their first orgasm after starting supplementation with HerSolution®.
Step #1: Promotes Total Body Relaxation!
HerSolution® causes the dilation of blood vessels, allowing you to relax and enjoy sexual experiences without exerting excessive effort.
Step #2: Makes Orgasm Easier for You!
HerSolution® contains powerful herbs and nutrients that result in more intense and frequent muscle contractions, making it easier for you to relax and experience your first orgasm.
Step #3 – BONUS: Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level!
In addition to HerSolution® Daily Supplement, we offer a bonus gift, the #1 rated HerSolution Gel™, featured on the popular TV show "The Doctors." This personal lubricant gel works in synergy with the supplement to enhance your sexual experiences.

Say Goodbye to Vaginal Dryness!

It's a simple equation known to all women: More lubrication equals increased sensation, leading to a higher desire for sex. The cycle continues, resulting in more lubrication and pleasure.
HerSolution® focuses on enhancing women's lubrication during early sexual encounters, helping you overcome the common issue of vaginal dryness. Additionally, the supplement comes with the #1 rated HerSolution Gel™, which provides lubrication on demand, allowing you to increase sensations and desire at your own pace.
HerSolution® Gel™ is a personal lubricant specially formulated to help women achieve the physiological response necessary to experience desire build-up and intense, pleasurable orgasms.
HerSolution® Gel™:
  • Alleviates vaginal dryness with its smooth, slippery texture
  • Increases blood flow to the genitals by dilating blood vessels
  • Heightens sensitivity in the vaginal and clitoral regions
  • Intensifies sexual excitement
  • Produces a warm, tingling feeling of engorged readiness
With HerSolution® Gel™, you'll reach a sweet, intense climax, experiencing more pleasure and force than you ever thought possible. It will rival your best sexual encounters, leaving you fully satisfied.
A single tube of HerSolution® Gel™ normally retails for $59.95!
  • Try It RISK-FREE for 67 DAYS!
  • Love It, or Your Money Back
  • Free Shipping OnContinental USA Orders.
  • 67 Days ReturnNo questions asked.
  • Secure Payments100% secured payments.
  • 24/7 SupportDedicated support.
Try this product for 60 days, and if you're not 100% satisfied, simply return the empty containers within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund (excluding shipping charges).
You will get a full 60 days to try HerSolution®. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, return the two empty boxes within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund (excluding shipping charges). Even if you took advantage of the price discount by ordering multiple boxes, you can still receive a refund for any unopened boxes returned with your first two opened boxes within the 67-day guarantee period. You are offered an incredible guarantee because the manufacturers are confident that you will be satisfied with their product.
Please ensure that you return any product within the 67-day refund period, as they cannot accept returns after this time. Returns must be received at their warehouse within 67 days of delivery. Feel free to try their products, but please note that refunds are limited to one order per customer.
If you are ready to explore HerSolution®, then click this link to learn more from their official website
Affiliate Disclosure:
Some or all of the links included in this article might be affiliate links. If you should purchase this product via these links, we might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.
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2023.06.02 10:03 shaunoxley Metal Gear Solid opening story: CHATGPT vs Bing AI (Which do you prefer?)

So I put into ChatGPT and Bing AI: Write a beginning to a story based on Metal Gear Solid, with Solid Snake sneaking into Shadow Moses.
Let me know which one you prefer! 😂
Deep within the icy wilderness of Alaska, a clandestine facility known as Shadow Moses stood as a testament to secrecy and intrigue. Its towering walls and impenetrable defenses concealed the dark secrets harbored within its confines. And on this fateful night, a legendary operative known as Solid Snake prepared to infiltrate the heart of this enigmatic fortress.
With the moon veiled behind a thick layer of clouds, casting an eerie glow on the snow-covered landscape, Snake made his approach. His footsteps muffled by the dense accumulation of winter's embrace, he navigated the treacherous terrain with precision and stealth. His mission: to uncover a conspiracy that threatened not only the world but his very existence.
As Snake neared the perimeter, his senses heightened. The frigid wind whispered through the trees, carrying with it an ominous foreboding. His keen eyes surveyed the barbed wire fences, motion sensors, and armed guards that stood as obstacles to his objective. But Snake was no ordinary soldier. Trained in the art of infiltration, he was the epitome of a lone wolf, accustomed to facing insurmountable odds.
Drawing upon his arsenal of skills and experience, Snake meticulously disabled the security measures one by one, leaving no trace of his presence. Each calculated step brought him closer to the heart of Shadow Moses, where answers awaited him—answers that would shatter his perceptions and ignite a battle for survival against an unimaginable threat.
As the biting cold gnawed at his bones and his breath crystallized in the frigid air, Solid Snake embraced the solitary path he had chosen. Unwavering in his determination, he knew the risks that lay ahead. The line between hero and villain, truth and deception, would blur within those steel walls. But Snake was prepared to navigate the shadows, confront the demons of his past, and emerge victorious against all odds.
The stage was set for a battle that would not only shape Snake's destiny but determine the fate of the world. With each stealthy footstep, he disappeared further into the darkness, ready to face the trials that awaited him within the enigmatic labyrinth of Shadow Moses.
Bing AI:
The night was cold and dark as Solid Snake approached the island of shadow moses in a stealth submarine. He had been briefed by his former commander, Roy Campbell, that a rogue unit of genetically enhanced soldiers called FOXHOUND had seized control of a nuclear weapons disposal facility on the island and threatened to launch a nuclear strike if their demands were not met. Snake’s mission was to infiltrate the base, rescue the hostages, and stop the launch.
He checked his equipment and weapons: a tranquilizer gun, a combat knife, a pair of binoculars, a codec radio, and a pack of cigarettes. He also wore a special suit that could blend in with the environment and mask his body heat. He was ready for anything.
He surfaced near the shore and climbed out of the submarine. He contacted Campbell via codec.
“Snake, this is Campbell. Can you hear me?”
“Loud and clear. What’s the situation?”
“Snake, you’ll have two mission objectives. First, you’re to rescue DARPA Chief Donald Anderson and the president of ArmsTech, Kenneth Baker. Both are being held as hostages.”
“Where are they?”
“According to the intelligence we’ve received, they’re probably being held in the second floor basement of the nuclear warhead storage building.”
“And the second objective?”
“Snake, it’s a nuclear weapon. It’s called Metal Gear.”
“Metal Gear?”
“It’s a bipedal tank that can launch a nuclear missile from any terrain. It can walk on land, swim in water, and even fly in the air. It’s the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.”
“And FOXHOUND has it?”
“That’s right. They’re planning to use it to blackmail the world. You have to stop them before they launch it.”
“How do I do that?”
“That’s what you’re here to find out. Snake, you’re the only one who can do this. You’re a legend in the special forces. A hero.”
“I’m no hero. Never was. Never will be.”
“Just an old killer hired to do some wet work.”
“Snake, that’s not true. You saved the world from a nuclear war two years ago. You’re a hero to me and to everyone in this unit.”
“Whatever. Let’s get this over with.”
“Snake, be careful. You’re not going in alone. You’ll be supported by a team of specialists via codec. They’ll give you advice and information on your mission. Use this frequency to contact me: 140.85.”
“Got it.”
“Good luck, Snake.”
Snake ended the call and looked at the island. He saw a helipad, a guard tower, and a snowfield. He decided to head for the helipad first. He moved quietly and cautiously, avoiding the searchlights and the patrolling guards. He reached the helipad and hid behind a crate. He saw a large cargo plane parked on the pad. He wondered what it was carrying.
He heard a voice from his codec.
“Snake, this is Mei Ling. I’m your data analyst and save support. I’ll be monitoring your vital signs and recording your mission data. If you want to save, call me on this frequency: 140.96.”
“Thanks, Mei Ling.”
“Snake, I also have something to tell you. There’s a radar on the upper right corner of your soliton radar screen. It shows enemy positions and their field of vision. Be careful, if you’re spotted by the enemy, the radar will be jammed and you’ll have to fight your way out.”
“I see. Thanks for the tip.”
“Snake, one more thing. Don’t kill any of the guards if you can help it. They’re not your enemies. They’re just doing their job.”
“I know that. But sometimes it’s kill or be killed.”
“I understand, Snake. But remember, this is a sneaking mission. The more noise you make, the more trouble you’ll have.”
“I got it, Mei Ling.”
Snake hung up and looked around. He saw a vent on the wall near the plane. He decided to crawl inside and see where it led.
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2023.06.02 08:15 greentechproperty The Complete Guide To House Cleaning In Nanaimo: Revive The Exterior Of Your Home

The exterior of your house needs to be maintained just as much as the interior. It not only improves the property's curb appeal overall but also guards against any harm. To keep the exterior of your property in Nanaimo clean, maintained, and safeguarded, there are several expert services accessible. These services, which range from pressure washing to lawn care, roof and gutter cleaning and best concrete driveway sealer, can significantly improve the aesthetic and longevity of your property.
What Does a Concrete Driveway Sealer Do?
Exterior House Cleaning
Your home's exterior can look much better if you wash it frequently. The surfaces can become dirty, polluted, and weathered over time, giving them a worn-out appearance. Exterior house washing services in Nanaimo employ specialized methods and cleaning supplies to bring back your home's exterior's luster and vitality. This helps maintain the integrity of the structural components and improves curb appeal.
Lawn Maintenance
The use of high-pressure cleaning equipment is the most effective solution to these problems. High-pressure washers employ a narrow stream of hot or cold water running at a high rate of speed. Pressure washing may be viewed by many as an optional task. Pressure washing Nanaimo is a great way to remove old, flaking product layers that may later cause problems for new applications, in addition to ensuring that the surface is clean.
A better way for you and your family to unwind after a long day at work or school should exist. A well-kept lawn maintenance Nanaimo will give your family access to a usable outdoor area where you may play and relax. It has been demonstrated that having a living space outside can enhance a family's quality of life by lowering stress, strengthening work/life balance, and increasing energy.

Roof And Gutter Cleaning

Your home's defense against water damage includes your roof and gutters. The accumulation of leaves, debris, moss, and algae in the gutters and on the roof over time can result in problems including leaks and water infiltration. Professional roof and gutter cleaning in Nanaimo can eliminate these impurities in a secure and efficient manner, assuring the best performance and durability of your roofing system. Regular upkeep and cleaning can help increase the life of your roof and avert more expensive future repairs.
Best concrete driveway sealers operate as a barrier between exterior elements like snow, ice, oil, and grime and things like concrete driveways. Because they believe that concrete driveways don't need care, many people choose not to apply concrete sealer. However, in order to preserve quality and avoid water retention, concrete should ideally be sealed no less than every three years.Your driveway is always being abused by traffic, the elements, and other chemicals like oil and grease. Applying a top-notch sealer to your concrete driveway is advised to protect it and increase its lifespan.

Wrap Up!

For home owners who wish to preserve the appeal, usefulness, and value of their property, investing in the best concrete driveway sealer in Nanaimo is a wise move. These services offer thorough care for various outside features of your property, whether it be pressure washing, exterior house washing, grass upkeep, roof and gutter cleaning or concrete driveway sealing. A well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing home is something you can enjoy for years to come if you rely on competent specialists to complete the task quickly and effectively. for more information visit us -
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2023.06.02 03:25 DustinRyan2010 Does anyone else have an issue with being able to see rain and snow indoors? Puddles don’t accumulate, my sims don’t get wet, but no matter how far I zoom in or what area of the house I go to, I still see the rain or snow animation on my screen? Help 🫠

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2023.06.02 01:36 Just-Chance1805 Best Apartments for modern & fair pricing in Stamford, CT?

I was wanting to get a 2 bed 2 bath (rental) apartment in Stamford CT with my wife. What’s important to me is fair pricing and modern design for a well reviewed apartment. Preferably by the new Whole Foods does anyone know when this opens btw? Gym at Apartment does not matter since I have a free Equinox membership and will be needing to go to Greenwich, CT. Thanks for your help. We have no kids and don’t want to top over $4,000 and want at least 1,000 sq ft.
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2023.06.01 23:19 wb_reeves June is here with Crush: Xiomara Rojas & Krypto: Super Dog!

June is here with Crush: Xiomara Rojas & Krypto: Super Dog!
Hi, Legends!
June is almost here in DC Legends with Crush: Xiomara Rojas & Krypto: Super Dog! and reworked Batman: Jace Fox & General Zod: Kryptonian Warmonger. Find out all about the month's events below!
Crush: Xiomara Rojas is the daily login hero!
Crush: Xiomara Rojas
Crush is the half-Czarnian daughter of the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo.
Super Powers:
  • Obelus Sting: Heavy Damage to a single enemy, +10% damage per Bleed on them (Max. 5). Ignore Shield. Legendary: If Crush is taunting, consume one Taunt to make the attack critical.
  • About to Crush!: Apply Buff Immunity (1T) and purge up to 3 Awareness. Gain 3 Crit Damage Up (2T). Legendary: Also, gain 1 Strength Up (2T) per 20% Shield accumulated on target.
  • Czarnian Hurricane: Heavy Damage and apply 3 Bleeds (3T) to all enemies. Gain Taunt (2T). Legendary: Also, apply 30% Turn Meter Down.
  • No More Lost Friends: Use "About to Crush!" on the attacker when a teammate is damaged below 75% HP. Legendary: Gain Taunt (1T) and if the attacker is shielded, remove 15% Shield.
  • Czarnian Resilience: When Crush is damaged, gain 15% True Heal. Legendary: Also, gain 3 Strength Up (2T).
  • STR: 1,803 (+915)
  • AGI: 1,481 (+710)
  • STA: 1,621 (+675)
  • INT: 1,403 (+150)
  • HP: 22,957 (+7,600)
  • SPD: 83 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+42%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+106%)
Krypto: Super Dog
Before Kal-El left Krypton, it was his family dog that initiated the trip to ensure the safety of the child.
Super Powers:
  • Fetch!: Random damage (+60% chance to apply 50% extra damage, 30% chance to apply another 50% extra damage) immune to awareness and apply 5 Evasion Downs (1T) on a single enemy. Legendary: Also, Apply (50 to 100) random light additional damage immune to awareness and gain 4 mends.
  • Play Dead!: Apply Stun (1T) and (150) Damage to a single enemy. Legendary: Also, apply 3 Evasion Downs.
  • Bang!: Heavy damage and apply Taunt (2T) and Enrage (2T) to a single target. Legendary: Apply True Sight (2T) to all allies.
  • Loop the loop!: When attacked, purge 5 total debuffs from his teammates at the end of the enemy team's round. Legendary: When attacked, purge 3 total debuffs from himself at the end of the enemy team's round.
  • Pack Tactics: Purge 8 debuffs from a random teammate at the end of his turn. Legendary: 50% chance to Gain Debuff immunity (2T) and apply debuff immunity (2T) to a random ally.
  • STR: 1,626 (+860)
  • AGI: 1,654 (+305)
  • STA: 1,782 (+1,195)
  • INT: 1,252 (+180)
  • HP: 29,768 (+11,900)
  • SPD: 83 (+23)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+17%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)
Batman: Jace Fox
Timothy Fox is the formerly estranged son of Lucius Fox. After the establishment of the Magistrate and the apparent death of Bruce Wayne, he succeeded him as Batman.
Super Powers:
  • Batarangs Trio: Special Damage to an enemy. Apply a second hit and 75% chance to apply a third hit. Legendary: Gain 2 Int Ups (1T) for every hit.
  • Gotham Savior: Gain 50% Shield and 4 Stamina Ups (2T). Gain 50% additional Shield if Jace Fox is Taunting. Legendary: Gain 1 Awareness and Crit Immunity (1T).
  • Gliding Kick: Heavy Special Damage to all enemies and apply 3 Strength Downs (2T) to all enemies**.** Legendary: If Jace Fox is taunting, gain Death Immunity (2T).
  • The Next Batman: If Jace Fox has Disease at the end of the enemy turn, gain 4 Stamina Ups (2T) and 4 Agility Ups (2T) and use Batarang Trio on a random enemy. Legendary: Also, apply 3 Mends (3T) and purge up to 6 Diseases from the team.
  • Resilience Stance: At the start of every Jace Fox turn gain Taunt (2T). Legendary: Start the battle with Taunt (1T) and Death Immunity (1T).
  • STR: 1,419 (+255)
  • AGI: 1,516 (+330)
  • STA: 1,743 (+1,175)
  • INT: 1,630 (+865)
  • HP: 29,179(+10,650)
  • SPD: 90 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+10%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+28%)
General Zod: Kryptonian Warmonger
Free from the Phantom Zone, General Dru-Zod wields the powers of Superman in his quest for revenge on the son of the man responsible for his imprisonment.
Super Powers:
  • Heat Vision Strike: Heavy Special Damage to an enemy. Legendary: If Zod deals a Critical Hit, apply 1 Heal Immunity (2T) and deal additional 30% True Damage.
  • Kneel Before Zod!: Gain 5 Int Ups (2T) and 4 Crit Chance Ups (2T) and 75% Turn Meter Up, also apply 2 Crit Chance Ups (2T) to two random teammates. Legendary: Gain 50% Shield and copy up to 6 Buffs from Zod to a random teammate.
  • Freeze Breath: Heavy Special Damage to an enemy. Always apply 5 Int Downs (2T). Legendary: Gain 1 permanent Crit Damage Up if an enemy receives a Critical Hit.
  • Warmonger: At the start of every Zod's turn, apply 2 Crit Chance Ups (2T) to all allies and to gain 1 permanent Int Up. Legendary: Can't Miss on all attacks.
  • New Krypton: If a teammate deals a Critical Hit with their first attack on their turn, Zod gains Death Immunity (1T) and purges all Positive Immunities from the opposing team. Legendary: 50% Chance to Call Assist from a random teammate if Zod deals Critical Damage. +50% if Zod has 5 or more Int ups.
  • STR: 1,319 (+230)
  • AGI: 1,520 (+660)
  • STA: 1,752 (+675)
  • INT: 1,715 (+1,245)
  • HP: 24,274(+5,800)
  • SPD: 90 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+30%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)
The PVP board completion reward this month is Ursa: Kryptonian Officer.
Wraith Tournament:
  • Batman: Jace Fox (05/29 - 06/05)
  • Cheshire: Jade Nguyen (06/05 - 06/12)
  • General Zod: Kryptonian Warmonger (06/12 - 06/19)
  • Monkey Prince: Marcus Sun (06/19 - 06/26)
  • Gorilla Grodd: Psychic Mastermind (06/26-07/03)
Showdown Tournaments:
For June, we have two Showdown Tournaments, both rewarding Savitar: The Speed Force Cultist fragments. The board clear for these tournaments is Black Mask: The Crime King.
  • Legendary Showdown: 06/08 - 06/11
  • Heroic Showdown: 06/22 - 06/25
Blitz Tournaments:
There are also 2 new Blitz tournaments! Rewards for both of these tournaments are Gems!
  • Mystical Blitz: 06/02 - 06/04
    • Only Mystical characters will be able to enter battles.
  • Energy Blitz: 06/16 - 06/18
    • Only Energy characters will be able to enter battles.
Siege Tournament:
Win Krypto: Super Dog fragments in this month’s Siege Tournament! Siege began on 06/05 and ended on 06/26.
Bonus Heroes for Siege:
  • Krypto: Super Dog
  • Crush: Xiomara Rojas
  • Batman: Jace Fox
  • General Zod: Kryptonian Warmonger
  • Donna Troy: The First Wonder Girl
  • Grail: The Godkiller
  • Lady Shiva: Sandra Wu-San
  • Captain Atom: Quantum Field Man
For the 10-day challenge, win Crush: Xiomara Rojas fragments in the “Shields Down” challenge (06/03 - 06/13) and “Hero Material” challenge (06/17 - 06/27).
For the 6-day challenge, win Bleez: Red Lantern of Sector 33 fragments in the “Red Lantern of Sector 33 Challenge” (06/10 - 06/16).
The Team Challenge “Faster than Death” (06/24 - 06/30), awards you Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom fragments.
Here is the Event’s eligible list:
  • Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom
  • Wally West: The Flash
  • Jesse Quick: The Golden Age Daughter
  • Savitar: The Speed Force Cultist
  • Flash: Fastest Man Alive
  • Impulse: Bart Allen
  • Black Flash: Death of the Speed Force
  • Zatanna: Mistress of Magic
  • Deadman: Wandering Spirit
  • Kyle Rayner: White Lantern
  • Spectre: Spirit of Vengeance
  • Darkseid: God of Evil
  • Jay Garrick: Golden Age Flash
  • Captain Boomerang: Aussie Marksman
  • Batman: World's Greatest Detective
  • Green Arrow: Castaway
  • Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance
  • Catwoman: The Princess of Plunder
Please remember that Raid Boss Event has been delayed until next week. We will provide more information as soon as possible!
We are happy to announce that we changed the rewarded characters and their distribution to R.E.D. Alerts starting this June!
Now you can obtain the following characters on R.E.D. Alerts!
Deadshot: Hired Gun
Captain Boomerang: Aussie Marksman
Shazam: Billy Batson
King Shark: Nanaue
Mirror Master: Roguish Reflection
Steppenwolf: General of Apokolips
Mister Miracle: Scott Free
Vixen: Avatar of the Animal Kingdom
Green Arrow: Castaway
Jericho: Joseph Wilson
Ultraman: The Man Who Steals
Booster Gold: 25th Century Hero
Ocean Master: King Orm
Kilowog: Green Lantern of Sector 674
Green Lantern: John Stewart
Black Manta: Scourge of the Seven Seas
Beast Boy: Changeling
Killer Frost: Dr. Caitlin Snow
Solomon Grundy: Born on a Monday
Mera: Queen of Atlantis
Be sure to check out Skin Mondays during June, where some fan-favorite skins are coming back to the Store for Essence Gems:
  • Chemo: Metal Men Skin 06/12/2023 10:00 PDT - 06/14/2023 10:00:00 PDT
  • Terra: Black Lantern Skin 06/19/2023 10:00 PDT - 06/21/2023 10:00 PDT
We are happy to inform you about the five characters that will receive a stats boost! The characters are the following:

Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar

  • STR: 1,709 (+915)
  • AGI: 1,493 (+710)
  • STA: 1,615 (+675)
  • INT: 1,493 (+150)
  • HP: 22,903 (+7,600)
  • SPD: 80 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+42%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+106%)

Savitar: The Speed Force Cultist

  • STR: 1,491 (+1,040)
  • AGI: 1,740 (+710)
  • STA: 1,587 (+925)
  • INT: 1,501 (+205)
  • HP: 25,123 (+6,350)
  • SPD: 98 (+35)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+20%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)

Black Mask: The Crime King

  • STR: 1,496 (+1,040)
  • AGI: 1,676 (+710)
  • STA: 1,699 (+925)
  • INT: 1,442 (+205)
  • HP: 26,235 (+6,350)
  • SPD: 86 (+35)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+20%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)

Kid Flash: The Fastest Kid Alive

  • STR: 1,629 (+915)
  • AGI: 1,760 (+710)
  • STA: 1,499 (+675)
  • INT: 1,421 (+150)
  • HP: 21,735 (+7,600)
  • SPD: 100 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+42%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+106%)

Eclipso: Spirit of Wrath

  • STR: 1,469 (+230)
  • AGI: 1,689 (+660)
  • STA: 1,625 (+675)
  • INT: 1,531 (+1,245)
  • HP: 22,997 (+5,800)
  • SPD: 90 (+30)
  • CRT CH: 5% (+30%)
  • CRT VAL: 150% (+78%)

We also want to inform you that Wraith Tournament and the Daily Login Bonus are now working!
We appreciate your patience, Legends! Compensation will be sent tomorrow to all players.
Thank you for playing DC Legends!
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2023.06.01 16:27 SirYuhx Dragon cum

Dragon cum is slightly warmer than human cum, and much thicker, too. The thickness comes the excess amount of fat that the dragon’s body wouldn’t expel normally by other means. So, it’s fattier. Any culinary chef will tell you that “fat carries the flavor.” When they say this, they mean things like oil, butter, and animal fat. Fattier cuts of meat are usually more flavorful than lean cuts.
This applies to dragon cum. Human cum tastes like sea water that is slightly expired, whereas dragon cum tastes like a whole buffet that could force Michelin to re-establish their star rating system.
It’s like an orgasm for your taste buds.
Imagine 69’ing your dragon boyfriend, and a few seconds after you finish, so does he. This heavenly, thick, delicious syrup fills your mouth and you instantly orgasm throughout your entire body. You’re immediately horny again. Thankfully, dragons don’t really have a refractory period, so he’s ready for round two. Then three. Before you know it, you’ve both came a few gallons in total (mostly his work), and it’s a full thirty hours since you stared. You’re not even hungry or thirsty, because his cum has enough nutrients to keep you well fed and fully nourished.
Scientifically, since it’s warmer, it should be actually thinner than human cum because viscosity decreases with temperature. (Try this out with olive oil in a pan! Heat it up, and it will spread out by itself) However, the presence of the extra fat in the cum keeps it nice and thick.
It’s extremely satisfying to play with. It’s like that cornstarch+water experiment you did in 4th grade. It’s somewhat like melted caramel. Furthermore, it coheres to itself pretty well. If you stick a finger in a puddle of dragon cum and drag it from the center to away from the corner, you can observe a large amount sticking to your finger.
The chemical composition of dragon cum not only serves as an aphrodisiac, but it also heightens the sensitivity of C-tactile neurons, or CT nerves. CT nerves serve to give pleasure to a human when they are gently stroked. These neurons fire slowly than others, but dragon cum acts like a “catalyst” for the chemical reactions that take place when these neurons fire. A catalyst speeds up the reaction of a chemical reaction.
So after a dragon covers your entire GI tract with a single cumshot, he’ll slow down, slowly thrusting his cock back and forth inside you. This is extremely pleasurable. His cum will heighten the sensation of his cock in you, or at least your pleasure from doing so. It feels bigger, longer, and warmer.
Back to the taste.
The taste depends on the dragon’s diet. The smaller, sleeker dragons of the North Forest like to eat fruit. So, their cum is naturally sweeter than you would expect. It tastes like mango covered in salted caramel.
If it’s an ice dragon, the cum tends to be much more flavorful because they like to eat seals. However, since it’s you know... an ice dragon, the cum is very cold, almost growing a few frozen cum crystals if you leave it in the snow for too long. There is a solution, tho. You can just microwave a large mug and drink it later. Or, you can intentionally leave the cum in the snow, let it half-freeze, and enjoy a chewy treat! It’s like taffy!
Theoretically, a human can fully survive on a diet of just dragon cum, supplied from just one dragon.
Dragons can produce about three gallons of cum in a single day. It really depends mostly on their size.
In a single cumshot, they can produce about four to eight cups of the stuff. Dragon ejaculations tend to last between fifteen to twenty seconds, coming out in bursts and spurts that get slightly weaker each time. If a dragon cums in your ass, you will certainly feel this effect. It’s similar to getting a massage internally, again, only 300 times better.
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2023.06.01 13:58 PuzzleheadedTown2725 Cold

I hate the cold. It is something that creeps into your body down to your very core. It slows you down until you can’t move anymore. Unfortunately I found myself unable to keep going in my car and With no cell signal I had to abandon it on the side of this mountain road.I just have to head in the direction I came. Just gotta ignore the cold, ignore the snow falling, ignore the baby crying.” Wait what?! Why the hell is a baby out here?!” I shouted to myself as I did my best attempt at a run until I came across a tree stump with a crying baby on it.
The baby was cold to the touch and wrapped in a blanket.” Don’t worry I got you.” I said as I picked up the infant. Eventually making it back to my car I practically prayed that it would start. Whatever car god is out there apparently took pity on me and this small child. The relief of the heat hitting my body was incredible. The baby seemed to be asleep after letting the heat fill the car. I fell asleep. A nightmare jolted me awake. That’s when I noticed that even while asleep I hadn’t put the baby down. How could I put something so fragile and precious down? I didn’t even have my daughter’s car seat. Man, I hope someone finds us in time.
I was startled awake by someone tapping on my passenger was an Asian woman with black hair and icy blue eyes.” Can you help me?” She asked. I scrambled to unlock the door without disturbing the baby. Once the woman was in she practically melted into her seat as she drank in the heat.” What are you doing out here?” I asked, giving her a worried look. She took a moment to think of how much she should tell me.” Lost” was all she said. For a second I could’ve sworn the car went cold.
“I'm Thomas. What’s your name?” I asked, looking at my fellow snow prisoner.A soft “ Yu” was the only response I got as she stared at the snow accumulating around us. Before I could do anything, cold air suddenly blasted out of the air vents.” The hell?!” I yelled like a startled puppy as I panicked to turn it off. Yu seemed unphased by the change in temperature. So did the baby. After thinking about it this baby was unusually quiet. From what I could tell it was a normal healthy baby but it was disturbing how it barely made a sound.
After several failed attempts to get the heat back on we had to make a decision.” Well we can’t stay out here like this. Especially with a baby. We’re gonna have to walk. I passed a gas station a while back. If we make it there we should be alright.” Yu wasn’t happy about the thought of walking but we had no choice with the heat in the car not working. Grabbing my spare clothes from the trunk we layered up and set out.
The snow was in that sweet spot that everyone loves. Not too packed you can’t sink and not too loose to be easy to move. Despite this Yu seemed to move just fine. It was as if none of this weather bothered her. I'm honestly jealous.
We’ve been walking for what feels like hours now. The snow is getting deeper and the baby almost feels heavier than it was. I must be more worn out than I thought. I’d ask Yu to hold it for a while but it doesn’t feel right, like Every part of me was saying “ don’t let go.” I gotta keep walking, gotta find help.
I tripped and twisted my ankle. It hurts like hell and I don’t know where I am. It’s dark and snowing heavily. I keep trying to get up but it feels like there’s a weight on my body pinning me to the spot. Yu is walking over to me. She’s reaching for me Looks like I’m not done yet.
Authorities are still baffled by the body of a young man found not too far from a gas station outside of a small mountain town. Despite appearing as if he’d been out in subzero temperatures of possibly weeks, other evidence shows he’d been alive only hours before the freak blizzard kicked into full gear. There is so far no explanation for the large stone wrapped in clothes he was found holding.
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2023.06.01 10:37 RainViewerCreator Tropical Cyclone Freddy is a powerful storm that formed in the Indian Ocean and affected Southern Africa multiple times.

Tropical Cyclone Freddy is a powerful storm that formed in the Indian Ocean and affected Southern Africa multiple times.
Ranked as a Category 5 storm according to the Saffir-Simpson scale during its first landfall, Freddy became the longest cyclone ever observed in the world. The first time it hit the south of Mozambique was on February 24, 2023, when 1.5 million people suffered from its consequences. On March 11 it returned, affecting the northern regions of the country and then moving to southern Malawi. Freddy caused significant damage to the coastal communities of Mozambique and Malawi, including the destruction of homes, buildings, and infrastructure. The tropical storm also resulted in widespread flooding, which can lead to long-term impacts on the affected communities.
According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the US Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the storm formed on February 6, 2023, in the Indian Ocean northwest of the Australian coast. It began to move west, and the wind force reached 167 mph (270 km/h) at its epicenter. On March 7, it broke the record for the longest-lasting cyclone since weather records began, according to the World Meteorological Organization. By March 11, the storm had already been on the move for 34 days. The previous record holder, John, raged for 31 days in 1994, crossing the Pacific. Freddy also crossed an ocean and thus gained strength. From its birthplace near Australia, it went from east to west across the entire South Indian Ocean toward Africa. In total, Freddy traveled about 5,000 miles (more than 8,000 kilometers). Via Mauritius and La Réunion, the storm finally hit Madagascar on February 21 and Mozambique on February 24.
See what Freddy looked like on RainViewer’s radar animation as of March 5-7. (attached)
Tropical Cyclone Freddy on the RainViewer map (March 5-7)
In addition to its longevity, Freddy also broke the record in the accumulated cyclone energy (ACE) index - 84.7. It is a metric that weather agencies use to represent the total energy that a tropical cyclone discharges over its duration. So now, as of 2023, Freddy appears to be the most energetic storm on the planet. The previous record holder was Hurricane Ioke in 2006, with an ACE index of 82. Finally, Freddy’s got the highest number of rapid intensification cycles as compared to other tropical cyclones - 7.
Read more about the storm's path and impact here:

Links to get the RainViewer app can also be found below. iOS devices: Android devices:
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2023.06.01 04:54 comicidiot Yarbo Kickstarter Update #32

Yarbo Kickstarter Update #32
Yarbo has posted an update for Backers Only over on Kickstarter. They cover quite a few development changes and I'm excited to see them!
In a video about the Shear Pins for the S1, we can see the new auger design. In my End of Winter Summary I complained about how the auger held on to the sticky, Spring snow. When I reported it to Yarbo they had told me the issue was identified and corrected already. So it's nice to see how wide the auger blades are now.
They also shared video of the S1 chewing through blocks of ice. I've always been optimistic of the S1 hardware, as they aren't reinventing Snowblower designs, so it's nice to see them demonstrate these capabilities. Not like it's recommended to purposely put any snowblower through such an obstacle, but the fact that Yarbo can handle a hidden ice pack in the snow is great to see.
Another change they've done is increase the height of the RTK antennas. These antennas will be tall enough to stay above snow that settles on the Yabro body. I thought I had posted a comment to the Kickstarter update asking if these extenders were optional, but my comment doesn't seem to have posted. I think it'd be pretty silly to have such high antennas in Summer.
Raised RTK antennas to stay above accumulated snow
We can also see two other changes to the Yarbo Main Body, the flashing warning light is now amber colored instead of red. They've also added cameras to the side of Yarbo for a wider field of view when navigating around objects. It looks like these cameras are an additional attachment rather than worked into the body, the RTK antennas have also moved back a little bit as well. I suspect these side camera units will be built into the body at the factory, and not something users will have to add themselves, the render and videos seem to show the cameras as a separate unit from the otherwise unibody design.
We can also see what looks like a new bumper on the front of the S1, though this doesn't appear in any of the released videos.
When it comes to the Lawn Mower, the M1, they also released a video of the pathing algorithm. I had a feeling that I had the pathing incorrect in my video but wanted to show what the worst case scenario would be. So I'm glad to see that's not the case. The official Yarbo video is mostly played at 3x speed, which is a bit slow when played at 1x, but I still maintain that since it's a job I don't have to do so it can take 3x as long.
In case you didn't know, if you're a backer you can head over to the Project Page and rate your overall opinion of the project. You can do this once a week or so and (I would imagine) gives the project creator a pulse of the current perception from backers. So rate appropriately regularly so we can show them we like regular updates!
Kickstarter \"Your Voice Matters\" rating
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2023.06.01 03:55 nicoleecat Jenelle's Malingering Timeline Part 3 - 2022 to Present

Alright y'all... here's the final piece. It's 15 Google Docs pages, so it's a long one. If you don't want to read and are wondering what the takeaway is, it's this: Jenelle has so many different health "issues" that have popped up and disappeared over the last 10+ years, received diagnoses for some, has had tests done for most, and has ultimately ignored all of it. Sometimes she focuses on her esophagus. Sometimes it's her neck cracking. Sometimes it's her lungs. Sometimes it's her bloodwork. Sometimes it's her hemangiomas. Nowhere in any of the testing, medications, unofficial or official diagnoses is there a solution she's happy with. It never ends, and it never will. I'll eat a very tall sandwich if she ever announces (another) official diagnosis that explains all of her ailments (not necessarily one blanket one) and demonstrates treatment or lifestyle changes that she's making to try to make herself feel better.

January 2022 - Posts a TikTok video saying she’s been taking things easy lately and has lost her spark and motivation because of her health issues. She says, “I’ve recently been diagnosed with two tumors in my spine, and they recently found out that I also have a tumor in my neck, which hurts pretty bad. We don’t know what we’re doing about this yet, but I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately. My neck is just killing me.” She hashtags the video "syringomyelia," "hemangioma," and "spinetumor." In another video, she says these tumors are different than the cysts she’s previously mentioned and lists out what she has: cysts in her spine and head, two small tumors on her vertebrae and “thoratic” spine, another tumor at C3 in her neck, called hemangiomas. More on that in a bit.
January 2, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “I have a cyst on my brain. Actually, a lot of people do. They call them ‘don’t bother me cysts’ because they are so common. Your absolutely fine.” Sarcastically, Jenelle says, “You know what you’re so right; it doesn’t cause any issues until you go paralyzed or can’t hold your bowels anymore or have left arm weakness like I do, or have a nerve study done and show left side weakness in your body.” She says we shouldn’t compare whos worse and that it’s not a competition, and wants to clarify that she has cysts and tumors. She says cysts elsewhere aren’t a big issue, but they are when they’re on your spine. “Just use Google.” She points out that the video is shaking and says it’s because of weakness in her hands. She says the commenter is right that they won’t do anything about it until the symptoms get worse.
Posts another response to a different comment that says, “I know it’s been a long road to this discovery. Can you share with us the journey such as exams they had to conduct to find these tumors?” Jenelle says every time you get an MRI/CT scan done, you should ask for the image disk and bring it with you to every doctor you go to, as long as it has a diagnosis. She shows a picture of her “thoratic” spine and points out two little tumors and a cyst. She shows the MRI of her sinuses and shows us that cyst. She says she got another MRI that she doesn’t have the image disk for, but it showed she had another hemangioma.
January 5, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with someone else’s audio that says, “how do you know you can’t OD on cannabis? Because I try! I try every fucking day Barbara.” It could be argued she only posted this because her mom’s name is Barbara, but her cannabis addiction is well documented.
January 6, 2022 - Posts a dancing TikTok and a commenter says, “That’s good for the back.” She responds, “Staying positive and dancing until I can’t anymore.”
January 8, 2022 - Says in a TikTok comment that she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and just has anxiety.
January 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “When your husband asks if he got you sick,” and the audio says, “Umm… yeah.”
Random thoughts YT January 2022 - talks about her implants and says, “They say to get them redone every 10 years, but I don’t have any problems right now.” She says she asked 2 different doctors, and both told her that she has so many other health issues that they don’t think she has BII and aren’t concerned about it.
January 2022 - Seventh video, with footage starting in October and going through January. It’s been six months since she found out about the cyst. Her back hurts really bad, yet still went on a fair ride (which made her nauseous, despite her “never” having motion sickness before). She has nerve pain in her shoulders, back, and ribs. Headache, neck cracking, ear popping, feels like she can’t breathe. She Googled what she shouldn’t be doing: no trampolines, no scuba diving (“which I’m certified in scuba diving, so that really sucks”), and no roller coaster riding. So. ENT said to see the neurologist again; the neurologist suggests seeing a new ENT. The neurologist assumes the neck cracking isn’t caused by the cyst. Goes back to the neurosurgeon - they’re going to repeat the MRI and look for any changes. The results show it’s getting longer but is the same width. Mentions her heat issues again; she’s getting red patches on her chest and breaking out and itching when she’s in the sun. She says she’s getting neck tightness, extreme pressure headaches, and blood pressure rising when she stands up and sits down. The doctor suggests an MRI of her neck. Now claims arm & fingertip numbness. Refers to her cysts as tumors, benign vertebrae tumors, and hemangiomas. The neurosurgeon suggests pain management, but she wants to try herbal remedies and some fruit that cures cancer. The neurosurgeon says the hemangioma is fine and that her neck is normal. Jenelle suggests she may have thoracic outlet syndrome. She thought her neck was cracking due to the hemangioma, but the doctor tells her that wouldn’t cause the neck cracking. She has an EMG scheduled and will get a blood study done to detect her blood circulation.
February 2, 2022 - Posts a negative review for another doctor on Facebook. She says she was told by the PA to “go to the ER if you become paralyzed or lose bowel movements due to the cyst in your spine.” She was referred elsewhere for TOS syndrome (thoracic outlet syndrome). She says she’s been crying for months about her problems, and the practice didn’t care to look into it further when her problems are “very apparent” on her MRIs. She doesn’t recommend this office and ends the review with, “Not to mention my cyst in my spine is growing in length 1mm per month.”
This same day, someone comments on a TikTok video asking how her back is doing. She responds by saying, “Lots of pain, and my neck always cracks but waiting on second opinions.”
February 8, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “Nerve Study Day” with star emojis. She starts her voiceover by saying, “Time for another dottor’s appointment.” She explains the nerve study tests her nerve impulses with shocks and acupuncture pokes. She says, “Don’t worry, I wore a mask, I was sick.” She says she felt like shit after and took a bath and then laid down after because she had a bad headache. She had to help Kaiser with homework, though, because being a mom doesn’t stop. Ate dinner but still didn’t feel well, so she went to sleep.
February 2022 - Eighth video. Got a new opinion from a new neurologist who sent her for another MRI and a nerve study. Claims her symptoms have gotten worse. Says her cervical MRI was at C3, C5, C6, & C7. She has a hemangioma in her neck, degenerative disc disease, and a disc bulge. The thoracic MRI showed T7, T8, & T9 - has a syrinx & hemangiomas there. And the cyst in her sinus. Says her thumb on her left side is losing grip, and her arm doesn’t feel like it’s attached to her body. Her brain pain has been getting worse and worse. Claims the new doctor says it’s weird no one is doing anything. She looked at her CT myelogram scan from 2021 and says spondylosis is her new diagnosis and that the neurologist didn’t tell her about it. Her neck has been cracking even louder - she’s being referred to another neurosurgeon for her spine cyst. She’s going to have her lungs checked for more cysts. After the nerve study, says she has problems at C6 in her spine and is waiting for the neurologist to look at the results. She has had nerve pain in her arm and back since the study, as well as double vision.
February 20, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about her health and mentions she will get checked for ALS and has been crying a lot. She’s getting all of her tests redone and her nerve study redone. She says she’s having trouble breathing, and since she has cysts “popping up everywhere,” they want to check to see if they’re also on her lungs. She hashtags the video “ALSAwareness” and “PrayersNeeded.” Responding to comments, she says, “Yeah, I asked my doc about MS, and she said nope, I don’t have that based on my brain MRI” and “I wish I did have MS and not ALS… but she said she looked at my brain MRI and there were no lesions.” Someone comments that the shaky hands and poor thumb grip could be caused by phone use and gaming controllers, but Jenelle says, “No… I’ve had a nerve study to prove weakness. I am having atrophy in my thumb. My thumb is losing muscle.”
February 23, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie from a doctor’s office captioned “Good news but bad news… blood work is normal”
February 24, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “freaking out on the inside” and “Life tough at the moment :( #NerveStudy.” She says she had to get another nerve study done because the other person who did it wasn’t her doctor’s office. She shows us her medical shorts and her laughing at herself but says she was “tearing up.” She says the electricity part was good but waited on needles. She shows us the equipment they used. Then she shows us herself crying when she got home because she had such bad nerve pain and then went to bed. A comment asks what she takes for the nerve pain, and she says, “Hot baths.” Another asks if she has fibromyalgia, and she says, “Nope.”
March 6, 2022 - Asked in the comments on a TikTok video how she’s been feeling and when she’s going to the doctor again. She responds, “Thanks for asking! Have a lot of double vision, neck pain, and headaches everyday.. Going this week for my check up.”
March 10, 2022 - Posts on Instagram that she has a diagnosis. The next day she sold the story to E! News and said she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From the article: “For as long as I can remember, I would get extremely bad tension headaches and full body aches - like I had the flu, but was not sick. My entire body gets in so much pain, and sometimes I lay in bed and cry.” She says, “Living life every day is challenging because of having only a little bit of energy to be able to get my work done and then having to go to bed early due to headaches or body aches.” She claims to be changing her diet to manage her symptoms.
March 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I’m still so sad. Even tho I have a diagnosis… still doesn’t explain my neck cracking, double vision, and throat pain. I feel so hopeless. Something is def wrong with my neck, and it’s severely tight 24/7.”
March 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Hiii #LungCheckup #HealthUpdate #fibromyalgia.” She says she hasn’t been feeling good and took a break from TikTok for a few days. She shares her diagnosis and says she told her neurologist a few months ago that she couldn’t breathe, so she had a checkup with a lung doctor. They did a FeNO test on her, and her score was abnormally low, like “way too low.” She exclaims it measures the nitric oxide that you exhale on your breath. She’s now been prescribed an inhaler, nitroglycerin for her esophagus spasms, and a full lung checkup. She was going to skip her lung appointment, but good thing she didn’t! A quick Google search tells us that a high FeNO score is when you should be concerned.
March 13, 2022 - Posts a TikTok showing off weed merch someone sent her. In the comments, someone asks, “But do you think smoking is contributing to your lung problems? Hope you get answers soon!” Jenelle responds and says, “.....yeah I know :( but thank you.”
Same day - Posts a TikTok discussing her health, and in the comments, someone says one of her results can indicate a certain type of asthma. She responds, “or COPD, anemic, cystic fibrosis, etc. lots of issues.”
March 14, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok says, “My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I tell him my health issues.” Jenelle responds, “David does too.”
Same day - A commenter asks why she doesn’t feel good, and she replies, “The middle of my chest has been hurting for days extremely bad.”
March 16, 2022 - She posts a video captioned “Peak Flow Meter - Lung Reading” and starts it off by saying, “This is your sign to get your lungs checked.” She said she just woke up and has been told to keep a diary of how her lung function is and is going to see how good it is based on her age and height. She blows into the device for about a second and coughs afterward, gasping for breath. She shows us her level is at 410, and for her height and age, it should be at 475. She says she has the lungs of a 70-year-old. She’s going to continue to do readings 3 times a day and report back to her lung doctor. In the comments, she mentions her average is 400. There are multiple comments telling her the correct way to administer this test and that she’s doing it wrong.
She posts a second video responding to a comment telling her to stand up straight, take a big deep breath and blow out as fast and hard as she can. She does it three times and shows it’s 410 each time. Someone comments, asking if she’s sure it’s not stuck, and asks if she quit smoking. She responds, “I’m going to try breathing exercises.”
March 17, 2022 - Posts a video in response to a comment saying, “I thought you said you had a stiff neck and couldn’t breathe?” She’s lipsyncing to Eminem’s “Hailies Song,” specifically the lyrics “I act like shit don’t phase me, inside it drives me crazy. My insecurities could eat me alive.”
March 20, 2022 - Makes a video responding to a comment saying, “Whatever treatment plan your doctor has you on must really be working. You went from uncontrollable neck pain to this in no time at all.” Jenelle says she’s not going to be the most depressed bitch on this app every single day and is going to show us good and bad days. She says some people are in pain more than others. She says she’s been up since 1 in the morning because of her esophageal spasms, feeling like she has a heart attack. She’s not going to film herself every single time she feels like shit. There’s no treatment plan because they don’t know what’s going on. The only treatment plan she has is for her esophagus. She’s going to dance until she can’t no more.
March 26, 2022 - Makes a video with the caption, “I’ll give y’all more of an update soon. If you see bruises on my arms… you know why #myastheniagravis.” She’s crying and breathing heavily and captions herself saying her chest hurts. The text on the video says, “2 months ago: can’t breathe when waking up.” A clip of her in the bath says, “Tried to relax and rest since this began.” Posts a clip of herself in the ER that says, “2 days ago: hospitalized for extreme chest pain and difficulty breathing” and shows off her IV and pulls down her gown to show the monitors taped to her chest. The first clip is taken at 3:05 PM, and the second is taken at 3:49 PM. This one says, “Recently had 2 antibodies related to Myasthenia Gravis show up on blood tests.” Another says, “Had 2 EKGs, they stuck me 4 times for blood, stuck me 2 more for IVs, chest x-ray, CT scan,” and shows off all of her taped IV/blood draw locations. She posts another clip in the hallway outside of the x-ray room that says, “My blood clotting test came back high, but they said images looked ok.” We got a full picture of her IV in her arm that says, “resting for now but following up with neurologist ASAP”
March 27, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok mentions that weight gain can affect her mobility and says it happened to someone they know. Jenelle responds, “I can’t hardly walk 5ft without my legs burning like I’m doing squats, but I have been trying to take walks around my land lately.”
March 28, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story of someone else’s video explaining Epstein-Barr and Jenelle captions it “Yes, I do have Epstein Barr nuclear in my system too lol. This is crazy to think about yall… I had mono in middle school and was hospitalized for it (mind blown emoji)”
April 3, 2022 - Posts on her (shortly thereafter) defunct blog that she’s switching to wine from beer. She says, “With all my health issues happening my stomach and esophagus have not been agreeing with me. Since possibly having Myasthenia Gravis, there’s a huge diet and foods to avoid that can trigger GI symptoms and/or problems.” She claims that “Since switching to wine, my stomach has been a lot calmer, and my burping also has decreased significantly! Super happy I’m making healthier choices for myself.”
April 4, 2022 - Posts a video making and eating a homemade breakfast sandwich (English muffin, bacon, eggs, mayo).
April 26, 2022 - Shows her coffee order again - trenta iced coffee with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, classic syrup, and sweet cream.
May 2, 2022 - In an Instagram Q&A, she's asked how she’s doing lately and asked for health updates. She responds, “Health? It’s put on hold until June when I see my new neuromuscular doctor.”
Mid May 2022 - Starts her OnlyFans.
June 3, 2022 - Posts a picture in her pool exposing her entire rump and captions it “Summer tip: Idk why but switching from beer to wine has shrunk my stomach sooo much!”
June 3, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “weren’t you almost paralyzed a month ago? It’s a miracle you’ve recovered.” She says you can’t recover from a cyst in your spine. She says she needs an MRI check up to see how long it’s gotten. She clarified that she said she could go paralyzed any day now. “If I go paralyzed or lose any bowel movements without trying, then I have to immediately go to the hospital and get emergency surgery. So yeah, really, I’m like a ticking time bomb over here, just waiting to give up, I guess you can say. So next week, I’ll be going to see my new neuromuscular doctor. Still have a lot more genetic testing to do and blood work, so we’ll see what’s going on, but they’re thinking an autoimmune disease.” She hashtags it “syringomyelia” and “syringomyeliaawareness.” She also clarifies that she’s leaving health content on the back burner until she has answers.
June 7, 2022 - Posts a video once again showing her scans of her spine and sinuses. She hashtags this one “syringomyelia,” “sphiehemangioma,” and “sinuscyst.”
End of June 2022 - She and David go to St. Thomas. In the Youtube vlog she posts, she explains she’s wearing a portable fan around her neck to help cool her down since her various illnesses make her sweat/hot. In the airport, she mentions she’s relieved that she’s “so far not sick,” or in other words, not experiencing esophagus spasms. Once they land, she tells us she didn’t get sick on the flight.
June 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok explaining the wearable fan more. She says she’s been having an overheating issue and that her face has been red, so if she looks burnt, she isn’t. Nevermind the fact that she posted pictures of herself extremely burnt from their vacation.
July 1, 2022 - Posts a video of her on an alpine coaster.
July 4, 2022 - Takes the kids on a trip to the mountains. Posts TikToks over the week of herself hiking and reaching the top of a lookout point. No health mentions.
July 22, 2022 - Posts about her Invisalign. Responds to a comment saying her jaw and teeth hurt and that she has headaches at night.
August 9, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie showing a heart monitor taped to her chest and captions it “Heart monitor for 48 hours :(. This is following up from a high D Dimer test.”
August 10, 2022 - Posts a health update to TikTok. She reminds us she went to the ER in March and that while she was there, she had a high D Dimer test. The text on the screen says, “also had abnormal ECG in ER, sinus brachycardia (sic), & sinus arrhythmia.” She explains D Dimer tests are for blood clots or heart disease. They saw she didn’t have a blood clot and that her “lungs were fine” but told her to follow up with her doctor. She says the chest pain has been on and off for the last 3 months so she’s been ignoring it. She finally got ahold of her primary care doctor, who told her the chest pain is still happening, told her about the test results, and got a referral to a cardiologist. She shows us the heart monitor she has to wear for the next 48 hours (her exact words are, “so now, I’m on a chest monitor for the next 48 hours”) and says she has a heart ultrasound tomorrow and a stress test in September.
August 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I told the tech ‘I feel like it might be stress from my kids but idk…’ She said ‘no you’re not crazy when it comes to your pain, I see it happening right here.’”
August 24, 2022 - In another Instagram Q&A she’s asked how her health is going. She says, “Just taking things easy and trying to stay stress free but waiting on test results from my cardiologist still and stress test next month.”
August 31, 2022 - Takes a big bite from a tall sandwich.
September 27, 2022 - Posts on Instagram/TikTok that they’re flying to Bar Harbor for their “honeymoon.” No mention of esophageal spasms on the plane. On this trip, she completes the Beehive Summit hike in Acadia National Park. She also showed us when she took a ginormous bite of a lobster roll and a breakfast sandwich.
October 1, 2022 - Rants about her golf cart that broke. Explains that she needs the golf cart so she doesn’t have to “break her back” “running” to the kids. No mention of mobility issues or because of her illnesses. Does mention her life was at risk since the brakes went out.
October 16, 2022 - Buys herself & David new dirtbikes. Bought herself two - one that is too big and powerful for her to ride yet and another that is more manageable for her.
October 19, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about getting mono in middle school. She explains her throat was so swollen and inflamed that she went to the hospital and was admitted. She had IV steroids. Said her body “could not handle” mono and that she was severely sick. She says mono is REALLY severe and that it is the Epstein-Barr virus. She’s “stitching” someone else’s video and references it when she says that E-B can cause so many other diseases when you’re older without you realizing it. There are 3 blood tests that can see if you actively have E-B. Jenelle says it’s crazy to think it can cause all these health issues. She says she can’t breathe and has bad mucus problems lately in the morning. She’s on an inhaler and seeing her lung doctor. They’re going to do a “bronoscopy” and she’s really scared. She tells people she thinks all of her health issues are from E-B. She must’ve forgotten she already explored this avenue in March. And in August of 2021.
October 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok that says, “My stomach feeling great… but then… *warning triangle emoji* Esophagus Spams *warning triangle emoji*” and the video of her like errors out? The audio that goes with it says, “Everyone underestimates me but then…. *error noise*” so this is a trend that Jenelle is jumping on to make her esophagus spasms relevant again.
November 2, 2022 - Posts a selfie to her Instagram stories and captions it “sick with the flu..”
November 8, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “In bed today, feeling bad AF. Had 4 lung biopsies yesterday and SO sore :(“
Same day posts a TikTok saying, “y’all have you ever had a bronchoscopy where they stick the camera down into your lungs and they take biopsies?” and tells us she had 4 biopsies done yesterday. She’s lying down with her heating blanket and says she feels sore on the inside. She asks again if we’ve ever had it done before, again. She says she had one taken on her voicebox as well, so 4 lung biopsies and that. They did something to her right lung and they cleaned it out with saline water. She says she’ll get results this week. She has mucus built up in her system, and they don’t know why. She captions it, “I can’t stand this #lungbiopsyrecovery”
She got her hair done for 4 hours the next day.
November 12, 2022 - Posts on her Instagram stories, “Connecting the dots with my health issues. One more blood test, hopefully that’s it. :(“
November 14, 2022 - Posts a TikTok of her using her inhaler. The caption says “#Combivent Inhaler hopefully some of my mucus production is cut down” She’s making goofy faces while she puts her inhaler together and looks giddy to have an actual physical toy to play with.
November 17, 2022 - David posts a picture of them and captions it “Yall pray for my beautiful wife, she has been pretty sick lately”
November 17, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story “Y’all, Predisone (sic) is working wonders right now for my entire body, thank god! #Grateful”
November 27, 2022 - Takes the kids to the mountains for Thanksgiving.
November 28, 2022 - Went tubing in the snow. Snow tubing?
December 2, 2022 - Posts on Facebook “Sorry if I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been in so much pain with my health. Not feeling good enough to make any content.”
December 9, 2022 - Says she lost 20 lbs without trying and thinks it’s from health issues. She says she’s had a harder time eating and is eating smaller meals. She then goes on to explain how she’s been losing weight and says, “So if you’re wondering how I’m losing weight: smaller meals, eating healthier, cutting out fast food.”
December 15, 2022 - Posts on Instagram “If I could find the smartest doctor on this planet, that would be fantastic.”
December 19, 2022 - Her birthday. She and David fight, she calls him a “narcissistic asshole” and took off her wedding ring. Two days later, posts a TikTok and claims the argument was about luggage. There’s speculation this fight was drug related. In her TikTok defending their argument, her pupils are huge. They’re at the mountains with the kids when all of this is going on. She posts another video saying she has PTSD from past relationships and always assumes David’s cheating because she’s been cheated on in the past. She asks if she’s the only one that experiences this.
December 26, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “I think I’m sick FML”
December 28, 2022 - Posts another selfie and captions it “Still sick AF. Yeah.. y’all are right I’m always sick idk why”
January 10, 2023 - Posts a video eating a chia bowl and captions it “Happy dance after fasting for 12 hours.” She has what looks like a blood draw wrap around her arm. In the comments someone asks if it helps and she says she’s doing it for blood work.
January 12, 2023 - Posts a picture of a digestive system poster from a doctor’s office and captions it “FML.”
January 14, 2023 - She and David take a trip to New Orleans. Posts an entire TikTok of what she ate and drank. She takes a giant bite of a crepe. She had 8 alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
January 17, 2023 - Posts on Instagram, “I have mycoplasma pneumoniae” and asks if anyone else has ever suffered from it.
February 2, 2023 - Lipsyncs to a song about smoking weed.
February 4, 2023 - In comments on another video, someone asks if she lost weight, and she responds, “Eating smaller meals, honestly haven’t been trying. I have a hard time eating.”
February 4, 2023 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Weirdest medicine I’ve ever taken! #MethyleneBlue #mycoplasmapneumonia.” She explains she’s trying to figure out her lung problems and says she found out she has long-term pneumonia and has had it for “pretty long.” Her antibodies are pretty high. Treatment is antibiotics for three months, then retesting her antibodies. She calls methylene blue her other medicine/treatment and says it’s an antioxidant if you use a little and if you use a lot it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and boosts serotonin and dopamine. She’s also using a redlight watch that is supposed to kill the bacteria in her veins once the dye is in her system. She claims in the comments this was all prescribed by her doctor.
That same day she posts another TikTok where she says she’s been seeing a functional medicine doctor out of Nashville that she found on YouTube. She had one video call visit and said the doctor sent one test to LabCorp and found her diagnosis. She was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia, as mentioned in the previous video, and neutrophilic asthma. He’s who prescribed the methylene blue and wants her to use it with a nebulizer. She says she’s done a lot of research on it and that it has more pros than cons and seems very beneficial. She says she has shortness of breath but is hoping the combination of antibiotics, methylene blue, and redlight therapy will help her feel better in the long run. She’ll let us know how she feels in 3 months. In the comments she claims she wakes up in the morning with panic attacks because of clear mucus.
February 7, 2023 - Answers a question on Instagram from someone asking how her breathing treatment is going and says, “It’s helping a lot! Since I’m gaining back my ability to fully breathe I’m about to sign up at the gym next.”
February 8, 2023 - Posts another video responding to someone’s comment that asks who diagnosed her and says that before she says who it is she wants to make sure that all of her problems are taken care of and that it’s the root cause of her issues. She found out with a blood test. She shows us her results and that her count for mycoplasma pneumonia antibodies is very high. You can see a doctor’s name on the page, which I’ve covered to protect their privacy. She says if this treatment doesn’t work, next to try is IV antibiotics.
February 10, 2023 - Posts another video referencing smoking weed/being high all the time.
February 10, 2023 - Posts a picture of Ensley and says, “She told me she’s sick… idk if she’s lying, off to the doctor we go.”
February 14, 2023 - Answers an Instagram question where someone asks about her health with “Getting much better!”
February 20, 2023 - Posts a picture in gym clothes outside the gym with the caption, “Here’s a cheers to my new journey to lose my ‘Mommy Pouch’ and love handles. Started working out today and it feels great!”
February 23, 2023 - Takes a giant bite of a birria taco.
February 24, 2023 - Posts a TikTok that she captions “#GymDay.” Based on what she’s wearing & her hair, this looks to be from 2/22. She says it’s an arm and chest day. We see the chocolate peanut butter protein shake she gets after and the Epsom salt bath she takes to soothe her muscles from yesterday’s workout.
March 1, 2023 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that says, “Hope all is well. Miss ya video’s.” She says she’s been in a shitty mood. She thought her health was getting better, it was getting a little better, and she interrupts herself with a big cough. She says she’s finally seeing her new lung doctor and is having a sleep study done, is on a new inhaler, is having old CT scan results looked over, and her mind is “boggled” because she has to redo all of her esophagus tests again because they’re so old. She has to redo the catheter test with it down her nose/throat.
March 13, 2023 - Posts a TikTok with text on it that says, “Won’t be available in 1 week because I have esophagus testing but still drinking this alcohol like I’m A-OK” and captioned “#truth but kidding at the same time.” She says in the comments that it’s a trend. I don’t know or understand the trend, but she said it herself, truth.
March 22, 2023 - She and David take a trip to Key West without the kids.
March 23, 2023 - In response to criticism of her stomach, she says she had three kids, had her appendix removed, and had a hernia repaired. Her last child was born in 2017, her appendix was removed in 2013, and the hernia was repaired in 2018. Her significant weight gain started around 2020 and was unrelated to any of these events.
March 25, 2023 - Posts on Facebook that she had an esophageal spasm episode from deep sea fishing and wants to know if anyone else has experienced this so she can share experiences.
March 26, 2023 - Shows pictures on a TikTok video of how sunburnt she and David both got. She says she used “so much” sunscreen.
March 27, 2023 - Posts a TikTok telling us her seasick story from when they went deep sea fishing. She says they chartered their own boat and were talking about how neither of them had ever experienced seasickness before. She says they have their own 18 ft boat, and she’s never gotten sick on it. She says the waves were super choppy, and they were rocking so hard that her esophagus started acting up. This was around 12:30, and she just laid on the boat until they docked at 6:30. She tells us to be careful if we go deep-sea fishing because we can get seasick. She thinks that’s what happened to her, anyway. In the comments, someone tells her to take Dramamine, and she says it makes her sleepy. Which like, yeah…
April 6, 2023 - Posts on IG “Been MIA for a few days because my breathing isn’t so great and random chest pain as usual. Literally been resting for 3 days now.”
April 9, 2023 - Posts on Facebook “Positive ANA. Maybe there will be answers soon.” Someone responds in the comments that it could mean Lupus or Sjogren’s syndrome and said a rheumatologist can do further testing. Jenelle responds, “yes, being referred. My endo found out for me.”
April 17, 2023 - Posts a TikTok going to get Vitamin B12 injections. She says she has to give them to herself once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month after. Her vitamin D is also low. She went to the store to get syringes and stopped for her usual coffee. She shows us her order, which is now a Trenta iced coffee with no classic syrup, hazelnut syrup, ½ sweet cream, and vanilla sweet cream foam topping. Someone in the comments points out that a doctor on TikTok said those injections are just to make money, and she responded, “well, my vitamin B12 and D is low, and my ANA is positive, which means now I go to see a rheumatologist.”
April 18, 2023 - Posts a TikTok this day and the next day with her catheter in for her acid reflux test. She posted a picture on Instagram where we can see she’s driving 80 mph and captions it, “Going alone to get a procedure done for my esophagus today and I’m really scared. Have no support so any prayers are appreciated.” Through her postings about this procedure, we learn she stayed in a hotel by herself overnight.
In the video from the 19th, in the comments, she says she has a spot on her lung that hurts. The doctor says it’s caused by vaping, but she claims she never vapes. She’s definitely posted videos and pictures of herself with weed vape pens and has been a known weed smoker for over 10 years, as well as smoking cigarettes throughout the years and smoking heroin out of wooden pipes, which she had addressed by a doctor in 2012. Curious if she mentioned that this time. She’s up and down the comments claiming she doesn’t vape weed because that’s illegal where she lives.
April 24, 2023 - She and David travel to Virginia to buy a boat and start their multi-day journey sailing through the ocean back home. She claims she purchased this $57,000 boat with money made on OnlyFans.
April 30, 2023 - Posts on Instagram that they made it back home. Someone commented asking how long until she has esophageal spasms again. Jenelle responded, “I’ve had them the whole time I was gone…”
May 2, 2023 - Not health related but still fun; she posts that the turbos need to be replaced.
May 4, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “Good news: I don’t have acid reflux. Bad news: they still don’t know why I have esophagus spasms”
May 7, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate Found out I have thymic hyperplasia and lesions on my liver, and no I don’t have MG like they thought. Don’t know why this is happening. Discussing these results next week with my doc and the next steps.”
May 16, 2023 - On an Instagram Q&A, answers two questions about her health. To the first generally asking how she is, she says, “Seeing my rheumatologist this week for a positive ANA. Maybe I’ll get an answer.” To the second that says, “Any word on your liver results?” she says, “My doctors do not care at all. Told me I’ll get another CT scan in a year to check on that and my thymus.”
May 19, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate: My rheumatologist is retesting me for things like arthritis, lupus, etc., for having a positive ANA. Might be referred to another lung specialist soon. We will see what my results show in 2 weeks.”
May 28, 2023 - Answers two more questions in an Instagram Q&A about her health. One asking how she’s doing, she says, “I’m doing good, just not feeling too great lately.” The other asked about her health, she says, “I had DNA testing done and honestly shocked but will share the news soon.”
May 31, 2023 - Posts a TikTok of them taking their smaller boat out onto the Intracoastal Waterway. In Part 1, posted on the 30th, she says she was starting to feel seasick. We learn their “new” boat is still not working.
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2023.05.31 22:57 Dieselinc Just theory crafted a deck I want to try out, help me get the cards to complete this deck if I have any other cards you would like to trade them for

Just theory crafted a deck I want to try out, help me get the cards to complete this deck if I have any other cards you would like to trade them for
Thank you very much 🙏
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2023.05.31 22:30 sammylammyboy This spot in CT would definitely go with about 1-2 feet of snow

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2023.05.31 05:16 CalligrapherKind3701 4 Reasons Why Your Landscaping Company is Best to Do Snow Removal

Throughout the year, during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, your landscaping company is busiest keeping your lush greens at their best. Why keep them in the dark during the winter when snow and ice accumulate on the grounds they have maintained for you in other seasons? Hiring a separate company for your landscaping needs and snow removal emergencies must be a mistake. The best option for residential snow removal is to consider your landscaping company. We have listed down the reasons why.
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2023.05.31 04:11 creeper321448 How much does the time you upload affect views?

My videos consistantly get 200-300 views after about 1 weeks time. My upload time is at 6 am CT U.S but just a week ago I decided to shift my upload time from 6 am to 8 am due to that being when my videos start to accumulate views.
My newest video has only gotten 60 views since the change, normally by now it's 100 more. Is this just a stroke of bad luck or is it a hiccup as a result from the upload time change? If it is would it be in my best interest to go back to 6 am uploads or continue on the course with the new time?
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2023.05.30 22:18 juice06870 My great grandfather outside our house then and now. Old Greenwich CT

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2023.05.30 20:58 No-Salamander3411 Step down from house in winter weather area

I am having a new deck built and since there is roof over the deck, my contractor is suggesting that the deck be built with a 5" (and change) step down from the door so that if snow accumulates by the door it won't seep into the frame and rot it. I know you can guard against that for a few years with flashing/caulk/etc. but he seems to think no matter what you do, it will eventually leak. I've seen many of my friends with decks that don't have a roof and there is no step down or just an inch or so step down. The french door style slider we are installing is over $3k, so I don't want the frame rotting out quickly. On the other hand, I also don't want a tripping hazard when carrying food out to the deck if it doesn't need to be there. Thoughts?
While I'm at it, he recommended Mosso bamboo for decking which seems like a great option, but I'd like to know how it compares to Tanzite if only there was a bit of info on Tanzite.
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2023.05.30 20:57 SwannSwanchez Dev Server Datamine -> Part 1 -> Part 1

Aircraft changes :
Current Dev version :
Current Dev-Stable version :
Current Live version :
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2023.05.30 18:41 Zhydrac What are these seeds accumulating on the ground like snow? Northern New Hampshire

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2023.05.30 18:30 Strange-Brief6643 Ready to launch my first colony! I hope all my others will be as fun as the first.

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2023.05.30 15:19 Either-Piglet-663 Dinner at homeless shelter (Greenwich, CT)

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